…..news letter #544 – short week…..

howdy all,

as per every short week, most of this stuff is coming in tomorrow… and as per every summer, you may notice there isn’t a huge amount coming in when it does actually arrive. at least the stuff that is coming is pretty awesome.

…..pick of the week…..

*bruno spoerri & betha sarasin – ax+by+cz+d=0 (aka kunst am computer) – dead-cert – lp
– in tomorrow…. killer new reissue from this finders keepers affiliate…. “here is the second release from this new archival series brought to you by the combined inquisitive minds behind pre-cert home entertainment and finders keepers as they continue to share the results of some of their most sub-aqueous vinyl, tape and film excavations yet. dead-cert takes the combined obsessions of all its collaborators and applies an intensive research model to the annals of vintage outsider music, sound sculpture, spoken word, ethnological documents, art-trash, early computer music, neotantrik music, tape manipulation, non-pop and vinyl voyeurism. investigating and re-contextualizing previously un-heard recordings from sources that transcend and eclipse the limitations of the record collecting trend and the commercial music industry. following on from dead-cert’s debut release (the liberation of the rare voice of packaged souls by suzanne ciani), this official new pressing of an equally obscure sculpture theory souvenir disc treads similar ground in documenting conceptual art and sound collaborations with mechanical music pioneers, in this case swiss electronic jazz musician, bruno spoerri. this previously un-travelled and un-promoted aural thesis documents a one-off 1982 collaboration between the zurich-born music technologist spoerri and theoretical material mechanic miss betha sarasin as they collectively embrace computer technology to the advantage of their individual artistic disciplines, resulting in a series of startling melodic and non-melodic pieces using electromagnetically-oscillated stainless steel “instrument sculptures.” for spoerri enthusiasts, this record presents the musician in a new light. ax+by+cz+d=0 (aka kunst am computer) both sonically and stylistically revealed a darker side to spoerri’s music, pre-flecting the recent favor for “industrial” and “drone” aesthetics in contemporary experimental recordings and bridging a comparative unison with other unconscious european contemporaries such as gruppo d’improvvisazione nuova consonanza, giuliano sorgini and egisto macchi (from italy) and igor wakewich and richard pinhas (from france) and the darker czech soundtrack work of zdenek liska. in equal measures, this lp also retains the unmistakable personality of bruno at his most uninhibited, including the signature sounds buried in his earlier construction site sample experiments and his ongoing relationship with arp technology and bill bernardi’s lyricon 1 wind synth that was simultaneously being utilized and developed in the u.s. for suzanne ciani, roland kirk, michał urbaniak and new-age electronic artist kat epple, again, sonically unifying these forward-thinking pioneers. made in a limited edition of 700 copies.”

…..new arrivals…..

codeine – barely real – numero – 2lp+cd
codeine – fridgid stars – numero – 2lp+cd
codeine – white birch – numero – 2lp+cd
codeine – when i see the sun – numero – 6lp+3cd

– in tomorrow…. “seminal slowcore progenitors sub pop albums reissued individually, and as a deluxe boxed set. from 1990-1994, new york city’s codeine were making somnambulant waves on a musical landscape reeling from sub pop’s better known exports. all three albums are subjected to numero’s notoriously elaborate packaging and detailed liner notes.”
gary war – jared’s lot – spectrum spools – lp
– in tomorrow… “even though we have a more synthetic-based set of tracks, it’s apparent that these transmissions are messages that are based in our reality, evoking a boundless range of emotions throughout. the hectic fidelity of gary war’s previous recordings has morphed into a unique production style which rewards with its rich tone and multi-layered tiers of sound and melody. we are witnessing a huge leap forward in both sound and vision, respectively.”
*toshi ichiyanagi/michael ranta/takehisa kosugi – improvisation sep. 1975 – phoenix – lp

– in tomorrow… “originally released on the iskra label in 1975, improvisation sep. 1975 is a mind-bending slice of drone improv from two of japan’s post-war heavyweights; toshi ichiyanagi, takehisa kosugi, and michael ranta. heavy layers of reverbed ring modulators, threaded vocals, melodicas, pianos, violins, gongs and japanese biwas and shamisens combine to elevate the improvisations into the region of krautrock and in particular, courtesy of ranta, into post-stockhausen-inspired rock à la amon düül. an extremely rare and highly important album which bridges the gap between the likes of taj mahal travellers and industrial giants nurse with wound.
*nazoranai – s/t – ideologic organ – 2lp
– in tomorrow… “nazoranai is stephen o’malley, keiji haino and oren ambarchi. “this recording comes from a concert in paris, november 2011. it’s hard to describe the lessons through real-time communication in music with such a master of form, but needless to say, they were much different than what i was expecting and beyond! proof again that expectations lead to dead ends. was a most challenging experience in real-time music.” –stephen o’malley;
ol’ dirty bastard – return to the 36 chambers: the dirty version – get on down – 2lp
– in tomorrow… finally available on vinyl after the first run was defective… “it’s safe to say that hip-hop has never seen an album like odb’s 1995 solo debut.  with rza guiding production, the album promised to give dirty the creative license to make one of the most bizarre, entertaining and original lps in hip-hop history. includes 18″x24″ poster.”
*outer space – akashic record (events 1986-1990) – spectrum spools – lp
– in tomorrow… “outer space is a rapidly-evolving sound entity headed by john elliott and joined by a constantly rotating cast of midwestern u.s. electronic figures. akashic record sees the project move on from the stripped-down, primitive nature of the old into a more urgent, fractured and aggressive set of reality-based compositions. the work was created based on the events of others in mind; those doomed to circumstances beyond predictability or imagination.”
*masahiko satoh & soundbreakers – amalgamation – phoenix – lp
– in tomorrow… “reissue of this legendary album from 1970 featuring hiro yanagida, kimio mizutani, mototeru takagi. number seven on the japrocksampler top 50. divine excessive jazz-rock stylings by this batch of period-visionaries presumably recorded sometime in 1970. all of that “real” psychedelic goo gets smeared about quite a bit; acoustic string flap and electric gonzo-muff battle overdriven organ lines played by said masahiko and his band of western pickups. Furious jamming is meshed with some fine sub-george russell 3rd-stream string/brass writhing and found-sound tape-spatter (machine guns, war-speak).
*gunter schickert – uberfallig – bureau b – lp
– in tomorrow…. “bureau b reissues günter schickert’s album uberfällig, originally released in 1979 on sky records. unique, forward-looking type of music, assuming an exceptional position in the concert of german electronics. he did not use any synthesizers; his instruments are the electric guitar, his own studio with a multi-track tape machine and a comfortable arsenal of effects. his own take on minimalism places him closer to the likes of steve reich and glen branca, free from the reach of klaus schulze and tangerine dream.
*chrissy zebby tembo & ngozi family – my ancestors – shadoks – lp
– in tomorrow… “this might be the final chapter of our releases from zambia (unless we find an unknown album which is as good as this one). chrissy zebby tembo is the drummer of the ngozi family. this time the album is under his name and paul ngozi is his guitarist. this album is so great, we left the best for the last zam rock release. wild fuzz guitars all over (how do they get those sounds?), african beats and extra cool vocals. complete stoned music. people say it is easily one of the best african psychedelic rock album ever recorded — raw, rough, with a gaping charm and tons of front and center fuzz guitar over basic, ultra catchy rock/pop tunes reminiscent in style to maybe the velvet underground.”
twin shadow – confess – 4ad – lp/cd
– the follow up to twin shadow’s debut breakout, forget. confess is self-produced and with mixing duties handled by michael h. brauer, it finds lewis jr. doing what he does best; remembering and reinventing, and fashioning a soundtrack which sounds refreshingly and distinctly modern.
mika vainio/kevin drumm/axel dorner/lucio capece – venexia – pan – lp
– in tomorrow… pan presents a collaborative album from mika vainio (electronics), kevin drumm (electronics), axel dörner (trumpet, computer) and lucio capece (soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, shruti box). the work of sound in its extreme: noise, granular and delicate, digital, electronic, instrumental extended techniques, preparations.
*scott walker – the drift – 4ad – lp
– available again on vinyl!!! originally released in limited numbers and long since unavailable, the critically acclaimed album has been repressed ahead of a brand new scott walker album expected later in 2012! seriously odd and mind boggling stuff from a truly singular visionary. if you missed out last time, don’t make the same mistake again.


*kevin ayers – joy of a toy – vinilisssmo – lp
*blue phantom – distortions – kismit – cd
deltron 3030 – s/t – deltron – lp
*nick drake – bryter layter – island – lp
nick drake – five leaves left – island – lp
*franco falsini – cold nose – spectrum spools – lp
*ben frost – by the throat – bedroom community – lp
*ben frost/daniel bjarnason – solaris – bedroom community – lp
nicolas jaar – space is only noise – circus company – lp
the kinks – village green preservation society – pye – lp
the kinks – something else – pye – lp
*jean piche – heliograms – digitalis – lp
*jack rose – black dirt sessions – 3lobed – lp
*jack rose – luck in the valley – thrill jockey – lp
*jack rose – dr. ragtime & friends – tequila sunrise – lp
sigur ros – valtari – xl – lp/cd
tom waits – the black rider – island – lp
tom waits – rain dogs – island – lp
xx – xx – xl – lp/cd
*various – festival electronica en abril – la casa encidida – 2lp box
*various – southern folk heritage series – doxy – 7lp

thanks for listening….

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