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well, that was the shortest winter i’ve ever seen. if only they were all like that. it’s hard to believe it’s that time of the year again, but good news… it’s time for our annual anniversary sale!!!! starting tomorrow and running until close on sunday, 20% off everything in the store. so come in and stock up, or get some christmas shopping finished, have a beer, celebrate the fact that we’ve been slinging records for 10 whole years.

…..pick of the week…..

*sunn o))) meets nurse with wound – the iron soul of nothing – idealogical organ – 2lp

– finally, available now as double vinyl set, this is a must for fans of both of these legendary sonic travelers: steven stapleton and colin potter twist sunn o)))’s 2000 album ØØvoid inside-out on nurse with wound’s dissection table. “in 2007 we commissioned nurse with wound to re-work the masters of sunn o)))’s second album ØØvoid to be included as a bonus cd on the japanese reissue of said album released a year later on daymare recordings. we dug up the original 2″ reels from the 2000 session, had mell dettmer bake the tapes, made the multi-track transfers and sent the drive over to ic studios. the initial brief was to hopefully come up with something in the vein of nurse’s legendary soliloquy for lilith set (my favorite release of the collective). what was returned was way beyond our expectations, completely transformed and rediscovered material, including highlighting formerly obscured vocals of the legendary pete stahl (scream, wool, goatsnake). a vast, creepy sonic journey some part drone/depth of sunn o))), other part concrete weirdness of nurse, third part just downright out there in surreality and obscure referencing.” –stephen o’malley; alchemical dialysis at ic studio november and december 2007. procedures executed by steven stapleton & colin potter. produced by sunn o))) & scott reeder.

…..new arrivals…..

apple – an apple a day… – guerssen – lp
– super-rare uk ’60s garage-pop psychedelic, heavy mod-psych artifact which is a must for anyone into swinging london sounds — originally released in 1969. master-tape sound, 180 gram vinyl and original artwork with old-style backflapped cover, including a facsimile of the full-color, very rare original insert, plus an extra insert with extensive liner notes.
calexico – road atlas 1998 – 2001 – quarterstick – 12lp/cd

– collects the band’s 8 self-released tour albums in vinyl format for the first time ever (previously only available as cds at calexico’s live concerts). hand numbered vinyl box set. limited edition 1,100 worldwide: 12 vinyl lps (four single lp albums, four double lp albums) + bonus mp3s, 40 page book – photos, handwritten notes, liner notes by fred mills. screen printed linen wrapped slip case.
case studies – world is just a shape – sacred bones – lp

– solo album from jesse lortz (the duke, of the duchess & the duke) most of these songs were recorded were recorded with friends during feb. 2011 by greg ashley (gris gris), in a secluded cabin in sequim, wa. the cabin sessions marked the third time most of the songs had been recorded.
crystal stilts – radiant door – sacred bones – 12″

– “recorded in early 2011 by gary olson, with the band’s guitarist jb townsend producing, radiant door unveils some of the stilts’ most dynamic recordings to date, and features the beguiling blend of romanticism and mystery that one expects from singer and lyricist brad hargett.”
*the drones – a thousand mistakes – bang! – lp

– a new album of old songs re-recorded as they are seen by their authors these days, or as they were expected to be back in the day. this revision of rarely-played tracks is a new introduction to the darkest side of the music built by this band which has meant the change, evolution and new kind of sound from down under.
famines – complete singles collection – mammoth cave – lp
in case you failed to pick up all of these local guys’ 7″s, the fine folks at mammoth cave have collected them all on one big ol’ slab of wax. and even if you do have them, they’ve included two exclusive tracks… so you need it anyway. ha!
fantasy – paint a picture – aurora – lp

– this sophisticated collection of mellotron-fuelled progressive rock originally appeared in the uk only in december of 1973. it sank without a trace, and is now considered one of the rarest albums of the era. it’s finally available again here on 180 gram vinyl, making it a must for fans of classic british prog.
helmet – meantime – original – lp

– classic! i used to go to sleep to this album. the metronomic riffs usually put me out in about 5 minutes… which i know, doesn’t sound like a good review, but this album is rad.
nicholas jaar – don’t break my love – clown & sunset – 10″

– the rhythms on don’t break my love ep unravel slowly. as the songs progress, they fill up with rapid-fire hi-hats and mechanical percussion. the faster strikes meet slower beats and the songs seem to stretch — pulled in both directions almost ad infinitum. nico has been singing more and sampling less lately.
kaleidoscope – tangerine dream – sun beam – lp

– a definitive collector’s vinyl edition from cornerstones of british psychedelia, kaleidoscope. this is their debut album originally released by fontana in 1967. comes complete with lovingly-reproduced artwork, as well as a lavish 12-page, full-color, large-format booklet packed with original trade ads, memorabilia and contemporary press cuttings, and with exclusive sleevenotes by the quartet’s leader peter daltrey, telling the story of the band in full detail.
kaleidoscope – faintly blowing – sun beam – lp

– their second album originally released by Fontana in 1969. produced with the full involvement of the band, this the result is simply essential for all connoisseurs of British psychedelia. 
cass mccombs – humor risk – domino – lp/cd

humor risk was recorded in various homes and studios across america and was produced by cass and ariel rechtshaid. perhaps cass’ most upbeat album yet, showing cass in a more optimistic mood, and could be seen as the happier, more hopeful sister record to wit’s end.
octopus – restless night – guerssen – lp

– brilliant uk 1970 disc blending melodic, guitar-driven pop with psychedelia, hard-rock and progressive rock. produced by the troggs’ tony murray and originally released on larry page’s penny farthing label. pressed on 180 gram vinyl with the original artwork, including one bonus track from a previous 45 and an extra insert with extensive liner notes.
*mastsuo ohno – i saw the outer limits – em – lp

– reissue of his stellar 1978 lp presents him at the peak of his powers, combining his mastery of classic analog tape music techniques (honed to perfection while providing sound design for astro boy and numerous other films and tv programs) with then-state-of-the-art analog synthesizers. this is a true under-recognized classic, a masterfully recorded, massive-sounding poetic construction of unearthly sound — an undulating, breathing behemoth, with ohno’s galaxy moving beyond “sounds that already exist” in search of new sonic spaces.
she & him – a very she & him christmas – merge – lp/cd

– it is that time of the year i guess….
sigur ros – inni – xl – 3lp+dvd

– now in stock on super limited clear vinyl triple disc set that includes the dvd. a must have for any sigur ros fan. makes a great gift ya know….
throbbing gristle – heathen earth: the live sound of tg – industrial records – lp/cd

– the 1980 document of throbbing gristle’s live in-studio recording performed in front of a small, select audience — you weren’t invited.
*bry webb – provider – idee fixee – lp/cd

– new solo record from the frontman from canada’s best rock outfit… the constantines. if you missed him playing here in the store on sunday past, you missed out yo!
*various – rangarang: pre-revolutionary iranian pop – vampi soul – 3lp

– it may seem hard to believe now, with the islamic republic of iran swathed in controversial breaches of human rights and nonsensical nuclear issues, but a little over 30 years ago it was all glitz and glamour, rock and roll. the range of the tracks included on rangarang is astonishing, from funky workouts and soulful pop to jazzy grooves and yearning ballads, all wonderfully and imaginatively produced and arranged, giving shape to truly popular music.


*13th floor elevators – psychedelic sounds of… (mono) – sundazed – lp
adele – 21 – xl – lp/cd
davie allan – cycle-delic sounds – sundazed – lp
davie allan – devil’s rumble – sundazed – 2lp
atlas sound – parallax – 4ad – lp/cd
*barn owl – shadowland – thrill jockey – 12″
beatles – abbey road – emi – lp
blue cheer – vincebus eruptum – sundazed – lp
*evan caminiti – when california falls into the sea – handmade birds – lp
captain beefheart – it comes to you… – sundazed – 2lp
chocolate watch band – no way out – sundazed – lp
chocolate watch band – inner mystique – sundazed – lp
leonard cohen – songs of… – sundazed – lp
leonard cohen – songs of love and hate – sundazed – lp
leonard cohen – live songs – sundazed – lp
leonard cohen – new skin… – sundazed – lp
john coltrane – ellington & coltrane – impulse – lp
john coltrane – sun ship – impulse – lp
bob dylan – blonde on blonde – sundazed – 2lp
bob dylan – times they are a-changin’ – sundazed – lp
bob dylan – s/t – sundazed – lp
*bob dylan – another side of.. – sundazed – lp
bob dylan – nashville skyline – sundazed – lp
*fraction – moon blood – mexican summer – lp+10″
fugazi – in on the killtaker – dischord – lp
*guru guru – s/t – brain – lp
*hawkwind – in search of space – back on black – 2lp
*hawkwind – text of a festival – back on black – 2lp
*joy division – unknown pleasures – rhino – lp
*july – s/t – guerssen – lp
love – love lost – sundazed – lp
*mastodon – remission – relapse – 2lp
nico – the marble index – sundazed – lp
linda perhacs – parallelograms – sundazed – lp
pretty things – s/t – sundazed – lp
real estate – days – domino – lp
otis redding – otis blue – sundazed – lp
otis redding – dock of the bay – sundazed – lp
*steve roden – i listen… – dust to digital – 2cd+book
shadows of knight – gloria – sundazed – lp
shadows of knight – back door men – sundazed – lp
*soft machine – s/t – sundazed – lp
sonics – introducing… – sundazed – lp
*alexander skip spence – oar – sundazed – lp
*john spencer blues explosion – orange – shove – lp
*colin stetson – new history warfare 2: judges – constellation – lp
*sunn o))) & boris – altar – southern lord – 3lp
*kurt vile – so outta reach – matador – 12″
tom waits – blood money – anti – lp
washed out – within & without – sub pop – lp/cd
*wooden shjips – west – thrill jockey – lp
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