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uzu audio is our in house record label. i don’t want to say that it is now defunct, on hiatus is probably a more accurate word.  a vinyl only labour of love. each release was packaged in hand made/printed gatefold covers in relatively small editions. we still have limited copies of each of these releases still available for purchase….

 jomfwhitejackie-o motherfucker – freaker pipe
uzu001/usound vol. 35

what started out as an effort to issue some live recordings from the fig. 5/liberation era slowly turned into what is the most recent live recordings made available. the free jazz tinged freak-outs you were going to hear have been shelved so we could bring you these three swirling moments in time. almost an entirely different line up on this jackie-o than previous releases, tom greenwood brings along nick bindeman, danny sasaki, corey fogel and eva salens, joined by fellow sonic adventurers, jessica rylan on one track, while on the last track they are joined in italy by the moglass and my cat is an alien. the entire first side features a séance sure to bring out all the ghosts in your home as the percussion builds and the guitars, synths, and saxophone create a shimmering, sparse back drop for the spirits to frolic to. while the second hints at the jomf of yesteryear with a moaning trombone, a noodling blues tinged guitar and the cries of a lone saxophone on the first track. and to close it all off an dense dreamy endless mess of drones, moans, bells and such recorded in italy.  released in conjunction with tom greenwood’s u-sound archive, this lp is one time pressing of 1000 copies into heavy 180 gram vinyl and enclosed in a custom gatefold jacket  with four color printing, hand screened right here in the great white north. the first 100 copies came in a limited variant brown jacket, however they are completely sold out. $15 CAD


spiral joy band – pleasure is the headlight

featuring two members of the most excellent pelt, the spiral joy band swells forth from blacksburg, virginia, with a follow up to their album “wake of the dying sun king” on vhf records. this double lp set features recordings from two eras of the spiral joy band. the first is from 2005, the second 2007. a cacophony of gongs, bowls, bells, chimes, electronics, fiddle, bowed cymbals, esraj, harmonium, sruti and electronics played by mikel dimmik, michael gangloff, amy shea and nathan bowles, along with a guest or two, here and there. “pleasure is the headlight” features 5 tracks in total spread over 4 sides. the first three being long trance inducing meditations recorded in blacksburg and ironto. the fourth side features unique recordings, the first is a solo wind chime performance recorded in a gift shop, featuring the murmur of confused patrons and what is likely some truly wonderful am radio piped in over the store’s stereo system. the second track is a slow hazy day at the beach, with gongs, seagulls, and the gentle roar of the ocean. pressed on 180 gram black vinyl and limited to about 400 copies, this album comes in a custom gatefold jacket with letter pressed cover art and silk screened inside art. the first 70 copies are available in a variant cover featuring the same art as the regular version, but a different combination of paper and ink. $20 CAD


spiral joy band – pleasure is the headlight

available for purchase only direct from uzu audio. this release of the album comes at two separate lps housed in their own silk screened, hand sewn jackets with completely different cover art than the standard release of the album. there are only 30 copies of this version available for purchase from this run of 35 sets. $60 CAD

mgt gatefoldmessenger girls trio – excelsior salon trio

messenger girls trio…the excelsior salon trio… comprised of sir richard bishop (by appointment to her majesty—what the old broad did to deserve that, we’ll never know) and david knott (improvisationally board certified music therapist), in congress with robert millis and jeffery taylor (often known for their recreational duties in both climax golden twins and afcgt). the quartet last released a trio album in 2002 for the anomalous record label. or perhaps the trio released a quartet album. after that richard bishop toured. dave knott put people’s minds back together or took them apart–it just depends on your point of view. climax golden twins devoured 78rpm records and other victrola favorites. meanwhile the quartet trio tape kept rolling—cassette players, digital devices, dictaphones, micro cassette, wire recorders, phonautographs, notes on paper. edited from hours of material recorded between 2002 and 2008. mostly improvised in living rooms and on front porches. mostly in seattle: on goat hill, at the shabby greenwood grotto studio and at the sun city girls’ cavernous blue west headquarters, may it rest in pieces. mostly with acoustic guitars and percussion. occasional insects were wrangled into the proceedings. layered. sliced. stretched. messed, tweaked, poked, prodded, beaten and slipped luxuriously onto a vinyl platter for your listing enjoyment and listening pleasure by the epicureans at uzu audio. served with a 7 inch side. *stroboscope is not guaranteed for accurate calibration of your audio playback device. $20 CAD

magring covermagneticring – s/t

“i’m pretty happy with the new stuff… going for a dream music sort of thing… early german shit, new age… let them roll, they are big dreamers.”
magneticring is the solo project of josh stevenson, member of staked plain (est. 1993), von bingen, b.c.v.c.o. and formerly jackie-o motherfucker. not to mention contributions to a kemialliset ystävät recording, touring as a member of samara lubelski’s live band, pink mountaintops, numerous mastering credits, and is currently working on recordings with montreal’s sam shalabi’s ‘land of kush orchestra’ and steven wray lobdell (faust, davis redford trio) after a couple of cassette releases, we are pleased to present his first long playing lp. three tracks of hazy vintage synth pieces. this album is a one time pressing of 449 copies of clear 180 gram vinyl packaged in a tip-on style gatefold jacket with custom silk screened art. There are 4 variations on the cover art, printed in the following editions:

25x silver/dark silver/white/black SOLD OUT
56x pink/green/white/black $30 CAD
15x dark silver/white/black SOLD OUT
353x green/white/black $20 CAD

afcgtafcgt – s/t

afcgt = 3 parts a-frames + 2 parts climax golden twins. this is a vinyl release of their self release cdr that was limited to about 75 copies. those lucky enough to have heard that cdr, along with those who have caught one of this beast live in the past year know just what to expect. not quite as robotic and structured as the a-frames, not quite as loose nor remotely as mellow as the twins ever are. this is a not perfect marriage between two great seattle bands, this is a raw, noisy, dirty, steamy affair. this record is in the red all the way through, and by the end your speakers should be nearly as blown out as the amps used to record these tracks. pressed in an edition of 550 on 180 gram white vinyl. packaged in a tip-on style gatefold jacket with silkscreened art. the first 80 copies of this record come with hand painted covers. LAST COPIES! HANDPAINTED COVERS ARE SOLD OUT!!! $20 CAD

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