…..news letter #547 – holydaze…..

howdy all!

      well, i warned you, and now it’s upon us… next week we are closed! but that’s ok cuz you are going to be too busy doing fun summery things all week anyway. if there is something you need to pick up then you’ve got until 6pm on saturday to get in here, otherwise you’ll have to wait until 11am on saturday, aug 4th for us to open again.

as a bit of a bonus though, so you can stock up for the week without us, on saturday, we are having a one day sale! 20% off all day long*, only on saturday, july 28th. so come in a and stock up. and we’ll see you all in a week or so.

thanks for listening…..
listen records
10443a – 124 street
edmonton, ab
t5n 1r7
*sale does not apply to special orders and holds, local and consignment stuff, etc.
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