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howdy all…

so, you either started school this week, or if you’re like me your kids did. yay, ugh.

two important things…
– starting this sunday (sept 9th) we will be open on sundays again, 12 – 5
– due to travel plans and life in general, it looks like we will be needing another part-timer around here. please drop off a resume with your top ten albums of all time, 2012, top ten beers, and uh… something else cool. ya. we’re looking at a start date sometime in early october, so we need resume’s by the end of sept.

…..pick of the week…..

*xian orphic – s/t – pre-cert home entertainment – lp

– in tomorrow… the newest addition to the pre-cert library comes from xian orphic, a new recording project from andy votel, combining new automated analog music, positive meditational repeaters and neo-tantric sound collages presented in five parts. this multi-purpose music draws from a broad range of kindred influences and approaches synchronized transcendental/nu-religious/metaphysical and sensual music forms from a new perspective, drawing direct influence from private music pioneers such as kat epple, marc disler, dariush dolat shahi, mark shreeve, suzanne ciani and ramases while giving nods to sound sculptures by the likes of egisto macchi, bernard parmegiani and bruno spoerri. like many pre-cert releases, this project is as a micro-archive of experiments and references, leaving an open-ended avenue for further volumes. by contrasting processed modular synth tones with recorded and transposed melodic pulses, xian orphic adds lo-fi domestic sounds and classic kosmische to paint positive psychological relationships. the overall effect manages to reflect elements of german electronic records while re-contextualizing the more optimistic moments of popular horror soundtracks by artists like alan howarth, klaus schultze and john carpenter. limited edition of 500 copies. … no clip… just take my word for it. awesome.

…..new arrivals…..
*alvarius b – s/t – abduction – 2cd
– in tomorrow… originally released in 1998 as a limited edition vinyl 2lp — the second alvarius b. (alan bishop/sun city girls) full-length release. perhaps the most deranged collection of original folk songs ever cut to wax. dark, twisted & apocalyptic with razor twang acoustic guitar & vocal delivery, this epic lo-fi cassette deconstruction/demolition of everything “folk-singer-songwriter” slipped under the radar to a few lucky souls who grabbed the original pressing of this when it showed up 14 years ago. vinyl hopefully next week, and it’ll be the pick of the week.
animal collective – centipede hz – domino – 2lp/cd
– holy man! this may have the worst album cover i’ve ever seen. it’s worse than that last coco rosie!
*deep listening band – needle drop jungle – taiga – 2lp
– in tomorrow… may 30th, 2012 marked the 80th birthday of american visionary musician pauline oliveros. needle drop jungle is a continuation of the celebration. together with bandmates stuart dempster and david gamper, oliveros and company churned up a vigorous storm at their January 2011 residency in seattle, captured on this double vinyl release. the dlb recorded impromptu downpours unhindered by technical issues, a peak in their collective creative output. sadly the last recordings of this exceptional trio.
deerhoof – breakup song – polyvinyl – lp/cd
-“a sensational record of Cuban-flavored party-noise-energy music. they called it breakup song, but don’t expect a bunch of grammy-baiting sob stories, ok? in deerhoof’s thesaurus, freedom’s just another word for feeling good again and raising hell and getting away with it.” lp pressed on white vinyl and includes a download.
dusk & blackdown – dasaflex – keysound – lp
       – in tomorrow… four years since their acclaimed debut album margins music, keysound founders dusk + blackdown return with their second album, dasaflex. the pair have been producing music since 2000, started keysound in 2005, joined rinse fm in 2008 and still comb through approximately 500 tracks a month to share the most upfront monthly selection possible from the best up-and-coming dubstep, grime and uk funky spheres.
dredd foole – blues sermon with congregation – humito – lp
– in tomorrow… “a reissue of two deep sides originally released in 2004, as companion volumes to kissing the contemporary bliss, in extremely limited runs. the sessions behind this record represent a singular apex of high in the catalogs of both dredd foole and mv & ee, where the playing and being of each of the three individuals involved coalesces into a singularly cosmic perception and extrapolation of the blues doctors’ truth, while simultaneously, individual sonorities and specialities drive their own cadillac. a major work of contemporary psychedelic blues in its own right. mv’s patented ‘spectrasound’ techniques are on full display, creating a dazzling living environment in which dredds otherworldly and piercingly free vocals orbit. classic and singular psychedelic visioning.”
harry pussy – one plus one – palilalia – 2lp
– in tomorrow…”gatefold double lp compiled from hours of early walkman recordings documenting the duo of bill orcutt and adris hoyos. recorded 1992-93, one plus one combines the best of key early releases (the vigilance! cassette, the planet and second esync singles) with 40 minutes of unreleased contemporaneous material.”
king tubby – meets rockers uptown – get on down – 3×10″ box
– in tomorrow… “within any musical style, there are a few select works that resonate so strongly with audiences that they come to define the genre itself, taking on a mythical quality that transforms the album into something greater than the sum of its individual parts. meets rockers uptown, the 1976 collaboration between producer instrumentalist augustos pablo and visionary dub engineer osbourne ‘king tubby’ ruddock, is one of those historic releases. a 16 page book, and is housed in full color hinged box secured with a magnetic clasp.”
nu sensae – sundowning – suicide squeeze – lp
– nü sensae has taken big risks with even bigger payoffs on this release. proving just how unpredictable they can be, they abandoned their status as a duo — a favourite angle of both the media and fans — and recruited vancouver noise rock great brody mcknight as a full-time member. previously working with the now-legendary group mutators, mcknight has added another dimension of heaviness to the band’s already mind-melting sludge attack. sundowning is designed to bludgeon with the raw aggression that can only come from the best elements of noise, punk and grunge.
pauline oliveros – primordial/lift – taiga – 2lp

– in tomorrow… a continuation of pauline oliveros’ 80th birthday celebration. this double vinyl record contains the previously-unreleased second performance of primordial/lift from september 25th, 2010. interpreting a score penned by oliveros in 1998, anne bourne, andrew deutsch, miguel frasconi, david grubbs, jason huang and suzanne thorpe joined oliveros at issue project room in brooklyn to divulge this bizarre and surreal sound work. centered around a low frequency oscillator, the group swirls cello, voice, sampler, glass drones, e-guitar, violin and v accordion into a molten mass dropped from outer space.
genesis p-orridge & stan bingo – what’s history – dais – lp
– in tomorrow… “originally released in 1983 as a cassette on the cryptic austrian tape label, nekrophile, this simplistic experimental recording was an industrial classic ahead of it’s time. recorded in 1981 in the hackney bedroom of genesis p-orridge, who at this point was romping through his final months in seminal industrial act throbbing gristle. done as a spur of the ‘improvisational’ moment, genesis was accompanied by then tg documentarian stan bingo (a.k.a. director dan landin) to try out some new equipment and spun into an unplanned composition. this original recording, due to the scarcity of its original format was somewhat forgotten, only to be coveted by collectors. this vinyl lp is an authorized reissue by both artists and limited to 500 copies.” includes download code.
*residents – duck stab – mvd audio – lp
– in tomorrow… “musically, it’s difficult to describe this diverse album. there is a silky, seductive, and murky aspect which creates a supporting liquid background upon which the lyrics float. there is a balance between the music and the lyrics. they never step on each other as they take turns moving in and out of the foreground. the lyrics play a very dominant role on this album. they are like rhyming instruments that project pictures before our eyes. a style emerges in the imagery and in the lyric rhythm. the residents use words for the sake of their sounds, and for how they feel when leaving the tongue.”
*swans – the seer – young god – 3lp/2cd
– “the seer took 30 years to make. it’s the culmination of every previous swans album as well as any other music i’ve ever made, been involved in, or imagined. but it’s unfinished, like the songs themselves. it’s one frame in a reel. the frames blur, blend and will eventually fade. despite what you might have heard or presumed, my quest is to spread light and joy through the world. my friends in swans are all stellar men. without them i’m a kitten, an infant. our goal is the same: ecstasy!”-michael gira. special guests include jarboe, alan sparhawk & mimi parker (low), karen o, akron/family, big blood and many more.
various – cumbia beat vol 2: tropical sounds from peru 1966-1983 – vampisoul – lp
– in tomorrow… the “resurrection” of peruvian tropical music, of psychedelic cumbia or, as others like to call it, “chicha,” is perhaps one of the most surprising musical phenomena in recent years. the number of reissues, new releases and bands that have begun to play chichi or covers of tropical peruvian classics in argentina, england, russia and the united states has multiplied. this cocktail of electric guitars, caribbean percussion, andean pentatonics and psychedelic soloing, synths, moogs, güiros, wah-wahs, timbales and fuzztones was simply too striking to go unnoticed. elements of rock, folklore, música criolla, andean music, amazonian music, colombian cumbia, salsa and even psychedelia intermingle in this “cannibal” genre capable of devouring and assimilating every possible influence.
various – glimpses vol 1 – spiral groove – lp

– in tomorrow… at long last, volume 1 of this legendary series of moody ’60s punk and garage compilations is available on vinyl for the first time. originally issued in the early 1980s, and featuring some of the greatest and rarest american 45 sides of the 1960s (from all over the u.s.), it’s downright essential for fans of heavy rock and roll, and is presented here with a full-color insert offering biographical information on all artists, plus rare pictures.
various – poco loco in the coco – university of vice – lp
– in tomorrow… ultra-rare gems extracted from 45 and 78 records released in the ’50s and early ’60s by obscure record labels. a unique mix of genres, perfect for a successful exotic party: tropicalypso, persian cha-cha-cha, latin and roll, japanese rhumba, hawaiian swing, polynesian surf, bahamian drums, mexican monsters, and brazilian exotica. the craziest compilation of music from all over the world.…..restocks…..

antibalas – s/t – daptone – lp
arcade fire – funeral – merge – lp
black flag – damaged – sst – lp
*bliscappen van maria – s/t – fourth dimension – lp
harold budd – in the mist – darla – lp
burning love – rotten thing to say – southern lord – lp
j dilla – dillatroit – mahogani – lp
j dilla – ruff draft – stones throw – lp
kathleen edwards – voyager – zoe – lp
florence & the machine – ceremonials – island – lp
grimes – visions – arbutus – lp
*fela ransome kuti & his koola lobitos – s/t – klimt – lp
nirvana – mtv unplugged – geffen – lp
*om – advaitic songs – drag city – lp/cd
purity ring – shrines – last gang – cd
*charanjit singh – ten ragas to a disco beat – bombay connection – 2lp
*six organs of admittance – ascent – drag city – lp/cd
*symmetry – themes for an imaginary film – italians do it better – 2cd
*mayo thompson – corky’s debt to his father – drag city – lp
torche – harmonicraft – volcom – lp
*various – personal space – chocolate industries – lp

thanks for listening…

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