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apparently there was a big storm last night… i couldn’t hear it cuz i was too busy blastin’ all these new vinyl on demand boxsets. no, that’s not true, i was just sleeping. anyway, loads of restocks this week, hopefully even more tomorrow, but more importantly, some killer new slabs in this week, and in short supply, so read fast and rush on down to avoid disappointment… you have been warned.

…..pick of the week…..

so far only half of my order from vinyl on demand has arrived, so most of the copies of these two have yet to arrive, but they are so amazing i couldn’t wait until next week to highlight them, hopefully the rest show up tomorrow….

*kluster – klusterstrasse 69-72 – vinyl on demand – 8lp box
– !!! “the ensemble kluster was found by conrad schnitzler in 1969. it can be considered as one of the most radical and influencial german progressive, avantgarde bands. its music-approach and playing-techniques are related to stockhausen and the group “nuova consonanza” & its influences and protagonistic characteristics in music can still be found in works of many avantgarde & industrial-bands of today. conrad’s continous working-partners over the years have been klaus freudigmann and wolfgang seidel. kluster worked also with various friends including tangerine dream or hans joachim roedelius and dieter moebius with which conrad recorded and released three of the kluster-actions on vinyl in 1971 called “eruption”, “klopfzeichen” and “zwei osterei” and which then went on to form the band cluster. kluster performs with regular Instruments (piano, electric guitar, cello, percussion, electric organ). those sounds are recorded with a contact-microphone, transformed, manipulated, distorted, chopped-up, conveyed by loudspeakers. the result is an exciting, raw and roughly structured sound-continuum, rich on associations and of a fascination reminding and edging of a sound-magic.” an absolutely stellar collection of unreleased material from this massively important group. (sorry, can’t find any clips of this at the moment.)

*conrad schnitzler – container t1 – t12 – vinyl on demand – 8lp box
– vinyl-on-demand does it again! a glorious 8 lp set of unreleased conrad schnitzler!! “vod honours conrad schnitzler’s life-time achievement with the catalogue-number vod100 and the beautiful retrospective of his 1971-1983-works previously released just as a very limited 6 tape-set on transmitter tapes in 1983. the complete box gives an incredible insight into schnitzler’s variety of works produced from the early 70’s to the early 80’s. from industrialish and drone-ish-experiments and soundscapes to minimalistic “pop-songs”, all can be found on this set.  (sorry, can’t find any clips of this at the moment.)

…..new arrivals…..

*acid mothers temple – la novia – prophase – lp
– 2012 gatefold, colored-vinyl reissue of one of the most sophisticated and respectable releases in the amt canon; originally released by eclipse in 2000. “the sprawling 40 minute title track is based on an occitanian folk tune, and the unearthly acoustic opening with its overtone singing sounds like something that might have made its way onto a werner herzog soundtrack. indeed, once the guitars come in and the band stoke up their mighty drone, the effect is that of an amped up popul vuh. ashra tempel or amon duul are other reference points.”
*djin aquarian & plastic crimewave sound – save the world – prophase – lp
– “over 3 years in the making, at last save the world is ready to be unleashed on this troubled planet. upon meeting in 2009, an immediate kinship was established between the legendary ya ho wha 13 guitarist/sage djin aquarian and chicago’s acid-punk minimalists plastic crimewave sound. through meditation, repetition, herbs, mountainous amplification, and a deep understanding and reverence for thee almighty father yod, mutual/musical sacred ground was immediately established, from the first devotional practice session.”
astor – alcor – kye – lp
– “alcor is the debut lp by a new voice from the australian wilderness. field recordings of humble organic activity bend against a foundation of discreetly processed electronics/piano, creating sonorities that are as indefinable as they are unforgettable. alcor is the ideal lp for fans of fringe position electro-acoustic study, delphic audio confusion, or anyone who pines for the days when small cruel party still roamed the earth.”
peter brotzmann/han bennink – schwarzwaldfahrt – cien fuegos – lp
– 180 gram vinyl reissue of this LP, originally released by fmp in 1977. e-flat clarinet, b-flat clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, birdcalls, viola, banjo, cymbals, wood, trees, sand, land, water, air. recorded open air on a stellavox recorder by brötzmann and bennink from may 9th to 11th, 1977 in the black forest near aufen and the schwarzenbach talsperre. produced by peter brötzmann and jost gebers.
peter brotzmann/harry miller/louis moholo – the nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat – cien fuegos – lp
– 180 gram vinyl, originally released in 1979 on the fmp label. brötzmann on soprano, alto, tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet; miller on double bass, and moholo on drums. recorded by jost gebers on august 27th, 1979 at the fmp-studio in berlin. produced by peter brötzmann and jost gebers.
*john carpenter – escape from new york – death waltz – lp
– so this totally would have been the pick of the week had i not had my order cut in half, so there are next to no copies of this available, i’m trying to get more, but this may be sold out already as you read this…. “john carpenter not only directed escape from new york but also composed and recorded all of its music too. This score sounds as fresh today as it did when it was first released. Laden with brooding electronic pulses, flashes of Krautrock and healthy dose of nu disco ensures that this soundtrack sounds as happy on the dance floor as it is in your headphones. Exclusive cover art by Jay Shaw (aka Iron Jaiden), one of the most in demand poster artists working today, his recent work has been selling out in minutes creating a huge demand on the aftermarket. Sleeve notes from Alan Howarth and Jay Shaw. Comes with a massive A2 poster. Strictly limited edition of only 500 copies worldwide.”
flaming lips – flaming lips and heady fwends – warner – cd
– cd version of their wild record store day double lp! in between one-off shows scattered around the world in the past several months, the lips have still found time to record a series of unique and experimental sessions for an album featuring a diverse cross-section of heavy friends from every corner of the musical cosmos. the flaming lips and heady friends includes vocal and musical assistance from such disparate playmates as yoko ono, nick cave, bon iver, ke$ha and many more.
crocodiles – endless flowers – french kiss – lp
– recorded in berlin last summer, endless flowers follows in the footsteps of the band’s two previous releases (2010’s sleep forever and 2009’s debut summer of hate), while adding a refined cohesion and unmistakable sunnyness to their glorious noise-and echo – cloaked pop.
deep listening band – octagonal polyphony – important – lp
– deep listening band is pauline oliveros with stuart dempster and david gamper. “this lp is being released simultaneously with dlb’s great howl at town haul cd and pauline oliveros’ comprehensive 12 cd collection of electronic work. pressed in an edition of 500.”
gun club – pastoral hide & seek – bang! – lp
– reissue of this classic, originally released in 1990, featuring jeffrey lee pierce and kid congo powers, with a bonus track. pastoral hide & seek is an album full of gun club’s finest and most complex melodies, on which jeffrey lee pierce developed his most complete songwriter skills. includes a cover of a jefferson airplane song, previously-unreleased on other vinyl reissues.
*kluster – klopfzeichen – bureau b – lp
– imagine finding a message in a bottle, forty years after it was dispatched. that is what it feels like when you listen to kluster’s klopfzeichen for the first time, mysterious, hard to decipher, a relic of a time long since passed. the handwriting is archaic, barely legible, the complex contents only falling into place when examined through the light of historical context. klopfzeichen is an incredibly important release for the time in which it appeared (1971), an extraordinarily significant document. more than anything, the three messengers konrad schnitzler, hans-joachim roedelius and dieter moebius formulated a radical claim with klopfzeichen: anarchic, unlimited freedom of art and music.
john mueller & james plotkin – terminal velocity – taiga – 2lp
– mueller and plotkin first combined forces on physical changes, scorching the leading lp side of mueller’s 2009 multi-format collaborative investigation. forging mueller’s blistering percussion and rolling hills of drums with plotkin’s searing guitar and melting electronics, a sturdy alloy was formed. when both musicians were asked to perform at the utech records music festival in june 2011, at which they appeared as a duo, the pair spent the proceeding days spontaneously unfurling terminal velocity. sizzling drums meet electronic warbles as two great forces restrain each other to a constant speed.
georgia anne muldrow/madlib – seeds – someothaship – lp
– “seeds” not only marks georgia’s first album as a vocalists on an outside producers instrumentation, it also marks the first full length project madlib has produced exclusively for a female vocalist. muldrow, a prolific vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, comes from a musical family. on this album, muldrow lyrically theme center around her wonder about the elements of life and the interconnected nature of the universe.
klaus schulze – midi klassik – vinyl lovers – lp
– “released briefly on cd in 1994, and never before released on vinyl, electronic music pioneer klaus schulze (tangerine dream, ash ra tempel) gives well-known compositions by smentana, schubert, brahms, von weber and beethoven, among others, a new reading. now featuring the original album title as chosen by klaus schulze.” on 180 gram vinyl.
*sema – time will say nothing – vinyl-on-demand – 4lp box
sema is an 80’s experimental-project by robert haigh who became well known in the 90’s for his ambient drum & bass-project omni trio. in 1980 he formed the industrial/avant-funk bands truth club and fote as well as his own label le rey records. between 1982 and 1984 he released 4 Lp’s under the name sema on his own le rey label, which can be found in this box-set. he also contributed to several nurse with wound projects. those recordings are provided as bonus tracks on this set in addition to the 4lp’s. the music of sema integrates pianos, orchestral instruments and experimental techniques in a neo-classical and minimalist approach. these legendary recordings employ a wide palette of light and shade, emotion, texture and atmosphere to produce a sound that is unique in its form and expression.
shed – the killer – 50 weapons – lp
– the third full-length from shed eschews gimmickry for serious signal noise, strong beat-patterns, and massive power in the bass area. every track accepts the subordinate role in this game, and all the tracks are hits. made for the pimping pa in your car, for home listening (at your neighbor’s cost) or also to enjoy with a good pair of headphones. aimed to be more homogeneous, the album is first and foremost a true techno love story.
*touch 33 – islands in-between – touch – lp
– a new series of vinyl-only releases, “from the archives.” islands in-between was originally released on cassette in 1983. indonesians often use the name nusantara, meaning “the islands in-between,” when referring to the archipelago that forms their republic. this lp covers only some of the cultural activity on java and bali, the best-known islands out of the 13,700 counted by statisticians, so it is not intended to be in any way definitive. the selections are more like musical postcards of two cultures balanced between tradition and tourism.
years on earth – the structure of chance – vinyl on demand – 2lp
– years on earth’s electronic, experimental and industrial approach to their music reminds one of a mix of early cabaret voltaire, eyeless in gaza and throbbing gristle. it can be considered as an alchemistic creation, forming something very unique and amazing in mood and atmosphere produced and experienced by the listener. as mutant sounds website stated: “… wonderful, dark, claustrophobic, scary atmosphere… an absolutely unknown gem!“
various – international vicious society vol vi – university of vice – lp
– exotica, teen-beat and international nonsense from all over the world — spain, brazil, mexico, columbia, france, etc. “the t.i.v.s idea begins one evening in 1961 when laslo (dutch and chemistry student) and gersido (italian and artist in general), meet for the first time in a party held by the london medical school. behind bars they decide to create an association for lovers of music and cheap thrills. over the following months, them and half a dozen of boys and girls get together to organize their first parties in the refrigerator of an abandoned butchery… this compilation includes some of the records from all corner of the world that one could hear at these ritual and wild parties. a society in which fun was always guaranteed.”
various – ivory coast soul 2: afro soul in abidjan from 1976 – 1981 – hot casa – 3lp

ivory coast soul is back in its second volume, and has dug even deeper into the country’s vinyl archives. after much painstaking research and investigative work, hot casa has gathered together some key members of seminal afro and psychedelic outfits, selecting 13 afro-soul gems, centered mainly on the musically-rich and creatively-volatile republic of the ivory coast during the ’70s. hot casa has worked even harder with the help of local friends to find the rarest and most interesting records.


alice in chains – dirt – music on vinyl – lp
*arial pink – the doldrums – paw tracks – lp
*robbie basho – seal blue lotus – 4 men with beards – lp
*robbie basho – venus in cancer – blue thumb – lp
beach boys – smile sessions – emi – lp
beastie boys – hello nasty – emi – lp
*john bender – memories of mindless mechanical monologues 1976 – 1085 – vinyl-on-demand – 7lp
broken social scene – you forgot it in people – arts & crafts – lp
james brown – hell – polydor – lp
burial – street halo – hyperdub – 12″
*can – lost tapes – mute – 3cd box
*chubby checker – checkered – sunbeam – lp
*crass – feeding of 5000 – crass – lp
daft punk – homework – emi – lp
destroyer – kaputt – merge – lp
*destroyer – rubies – merge – lp
espers – weed tree – locust – cd
flaming lips – yoshimi battles the pink robots – warner – lp
funkadelic – maggot brain – 4 men with beards – lp
grateful dead – anthem of the sun – grateful dead – lp
grateful dead – aoxomoxoa – grateful dead – lp
grateful dead – s/t – grateful dead – lp
grizzly bear – veckatimest – warp – lp
laurie halo – quarantine – hyperdub – lp
howlin’ wolf – moanin’ – chess – lp
*ichiyanagi/ranta/kousugi – improvisation – phoenix – lp
joy division – unknown pleasures – rhino – lp
joy division – closer – rhino – lp
led zeppelin – mothership – atlantic – 4lp box
mars volta – noctourniquet – rodrigez lopez – lp
mf doom – operation doomsday – metal face – lp
charles mingus – oh ya – atlantic – lp
modest mouse – moon & antarctica – epic – lp
the national – sad songs for dirty lovers – brassland – lp
nico – chelsea girl – 4 men with beards – lp
nirvana – nevermind – geffen – lp
pearl jam – ten – legacy – lp
pearl jam – vitalogy – legacy – lp
pearl jam – vs. – legacy – lp
queens of the stone age – rated r – interscope – lp
radiohead – pablo honey – emi – lp
radiohead – ok computer – emi – lp
rage against the machine – s/t – music on vinyl – lp
otis redding – soul ballads – 4 men with beards – lp
smiths – s/t – rhino – lp
sonics – boom – norton – cd
*stooges – fun house – rhino – lp
*taj mahal travellers – august 1974 – phoenix – lp
*chrissy zebby tembo – my ancestors – shadoks – lp
*scott walker – scott 1 – 4 men with beards – lp
warsaw – s/t – vinyl passion – lp
ween – white pepper – plain – lp
jack white – blunderbuss – third man – lp
white stripes – elephant – xl – lp
white stripes – icky thump – third man – lp
white zombie – astro creep 2000 – music on vinyl – lp
wilco – a.m. – nonesuch – lp
wilco – a ghost is born – nonesuch – lp
wilco – sky blue sky – nonesuch – lp
wilco – yankee hotel foxtrot – nonesuch – lp
neil young – dreamin’ man live – reprise – lp
*neil young – everybody knows this is nowhere – reprise – lp
neil young – live at massey hall – reprise – lp
neil young – silver & gold – reprise – lp
neil young – sugar mountain: live at the canterbury house 1968 – reprise – lp

thanks for listening…

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