…..news letter #581 – easter island…..

howdy all,
       well, just in time for your easter weekend shopping, it would seem, we’ve inadvertently stocked up like crazy! tons of stuff in this week both new and restocked. so whilst you are getting a breather from the family come on down and grab some fresh wax. we will be open the following hours this weekend….
thursday…. 11 – 9
friday….. 12 – 5
saturday….. 11 – 6
sunday….. closed
monday….. 11 – 6

…..pick of the week…..

*eleh – homage – taiga – 3lp box
– presenting a unified whole, the homage 3lp boxed set contains homage to the square wave, …sine wave and …pointed waveforms, all out-of-print until now. initially released separately in 2008, 2009 and 2012 respectively with custom letterpress jackets, this collection includes new retrospective artwork by john brien. each disc comes in its own one-color silkscreen jacket using the same blue, orange and green from the original editions; all housed in a rigid white satin-coated slipcase with spot varnish printing, hand-numbered out of 800. eleh, an artist who flourishes in restraint, uses a reduced sonic vocabulary to highlight delicate intricacies in a logical path toward harmonious satisfaction. the organization of hypnotic square waves, rippling sine waves and triangle/saw tooth waveforms is a discourse in the infinity, rather than the limits, of reduction. by employing a natural practice of balanced interpretation, eleh enables an individual reaction free of the clutter of white noise. here’s a sample off a previous release…. 

…..new arrivals…..

*49 americans – e pluribus unum – staubgold – lp
– first full-length album from 1980 by late ’70s/early ’80s uk diy super-group the 49 americans. the main instigator behind the 49 americans was andrew “giblet” brenner, who assembled a loose, disparate group of musical/non-musical practitioners as an experiment in equality and democracy. this democracy included david toop, steve beresford, max eastley, lol coxhill and peter cusack, nagand bendle of the door and the window, viv albertine of the slits, vivien goldman, giblet’s mum and many more. by the first lp, the sound of the 49 americans evolved into an off-kilter songwriting style similar to that of maher shalal hash baz, red crayola and early beat happening.
*dylan golden aycock – rise & shine – scissor tail – lp
– beautifully arranged and performed songs on the acoustic guitar that are expansive and limitless. there is something immensely satisfying about running into an album like ‘rise and shine’. six songs of immense weight and beauty, composed and performed sporadically on six and twelve string acoustic guitars, recorded and then cut onto x-rays from his father’s non-fatal heart attack. while comparisons to james blackshaw and bruce langhorne’s hired hand soundtrack aren’t off the mark, aycock remains his own man, proving along the way that the spirit of american folkers didn’t die out, but morphed into a more primitive, cinematic experience. truly stunning work from an up-and-coming artist and label.
devendra banhart – mala – nonesuch – lp
– banhart’s eighth studio album, was recorded in his then-home in los angeles. he and georgeson played most of the instruments themselves, using borrowed equipment and a vintage tascam recorder they’d found in a pawn shop.
karl bartos – off the record – bureau b – lp+cd
– well-known as one-quarter of the “classic” kraftwerk line-up, karl bartos’ new album is an audio-visual sensation. lost for many years, some of his early music has been re-conceived and re-contextualized in a thrilling modern setting. here’s the story: during kraftwerk’s heyday, karl bartos wrote — off the record — a secret acoustic diary. based on his musical jottings (rhythms, riffs, hooks, sounds, chords, and melodies) this is what he has come up with today — 12 brand-new, exciting, timeless songs. many of kraftwerk’s most influential rhythms and memorable melodies were actually conceived in his home studio. they would later be used on an unstoppable succession of hits from the düsseldorf band as they ascended to the lofty heights of popular music culture. as a major contributor to the man-machine (1978) and computer world (1981), bartos has had a decisive influence on kraftwerk’s music.
*big boys – where’s my towel/industry standard – modern classics – lp
– “skate punk (neé skate rock) may have been one of the defining sounds of southern california in the late ’80s/early ’90s, but its origins were in another time and place. it began, in fact, in post-outlaw country 1970s austin, texas. that’s where singer randy ‘biscuit’ turner, guitarist tim kerr, bassist chris gates, and drummer greg murray were mixing the prevailing trend of playing hard and fast with playing loose and funky. the big boys came from the same scene that spawned scratch acid, the dicks, and mdc, but stood out with music that ventured far beyond post-punk angularities and hardcore machismo. originally released on the wasted talent label, their debut album is a classic of american independent music.”
*black angels – indigo meadow – blue horizon – lp/cd
– once again the black angels prove themselves the undisputed avatars of contemporary psychedelic rock, simultaneously exalting the genre’s kaleidoscopic past as they thrust it further into the future. now a four-piece the band have brought new focus to their wide-ranging song craft, the righteous riffs and dogmatic drones gaining increased power as they fuel a more expansive emotional terrain. a 21st century trip as transcendent as any in the canon, indigo meadow masterfully affirms the black angels’ full-throttle commitment to the psychedelic ethos of creativity, community and boundless experimentation.
*james blackshaw & lubomyr melnyk – the watchers – important – lp
– “the watchers is a historic collaboration between lubomyr melnyk and james blackshaw. these new pieces are being released as a cd/lp with material exclusive to each format. lp is pressed in an edition of 500. “We set up, Lubomyr at the grand piano, me directly facing him with my 12-string guitar and began. i would retune at random between songs and together we would find interesting chord progressions, hints of melodies and ways in which to weave those immense overtones that lubomyr is able to generate on the piano with those of my guitar. no more than two takes per song. improvisation, spontaneous composition, whatever you want to call it. either way, it truly felt as if the piano and guitar were as one — inseparable, parts of a bigger whole, a means by which for two people to make one sound. it never felt forced and never less than engaging. lubomyr was always humble, jovial and open to ideas. the whole session lasted six hours.'” — james blackshaw
david bowie – the next day – columbia – lp+cd
– bowie’s 30th studio album and his first new album in 10 years. in recent years radio silence has been broken only by endless speculation, rumor and wishful thinking ….a new record…who would have ever thought it, who’d have ever dreamed it! after all david is the kind of artist who writes and performs what he wants when he wants…when he has something to say as opposed to something to sell. today he definitely has something to say. produced by long term collaborator tony visconti.
don caballero – gang banged with a headache, and live – joyful noise – lp
– the first ever live album from legendary instrumental juggernaut don caballero! a recently-unsurfaced “authorized bootleg” from the math rock founders. with material spanning from 1993’s “for respect” to songs that would end up on 2006’s “world class listening problem”, “gang banged…” includes a decade’s worth of quintessential don cab material. not much is known about the origins of the recording, but what we do know is (1) it was probably recorded in chicago, (2) it was probably recorded in 2003, (3) it fecking rules.
*califone – heron king blues – thrill jockey – lp
– “califone’s third album is back on vinyl for the first time since it sold out quickly upon release in 2004. heron king blues is pressed on high quality virgin vinyl and packaged in an lp jacket with a fully artworked inner sleeve. included for the first time is a free download coupon. for this recording the band set out to make a record like captain beefheart’s mirror man, entering the studio with a blank canvas and laying things down quickly. the resulting songs combine the bands more pop-oriented qualities alongside their more spaced out ethereal thoughts.”
*john carpenter/alan howarth – they live ost – death waltz – lp
– for the score to one of his most iconic films, john carpenter and alan howarth created what can only be described as electronic blues. the score is recognisable as carpenter but has a slow and dusty pulsating western feel that really gives it a life of it’s own. the 1988 film follows a nameless drifter referred to as “nada”, who discovers the ruling class within the moneyed elite are in fact aliens managing human social affairs through the use of a signal on top of the tv broadcast, concealing their appearance and subliminal messages in mass media. another home run from the death waltz bullpen.
dj koze – amygdala – pampa – lp
– amygdala is koze’s sgt. pepper’s. it’s an unreal 78-minute walk through koze’s mind, complete with moods, intensities, sounds and scenes as yet unheard of. it feels more like a double album, urging you to turn over and change the records time and time again. amygdala amazes with its sheer musicality, deepness and its ethereal sound design. nobody else could unite artists like caribou and dirk von lotzow, hildegard knef and matthew dear, ada and milosh in such an organic way and on one and the same record as koze did. there’s never been anything like it. in the true style of kosi kos, its all about the courage to dare, about letting voices resonate undisguised in all their authentic peculiarity. about creating truthfulness. how much can you cut out, when does the flame die down? on the other hand, under which circumstances could it even burn for ever?
dj sprinkles – where dancefloors stand still – mule musiq – lp
– 2lp sampler, featuring 9 tracks from the cd: a1. braxton holmes – 12 inches of pleasure (ron’s foreplay); a2. fingers inc. – never no more lonely; b1. sound mechanix – i can’t forget; b2. classic man – rapid winds; b3. gene farris – good feeling; c1. choo-ables – hard to get (b.t.’s massive groove); c2. understars – forest funk 1 nodamkkb mix; d1. lectroluv – if we try (ambient dub); d2. keys and tronics ensemble – calypso of house (paradise version)
winston edwards & blackbeard – at 10 downing street – dub conference – studio 16 – lp
– “a superb uk dub set produced by winston edwards and mixed by dennis ‘blackbeard’ bovell in the late ’70s. featuring tracks like ‘downing street rock’, ‘kensington palace rock’, ‘airport smuggling’, and ‘ronald biggs the great train robber’.”
lawrence english – lonely women’s club – important – lp
– “beautiful new work from lawrence english. pressed in an edition of 500 copies. lawrence english is composer, media artist and curator based in australia. working across an eclectic array of aesthetic investigations, english’s work prompts questions of field, perception and memory. english utilizes a variety of approaches including live performance and installation to create works that ponder subtle transformations of space and ask audiences to become aware of that which exists at the edge of perception.”
*fall of saigon – s/t – dark entries – lp
– the debut ep by fall of saigon. the band was born in 1981 when florence berthon (vocals), pascal comelade (organ, synthesizer) and thierry den (guitar, vocals) met at a concert in montpellier, france. they chose to the name the project fall of saigon after a song by uk post-punk act this heat. they self-released their debut ep in 1983 citing nico & the velvet underground, suicide and james joyce as influences. at the time the band formed, pascal comelade was an accomplished musician with instrumental sketches composed for the trio. the 6 songs on the ep were recorded in two stages. the songs were minimal: verse, chorus, no bridge, no intro. built on a simple spine, they create a feeling of space with just a voice and an organ or synthesizer melody. full of class and inventiveness, fall  of saigon are often compared to young marble giants due to the fragile, ephemeral quality of the songs. trough two years of existence, they only released one ep and 30 years later their subtle sound is an essential guidepost in post-punk history.
fotheringay – essen 1970 – thors hammer – lp
– “fotheringay was the legendary english folk group around singer sandy denny who died a long time ago. she had become well-known with the groups strawbs and fairport convention and was elected best british singer several times. at the end of 1969, she founded fotheringay together with four friends. they could immediately sign a contract with the island label. on friday, 23rd october 1970, they had a gig at the third essen pop & blues festival in the gruga hall. the concert was then recorded semi-professionally by the host. now, the tapes have been elaborately re-mastered by fotheringay guitarist jerry donahue who got the most out of the sound that was technically possible. lp in gatefold cover (with an lp-sized eight-page booklet in colour).”
*gila – bury my heart at wounded knee – garden of delights – lp
– “after the break-up of the first gila line-up and conny veit’s move from stuttgart to munich, the latter founded a new band, retaining the old name. instead of their former lengthy improvisations, their tracks were now tightly arranged. their only album, bury my heart at wounded knee, which was inspired by dee brown’s book of the same title and deals with the expulsion and extermination of native north americans, features three american indian lyrics (translated into english) and received good reviews without exception. the lp was released in 1973 on wea/warner bros., while in 1995 a really bad bootleg cd was released by germanofon, and in 2012 a bootleg lp on blue vinyl. on all these records the tracks are mistakenly in the wrong order. this has been corrected now. the vinyl re-issue is limited and numbered and comes with a four-page insert in lp size.”
gina x performance – nice mover – medical – lp
– medical records is proud to present the quintessential first album by gina x performance. gina x performance was composed of the charismatic gina kikoine (vocals/lyric) along with famous german producer/musician zeus b. held. released in 1978 on various labels including emi, nice mover has been out of print on vinyl since 1980. gina’s debut has been an internationally regarded electro/disco record with various tracks appearing on compilations throughout the years. the track “no g.d.m.” (a tribute to famous gay actor/writer/personality) was a club hit on both sides of the atlantic and remains a commonly heard track in dj sets to this very day. gina’s unmistakable and truly unique vocals and lyrics set this record apart from its contemporaries. tackling controversial subject matter such as transgenderism, exhibitionism, and other fetishes, this record has left a deep mark on the history of new wave and electro/disco.
*goat – world music – rocket – lp/cd
–  sale priced cd in the listening post! rocket recordings presents the debut album world music by the band goat. for those who are unaware, goat is a collective of musicians who hail from a small and very remote village called korpilombolo in deepest, darkest sweden. legend has it that for centuries, the inhabitants of the village of korpilombolo were dedicated to the worship and practices of voodoo, until their non-christian ways were discovered by the church and they were burned out by the crusaders, the survivors cursing the village over their shoulders as they fled. to this day, the now picturesque village of korpilombolo is still haunted by this voodoo curse; the power of the curse can be felt throughout the grooves of this goat record. the nine track album follows the underground success of the now sought-after 7″ goatman, which is also included in this selection. the band takes in many influences, from the afro-groove that is central to the album, through to head-nodding psych, post-punk, turkish rock, kraut repetition and astral folk.
*francoise hardy – s/t – doxy – lp
– “a seminal album of the french ye-ye era, françoise hardy’s self-titled debut (known in the us as the ‘yeh-yeh’ girl from paris!) was released shortly after her debut single ‘oh oh chéri’ in 1962. the success of this album, along with its hit ‘tous les garçons et les filles’, made the eighteen-year-old french bombshell a huge star in europe and an icon of the french fashion and music industries. along with other ye-ye girls of the sixties, like jane birkin, brigitte bardot, france gall, and sylvie vartan, hardy exuded a kind of sexy innocence that made french women the most liberated and the most desired in the world.”
hawkwind – leave no star unturned: cambridge january 1972 – dirter promotions – lp
–  dirter promotions presents on double vinyl a previously-unheard and unreleased live hawkwind show from the cambridge corn exchange in 1972. “though the tapes were listened to in the weeks after the show, lucas and kemp upgraded their recording equipment to half-inch a few months later and the quarter-inch reels disappeared, thought perhaps to be lost forever. fortunately, that wasn’t the case. in 1985, a reel was unearthed at spaceward studios, noted to contain the syd barrett element of the show plus ‘parts of the hawkwind and pink fairies sets,’ and in 2005 a second copy of the recordings was unearthed in a collection of tapes stored in gary lucas’ attic. it’s the lucas tape, via an appearance on the auction lists at bonhams in knightsbridge, which has enabled the release of this pivotal show. dirter promotions is very pleased to present these recordings, cleaned-up and remastered, enabling hawkwind’s dedicated fan base to experience the band in full flow, poised to fly high and fly far, making the very concept of space-rock their own in perpetuity.”
hickory wind – s/t – klimt – lp
– “before morphing into the excellent psych trio, b.f. trike, hickory wind (from evansville, indiana), released one brilliant, and extremely rare, country psych album in 1969. just 100 copies were pressed for the gigantic label, and originals have been known to change hands for a small fortune. the album features excellent vocals, plus an interesting mix of fuzz guitar, and droning organ, as well as some wonderfully melodic songs. this reissue also features four bonus tracks from the b.f. trike album session, recorded for rca records in nashville, tennessee in 1971. the b.f. trike album, however, remained in the vaults for 25 years, before it was finally uncovered and given its just recognition in the mid-nineties.”
how to destroy angels – welcome oblivion – columbia – 2lp+cd
– how to destroy angels is a post-industrial collective featuring nine inch nails front man trent reznor, his wife mariqueen maandig and frequent collaborator atticus ross while rob sheridan is the group’s art director. the group is named after a 1984 coil single of the same name. welcome oblivion is the follow-up to the group’s 2010 self-titled ep and 2012’s an omen ep. the 15-song set features several tracks from the an omen ep. atticus ross has co-produced for nine inch nails, jane’s addiction, coheed and cambria and korn. in february of 2011, ross and reznor won the academy award for best original score for the social network soundtrack.
hum – you’d prefer an astronaut – src – lp
– hum’s sonic universe is a solipsistic world that exists on its own terms, a maelstrom of sensations and colors, a thick metallic vortex of fuzztoned guitars with a silent core at the center like the eye of a hurricane – equal parts homegrown and high-tech. hum serves up a cacophony of overlapping harmonics and dense shards of electric guitars providing a counterpoint to matt talbott’s reflective tales. you’d prefer an astronaut is the champaign, il post-hardcore group’s third studio album. the 9-song set was first released in 1995 by rca records and serves as the band’s major label debut following the independently issued fillet show (1991) and electra 2000 (1993). the album hit the #1 slot on billboard’s heatseekers chart thanks to the breakout lead single, “stars” which exploded on radio, leading to subsequent tours with the smashing pumpkins and bush.
king tubby meets the upsetter – at the grass roots of dub – studio 16 – lp
– “one of the earliest dub albums (dating from 1975), with mixing credits shared by lee perry and king tubby. this is an essential 10 track dub set with crucial tracks like ‘king tubby & the upsetter at spanish town,’ ‘no justice for the poor,’ ‘blood of africa’ and ‘people from the grass roots’.”
lady – s/t – truth & soul – lp/cd
– all you have to do is listen to lady once, and you’ll remember – in case you forgot – why they call it soul music. the honesty, the aching sweetness, the raw power of these singers and their songs will remind you that nothing can move you as much, or touch you as deeply, as two women with amazing voices singing in tight harmony. lady is the new collaborative project by terri walker and nicole wray. this unexpected transatlantic pairing was born out of a shared love of soul music and the resulting album – also entitled “lady” is a modern day interpretation of the classic sounds pioneered by labels such as stax, atlantic, and motown. lady unites the mellowness and pop flair of 60s soul with the driving beat of hip-hop, and the silky rhythms of modern r&b. lady is an authentic original, drawing from the past to infuse the present with new power. prepare to take your hat off to lady. get ready to fall in love. there has never been, there will never be, anything else like it.
mathematiques modernes – les viditeurs du soir – medical – lp
– released in 1981 on the famous celluloid imprint, this masterpiece has been out of print since its initial pressing. this gem needs no introduction to fans who have enjoyed the classics from this era, representing a very diverse blend of new wave, almost progressive arrangements, baroque melodies, complex rhythmic structures, and plenty of so called “cold wave” sprinkled in. probably the most well known track, “disco rough” was a single and was later included on the popular comp, so young but so cold, underground french music 1977-1983.
*nurt – s/t – sound by sound – lp
– it was january of 1972 when nurt, a progressive rock band from poland, took part in a festival of avant-garde music, where the group won a recording session at studio m-1 at polish radio headquarters in warsaw. stepping into a radio studio was one of the limited ways of having an album recorded in communist poland, which restricted the evolution of rock music in eastern europe as it was seen as promoting the “american way”. the result of that session is this self-titled album containing the group’s first recordings that have ever been commercially released in 40 years, until now. this release holds a unique blend of radiant fuzz guitar, jazz-rock, and psychedelia recovered from the era of the east european iron curtain and re-mastered by sound by sound records from its original master tapes. sick soundz!
old komm – ventspils – discrepant – lp
– “старые комм” (loosely translated as “old komm”) are andrey kolmogorov and sergey gorsky, a musical duo hailing from the city of samara, russia. since meeting in the mid-’90s, the duo started translating their musical ideas by making industrial music using a mixture of field recordings, broken synths, found sound and, what became a constant motif on their output, church pipe organs — sergey’s father was a church organist of 40 years, giving the duo plenty of material to tamper with. isolated from any western influence and attention, the duo issued a handful of extremely limited releases on a now-defunct russian label (svarog records). the results were unique slabs of industrial music with strong nods to primitive techno, sound design, and noise music. for lack of an audience as well as poor distribution, the tapes were mostly handed out to friends and family until one reached the discrepant radar a couple of years back. today, discrepant presents an exclusive ep of their first work in years, constructed around the sounds recorded in the ex-usse baltic port city of ventspils, latvia. during a recent visit in 2010, the duo were inspired by the decaying post-industrial charm of the city and decided to re-activate their musical activities. pressed in an edition of 250 vinyl-only copies and packed in a luscious printed outer and inner sleeve with photography by sergey gorsky.
*prints of darkness – zindabad – ravi – lp
– this is the story of a sixties garage band…only this one was based in lahore, west pakistan, where there was a small american community and a funky school in an old british raj-era bungalow. six kids, synthesizing the current sounds of their homeland – animals, stones, zeppelin, the west coast ballroom groups – managed to become the best rock ‘n roll group in west pakistan. “raw, exciting and really quite excellent…fans of fuzz will find a feast of it on this set.” – mike stax (ugly things)
robbie m – let’s groove – people’s potential – lp
– the release of highly anticipated lost modern funk gems from the lead man of midnight express! new modern funk LP from the always trustworthy ppu family. robbie m, from the midnight express show band “danger zone” fame, finally releases tracks from his extensive ram music productions catalog. 10 titles total featuring 5 lost instrumental synth funk riders, and 5 classic club multi-tracks. over 40 minutes to smooth your evening, lay back on and vibe. robbie’s mood is infectious and delivers with every chord and melody. prepare yourself for “let’s groove”.
rza presents – shaolin soul selection vol 1 – soul temple – 3lp
– “dug out from the archives of stax records, this collection of deep soul has been personally curated by the rza himself. containing heavy cuts from such legends as isaac hayes, booker t & the mgs, albert king, the emotions, and many more, it’s not hard to see the genius and ideas these songs and artists inspire, and their influence on the very history of the wu-tang clan. a pinnacle as both a compilation of classic soul music, and a must-have for any wu-tang completist, this is an lp set not to be missed.”
*ravi shankar – three ragas – doxy – lp
– “three ragas, ravi shankar’s western debut (recorded in london in 1956), remains one of his finest albums ever recorded. although shankar was already an accomplished and well-known musician in India in 1956, he was still almost completely unknown in the west. the album, consisting of three ragas, was meant to be a kind of introduction to shankar’s music for the western listener. side a consists of ‘raga jog,’ an evening raga that ‘expresses the yearning of a longing soul,’ while side b consists of a morning devotional raga, ‘raga ahir bhairav,’ as well as a raga of the southern indian carnatic tradition, ‘raga simhendra madhyaman.’ also featuring chatur lal, one of the best tabla players of all time. includes liner notes. comes on 180 gram vinyl.”
*stark reality – acting, thinking, feeling – now again – 6lp+7″
– “six lp set of psychedelic jazz, restored and remastered from the original tapes. this marks the first time that all of stark reality’s music will be available on vinyl. included is the entirety of their ajp-issued album the stark reality discovers hoagy carmichael’s music shop, their out-of-print 1969 lp (first issued on this label in 2003), the two sides of their big yellow 7″ single, the three part song ‘acting, thinking, feeling,’ and a series of unreleased tracks discovered by porter records’ luke mosling — issued here for the first time.” includes 16-page booklet with digital download card.
supremes – meet the supremes – rumble – lp
– “the debut album by diana ross’ supremes originally came out in late 1962, right after motown’s boss berry gordy signed them and changed their name (the group was previously referred to as ‘the primettes’) and immediately before barbara martin left the band (which cost her being cut from the legendary ‘3 on the barstools’ cover, and the loss of any royalties from the album). mainly a collection of their early singles, meet the supremes features pure soul gems like ‘i want a guy’, ‘buttered popcorn’, ‘(he’s) seventeen’ and many more little classics recorded by this quartet of seventeen year-olds who, although still far from the international star status they would soon achieve, helped pave the road to the definition of the classic ‘motown sound’.”
thors hammer – s/t – thors hammer – lp
– “thors hammer came from copenhagen, the danish capital. their music was a jazzy progressive rock with english lyrics. their one and only lp was released in 1971 and holds the sad record of being the most bootlegged lp in denmark. until now it can be found as cd editions on four illegal labels and as an illegal lp reprint. all these editions were made up very poorly. the now first legal vinyl re-issue is accompanied by a four-page insert in lp size, containing a detailed band history in german, english and danish language, a comprehensive discography including side and solo projects, cover and label reproductions, and band photographs. it is pressed on 180g vinyl and limited to 1000 numbered copies. it is the very first lp release of garden of delights’ sublabel thors hammer which, to honour this great band, was named after it. this label is destined for bands coming from outside the german-speaking countries.”
toy love – s/t – flying nun & captured tracks – 2lp
– “this 28-track double lp compilation collects all the a and b sides of the three toy love singles, plus the best demos from 1979, a live track, and even a radio jingle – all mastered for vinyl, straight from the original analogue tapes. housed in a gatefold jacket, a 24 page booklet accompanies the release with photos, ephemera, and commentary from toy love. the back cover features a sketched cartoon of an early toy love flyer drawn by chris knox. evolving from dunedin band the enemy, toy love had a brief but bright existence between january 1979 and september 1980. invoking the ghost of punk and the melody and creativity of ’60-’70s pop, they were peerless at a time when new zealand music was still struggling to imprint itself on the national consciousness. they became a model for local musicians around the country and inspired the birth of flying nun records — a label which many from the band went on to work with, including chris knox and alec bathgate with the tall dwarfs and paul kean with the bats. then, in 2005 flying nun released cuts, a double cd anthology of toy love material. electrifying and unmissable, toy love made an impact on all who saw then, and continue to do so around the world today.”
ike & tina turner – the soul of ike & tina – rumble – lp
– “well-known for her trademark legs, throaty voice, and boundless stage energy, tina turner was one of the sexiest and most popular international performers of the 20th century. ike turner, a well established seminal figure in the early years of rock & roll as both a performer and talent scout, met her one night in st. louis while he was performing with his ‘kings of rhythm’: she just grabbed the microphone and sang a b.b. king song, impressing Ike so immediately and overwhelmingly that he asked her to perform regularly with them. the rest is history: ike’s slick managing skills and songwriting, along with tina’s intensely energetic lead voice, three back-up ‘ikettes’ and a technically airtight eight-piece band produced a combination of country blues, rock and roll, ghetto rhythm and gospel passion that created a legend lasting 50 years. ‘it’s gonna work out fine, ‘ ‘i pity the fool, ‘ ‘i idolize you, and ‘tra la la la la.’ are just some of the r&b gems included in their 1960 astonishing debut album.”
twink – think pink – sunbeam – cd
– recorded in london in July 1969, and featuring members of tomorrow, the pretty things, the deviants, and tyrannosaurus rex, the legendary think pink is one of the hallowed relics of british underground rock. masterminded by john “twink” alder, who fully participated in this comprehensive reissue, it is presented here with detailed background notes, eight bonus tracks and rare pictures, making it truly essential for all fans of true psychedelia.
wavves – afraid of heights – warner – lp
– straight from the dungeons of l.a., wavves unleashes afraid of heights, the fourth album under the moniker and first on the mom + pop and warner bros. labels. now a duo consisting of guitarist nathan williams and bassist stephen pope, they sound bigger, brasher, and shockingly more professional than ever on afraid of heights which positions the band to take their rightful place amongst the pop-punk gods. the product of more than a year of writing and recording, afraid of heights expands the wavves sound while remaining true to the band’s original vision – it was created with absolutely no label involvement, a specter that nearly derailed king of the beach.
*witch – lazy bones – now again – lp
– “our comprehensive overview of zambia’s premier garage, psych, prog, funk, afro-rock ensemble witch… the band’s third album, lazy bones!!, is the band’s masterpiece — a dark, brooding psychedelic opus that makes equal use of wah-wah and fuzz guitars, that relies as heavily on the stomping feel of hard rock as it does the syncopation of funk.”
*witch – lukombo vibes – now again – lp
– “the band’s fourth album — recorded after the band toured with osibisa — makes use of traditional zambian rhythms and folk melodies alongside progressive rock movements. it is the most ‘afro-rock’ of witch’s oeuvre.”
*various – drop on down in florida: field recordings of african american traditional music 1977-1980 – florida folklife – 2lp
– based on four years of fieldwork throughout the state, the florida folklife program released the two-album, 27-track lp drop on down in florida: recent field recordings of afro-american traditional music in 1981. the album was intended to highlight african american music traditions for a statewide public audience, blues and sacred traditions in particular. dust-to-digital reissued this two lp set on cd in november 2012. the recordings include: one-string musician moses williams, four-shape-note sacred harp singing from an african american community, and the richard williams family in the blues and gospel-blues traditions. comes on 2 lps with a 24-page 11″x11″ booklet in a gatefold sleeve. includes 18 photographs and illustrations; new old stock from 1981, still in shrinkwrap, no signs of warping on multiple copies that have been opened.
various – dual form – stones throw – lp
– “collaborative release by stones throw and leaving records. leaving records is one of los angeles’ best, a hand-curated cassette label whose international reach belies its boutique status and diy style. naturally, dual form reflects the brightly burning light guiding leaving’s doings: an elevated level of experimentation combined with the twinning beliefs that art is sacred and music is magic. in a way, avant chanteuse julia holter provides this set’s mantra with her haunting cover of arthur russell’s ‘you and me both’ when she sings, ‘want to keep on doing.’ to that end, anticon founder odd nosdam delivers the booming but elegiac ‘sisters,’ postal service electrician dntel gets playful with ‘windy windy,’ psychedelic blueser sun araw discovers transcendence for ‘right off,’ and serengeti teams with matthewdavid for the far-out rap of ‘into the night.’ dual form could’ve easily been a retrospective of leaving records’ ‘greatest hits,’ but that’d be a disingenuous introduction to a label that’s always looking forward. all of the tracks on the album are new, original recordings. if the names gathered here look unfamiliar, it’d be a good time to start studying them.”
various – jim jam gems vol 1 – stag-o-lee – 10″
– start of a new series. limited edition with wild ’50s rhythm and gospel. teenage hoodlums in leather jackets standing on street corners, chewin’ gum and eyeing conspicuously every invader on their turf. revvin’ up the engine of a hopped-up ford, kissing in back alleys, flashin’ a flicknife in the dark — that’s the sound of a bad boy serenade. artists include: larry williams, connee boswell, tony casanova, du-droppers, little willie john, bobby lester, archibald, danny taylor, paul gayten and annie laurie and jive bombers.
various – jim jam gems vol 2 – stag-o-lee – 10″
– second volume in stag-o-lee’s jim jam gemsseries. brothers and sisters, swing out with hallelujah. we’ve all come together here to hear about good souls in full faith. to hear about sinners confessing their misled ways. to hear about the tellings of the good book, and to hear about beating the devil! feel the spirit driving into you like the rod of correction, sing, praise, and give the lord a handclap! artists include: rod willis, savannah churchill, lance fortune, laverne baker, otto bash, golden gate quartet, the chords, dorsey burnette, roy hogsed, and mahalia jackson.
various – sound city: reel to real – rca – lp
– all-new original album of music created exclusively for the new feature length documentary by dave grohl! featuring paul mccartney, stevie nicks, jim keltner, rick springfield, trent reznor, joshua homme, rick nielsen, lee ving, corey taylor, brad wilk, tim commerford & dave grohl! deep in the san fernando valley, behind the train tracks and amidst dilapidated warehouses, was rock n’ roll’s best kept secret. sound city, america’s greatest unsung recording studio, housed a legendary, one-of-a-kind recording console, and became the birth place to the seminal albums that defined 20th century music. fleetwood mac, neil young, rick springfield, tom petty, nirvana, amongst many others, all put magic to tape within these walls. It was rock ‘n’ roll hallowed ground.


alt-j – an awesome wave – atlantic – lp
*amon duul ii – yeti – internation artists – lp
*syd barrett – madcap cries – fan club – lp
beatles – revolver – emi – lp
belle & sebastian – tigermilk – matador – lp
*captain beefheart – safe as milk – buddah – lp
*captain beefheart – trout mask replica – warner – lp
*nick cave – no more shall we part – mute – lp
chelsea light moving – s/t – matador – lp
sam cooke – mr. soul – music on vinyl – lp
sam cooke – night beat – music on vinyl – lp
d’angelo – voodoo – modern classics – lp
danger mouse – & jay z – the grey album – fanclub – lp
*betty davis – they say i’m different – light in the attic – lp
*miles davis – bitches brew – music on vinyl – lp
*demdike stare – elemental – modern love – 2cd
*demdike stare – tryptych – modern love – 3cd
desert sessions 3/4 – mans ruin – lp
desert sessions 5/6 – mans ruin – lp
j dilla – donuts – stones throw – lp
*dna – on dna – no – lp
*ensemble pearl – s/t – drag city – lp
*bill fay – s/t – 4 men with beards – lp
*luc ferrari – preque rein – recollection grm – lp
jonny greenwood – the master ost – nonesuch – lp
*lee hazlewood – lhi years – light in the attic – lp
*lee hazlewood – a house safe for tigers – light in the attic – lp
*arve henriksen – solidification – rune grammofon – 7lp
*jaylib – champion sound – stones throw – lp
kavinsky – outrun – record makers – lp
roland kirk – blacknuss – atlantic – lp
kyuss/queens of the stone age – split – mans ruin – lp
metric – old world underground – last gang – lp
ministry – land of rape and honey – music on vinyl – lp
nirvana – outcesticide 1 – fan club – lp
nirvana – outcesticide 2 – fan club – lp
nirvana – outcesticide 3 – fan club – lp
queens of the stone age – songs for the deaf – ipecac – lp
radiohead – in rainbows – tbd – lp
*pierre schaeffer – le triedre – recollection grm – lp
*silver apples – s/t – kapp – lp
*soundtrack – drive – invada – lp
tame impala – lonerism – modular – lp
tool – anima – fan club – lp
turbonegro – apocalypse dudes – mans ruin – lp
*robert turman – beyond painting – fabrecia – lp
u2 – zooropa – island – lp
*mv & ee – fuzzweed – three lobed – lp
*marcos valle – s/t – light in the attic – lp/cd
*marcos valle – vento sul – light in the attic – lp/cd
*marcos valle – previsao do tempo – light in the attic – lp/cd
vampire weekend – s/t – xl – lp
*wire – pink flag – 4 men with beards – lp
bobby womack – breavest man in the universe – xl – lp
xx – xx – xl – lp
neil young – home of the brave – fan club – lp
various – minimal wave tapes vol 1 – stones throw – lp
various – minimal wave tapes vol 2 – stones throw – lp
*various – sorrow come pass… – dust to digital – lp

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