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summer must be coming to an end since there are some bigger new releases finally starting to trickle in, although i’ve never fully understood why you’d want to release an album the same week as a bunch of other major releases anyway. besides that, there are a few things you should be aware of… firstly, thanks to the fine folks at polaris… we have vouchers for secret bonus 7″ singles that they will be releasing. buy one of the polaris nominated releases and get a voucher for a 7″. pretty easy. secondly, i’m going camping this weekend, so we will be closing at 6 tomorrow so i can get out town earlier. so either get in here earlier tomorrow, or wait until saturday. 

…..pick of the week…..

six organs of admittance – ascent – drag city – lp/cd

– you will never hear me complain about a new album from ben chasny, especially when he gets the comets on fire crew to back him up… “ascent is the new six organs of admittance album. casting his mind forward into the life of the record while writing it, ben chasny forsaw an epic of science-fantastic proportion – a trip involving humans in space, and the combination of fallibility and cold fate that our lives mean in the crushing all-jaws of the universe. as soon as this idea had jelled, time-travel seemed to be the only way to realize it – for who better to help ben launch the space-craft than his old cof-mates? especially since they all shared a bit of history that never happened? so, they got together and made the record. ascent is a fully electric, multi-headed rock and roll record born in space with one monocle’d eye cast toward the destruction of ….things. men. beliefs. maybe even earth? sci-fi can be so hard to read, but it’s great on the ears, especially with the sure hands of ben chasny at the controls. recorded with tim green at his louder studios.” this video is even better than just a sample of the album…. 

…..new arrivals…..

antibalas – s/t – daptone – lp/cd
– their first release in five years, and the first on the mighty daptone records label. inspired by economic meltdowns and global uprisings, antibalas piled into two rooms at daptone’s house of soul studios in bushwick, brooklyn to cut an explosive new set of afrobeat classics.
antony & the johnsons – cut the world – secretly canadian – lp
– “antony and the johnsons cut the world is a collection of live symphonic performances of songs from the band’s four full length albums (swanlights, the crying light, i am a bird now, and the self-titled album). features arrangements by nico muhly, rob moose, maxim moston and antony.”
*ariel pink’s haunted grafitti – mature themes – 4ad – lp/cd
– the band’s second for 4ad and the official follow-up to its 2010 breakthrough album, before today. far removed from ariel’s early bedroom recordings, mature themes is a product of a more collaborative process, with the often-overlooked virtuoso musicianship of the band bought to the fore. while the creative process was new, familiar ariel pink signatures remain. in fact, it feels like the definitive aphg record, a patchwork of modern america, its esoteric reference points and moments of lyrical lucidity a twilight excursion through backwater la and late-night tv channel hopping.
bloc party – four – arts & crafts – lp
– bloc party returns with ‘four’, the band’s first full-length since 2008.
cadence weapon – hope in dirt city – upper class – lp
– now available on vinyl! local rapper currently on the short list for the polaris prize!
*evan caminiti – dreamless sleep – thrill jockey – lp
– “evan caminiti (also known as one half of guitar duo barn owl) creates a lush and misty atmosphere with this collection of hazy, half-remembered sound portraits heard through a veil of static and hiss. the dense tracks are an evolution in terms of caminiti’s compositions, musically referencing devotional hymns, berlin-school epics, and cinematic westerns. the pieces began as guitar and synthesizer recorded to cassette 4-track and were deconstructed and rebuilt over a year after being recorded, resulting in rich orchestral swells and disorienting manipulation of the source material.”
directions – directions in music – thrill jockey – lp
– “the 1996 album from directions features the trio of bundy k. brown (tortoise, pullman, gastr del sol, bastro), doug scharin (codeine, rex, june of 44), and james warden. to some this may be a lesser known classic in the vast thrill jockey catalog. this 2012 vinyl re-issue is pressed on high quality virgin vinyl and includes a free download coupon for the first time.”
guru guru – live in wiesbaden 1972/1973 – b13 – lp
– “in 1972 guru guru played the wiesbaden concert hall where neumeier, guitarist ax genrich and bassist bruno schaab (who had recently replaced uli trepte) let loose on one of their most classic tracks, the a 37-minute freakout ‘ooga booga.’ in 1973 the discerning folks of wiesbaden again invited guru guru to play, and this time the band – now featuring the formidable hans hartmann (arguably guru guru’s best in a long line of bass players).” 140 gram lp. clear red vinyl with white label in pvc sleeve with black lettering. limited edition 500 copies.
guru guru – live in siesbaden 1972 – b13 – lp
– “playing on the same scene as bands like amon duul and can, german prog rock band guru guru was formed in 1968 by one of contemporary music’s most talented drummers, mani neumeier who, in addition to playing drums, was also the band’s vocalist and front man. by the time this album was recorded in 1972, bassist uli trepte had left the band to play with neu! and faust and was replaced with bruno schaab of night sun (the stellar german prog metal band). this early live album, recorded in wiesbaden, germany in front of a crowd of dedicated fans, is essential listening, featuring two extended tracks.'” 140 gram lp. red vinyl with white label in pvc sleeve with black lettering. limited edition 500 copies.
michael hurley – back home with drifting woods – mississippi – lp
– “unbelievably great hurley recordings from 1964, never before heard. recorded as part of the same sessions that resulted in michael’s first songs lp on folkways. real great stuff all around that we recommend for deep into it hurley fans and newcomers to his art alike. hurley is a great american song writer with his own unique way of seeing the world and this lp is a great testament to his vision. faux folkways wraparound cover with liner note insert by hurley himself.”
*kaleidoscope – s/t – vam – lp
– “new reissue of this rare classic of garage-psychedelia, one of the rarest psychedelic artifacts known to exist and the holy grail of south american psychedelics. tecorded in 1969 with an astounding sound, garage-psych of the highest level with lotsa fuzz, devastating organ and very good original compositions sung in english. the sound of this release has been taken from the original masters, which can be seen on the insert that comes along with this release. 1000 copies limited release.”
*mars – live at irving plaza – feeding tube – lp
– the second volume of live mars recordings from feeding tube. this one was recorded at the band’s penultimate show, august 4, 1978, with spectral help from rudolph grey on the side-long take of “nn end.” the quartet is at the full height of their power here, manipulating the language of tongue explosions both instrumentally and vocally. recorded by brian eno, the sound is an advance from the galacto-fidelity of the artists space lp, and the performance is a staggering example of mars in their final phase.
other lives/atoms for peace – tamer animals/other side – 50 weapons – 12″
– who hasn’t yet heard about thom yorke’s super group with flea of the red hot chili peppers? here is a split 12″ that includes atoms for peace remixing themselves and other lives, radiohead’s u.s. tour support. the band other lives, four guys and one girl from stillwater, oklahoma, have been compared with godspeed you! black emperor and sigur rós.
eliane radigue – feedback works 1969-1970 – alga marghen – 2lp
– “alga marghen very proudly presents the complete documentation of eliane radigue’s sound installations from 1969-1970. these previously unpublished recordings include the broad tectonic vibrations of ‘omnht’, the celestial voices of ‘usral’, ‘stress osaka’s’ massive chant, and the moving horizon in ‘vice-versa, etc…’ the works of the feedback period finally revealed!
*reines d’angelerre – globe et dynastie – bo weavil – lp
– the second album by reines d’angleterre — this time, a thoroughly studio affair. a fascinating collaboration between avant-outsider musician ghédalia tazartès and two electronic botanists, èlg and jo aka opéra mort. a slow trip into wizard’s intimacy, synthetic jungles, undersea zoos and tibetan-industrial complexes. it feels like one has stumbled into disturbing dreams from a different realm. a quality of mystery, trickery and hallucinatory movements slip and shift across the recording. this is out-there, experimental music with no fixed idiom, with a unique quality that defies most of today’s recordings.
seekersinternational – the call from below – digitalis – lp
– seekersinternational comes from the mysterious transmolecular collective, heavily-informed by sound-system culture and sounding like classic material from rhythm & sound, kit clayton, disrupt, actress, pole and andy stott. the album was written and compiled during the darkest hours: dubbed-out rhythms echo from smoldering speakers, looped to infinity like a message to the heavens.
shindig! no 28 – magazine
– us ’60s psych special issue, featuring: “the strawberry alarm clock: smell of incense- the summer of love’s unlikeliest chart-toppers; the fallen angels: part two of our exclusive in-depth feature on washington’s best kept ’60s secret; clear light: la luminaries who cut one memorable album and guested on the silver screen before imploding; crystal syphon: the last great ‘lost’ california ballroom ban? newly released recordings would suggest so; mainstream records: inside the bonkers world of new york psych’s exploitation label. 50 essential us psych albums. plus: edgar jones – shoes – bill fay – ernie joseph and more.”
stian westerhus – the matriarch and the wrong kind of flowers – rune grammofon – lp
– the third solo album on rune grammofon by norwegian experimental guitarist stian westerhus. not only challenging and stretching the limits of his instrument, he also comes up with an extraordinary piece of music that has more in common with modern contemporary music than just being a left-field “guitar” album.

…..used goodies…..

*aphrodite’s child – 666 – vertigo – 2lp
david bowie – aladdin sane – rca – lp
david bowie – diamond dogs – rca – lp
david bowie – hunky dory – rca – lp
david bowie – images 1966-1967 – london – 2lp
*david bowie – low – rca – lp
david bowie – space oddity – rca – lp
david bowie – station to station – rca – lp
david bowie – ziggy stardust – rca – lp
*can – future days – united artists (us) – lp
*can – landed – virgin (uk) – lp
climax chicago – tightly knit – harvest – lp
climax chicago blues band – a lot of bottle – harvest – lp
dirty projectors – the glad fact – western vinyl – lp
doors – 13 – elektra – lp
doors – absolutely live – elektra (fr) – 2lp
doors – soft parade – elektra (uk) – lp
doors – waiting for the sun – elektra – lp
family – music in a doll’s house – reprise (uk) – lp
goblin – roller – attic – lp
*hawkwind – warrior on the edge of time – united artists – lp
jimi hendrix – are you experienced – reprise – lp
m83 – dead cities, red cities & lost ghosts – gooom – lp
neu! – 2 – astralwerks – lp
neu! – 75 – astralwerks – lp
pink floyd – saucer full of secrets – columbia – lp
pink floyd – meddle – harvest – lp
*raymond scott – soothing sounds for baby – basta – 3lp set
*velvet underground & nico – s/t – verve (german) – lp
*neil young – everybody knows this is nowhere – reprise – lp


black flag – damaged – sst – lp/cd
black flag – jealous again – sst – lp
black flag – first four years – sst – lp
black flag – slip it in – sst – lp
black flag – my war – sst – lp
black flag – wasted again – sst – lp
black flag – who’s got the 10 1/2 – sst – lp
*bliscappen van maria – s/t – fourth dimension – lp
burning love – rotten thing to say – southern lord – lp
*karen dalton – in my own time – light in the attic – lp
j dilla – the shining – bbe – lp
jay dee – detroit instrumentals – bbe – lp
*emeralds – what happened? – editions mego – lp
feist – metals – arts & crafts – lp
flying lotus – los angeles – warp – lp
*ben frost/daniel bjarnason – solaris – bedroom community – lp
*kluster – klusterstrasse 69-72 – vinyl on demand – 8lp box
massive attack – protection – circa – lp
*nazoranai – s/t – idealogic organ – lp
nine inch nails – downward spiral – interscope – lp
nine inch nails – pretty hate machine – interscope – lp
*om – advaitic songs – drag city – lp/cd
*pye corner audio – black mill tapes – type – lp
*gunter schickert – uberfallig – bureau b – lp
*conrad schnitzler – container t1 – t12 – vinyl on demand – 8lp box
smiths – louder than bombs – rhino – lp
sun araw/congos – frkwys vol 9 – rvng international – lp
*ghedalia tazartes – granny awards – alga marghen – lp
tom waits – swordfishtrombones – island – lp
*scott walker – scott – 4 men with beards – lp
*scott walker – scott 2 – 4 men with beards – lp
jack white – blunderbuss – thirdman – lp
various – buttons: from champaign to chicago – numero – cd
*various – personal space – chocolate industries – lp
*rega brio-r – integrated amp
*rega rp1 – turntable
wooden record crates

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