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…..news letter #530 – spring cleaning = more records…..

howdy all,

yikes, this is a lot later than i’d hoped. but there’s a lot to write about this week, and piles of records everywhere. some of you have made it in and rifled through the cbc stuff i grabbed last week, but there is still lots here and some really great stuff. see below for some more highlights that are still here. loads of new stuff to today and more tomorrow. and i bought more used stuff, but that will have to wait for a bit as there’s just too much right now. anyway, some great stuff for your listening pleasure, i’m super stoked to have a reissue of ‘joy of a toy’ in, definitely one of my favorite records.

…..pick of the week…..
*kevin ayers – joy of a toy – vinilisssimo – lp
– yes! finally a vinyl reissue of this amazing album. i dare say this album is perfect. “in 1968, after a u.s. tour with the jimi hendrix experience, the soft machine’s founding member kevin ayers decided to leave the band. unsure about their artistic direction, worn out by an exhausting schedule and reluctant to become another part of the music business, he sold his bass to noel redding and moved to ibiza. however, soon after he started writing the songs that would make up his first solo lp, joy of a toy. his departure from the soft machine had been amicable and robert wyatt, mike ratledge and hugh hopper all took part in the recordings at abbey road in july 1969. the resulting album meanders in and out of its own affecting mood, taking wonderful pop, folk, psych and prog turns during its course. It starts with the joyful, circus-like title track and veers from the gentle beauty of “girl on a swing” and pastoral gems like “eleanor’s cake (which ate her)” to ominous, experimental moments like “oleh oleh bandu bandong,” based on a malaysian traditional song, and the driving jam of “stop this train.” it also features “the lady rachel,” a beautifully-arranged track with a haunting atmosphere and one of ayers’ most representative tracks. on 180 gram vinyl; housed in a gatefold sleeve.”

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…..news letter #529 – interweb killed the radio archive…..

howdy all,

huh, snow. and me and the boy biked to school this morning. oh well. not a heck of a lot of new stuff in this week, but that’s quite alright cuz you should be more interested in the used stuff we got this week anyway. read on….

…..pick of the week…..

cbc archives!!!
– you may have read or heard in the news that the cbc was liquidating their music archives. what maybe wasn’t clear in what you may have read, was that a lot of stuff was being sent to toronto to keep one centralized and as complete as possible. so after that happened, i was able to go in and pull some stuff for the shop. now, contrary to what one would think, and likely due to the fact that this archive has been moved a few times prior to this location, it was not necessarily the treasure trove that one would expect, not to say i didn’t pull some pretty cool records, but there were not any truly mega rare canadian gems or anything like that. but there are over 500 really cool used records sitting here just waiting for you to rifle through and take home a part of the cbc’s edmonton archive. everything i grabbed is in vg+ or better condition as far as the vinyl itself is concerned. hell, many of these things have never been played. the covers are a different matter, while they are all intact and in reasonably good condition, they did come from a radio archive, so they are taped along the spines and have cataloging stickers on the covers. some a lot more than others, some it all peels off and leaves nary a trace, others it’s on there for good, but things are being priced accordingly, so as long as you are more concerned with listening to the record than putting the cover in a frame on your wall, there are some really great lps here at really nice prices. due to the quantity of stuff, i’m not going to list everything, but i have listed some below in the …..used….. section to give you an idea of what is in here to motivate you to come and dig through this stuff before it’s all gone.

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