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tenth anniversary sale


all weekend long, come down for cake, records, and beer.

… letter #512 – summer?…..

howdy all,

well, that was the shortest winter i’ve ever seen. if only they were all like that. it’s hard to believe it’s that time of the year again, but good news… it’s time for our annual anniversary sale!!!! starting tomorrow and running until close on sunday, 20% off everything in the store. so come in and stock up, or get some christmas shopping finished, have a beer, celebrate the fact that we’ve been slinging records for 10 whole years.

…..pick of the week…..

*sunn o))) meets nurse with wound – the iron soul of nothing – idealogical organ – 2lp

– finally, available now as double vinyl set, this is a must for fans of both of these legendary sonic travelers: steven stapleton and colin potter twist sunn o)))’s 2000 album ØØvoid inside-out on nurse with wound’s dissection table. “in 2007 we commissioned nurse with wound to re-work the masters of sunn o)))’s second album ØØvoid to be included as a bonus cd on the japanese reissue of said album released a year later on daymare recordings. we dug up the original 2″ reels from the 2000 session, had mell dettmer bake the tapes, made the multi-track transfers and sent the drive over to ic studios. the initial brief was to hopefully come up with something in the vein of nurse’s legendary soliloquy for lilith set (my favorite release of the collective). what was returned was way beyond our expectations, completely transformed and rediscovered material, including highlighting formerly obscured vocals of the legendary pete stahl (scream, wool, goatsnake). a vast, creepy sonic journey some part drone/depth of sunn o))), other part concrete weirdness of nurse, third part just downright out there in surreality and obscure referencing.” –stephen o’malley; alchemical dialysis at ic studio november and december 2007. procedures executed by steven stapleton & colin potter. produced by sunn o))) & scott reeder.

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