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here i thought the new releases were slowing down, but it seems to be picking up! and on top of that, i’m going to look at another collection tonight… tune in to our twitter or instagram feed tomorrow… hopefully i’ll be posting some gems….

…..pick of the week…..

*monoshock – walk to the fire – s-s – 2lp
– in tomorrow… s.s. records is proud to announce the reissue of monoshock’s walk to the fire double album. long considered a classic by music freaks and much sought after by modern psych nodes, the remastered reissue of monoshock’s monster has been anticipated for quite some time…and now it is here. monoshock’s roots lie in ilsa vista, a charming student ghetto stuck on california’s central coast. it was there that umbilical chords, a punk quartet who shot snot on the year 1987, were born. scrappy and snotty, the chords were led by guitarist grady runyan. by 1988 the chords were gone and runyan, scott derr and rubin fiberglass formed monoshock taking garage blargh into realms previously occupied by the stooges, amon duul ii, hawkwind, blue cheer, and other proponents of punkoid psychedelia or psychedelic punk or just good and loud rock & roll music. later joined by aluminum queen on saxophone and doug pearson on all things doug pearson, monoshock recorded three singles (on womb, blackjack, and bag of hammers) and a now legendary double album called walk to the fire (blackjack). the 1995 release of their magnum opus also coincided with the end of the band. praised a handful of people at the time, walk to the fire didn’t really start getting its due until julian cope featured it on his website head heritage, bands such as comets on fire and the wooden shjips started referencing monoshock as an influence, and s.s. records assembled a cd anthology of monoshock’s singles, compilation tracks and demo recordings (2004’s runnin ape-like from the backwards superman).  since its release walk to the fire has been hailed as a “barbarian classic” by julian cope (who also wrote that ”monoshock was to rock’n’roll what those miles davis 1975 wa-everything japan-release-only double-vinyl monsters (get up with it, agartha, dark magus) were to jazz. that is, superfluous to the fucking intellectuals but spiritual carbohydrates for the ones who knew”). it attracted the attention of one steve mackay—sax man on the stooge’s funhouse—who would later play in runyan’s post-monoshock ensemble liquorball. mojo magazine featured it as a “buried treasure.” brian turner of wfmu calls it one of the best records of the era. ripley johnson (wooden shjips/moon duo) says walk to the fire was fundamental in forming his musical tastes/style. and mitch cardwell? well, we know what mitch cardwell thinks.  the s.s. records reissue of walk to the fire has been lifted from the original tapes by monoshock’s scott derr, digitally remastered by josh stevenson, and mastered to vinyl by john golden. the result is a much better sounding record than the original pressing. gone are a couple layers of mud, replaced by shimmering guitar, heaviness, and a nice warm sound—well as warm as a tank rolling through your living room. the cover art is as the original, but the reissue includes an insert with liner notes and photos..

…..new arrivals…..

asva/philippe petit – empires should burn – small doses – lp

– in tomorrow… when strings of consciousness opened for asva in paris, phillippe petit and g. stuart dahlquist discovered a profound like-mindedness and decided to combine their creative forces. “root compositions [bathed] in a seething, simmering stew of languidity,” says gumshoe grove, this here’s some “quality introspective drone music.” guest vocalists include edward ka-spel (legendary pink dots), jarboe (swans) and bryan lewis saunders.
at the drive in – in/casino/out – fearless – lp
– super limited repress of this classic, which has been much needed for years, and now more than ever after their reunion at cochella.
baroness – yellow & green – relapse – 2lp
– now in on vinyl! The wait is over! baroness have reemerged after 3 years of touring, writing and recording! yellow & green finds a band that has developed into more than just giants of the metal underground, they are now fully formed hard rock titans. the hooks are immediately seared into your brain, riffs that take just one listen to fully lodge themselves in your consciousness and vocals that are sung both heavily and beautifully.
harold budd – in the mist – darla – 2lp
– limited edition of 500 black vinyl 2lp with download coupon. first time on vinyl. harold budd is a one of a kind modern neo-classical artist creating high-callibre and complex music with unique and subtle tension and abstraction, and simultaneous almost-pastoral but as-often otherworldly mood. within the first three notes of a budd composition, with trademark fresh-as-improvisation sound, whether deep dark or bright light, the listener is transcended to an enlightened state within the balance of empty space, sometimes wistful nostalgia, frequent idealism and always persistent love and beauty.
carlton melton – smoke drip – agitated – lp
– in tomorrow… limited edition 3-track 12-inch from carlton melton. side one is “adrift,” a 19-minute psychedelically enhanced drone that peaks and dips like the most tripped out journey. once again recorded at the dome, carlton melton take their organic psychjam to the highest plane. on the flip are two more tracks that further the ‘melton’s magick karpet ride—”smoke drip” is exactly how you imagine a song called that might sound, and “against the wall” also hammers home their righteous blend of aural delight. fans of bardo pond, the heads, bong, etc. take note.
*dead c – harsh 70s reality – siltbreeze – 2lp
– in tomorrow… originally seeing the light of day in april of 1992, harsh 70s reality was not just a high water mark for that year, but for the ages. it is in every sense the ultimate post-rock album. to hear it is to understand why one scribe back in the day referred to their sound as “a garbage truck backing over the abyss.” a legendary release from a legendary band on a legendary label. 20th anniversary edition of 1,000, this time with proper gatefold sleeve. restored to the full length of the original vinyl release (no omitted tracks as on the cd). fully remastered for optimal volume levels on all tracks-no editing, compression, equalization or normalization; just removal of random, transient, high-level clicks. Includes digital download card.
bob dylan – the minneapolis party tape – let them eat vinyl – 2lp
– fantastic 140 gram double vinyl reissue of this legendary live performance. rare live recordings featuring some of bob dyaln’s earliest performances committed to tape. recorded at the home of bonnie beecher in minneapolis, minnesota, may 1961. run time: 79 mins approx.
great unwashed – clean out of our minds – exiled – lp
– in tomorrow… after the clean broke up the first time, david and hamish kilgour acquired a 4 track and recorded their bedroom psych-pop masterpiece, clean out of our minds. recorded in the spring of 1983, it was originally released on flying nun. slightly more experimental (and relaxed) than the clean, they utilize lots of acoustic instruments and tap into a kind of syd barrett vibe. from the glorious pop of ‘hold onto the rail’ to the restrained psychedelia of ‘toadstool blues.’ exiled records is proud to issue this on vinyl for the first time since 1983.
robin guthrie & harold budd – bordeaux – darla – 2lp
– limited edition of 500 black vinyl 2xLP with download coupon. first time on vinyl. a new album by robin guthrie and harold budd; unquestionably the two masters of sonic beauty, minimalism and modern ambient. bordeaux, recorded in the hazy summer of 2010 in a studio near bordeaux, france, has a further degree of elegance, poise and sheer breathtaking romance, which shows these two fine gentlemen at their best.
*skip james – greatest of the delta blues – sutro park – lp
– in tomorrow… after skip james was rediscoverd in the early ’60s he went on to record an amazing body of material. these 1964 recordings recorded by dick spottswood are some of the best. they initially came out on melodian which was later sold to biograph who reissued them. some of these recordings have been featured on other skip james records, but greatest of the delta blues singers is one of the rarest of skip james releases, featuring a beautiful cover drawing of the blues legend. this reissue includes two bonus tracks that were rarely recorded by james, “motherless and fatherless” and “skip’s worried blues.”
lost sounds – lost lost demos, sounds, alternate takes & unused songs – goner – lp+7″
– in tomorrow… featuring early and alternate versions from jay reatard and alicja trout’s epic garage / electro-punk band lost sounds, lost lost collects songs off the black wave and rats brains and microchips albums and their final self-titled ep, as well as ones that never saw proper release. the rare and unheard material ranges from captivating kitchen recordings and acoustic takes to fully realized studio tracks. will appeal to everyone from garage and punk fanatics to numanoids and metalheads.
max block – air ache in the belly of the leech – siltbreeze – lp
– in tomorrow… for the majority of newbie flying nun collectors, the max block’s eponymous (and only) 12-inch release is more myth than fact. few seemed to have been pressed, and even fewer were available in the brief window of time (mid-’80s) when it was “around.” unknown until very recently was that a second ep had been recorded and slated for release by flying nun but never realized. air ache in the belly of the leech is a compendium of both, and thus the complete recorded works of the max block.
*fred mcdowell/furry lewis – when i lay my burden – sutro park – lp
– in tomorrow… this amazing artifact showcases two intimate recordings with two of the legends of the blues. furry lewis and fred mcdowell were recorded in their homes in the late ’60s and biograph lovingly originally released the recordings as a split record. both artists rise to the occasion, creating laid-back stylings of some of their most famous songs (“john henry,” “casey jones,” “when i lay my burdens down”) as well as material not as readily available anywhere else. this is the first opportunity to buy this release since it was first put out over thirty years ago.
new dawn – there’s a new dawn – jackpot – lp
– in tomorrow… there’s a new dawn has been hailed as one of the rarest and best psych albums to come out of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. fuzz guitar, minor-chord organ dirges, tender vocals and monumental bass are the calling cards of this private press gem. maybe it’s all the rain, but like their northwest counterparts, the new tweedy brothers and the sonics, the new dawn helped to establish a regional musical perspective that is hauntingly addictive.
philippe petit – extraordinary tales of a lemon girl – aagoo – 3lp
– in tomorrow… extraordinary tales of a lemon girl is an epic soundtrack, a trilogy equally inspired by glorious italian gialli than the odysseys from homer, lewis carroll or james joyce. divided in three sections depicting a “fruity” lemon girl’s nonsensical journeys to oneiric lands. once again philippe offers a thematic framework, whose musical script only aims at revealing a beginning and its ending while inviting the listener to wander along the variety of sounds, melodies, textures, themes… surprise, surprise. box set with three lps and three art prints..
*pin group – ambivalence – flying nun – lp
– in tomorrow… “the pin group’s short career was the perfect escape act—they produced a small but peerless body of work in adverse circumstances and in almost complete obscurity, and then evaporated before anyone could get a hook into them. a doubly impressive trick, when you consider that they also made the first record for flying nun, a label that was to define underground rock music for an entire generation. an irresistible blend of the puritanical with the libidinal—wrapped in a point-perfect distillation of proto-hipster psychedelic reference-points from the dawn of post-modernity.
purity ring – shrine – 4ad – lp
– as promised… this is now in on vinyl.
spacin’ – deep thuds – richie – lp
– in tomorrow… debut lp from spacin’, the newly formed philadelphia act that’s bringing together kick-flippers, arm-wrestlers, and hackey-sackers in head-nodding, beer swilling unity. inhales the same fumes that fuel the velvets workout at the gymnasium, the stooges sleazy-fuzz with asheton on guitar, and the groovy zen of nigeria ’70.
tom waits – on the scene ’73 – let them eat vinyl – 2lp
– fantastic 140 gram vinyl reissue of this legendary tom waits live broadcast. previously unreleased live broadcast of intimate waits performance featuring rarities plus interviews with the man himself. 1,000 copies.
white lung – sorry – deranged – lp
– in tomorrow… high-energy manic punks, white lung, are back with their sophomore release, sorry. their 2010 debut it’s the evil earned them the title as the primary ambassadors for canada’s emergent punk scene receiving critical acclaim. “white lung combine the feral energy of the germs with the taut, wiry dynamics of the wipers and have released a string of singles that keep improving in a bewilderingly exponential fashion.”
white wires – wwiii – dirtnap – lp
– in tomorrow… here it is, the 3rd album from ottawa ontario’s white wires, and it’s their best one yet! we’re not just saying that, either! much like other recent dirtnap releases like mean jeans on mars, and something fierce’s don’t be so cruel, wwwiii finds an older, more established band turning in a slightly more “mature” album. confident, heart-felt pop that’s just about the catchiest thing you’ve ever heard…
neil young & crazy horse – american – reprise – lp
– now available on vinyl… neil’s latest opus… covers of traditional tunes by neil & crazy horse… cuz what clementine has been missing all these years is a ripping guitar solo.
young guv and the scuzz – a love too strong – southpaw – lp
– in tomorrow… young governor began as a solo outlet for fucked up guitarist ben cook. since 2009 cook has released 11 singles along with two eps, (a prolific side project for a guy who is already in a full time band). the intention was to make a high fidelity pop record with heavy influences from guided by voices, tom petty, and the replacements. after one spin, no one could argue, cook has unleashed his pop masterpiece onto the world.
various – five minutes to midnight – mississippi – lp
– in tomorrow… very austere & intense gospel performances culled from very small label 7″s. lo-fi guitar based recordings from the 1960s & 1970s that will put the hairs on the back of your neck on end. no holds bared songs that tackle the meat of the matter only—birth, love & death. gospel music that speaks of the human condition in a way that christians and secular folks can get behind. old school “tip on” cover. .
various – lalla je t’aime – mississippi – lp
– in tomorrow… beautiful field recording compilation of guitar music from the western sahel. a wide spectrum of styles is covered here in stripped down variations of regional styles ranging from the deep acoustic ballads and nostalgic folk songs to Western pop cover songs. street musicians and professional stage bands are featured in intimate and informal sessions in village houses or around desert campfires, complete with the occasional car horn or motorcycle rumble in the distance.


*13th floor elevators – psychedelic sounds – sundazed – lp
a tribe called quest – midnight marauders – jive – lp
david bowie – space oddity – emi – lp
leonard cohen – songs of.. – sundazed – lp
*karen dalton – in my own time – light in the attic – lp
*miles davis – bitches brew – legacy – lp
*death – for the whole world to see – drag city – lp
deerhunter – cryptograms/flourescent – kranky – lp
deerhunter – microcastle – kranky – lp
*emerald web – dragon wings and wizard – sebastian speaks – lp
exploding hearts – guitar romantic – dirtnap – lp
john fahey – blind joe death – takoma – lp
lightin’ sam hopkins – s/t – arhoolie – lp
*il gruppo d’improvvisazione nuova… – niente – roundtable – lp
iggy pop & the stooges – raw power – rhino – 2lp
junior kimbrough – do the rump – sutro park – lp
junior kimbrough – most things – fat possum – lp
junior kimbrough – sad days – fat possum – lp
junior kimbrough – god knows i tried – fat possum – lp
fela kuti – live in detroit – strut – 4lp
*jacaszek – glimmer – ghostly – lp
japandroids – celebration rock – polyvinyl – lp
joy division – unknown pleasures – rhino – lp
*fred mcdowell – vol 2 – arhoolie – lp
joanna newsom – milk-eyed mender – drag city – lp
*annette peacock – i’m the one – future days – lp
peaking lights – 936 – not not fun – lp
pearl jam – vs – epic – lp
radiohead – pablo honey – emi – lp
radiohead – the bends – emi – lp
rural alberta advantage – departing – paper bag – lp
*ty segall – melted – goner – lp
*ty segall – slaughterhouse – in the red – 2×10″
the smiths – s/t – rhino – lp
the smiths – hatful of hollow – rhino – lp
the sonics – here are the sonics – norton – lp
*sonic youth – daydream nation – goofin’ – 4lp
yma sumac – miracles – roundtable – lp
*white fence – family perfume 1 & 2 – woodsist – 2lp
*wipers – over the edge – jackpot – lp
*wipers – youth of america – jackpot – lp

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