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first of all, thanks to all who came in last weekend and made this our best anniversary sale ever! and now, due to last week’s ‘brief’ news letter, here’s one, twice the size as usual to make up for it! still waiting on some of this, but maybe mr. ups man is just running slow today… if not, i guess i’ll see it all tomorrow. plenty of cool stuff here either way…

…..pick of the week…..

*the brothers unconnected – unrock the house – unrock – 2lp
– i wondered how it would take for someone to release a recording from this tour… i saw the first show of the tour and it was amazing. needless to say, this is gonna be great. “unrock the house, by alan and richard bishop aka brothers unconnected, is a truly remarkable document and album. it’s a desirable object for eyes and ears that stands completely for itself, and it is the history and legacy of the leading and legendary performance unit sun city girls, who served the contemporary underground/avant-scene over a period of 25 years with inspiration and influence. it is in fact a grandiose homage to sun city girls and their late drummer charles gocher. the uncut live performance from suedbahnhof in krefeld, germany 2011 is recorded in brilliant quality and contains tracks from sun city girls and the complete spoken-word interludes which makes it a delicate performance and captures the magic of the moment in full. “rookoobay,” “soi cowboy,” “horse cock phepner,” “dreamland,” and “shining path” are part of the set as well as “black orchid” from sun city girls’ final album funeral mariachi. unrock the house is housed in a gatefold sleeve and contains one black and one white vinyl album. the entire performance is more then 80 minutes long. it is a limited edition one-time vinyl pressing.” you can continue to not believe me about these guys if you like, but you will regret it later… 

*scott walker – bish bosh – 4ad – lp/cd

– “his first studio album since 2006’s the drift, bish bosch is the latest in scott’s discography to pursue the line of enquiry he began back in 1978, with his four devastatingly original songs on the walker brothers’ swansong, “nite flights”, and continuing through “climate of hunter” (1984), “tilt” (1995),”the drift” (2006). he has continued to mature and develop in a style utterly at odds with the music that made him a superstar a lifetime ago, but which is totally honest, uncompromising and transcendent. scott began writing new material around 2009 – whilst also scoring the roh 2’s duet for one voice ballet recording it sporadically over the following three years. the end result is a tauter but more colourful experience than “the drift”, with greater emphasis on processed, abrasive guitars, digital keyboards and thick silences. accompanied by a comprehensive 36 page booklet.” ya… this record is pretty awesome.

…..new arrivals…..

ark – voyages – guerssen – lp
– legendary usa private psychedelic album, a top-level rarity issued in a tiny edition of 100 copies in 1978. “monster top 5 us psychedelic garage lp. eerie folk-rock, doors-sounding spookers with a smattering of d.r. hookerlounge/mind psychedelia thrown in, great drifty acid jams, desert wind effects, air raid sirens … all the right moves & attitude.” — paul major(xtabay).
bikini kill – s/t – bikini kill – 12″
– “this is the 20th anniversary reissue of bikini kill’s debut 12″ ep. the vinyl reissue includes a new fanzine in the form of a 34″ x 21″ poster featuring interviews with ian mackaye (minor threat, fugazi, the evens) and molly neuman (bratmobile), liner notes by layla gibbon (skinned teen, mrr), excerpts from the band’s zines (bikini kill #1 and #2, jigsaw #4), and photos from the band members’ personal archives.”
*sir richard bishop & w. david olphant – beyond all defects – chodpa media – cd
– this cd is the first in a series from srb & w. david oliphant. it was composed and recorded live in the studio in phoenix, az in december of 2011. the sonic landscapes presented here find their origins in tibet, and are heavily inspired by tibetan buddhism — specifically the body of teachings known as dzogchen. many of the musical ideas for this project were literally derived from dreams the night before they were created. the remaining ideas were formed centuries ago. srb plays acoustic guitar throughout. often detuned, bowed, and beaten, the guitar was “treated” by oliphant during the live recording process. srb also provided audio from field recordings he captured in india. wdo used a variety of computer software with a midi controller to create all the other sounds. all tracks were captured in real-time, direct to disk.
biz markie – the biz never sleeps – cold chillin’ – lp
– “for black friday record store day, biz markie’s landmark release is available as a deluxe, limited edition picture disc. also included: a musical postcard that plays the biz’s ultimate hit ‘just a friend’ on any turntable! more than just a classic in the old school hip-hop pantheon, the biz never sleeps is biz markie’s biggest success as a rapper. a certified gold album, it peaked at number 66 on the billboard 200 charts, and number nine on the top r&b/hip-hop charts in 1989.”
califone – sometimes good weather follows bad people – jealous butcher – lp
– double lp with deluxe tip-on gatefold jacket with all new artwork. califone’s first two eps, plus two new songs. four more songs (unreleased outtakes from the final red red meat recording sessions) have been added here, to this new and expanded version. it’s all you need when it comes to the genesis of this well-regarded chicago-based group.
complex – s/t – guerssen – lp
– legendary private album from the uk, just 99 copies were released in 1970. vintage ’67-’68 sounding psychedelic pop and underground psychedelia with fuzz-wah guitars, organ, and vocal harmonies, including some of the best examples of british psychedelia ever recorded on tracks like “witch’s spell” and “self declaration.”
complex – the way we feel – guerssen – lp
– second complex album released in 1971 in an edition of 99 copies, one of the rarest private pressings from the uk along with their debut album. another set of swingin,’ London-styled psychedelic pop and underground psychedelia, featuring some of the best tracks the band ever recorded, like the zombies-sounding “hey girl, you’ve got style” and the killer psych number “we don’t exist.”
container – lp 2 – spectrum spools – lp
– container returns with another slab of alternate universe bent techno. schofield’s take on that over-used genre is not only unique but utterly compelling, forming a modern and exciting new sound. while the classic container sound is still in tact, this album offers a look into a previously closed door in the container sound world. lp, like its predecessor lp, is recorded in mono and it cuts right down the middle of your skull, and doesn’t float around in an imaginary room.
miles davis – in person, friday night at the blackhawk – doxy – 2lp
– “now for the first time ever on double lp, in person, friday night at the blackhawk represents a very short-lived and little-known version of the miles davis quintet, recorded live at san francisco’s famed blackhawk jazz club on 21 april 1961! this double lp of friday night at the blackhawk, while not technically complete in the sense that no doubles are included, includes at least one version of every song that was played that night, and is by far the most complete version available on vinyl!”
dinosaur jr – chocomel daze – merge – lp
       –  limited edition of 2,000 on 150-gram. you’re living all over me by dinosaur jr., the groundbreaking album from the masters of alt-guitar rock, turns 25 this fall. to celebrate, merge records is releasing chocomel daze, a rare live show (featuring the classic, original line-up of j, lou, and murph) recorded in 1987 at doornroosje, nijmegen, netherlands.
*brian eno – lux – warp – cd
       –  lux is one of eno’s most ambitious works to date; it is a 75-minute composition in twelve sections that evolved from a work currently housed in the great gallery of the palace of venaria in turin, italy. the album is eno’s third for warp, following small craft on a milk sea (with jon hopkins and leo abrahams) and drums between the bells (with rick holland).

the evens – the odds – dischord – lp
–  the evens are a band from washington, dc. ian mackaye plays baritone guitar and amy farina plays drums. they both sing. the odds is the band’s third full-length album – 13 songs recorded with don zientara at inner ear studios during the summer of 2012. the evens began in fall of 2001 and released two albums, the evens (2005) and get evens (2006) and a 7″, warble factor b/w timothy wright (2011). the odds is their first album in six years and they have plans to resume performing this fall.
faunts – left here alone – friendly fire – 12″
– “it’s been some time since we heard from edmonton’s faunts, but the electro-leaning shoegazers are finally following up their 2009 album feel.love.thinking.of. with an ep of archival recordings. the four songs here date back to the time between 2005’s high expectations/low results and 2007’s m4. they were originally intended for a full-length, but lineup changes and film score opportunities meant the that songs were eventually abandoned.”
forma – off/on – spectrum spools – lp
–  off/on is an evolutionary act of fissure, the opening of a rift in forma’s sonic landscape. the second lp from the brooklyn cosmic synth trio of mark dwinell, sophie lam, and george bennett, off/on’s universe is darker, its terrain more enigmatic and aggressive than 2011’s critically-acclaimed self-titled album. off/on combines swirling arpeggios, gnarled sequences, and deconstructed motorik rhythms to conjure an atmosphere of entropic propulsion by unseen forces.
*lee hazlewood – you turned my head around: lee hazlewood industries 1967-1970 – light in the attic – 11×7″ box
– rsd black friday 2012 release. “part of the sheer joy of light in the attic’s excavation of lee hazlewood’s back catalogue has been exploring the output of his own, late ’60s label, lee hazlewood industries, which issued dozens of long forgotten 45s and lps. whether acid-folk, country-rock, pop-psych or soul, lhi artists were united by the patronage of the underdog hero of 1960s music, the mustachioed maverick lee hazlewood. the best of these have been now collected in you turned my head around, a lavishly packaged, 3000-edition box set of eleven 45s, featuring such lhi favorites as suzi jane hokom, honey ltd., kitchen cinq, ann-margret, and of course the undeniable mr lee. though lee hazelwood neither sings nor appears on many of these tracks, you turned my head around still tells the listener much about the cult singer-songwriter, producer, film star, and latter-day cowboy. like hazlewood’s own output, these are pop songs colored by sadness, pain, and wisdom. hazlewood’s character is there in every long, spiral groove thanks to his stunning production.”
*jodis – black curtain – hydrahead – lp
– second full-length from this project from aaron turner (isis, mamiffer), james plotkin (khanate) and tim wyskida (khanate, blind idiot god). “‘broken ground’, the opening track from the album black curtain, features spikes of reverb-drenched guitar that sprawl across a humming electronic horizon, over which delicately draped vocal melodies twist, collide and dissolve. drums occasionally rise from the ether, punctuating the meditative passages of pastoral calm. certainly heavy, but definitely not metal.”
*love cult – fingers crossed – public information – lp
– “public information wraps up warm and closes its curtains for the winter months ahead. their darkest record so far. the protagonists: ivan afanasyev and anya kuts. the location: deepest petrozavodsk, republic of karelia, russia. they are love cult and this is their debut lp. wordless chorals from far, far away, mangled roland drum machines, decomposed russian tv samples, endless microphone feedback, twisted finnish kantele, throbbing bass dynamics, sky-bound folk songs, slow decay. the sad whispers of grouper, the furious noise of yellow swans, the empty rooms of ktl, the gothic angles of hannett , the crumbling ghosts of basinski.”
*patrick lundborg – psychedelia: an ancient culture, a modern way of life – lysergia – book
– psychedelic culture is given its first ever in-depth presentation in this book from patrick lundborg, editor of the acclaimed acid archives. this groundbreaking work follows psychedelic culture from william blake to philip k dick, from eden ahbez to shpongle, from haight-ashbury to the beaches of goa. 520 pages with a 16-page color inlay in a perfect bound small quarto; 9.5 by 6.5 inches. the front cover shows a beautiful painting by the renowned peruvian ayahuasca artist anderson debernardi, licensed uniquely for the psychedelia book. the back cover is complete with colorful dmt molecules.
*majuere – solar maximum – temporary residence – lp
– multi-instrumentalist and sci-fi prog-rock explorer a.e. paterra returns with his second proper full-length as majeure. following closely on the heels of his beloved but scarcely limited split album with fellow zombi cohort steve moore, solar maximum expands on the cinematic, atmospheric vision alluded by his 2010 debut album, timespan. once again composing, performing, and producing the entire album, paterra broadens the majeure cosmos with an increased focus on moody synths and an almost inhuman level of patience in the payoff. drawing influence from 70s celestial film scores, ambient krautrock, and dexterous vintage prog-rock, solar maximum trades in the cosmic disco of timespan for a more spacious and ominous feel that lives up to its ambiguously ambitious title.
*steve moore – primitive neural pathways – dangerous age – lp
– “steve moore is a new york based musician active in projects such as zombi and titan as well as creating under various aliases of his own. after a whirlwind of outstanding releases the last few years, moore has managed to carve out a following of dedicated loyalists who come back time and time again for his special brand of synthesizer composition. primitive neural pathways was originally released 2010 on the static caravan label based out of the u.k. somewhere between the best composed pieces of jean michel jarre and the glowing electro sounds of early walter christian rothe’s more synthesizer driven pieces.”
*nurse with wound – a sucked orange/scrag – dirter promotions – 2cd
– out of print for years, this remastered and repackaged reissue of nurse with wound’s album a sucked orange is coupled with the previously cassette-only release scrag. it comes packaged in a beautiful six panel digipack with full-color babs santini artwork, all finished in a luxurious “soft touch lamination.”
*oneohtrix point never – rifts – software – 3cd
– rifts compiles “oneohtrix point never’s (aka daniel lopatin) first three full albums – betrayed in the octagon, zones without people, and russian mind – alongside a crop of rare and out-of-print cdr and cassette material in a deluxe, five lp vinyl box set, and three CD set.”the vinyl box set is a one-time edition of 1000 copies, each of the 5 lps packaged in individual jackets and housed in a deluxe slipcase! rifts travels from the outside-in, beginning with the dark space sonatas of octagon, through the mechanized vistas of zones without people and completing itself with the haunting electronic animus of russian mind. this journey is underscored with a natural growth which sees lopatin developing his unabashed worship of the polysynth as a free standing musical apparatus towards a fully realized opn world of sound; at once incorporating synth prog, modern noise, early techno, drone, minimalism and computer music. with rifts it is possible to zoom out on the opn project and recognize lopatin as both an auteur and alchemist; achieving a signature sound while drawing on a buried history of electronic music.” vinyl in soon!
*raime – quarter turns over a living line – blackest ever black – lp
– moving away from the sample-based strategies that characterized their early work, joe andrews and tom halstead have looked increasingly to live instrumentation for their first full-length work, mounting intensive recording sessions for percussion, guitar, and strings before painstakingly piecing the album together at their home studio. the gothic and industrial signifiers in their music remain, but more submerged and oblique than ever — no less pronounced as influences than jungle’s rhythmic dynamism and doom metal’s oppressive weight or aspects of techno, modern composition, and dub.
sex church – somnambulist – psychic handshake – 12″
– with a sound that evokes the endless vistas of rural canada and the claustrophobic density of our country’s biggest cities, the band makes expansive greyscale music that recalls such pacific northwest notables as the wipers, unwound, and even nirvana. now, with the refined aggression of their excellent somnambulist 12″ ep, this vancouver-based band has made a bid for greater attention at home and abroad. sure to appeal to the damaged and the dead-beat.
shindig #30 – mag
– “the rolling stones — in the citadel: shaped by lsd, morocco, jail, the esoteric instruments of brian jones and artistic competition with ‘that other band’, the stones’ dalliance with psychedelia was brief but deep; family: from r&b to music in a doll’s house: the early years of leicester’s singular rock stars; gary farr: the son of a boxer who ditched his role as the uk’s hottest unsung blueswailer for the hippie trail and the californian dream; the daily flash: they were seattle’s mid-60s answer to the byrds and had it all. so why did they crash and burn? plus: ian hunter, siren, the mynah birds, joe meek and lots more!”
shock! – s/t – guerssen – lp
– the major discovery in the spanish psych-prog collector scene: a previously-unreleased album from 1970 by this obscure spanish garage-psych band. until now, shock! were a total mystery. they only released one 45 at the time (the killer acid-fuzz punker “no se puede ser superman”) and nothing was known about the band until the label tracked them down. shock’s music is underground garage-psychedelia with crude acid-fuzz guitar, effects, and english vocals: think of agua de regaliz, early pan & regaliz, cerebrum or even obscure brazilian bands such as tobruk, but with a more primitive sound.
*sleep – dopesmoker – southern lord – lp
– finally available on 180 gram purple double vinyl. contains one bonus track not available on cd version. gatefold jacket with spot uv-varnish, featuring brand new artwork by arik roper specifically designed for the albums’ rebirth. a much over-due reissue of sleep’s hour-long master-hit: ‘dopesmoker’ ‘one of the most essential ‘long-playing’ stoner-doom-rock albums of all time!!!'”
johnny thunders – l.a.m.f. the lost ’77 mixes – jungle – lp
– limited edition (250 copies) coloured vinyl repress of this classic album, originally released in 1977. ‘l.a.m.f.’ was released on track records in 1977 to much acclaim, but was marred by a muddy sound, caused by a mastering fault. in 1994 jungle found long-lost original, mud-free sessions and re-compiled the album – hence this is known as the “lost 1977 mixes”.
*stefano torossi – feelings – golden pavilion – lp
– jay richford & gary steven’s (aka stefano torossi). exact reissue of the beyond rare carosello release. a delightful and cinematic groovy crime-jazz-funk album filled with breaks & beats, deep bass, electric piano, flutes, horn stabs, wah-wah guitars & exquisite string arrangements reminiscent of nino nardini / roger rogers stringtonic’s mindbenders but also janko nilovic at his best. definitely one of the holy grails of library music.
*various – eccentric soul: omnibus – numero – 45x45rpm box
– 45 x 7″ box, book + digital download. the mother of all rare 45 compilations, numero’s 45th release eccentric soul: omnibus closes the first chapter of our decade of mapping the american soul diaspora. the complete box set includes forty- five 45s, each with its own replica label and stylish custom numero sleeve, as well as an 108-page hardback clothbound book chock-full of liner notes, band photos, ephemera, and indices. everything is housed in a sleek, portable case featuring metal hardware, durable handle, and a vinyl-wrapped exterior patterned with de-bossed numero.
various – jukebox mambo – jazzman – lp
– a stunning collection that sheds light on a pivotal yet totally overlooked area of american music — the influence of afro-cuban and latin rhythms on r&b and jazz during the mid-20th century. following up on the success of jazzman records’ jukebox jam album of vintage juke joint and bar room sounds, compiler and dj liam large digs even deeper to put together a diverse set of dynamite r&b sides, all built around afro-cuban, latin, and caribbean rhythms.
*various – ongaku 90 – hiruko – lp
– “the ongaku vinyl series continue with the third volume ongaku 90 which brings you the best of the underground scene in japan during the 1990s. all of the new emerging music styles during the decade such as neo-psychedelia, electronica, noise, and indie rock can be heard here. weird stuff but always accessible as previous volumes; and maybe the most japanese flavored one. limited edition, don’t miss it! this set includes: jun miyake, the gerogerigegege, ryuichi sakamoto, phew, fushitsusha, deme semi quaver, ghost, idiot o’clock, takako minekawa and e*trance.”
various – original raw soul iii – now again – lp
– “original raw soul III looks at recordings dating back over twenty years, but never once sounds dated or dull. there’s the garage funk of the early poets incarnation the bus people express; the deep jazz of vocalist bajka gigging with a max whitefield ensemble; the pan-african psych-jazz of the whitefield brothers. and that’s just three of the ensembles contained within. original raw soul III contains fifteen tracks (plus two selections on the bonus 7″) that span the gamut of forty years of musical innovation, recorded over the past twenty years, and presented anew today.”
*various – touch 30 years and counting – touch – lp
       – released to coincide with touch’s 30th anniversary celebrations at beaconsfield, london, on december 5th and 6th, 2012. all tracks are exclusive and original to this release. music by touch 33, fennesz, bruce gilbert, rosy oarlane, oren ambarchi, the book depository, eleh, bj nilsen, nana april jun, chris watson, mika vainio, carl michael von hausswolff, jana winderen, philip jeck, z’ev, hildur gudnadottir, senescent, and biosphere.

*art fleury – i luoghi del potere – die schachtel – cd
babies – our house on the hill – woodsist – lp
*william basinski – the disintegration loops – temporary residence – 9lp box
*beak> – > – invada – lp
*beak> – >> – invada – lp
*bee mask – when we were eating unripe pears – spectrum spools – lp
*the black angels – directions to see a ghost – light in the attic – lp
black keys – brothers – nonesuch – lp
black keys – the rubber factory – fat possum – lp
black keys – thickfreakness – fat possum – lp
bon iver – s/t – jagjaguwar – lp
bon iver – for emma, forever ago – jagjaguwar – lp
city & colour – sometimes – dine alone – lp
john coltrane – blue train – legacy – lp
*karen dalton – in my own time – light in the attic – lp
dinosaur jr – i bet on sky – sub pop – lp
dirty projectors – swing low magellan – domino – lp
*daruish dolat-shahi – electronic music, tar, & sehtar – dead cert – lp
eric dolphy – out there – legacy – lp
*donnie & joe emerson – dreamin’ wild – light in the attic – lp
*bob dylan – the times they are a-changin’ – sundazed – lp
bob dylan – nashville skyline – sundazed – lp
bob dylan – s/t – sundazed – lp
bob dylan – tempest – columbia – lp
bob dylan – freewheelin’ – sundazed – lp
fleet foxes – helplessness blues – sub pop – lp
fleet foxes – s/t – sub pop – lp
*ben frost – theory of machines – bedroom community – lp
*ben frost/daniel bjarnason – solaris – bedroom community – lp
ghostface killah – ironman – get on down – lp
*goat – world music – rocket – lp
godspeed you black emperor – allelujah! don’t bend, ascend! – constellation – lp
*lee halzewood – a house safe for tigers – light in the attic – lp
*july – s/t – guersson – lp
j mascis – several shades of why – sub pop – lp
*dean mcphee – son of black peace – blast first petit – lp
metz – s/t – sub pop – lp
moon duo – circles – sacred bones – lp
mumford & sons – babel – glassnote – lp
mumford & sons – sigh no more – glassnote – lp
nirvana – nevermind – geffen – lp
*oneohtrix point never – returnal – editions mego – lp
pavement – crooked rain, crooked rain – matador – lp
pixies – dolittle – 4ad – lp
radiohead – hail to the thief – emi – lp
*wendy rene – after laughter comes tears – light in the attic – lp
she & him – a very she & him christmas – merge – lp
sigur ros – valtari – xl – lp
elliott smith – x/o – plain – lp
*jim sullivan – ufo – light in the attic – lp
*throbbing gristle – 20 jazz funk greats – industrial – cd
vampire weekend – s/t – xl – lp
velvet underground – la cave – keyhole – 2lp
white stripes – elephant – xl – lp
xx – xx – xl – lp
xx – coexist – young turks – lp

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