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howdy all,

what a weird week for new stuff, 3 things on this list i didn’t expect anytime soon, in fact, i didn’t even know they had been shipped. other things were a happy surprise. all in all, while there aren’t a lot of new things, there are some great new things that i’m totally stoked to see this week. so, ya. oh, and a nice list of used goodies too…

….pick of the week…..

*archaia – s/t – papaaver – lp
– totally cool reissue from this new label run by the guy from slow tapes… “papaaver records is proud to present the first vinyl reissue of this privately pressed hard to find sinister zeuhl masterpiece that ended up on the nurse with wound list. michel munier and pierrick le bras formed archaïa in 1976 and recorded this album – their sole effort – one year later. although influenced by bands like heldon, archanoid and of course magma, their music is unique and not easy to categorise. a dark and brooding mixture of eerie synth and bass rhythms, occult lyrics, percussion, phased fuzz guitar, serene – almost medieval – chanting and a bunch of effects. Everything is here, from free-form drones and weird freak-outs to epic and cosmic songs. completely remastered from the original tapes by the band themselves, this reissue reproduces the sound of the original vinyl, unlike the cd reissue that was released in the mid nineties which added different mixes. limited to 500 copies on 180gr vinyl, includes insert with french liner notes.

…..new arrivals…..

marcia bassett & helena espvall – lapidary – alt.vinyl – lp
– collaboration of two of the us’ free folk/ experimental luminaries..marcia bassett from zaimph and double leopards on guitar and electronics…and helena espvall of espers on cello and electronics. coruscating drifting harmonies that will appeal to the improv raga community echoing the early works of no neck blues band, sunroof, six organs and sunburned. warm yet sharp, effortless and complex…
*rhodri davies – wound response – alt.vinyl – lp
– wound response is the third solo harp release by improviser and harpist rhodri davies . moved by the diverse and vital music scene in the north east of england this is a weighty departure for davies. wound response is loud, distorted and forms an attempt to work with rhythm and pitches in an open and fluid way.
*eraserhead ost – sacred bones – lp+7″
– david lynch’ eraserhead rests firmly at the top of that canon of american underground culture for which there is no genre. a staple of the dark underbelly of popular cinema that was originally only viewable at arthouse screenings or on the midnight movie circuit, eraserhead is a truly unadulterated offering; and much of its sensation lies beyond the purely visual realm. the stark, dusty black and white images put forth are caked with and submerged in a dense jungle of industrial hums, buzzes, screeches and screams. it’s no stretch to consider this soundtrack an experimental, early industrial masterpiece. crazy deluxe package with prints, a book and a 7″. rad!
high on fire – art of self defense – southern lord – 2lp
– re-issue with bonus tracks. “the perfect blueprint for high on fire’s career and opening track “baghdad” can be seen as the archetypal high on fire song. in short, the album is as devastating now as it has ever been a trailblazing stoner-punk delight.”
ladyhawk – no can do – triple crown – cd
– vinyl next week… the third studio full-length album from vancouver’s ladyhawk, and the band’s most assertive and soul-stirring yet. “no can do rips hard and harder. having watched ladyhawk evolve, to its current perch as grizzled (but always lovable) veterans of the canadian music landscape, i can guarantee that this album will fuck you up something good.”—kevin “sipreano” howes (light in the attic).
*le son de l’os – old sun – new vague – lp
– following their debut cd on psf this is the second album by the trio of yuko hasegawa (onna-kodomo), masahiro deguchi and shizuo uchida (hasegawa/shizuo, nijumu, onna-kodomo). improvised acoustic pieces for guitar, voice and bass that somehow coalesce into almost songlike folk forms. the album is housed in a 4 color screenprinted sleeve and is released in a vinyl only edition of 285.
*majutsu no niwa – frontera – new vague – lp
– deluxe 2lp reissue of the first studio album by majustu no niwa (the band that rose from the ashes of the mighty overhang party). originally released on a japanese only cd this vinyl version includes an extra track from the same sessions left off the cd due to time constraints. we get crunching psychedelic rock, an acoustic comedown then a final 22+ minute feedback and electronic laden journey into the void.
*nick mott – the visitors – alt.vinyl – lp
– i’m not entirely sure whether the visitors are us, the people who put us here, or our future selves. but the music they make is a ritual feast of rain soaked crackling sci-fi environments, orchestrated tap-dancing pools of tape hiss, destroyed electronic soliloquies, precariously stacked slices of malfunctioning melody, rusting springs of elastic horror synths, duets between time stretched fluttering bells and ancient machines, subliminal and writhing bass contortions, collaged violin orchestras, blown out percussion and buried drums, dusty piano splicings, choirs of angels and demons, and creaking vertical conversations between brass and breath……
ombre – believe you me – asthmatic kitty – lp
– a beautiful thing happened when asthmatic kitty artists helado negro and julianna barwick first met: they got to know each other. the result, a new collaborative band, ombre, and a brand-new full-length record, believe you me.
*:zoviet*france: – 7.10.12 – alt.vinyl – 7″+10″+12″ box
– conceived and recorded in the heart of north northumberland, 7.10.12 is the first physical release by :zoviet*france: for some time and the group have seized the once-in-a-thousand years opportunity of 7.10.12 (7 october 2012) as a release date. devoid of any pictorial imagery or narrative text, this is a set of three label-less heavy weight translucent records – a 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch – housed (suspended and separated) in a custom made heavy textured card archive clam shell lined box along with traces of the area’s unfathomable prehistory: a blind rubbing – a paper impression – taken from one of the neolithic cup and ring carved stones that pepper the region and a vial containing dried hawthorn berries, a tree with imbued with much pre-christian metaphysical meaning.
various – we are all one, in the sun – alt.vinyl – lp
– we are all one, in the sun: a tribute to robbie basho, represents a humble tribute to this truly original and passionate american guitarist, musician and composer. featuring steffen basho junghans, glenn jones, cian nugent, meg baird, arborean, fern knight, rahim alhaj, helena espvall, etc.

…..used goodies…..

764-hero – salt sinks & sugar floats – up – lp
atlas sound – logos – kranky – lp
beck – sea change – geffen – 2lp
besnard lakes – are the dark horses – jagjaguwar – lp
built to spill – you in reverse – warner – lp
built to spill – keep it like a secret – warner – 2lp
built to spill – perfect from now on – warner – 2lp
leonard cohen – best of – columbia – lp
deerhoof – offend maggie – kill rock stars – lp
deerhoof – vs. evil – polyvinyl – lp
do make say think – you, you’re a history in rust – constellation – lp
*flower travellin’ band – satori – phoenix – lp
godspeed you black emperor – yanquii uxo – constellation – lp
guided by voices – propeller – scat – lp
daniel johnston – hi, how are you – eternal yip – lp
daniel johnston – is and always was – eternal yip – lp
kraftwerk – autobahn – klingklang – lp
love as laughter – laughter’s fifth – sub pop – lp
stephen malkmus & the jicks – real emotional trash – matador – lp
efrim manuel menuck – high gospel – constellation – lp
my bloody valentine – loveless – plain – lp
my morning jacket – it still moves – badman – lp
joanna newsom – have one on me – drag city – lp
the notwist – the devil, you & me – domino – lp
thee oh sees – dog poison – captured tracks – lp
thee oh sees – warm slime – in the red – lp
thee oh sees/total control – split – castleface – lp
old time relijun – 2012 – k – lp
old time relijun – catharsis in crisis – k – lp
yoko ono plastic ono band – between my head and the sky – chimera – 2lp
*pavement – slanted & enchanted – matador – lp
*pavement – brighten the corners – matador – lp
purling hiss – hissteria – richie – lp
purling hiss – lounge lizards – mexican summer – lp
purling hiss – public service announcement – woodsist – lp
jay reatard – matador singles ’08 – matador – lp
royal trux – cats & dogs – drag city – lp
royal trux – pound for pound – drag city – lp
royal trux – the radio video ep – drag city – lp
royal trux – thank you – plain – lp
silver jews – natural bridge – drag city – lp
silver jews – tanglewood numbers – drag city – lp
silver mt. zion – hope in the sky – constellation – lp
nina simone – silk & soul – rca – lp
sonic youth – the eternal – matador – lp
spiritualized – amazing grace – sanctuary – lp
sunburned hand of the man – a – ecstatic peace – lp
sunset rubdown – dragon slayer – jagjaguwar – lp
*kurt vile – constant hitmaker – woodsist – lp
von bondies – lack of communication – sympathy for the record industry – lp
m. ward – hold time – merge – lp
windy & carl – instrumentals – blue flea – lp
*women – s/t – flemish eye – lp
stevie wonder – talking book – tamala – lp
yo la tengo – popular songs – matador – lp
yo la tengo – i am not afraid of you.. – matador – lp
yume bitsu – wabi morning – burnt toast – lp
*various – time will make a change – mississippi – lp


animal collective – centipede hz – domino – 2lp
carter tutti void – transverse – mute – lp
city & colour – little hell – dine alone – lp
chilly gonzales – solo piano ii – arts & crafts – lp
japandroids – celebration rock – polyvinyl – lp
*jon porras – black mesa – thrill jockey – lp
purity ring – shrines – last gang – lp
*rangda – formerly extinct – drag city – lp
*wendy rene – after laughter comes tears – light in the attic – lp
soft pack – strapped – mexican summer – lp
*talk talk – spirit of eden – emi – lp
tom waits – closing time – rhino – lp
wild nothing – nocturne – captured tracks – lp

thanks for listening…

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edmonton, ab
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