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… letter #511 – webb…..

howdy all….

yeesh… despite the weather, a whack of stuff showed up today, and more tomorrow. but more importantly, if you haven’t heard, we’ve got a special treat for you this week…. on sunday bry webb of the constantines is opening for feist, and before that show, he’s coming down and playing a free in-store at 2 pm! so get yer ass down here on sunday and show bry some love!

…..pick of the week…..

*oneohtrix point never – replica – software – lp/cd
– finally! been super stoked for this since hearing about it coming out, as i loved his last album, returnal.. replica is an electronic song cycle based around audio procured from tv ad compilations. these sample-based meditations are as lyrical as they are ecological, featuring re-purposed ‘ghost vocals’ which serve as narration for lopatin’s signature amorphous, ambient passages. lopatin’s juno-60 is still prominent, but returnal’s placid, synthetic surroundings are accelerated through darker, more unpredictable terrains via lopatin’s use of samplers, analog filtering, tape-op, piano, plate reverb and sub-bass. the result is a heightened sense of music as part and parcel of an overall sonic terrain.”

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…..used goodies…..

a few things hitting the shelves this week…

audience – friends friends friend – charisma – lp
syd barrett – madcap laughs/barrett – harvest – 2lp
brotzmann/laswell – low life – celluloid – lp
burning spear – garvey’s ghost – mango – lp
captain beefheart – doc at the radar station – virgin – lp
jimmy cliff – the harder they come ost – mango – lp
db’s – …stands for decibels – albion – lp
desmond dekker – black and dekker – stiff – lp
desmond dekker – compass points – stiff – lp
nick drake – bryter layter – antilles – lp
marvin gaye – let’s get it on – Motown – lp
bert jansch conundrum – thirteen down – kicking mule – lp
king crimson – in the court of the crimson king – atlantic – lp
king crimson – three of a perfect pair – warner – lp
fela anikulapo kuti with afrika 70 – no agreement – celluloid – lp
fela anikulapo kuti – army arrangement – celluloid – lp
thomas mapfumo & the blacks unlimited – chimurenga for justice – rough trade – lp
pink floyd – meddle – harvest – lp
r.e.m. – murmur – i.r.s. – lp
bunny wailer – protest – island – lp
bunny wailer – rock n groove – solomonic – lp
bunny wailer – tribute – solomonic – lp
tom waits – franks wild years – island – lp
tom waits – rain dogs – island – lp
various – rockers ost – mango – lp