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happy holidays all!
       hopefully this late transmission finds you warming your belly with a nice drink, surrounded by friends and or family. it’s been a hell of a year around these parts. vinyl is finally catching on in a big way and has really changed things around the shop; changed it into something we’re all really proud to be a part of. where we have been going with the shop and where our customers needed us to be are finally converging into something really great. it probably helps that this year was really great for releases as well, both new and reissues. i think this is partly because the industry itself has started to shift to suit our needs even better, with more vinyl reissues of really great stuff that is just impossible to find. of course though, it doesn’t really matter what we do, or the industry does, if we didn’t have your support, we’d be nothing, and for that, we can’t thank you enough. so here’s to all of you! thanks for a great year, we are looking forward to another great one!
       so i end the year with two lists, possibly the longest i’ve ever offered up, one of new releases and one of reissues… alphabetically. it’s hard enough just to pick a few, let alone rank them. my favorite is which ever is on at the moment.


beak> – >> – invada 
belbury poly – belbury tales – ghost box 
bliscappen van maria – s/t – fourth dimension 

rhodri davies – wound response – alt.vinyl
davies sorry, no sample… also totally out of print.

ben frost/daniel bjarnason – solaris – bedroom community (maybe 2011, but vinyl was this year anyway…)
gruppo di improvvisazione nuova consonanza – niente – roundtable 

jeff grace – meek’s cutoff ost – blackest rainbow
tim hecker/daniel lopatin – instrumental tourist – software 
kink gong – xinjiang – discrepant 
willie lane – guitar army of one – cord-art
dean mcphee – son of black peace – blast first petite (maybe 2011, but vinyl was this year anyway…)
nazoranai – s/t – ideologic organ 
neung phak – 2 – abduction 
n. racker – flock toxicant – pre-cert 
pye corner audio – sleep games – ghost box 
raime – quarter turns over a living line – blackest ever black 
reines d’angleterre – globe et dynastie – bo weavil 
volcano the bear – golden rhythm/ink music – rune grammofon 
scott walker – bish bosh – 4ad 
:zoviet*france: – 7.10.12 – alt.vinyl
original_collection_Zoviet_France-07-10-12_02sorry, no sample… also totally sold out.


acid mothers temple – la novia – prophase
alvarius b – s/t – abduction
john bender – memories of mindless mechanical monologues 1976 – 1985
bunalim – s/t – pharaway sounds
suzanne ciani – seven waves – bird
can – the lost tapes – mute
circle – forest – full contact
dariush dolat-shahi – electronic music, tar & sehtar – dead cert
derdiyoklar ikilisi – disko folk – guerssen
drive ost – invada
el topo ost – real gone
franco falsini – cold nose – spectrum spools
bill fay – s/t – 4 men with beards
fabio frizzi – the beyond ost – mondo
group 1850 – mother no-head – pseudonym
ilaiyaraaja – fire star – bombay connection
kluster – klusterstrasse 69-72 – vinyl on demand
egisto macchi – voix – roundtable
wil malone – s/t – morgan town
monoton – monoprodukt07 – desire
shin joong hyun & yup juns – s/t – lion
sensations fix – music is painting in the air – rvng intl
laurie spiegel – the expanding universe – unseen worlds
stefano torossi – feelings – golden pavilion
gareth williams/marie currie – flaming tunes – blackest ever black
various – tomorrow’s achievements: parry music library 1976-86 – public information

thanks for listening….
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