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yeesh… despite the weather, a whack of stuff showed up today, and more tomorrow. but more importantly, if you haven’t heard, we’ve got a special treat for you this week…. on sunday bry webb of the constantines is opening for feist, and before that show, he’s coming down and playing a free in-store at 2 pm! so get yer ass down here on sunday and show bry some love!

…..pick of the week…..

*oneohtrix point never – replica – software – lp/cd
– finally! been super stoked for this since hearing about it coming out, as i loved his last album, returnal.. replica is an electronic song cycle based around audio procured from tv ad compilations. these sample-based meditations are as lyrical as they are ecological, featuring re-purposed ‘ghost vocals’ which serve as narration for lopatin’s signature amorphous, ambient passages. lopatin’s juno-60 is still prominent, but returnal’s placid, synthetic surroundings are accelerated through darker, more unpredictable terrains via lopatin’s use of samplers, analog filtering, tape-op, piano, plate reverb and sub-bass. the result is a heightened sense of music as part and parcel of an overall sonic terrain.”

…..new arrivals…..

*200 years – s/t – drag city – lp/cd
– in tomorrow… “200 years is none other than those straw dogs of skull counting (and flowers!), ben ‘six organs of admittance’ chasny and elisa ‘magic markers’ ambrogio. like magnets, or voltron, apart these two have wreaked havoc with electricity and enemies, but when joined create a force of absolute cohesion and power. quiet-like, though!”
*algarnas tradgard – framtiden ar ett svavande skepp, forankrat i forntiden – silence – cd
– reissue of this silence album, originally issued in 1972. this debut album has always stood as one of the pinnacles of underground psychedelic rock — comparable to early pink floyd, group 1850 and other world masters of space-out genius. the title translates as the future is a hovering ship anchored in the past.
chrysta bell & david lynch – this train – la rose noir – lp
– in tomorrow… renowned filmmaker and his long-time collaborator and vocalist have created a remarkable eleven-song album titled this train. the project inhabits lynch’s singular musical landscapes, remininscent of the iconic soundtracks to his films. filled with comfortingly lush synth-strings and wild-hearted guitars, fans of twin peaks and mullholland drive will immediately recognize the terrain.
brötzmann/bennink – ein halber hund kann nicht pinkeln – cien fuegos – lp
brötzmann/bennink/van hove – tschus – cien fuegos – lp
brötzmann/bennink/van hove – balls – cien fuegos – lp

– cien fuegos presents reissues of live recordings circa the 1970’s berlin from the legendary free music duo of german free jazz saxophonist peter brötzmann and dutch jazz drummer and percussionist han bennink. originally released on fmp.
*can – tago mago – spoon – 2cd
– “the new 40th anniversary edition of this genre-defying album comes packaged in the original uk artwork for the first time since 1971, and includes a bonus cd featuring (almost) fifty minutes of unreleased live material from 1972, remastered in 2011.” absolutely essential!!!
rhys chatham – reve parisien – primary information – lp
– four new compositions performed live at jacob kassay’s 2010 exhibition at art: concept in paris, loosely functioning as an audio catalogue and soundtrack to the exhibition.
*dwarr – starting over – drag city – lp
– in tomorrow… “following on the heels of last year’s acclaimed reissue of dwarr’s hard rock masterpiece animals, drag city and yoga records proudly present duane warr’s first testament, a home-recorded rock-metal-blues shredder unlike anything else, a true outlier from the heart of the conformist 80s. don’t believe us? take a look at his ‘screams of terror’ music video on youtube and remind yourself what it feels like to be fucking amazed by something so different it’s almost threatening. call it outsider art if it makes you feel better.”
eddy current suppression ring – so many things – goner – cd
– they’ve drawn comparisons to wire, can, the fall, fugazi and the stooges. now, after three albums, it’s time for a compilation of singles tracks, demos and other stuff they had lying round. turns out there was lots to choose from—and even after trimming, they ended up with a double album.
flied egg – dr. siegel’s fried egg shooting machine – phoenix – lp
– japan’s proggers flied egg, released two albums in the early ’70s, dr. siegel’s fried egg machine being the first and undoubtedly the better of the two. originally released in 1972, on this album, the musical influences are more uriah heep than the previous hendrix-inspired leanings, although touches of deep purple, birth control and even black sabbath find their way into the musical mèlange.
nils frahm – felt – erased tapes – lp/cd
– berlin-based pianist nils frahm is already a firebrand in the modern classical world, collaborating with contemporaries such as peter broderick, olafur arnalds and anne müller. his unconventional approach to an age-old instrument, played contemplatively and intimately, has won him many fans around the world. dive into a world of microscopic and delicate sounds — so intimate that you could be sitting beside him.
heavy times – jacker – hozac – lp
– as chicago’s most lethal band of the fast-rising noise pop neurotics, heavy times have carved out a uniquely hypnotic sound that’s hard to pin down but easy to fall for, and fast. crushingly melodic vocal hooks cleverly interwoven with static-filled harmonies no one’s prepared for, all executed with a snarling blow to the pleasure receptors.
kieran hebden/steve reid – live at the south bank – smalltown super jazz – lp/cd
– “the late steve reid, veteran jazz drummer and percussionist and kieran hebden (four tet), the British electronic musician/producer young enough to be his grandson, present the fifth and final installment of their momentous synergy. recorded in concert on June, 20 2009. joined by swedish power saxophonist mats gustafsson, whose fiery blowing style had inspired kieran to seek out a drummer like steve to work with in the first place.”
*henry cow – in praise of learning – recommended – lp
– a landmark in the history of european experimental rock, the third “cow” work, originally released on virgin in 1975, represents the second act of joined forces between henry cow and slapp happy, and the first fully integrated appearance of dagmar krause. a timeless classic.
howlin’ wolf – moanin’ in the moonlight – doxy – lp
– “1959’s moanin’ in the moonlight was howlin’ wolf’s first long-playing album for the chicago-based chess label. it was a compilation of previously released singles spanning an eight year period (from 1951-1958).”
*international harvester – sov gott rose-marie – silence – cd
– reissue of this all-time swedish underground classic, originally issued on the scandinavian love label in 1968. international harvester were the second incarnation of bo anders persson’s group, after pärson sound (whose early sound experimentation was finally documented in 2001 by subliminal sounds). the atmospheres of these songs are both utopian and dystopian, mixed with an early environmental awareness. this was music of turmoil and inner upheaval, mostly played in the slowest of rhythms, but still with a sense of constant change.
blind willie johnson – dark was the night.. – mississippi – lp
– “the complete works of blind willie johnson (minus alternate takes of two songs) on one album for the first time! the most powerful gospel blues musician of all time growls & moans through twenty-nine amazing songs. great duets, ballads & rockers. not for the faint of heart. beautiful clear transfers heard for the first time on vinyl.”
knox/oberland – rustle of the stars – gizeh – lp
– a music related concept by richard knox and frédéric d. oberland. 450 km from the arctic circle, the rustle of the stars is a phenomenon of austere beauty, a barely audible noise that occurs when the draught from human breath causes multiple collisions among the ice micro-crystals in the air.
robert lippok – redsuper – raster noton – cd
– simple sonic events are unfolding themselves, evoking the sound of a carl orff children’s ensemble. pleasant and strange noises join a bass foundation that recreates the ground-shaking subsonic waves of mid-’90s drum n’ bass. it’s like a drum major meets a tibetan monk.
louvin brothers – tragic songs of life – light in the attic – lp
– “originally released by capitol records in 1956, the louvin brothers’ first long-player with the label. over 12 succinct ken nelson produced tracks, ira and charlie–backed by an economic supporting cast–sang tales that, according to reissue liner notes writer jessica hundley, ‘reflected the torment, tragedy, and terror of the human condition.’ please listen with a friend, you may need someone to hold onto.”
magazine – no thyself – wiresound – cd
– “first new material in 30 years! magazine front man, howard devoto, co-formed buzzcocks with pete shelley after the pair travelled down to london to see the sex pistols in early 1976. devoto left in 1977, after releasing the seminal spiral scratch ep, and created magazine. magazine went on to release four groundbreaking lps before parting company in 1981 and have been cited as influences on the likes of morrissey, jarvis cocker, u2, muse and, most notably, radiohead.”
mastodon – the hunter – reprise – lp
finally available on vinyl!
thee oh sees – carrion crawler/the dream – in the red – lp/cd
– what’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions thee oh sees? probably their riot-sparking live show, right? visions of a guitar-chewing, melody-maiming john dwyer careening across your cranium, rounded out by a wild-eyed wrecking crew that drives every last hook home like it’s a nail in the coffin of what you thought it meant to make 21st-century rock ’n’ roll? Yeah, that sounds about right.
ol’ dirty bastard – return to 36 chambers – get on down – 2cd
– “it’s safe to say that hip-hop has never seen an album like odb’s 1995 solo debut. in honoring the legacy of one of hip-hop’s most innovative releases, get on down is proud to present this incredible and unique special edition which contains the complete original album, remastered for optimal sound quality, plus a 13-track second disc featuring remixes, a capellas, instrumentals and rarities.”
carlos paredes – guitarra portugeusa – drag city – lp
carlos paredes – movimento perpetuo – drag city – lp

– in tomorrow… “carlos paredes was one of the greatest portuguese guitarists, and a symbol of the portuguese culture — not simply a great composer, but one of the men behind the world-wide understanding of his instrument and his country. dating back hundreds of years, portuguese guitar is most notably associated with the traditional portuguese popular music known as fado. paredes’compositions went beyond the traditional use of the instrument in fado musicianship, giving him (and the instrument) a status above folk or regional music.”
pinch/shackleton – s/t – honest jon’s – lp/cd
– “pinch & shackleton’s self-titled release finds the two dubstep pioneers at the top of their game. the deadly concision, the rhythmic punch and dramatic timing, the spry, side-to-side detailing of a cavernous stage, the crisp-biscuit vocal sampling and middle eastern percussion — their sound signatures are not so much totalled as squared. truly an album, the music is multi-leveled — dark as anything at times, but engrossingly varied and emotionally shaded, always on the move.”
*question mark & the mysterians – 96 tears – real gone music – lp
*question mark & the mysterians – action – real gone music – lp

       – this group of mexican-american teenagers will forever be anointed as the garage band’s garage band with all the bonafides collectors of ‘60s cool cherish—the name, derived from a japanese horror film; the sound, an insistent, three chord beat powered by that unmistakable vox organ tone; and, of course, the sunglasses-shod question mark himself, who claims to have been born on mars and lived among the dinosaurs in a past life.
royal trux – singles, live, unreleased – drag city – 3lp
– in tomorrow… “this thirty-two song bomb was dropped on a highly suspect america back in the early winter of 1997. it was a celebration of –and no tombstone upon–the then-major label act known as royal trux, rtx and/or ‘these guys suck,’ depending on whom you were reading. this was royal trux.”
otis rush – the cobra – doxy – lp
– “the great chicago bluesman willie dixon knew raw talent when he saw it, and he saw it in the 20-year-old southpaw guitarist from mississippi, otis rush. thanks to dixon, rush was soon cutting singles for the chicago-based cobra records. these eight singles, collected here, represent one of the most outstanding moments in chicago blues.”
*samla mammas manna – s/t – silence – cd
*samla mammas manna – maltid – silence – cd

– exacting reissues of the first two 1970s albums by this trailblazing swedish quartet, led by composer/pianist/organist/accordionist/vocalist lasse “lars” hollmer, just prior to any knowledge of anything called “rio” (rock in opposition). formed in the late late ’60s in uppsala, smm canvassed the festival circuit (appearing on the same bill that träd gräs och stenar recorded their mammoth live gardet 1970 album) to popular and critical appeal.
sea lions – everything you always… – slumberland – lp
– bustling with nervous energy and the desire to communicate, sea lions share a sense of urgency with great pop forebears like subway sect and television personalities—earnestness combined with pop knowledge and punk suss. what they capture, where so many young bands try and fail, is not simply the sound of young oxnard, it’s the sound of youth everywhere: bored, underemployed and wishing your life was something else. if there is any justice in this world, it will take them far.
ty segall – singles 2007-2010 – goner – cd
– in tomorrow…jet-packing around the indie / garage cosmos for the last four years, ty segall has done too many singles and eps and split records and shared records and albums and cassettes to count. goner brings you a double-album of tracks culled from segall’s massive out-of-print catalog—plus some stuff that never made it out in the first place.
sigur ros – inni – xl – 2cd+dvd
the definitive sigur rós live experience, comprised of a double live album and a seventy-five minute concert film, capturing the enigmatic band’s last show before their well-documented “indefinite hiatus” at the end of 2008. lp version in any day now…
soft moon – total decay – captured tracks – 12″
– in tomorrow… coming up on a year since their debut self-titled lp release, luis vasquez continues to conjure a sound fueled tempest that intoxicates with its own post-apocalyptic dust in this new ep. what began as a side project has quickly gathered a cult following that has culled a spotlight in its own right, no longer in a cloaked corner.
*throbbing gristle – 20 jazz funk greats – industrial – lp/cd
– originally released in 1979, 20 jazz funk greats is throbbing gristle’s pop-influenced masterwork. it’s hard to believe the beautiful, conventionally-attractive cosey fanni tutti on this album’s front cover previously gave herself milk and blood enemas in front of a live audience. preceding dark synth-pop (and everything else), tg’s third album is far ahead of its time and still sounds as relevant as ever.
*tyvek – fast metabolism – water wing – lp
in tomorrow… at long last, the vinyl debut of this flawless compilation of tyvek’s early singles. long out-of-print, and still in high demand, fast metabolism was initially issued as a cdr only release, and quickly caught fire around the world. issued in an edition of 2,000 copies.
robert pete williams – free again – doxy – lp
– “robert pete williams (1914-1980) is the quintessential delta bluesman. his songs, which tell the tale of his own life’s considerable hardships, are performed in the style of the early country blues, with only a fleeting adherence to a twelve-bar form. much like lead belly, williams was ‘discovered’ by a music historian (harry oster) at louisiana’s infamous angola prison, where he was serving a life sentence for murder.”
various – i have my liberty!: gospel sounds from accra, ghana – dust to digital – cd
– an album of sounds and performances recorded live in 2008 from the churches of ghana’s capital city. this album is the missing link between american gospel records by artists like rev. johnny l. jones and traditional african artists like those featured on opika pende: africa at 78 rpm. distorted pa systems, anchored by female singers, and ramshackle guitars played by a rotating cast of local men weave in and out of popular melodies, bringing congregations to their feet.
*various – last time around – mississippi – lp
– “part three in mississippi records series exploring the rawest side of gospel music (life is a problem & oh graveyard, you can’t hold me always being the other comps) Moving ballads sit side by side with incredibly rocking crunchy guitar workouts.”
*various – michigan meltdown: post-garage pandemonium & pre-punk fuzz freaks from the mitten states milken era – coney dog – lp
– in tomorrow… as over-anthologized detroit (and michigan) are in terms of their florid musical history, michigan meltdown manages to collect twelve examples of post-garage paranoia and pre-punk fuzz spanning from the late ’60s through the mid ’70s—all previously uncompiled and unbelievable. with multiple songs about satan, intergalactic travel and drug abuse, the subject matter is a solid indicator of the actual desperation, escapism and despair that was de rigeur in the area during the era.
wax idols – no future – hozac – lp
– in tomorrow… the san francisco bay area’s most promising breakout, and formidable female-fronted pop wonders are not who you may already believe or expect. wax idols straddle the line between ripping tough/tender post-punk/goth-pop, and irresistibly anthemic indie rock hooks, somewhat like joan jett would sound like tearing through best coast with a chainsaw or if mary monday had been a member of wire.
*michael yonkers with the blind shake – period – s-s – lp
– in tomorrow… like yonkers and the shake’s previous work, period is tuneful and heavy and punk and psychedelic, but there is also something more. the album has an energy which is dark but not sinister. yonkers’ lyrics are intense, even painful, but his voice is strong. the swirl of sound created by his homemade guitar is other worldly, and when woven into the guitar/baritone guitar/drum throb and punch created by the blind shake, period is nothing less than great.

…..used goodies…..

audience – friends friends friend – charisma – lp
brotzmann/laswell – low life – celluloid – lp
*captain beefheart – doc at the radar station – virgin – lp
burning spear – garvey’s ghost – mango – lp
jimmy cliff – the harder they come ost – mango – lp
marvin gaye – let’s get it on – Motown – lp
king crimson – in the court of the crimson king – atlantic – lp
king crimson – three of a perfect pair – warner – lp
fela anikulapo kuti with afrika 70 – no agreement – celluloid – lp
fela anikulapo kuti – army arrangement – celluloid – lp
*thomas mapfumo & the blacks unlimited – chimurenga for justice – rough trade – lp
pink floyd – meddle – harvest – lp
jon spencer blues explosion – acme – matador – lp
bunny wailer – protest – island – lp
bunny wailer – rock n groove – solomonic – lp
bunny wailer – tribute – solomonic – lp
tom waits – franks wild years – island – lp
various – rockers ost – mango – lp

aelter II – follow you beloved – wolveserpent – lp
*berrocal/fenech/tazartes – superdisque – sub rosa – lp
james blackshaw – holly – important – lp
leonard cohen – death of a ladies man – 4 men with beards – lp
william fowler collins – resurrections unseen – type – lp
*eno/moebius/roedelius – after the heat – 4 men with beards – lp
*john fahey – america – 4 men with beards – 2lp
bruce haack – farad – stones throw – lp
*hot snakes – automatic midnight – swami – lp
*hot snakes – suicide invoice – swami – lp
*shin joong hyun – beautiful rivers and mountains – light in the attic – lp/cd
jerusalem – s/t – lion – lp
*kashmere stage band – texas thunder soul 1968 – now again – 3lp
*furry lewis – i will turn your money green – monk – 2lp
m83 – hurry up, we’re dreaming – mute – 2cd
mr. bungle – s/t – plain – lp
mr. bungle – california – plain – lp
mr. bungle – disco volante – plain – lp
ty segall – goodbye bread – drag city – lp
serpent power – s/t – sweet dandelion – lp
void – sessions 1981-1983 – dischord – lp
*gary wilson – forgotten lovers – feeding tube – lp
*wooden shjips – west – thrill jockey – lp
various – fire in my bones – tompkins square – 3cd

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