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well, as you can see from below, there’s a lot in this week, however most of it isn’t showing up until tomorrow… but don’t let that stop you from coming down to the shop in about 2 hours… at 7 pm we will be participating in valtari hour! we will be playing the new sigur ros album in it’s entirety at 7 pm off of a special advance test pressing of the vinyl! come on down, bring a beverage and chill out for an hour and browse the stacks.

…..pick of the week…..

*david orphan – songs for hannah henley – pre-cert – lp

– in tomorrow. “david orphan’s devon folklore tapes is a research and cultural heritage-based community label in the vein of smithsonian records, founded by finders keepers’ david orphan. although the label has been releasing music on special edition/customized books and cassettes for some time, this contribution to the pre cert home entertainment label sees orphan deliver his long-awaited vinyl debut. the soundtrack to hannah henley sees a mechanical hybrid of old soviet electronic organs, looped field recordings and found vocals lost in an immediate and tensely hypnotic narrative to an account of opposing forces that is as unsettling as it is captivating. field recordings were utilized and integrated within these pieces, adding more flesh and providing a sense of place. the lp becomes a sound portrait blurring the lines between documentary, music, and artefact. the cover art features an inverted letter-press coded graphic using the text from the story of hannah henley as its visual source along with a bone found and utilized within the recording itself. the words to the tale are included in the accompanying sleeve notes, for those interested in those dark details. limited to 500 copies only.” soviet electronics… field recordings… pre-cert… yes please!

…..new arrivals…..

beach house – bloom – sub pop – lp/cd
the fourth full-length album by baltimore-based beach house. like their previous releases, it further develops their distinctive sound yet stands apart as a new piece of work. bloom is meant to be experienced as an album, a singular, unified vision of the world. though not stripped down, the many layers of bloom are uncomplicated and meticulously constructed to ensure there is no waste.
best coast – the only place – mexican summer – lp
– deluxe version of the new lp which comes with a photo booklet. “their second album finds the proudly suthern californian duo of bethany cosentino and bobb bruno maturing in both their sound and perspective. while crazy for you was a nostalgic tribute to teenage feelings, this new album finds front woman cosentino transitioning into adulthood, with the feeling of uncertainty and self-doubt at the emotional center of the album.”
ali birra – ammalele – mississippi – lp
– in tomorrow. with the western world’s recent access to the ethiopian music of the 1970s, the focus has been almost solely on the amhara music of addis ababa. the oromo people, the largest ethnic group, hasn’t been equally represented. ali birra, the biggest oromo star and a hero to his people was so beloved that he did break into the amhara dominated record market. learning how to play the guitar using the tuning for an oud, the sound is as much arabic as ethiopian. with a prevalent joy and catchy sing along style, ali sings songs of love, misery, and beating the oppressor.
dope body – natural history – drag city – lp
– in tomorrow. dope body formed in december-of-2008-baltimore as an experiment in musical instincts, jamming and writing the simplest one-part / one-riff / one-minute little jerk-off songs that were the first thing to come to mind (most ended up on their first tape 20 pound brick). natural history is dope body in possession of what might be their most commercially accessible album ever- especially if your idea of “commercially accessible” is half-machine lips moves, psychic, powerless…, or “salad days”-era punk.
drainolith – fighting! – spectrum spools – lp

– in tomorrow. it’s important to keep listeners on their toes and spectrum spools is fully psyched to hit you with an album of delusional blues — littered with fractured synth, feedback and seriously cryptic personal content. one of spectrum spools’ first releases with strong lyrical focus, alex knocks it out of the park with his synthetic voice resonating like a wasted robert ashley on ambien. the tracks rage with a one-man twin infinitives style, with guitar riffs so fucked that they make neil haggerty sound like les paul. damaged, random syn-drum triggers and ms-10 crackling go fully ballistic over dark and personal narratives. if you miss bands like shadow ring and royal trux, but wonder where the logical next step would be in their absence: step in this direction — we promise you’ll be pleased.
*father yod and the source family – the thought adjusters – drag city – 2lp
– in tomorrow. during his time on our planet, father yod understood that beauty and joy, the things of heaven, were meant to inform and inspire our time here on earth. with the thought adjusters, the focus is on extended rhythms created not only by yahowha13 but all the family musicians. the focus is on extended rhythms created in support of father as he made his teachings, with all the jams integrating both aspects; music and wisdom. musicians on this record include pythias sunflower, djin, octavius, rhythm, vibration and zoraster, with backing vocals from ahom aquariana, cinderella and anastasia.
josephine foster & the victor herrero band – perlas – fire – lp
– in tomorrow. “following their album of spanish folk songs anda jaleo, josephine foster and the victor herrero band have created a superb follow-up entitled perlas (pearls). it is a jewel of a collection, with songs and poems selected by josephine herself, gathered from dusty old scores and brought vividly to the present with warm performances full of flesh-and-blood emotion. made with a variety of stringed instruments and simple percussion, the songs were re-corded live in the studio on to analogue tape by paco loco in puerto de santa maria, spain. foster breathes new life into timeless traditional melodies, drawing from the spanish-folk traditions of castile, the basque, santander and the costa brava. elemental themes of love bind the collection together, with a melancholy joy that casts a shadow of desire and loss.”
*hiss golden messenger – poor moon – paradise of bachelors – lp
– in tomorrow. hiss golden messenger is durham, north carolina-based songwriter m.c. taylor, in partnership with multi-instrumentalist and recordist scott hirsch, who lives in brooklyn, new york. the pair have been playing music together for nearly two decades. poor moon, featuring members of black twig pickers, d. charles speer & the helix, and brightblack morning light, is the fourth proper hgm release, and serves as the best summation thus far of taylor’s lone journeys through the dark night of the soul
*king blood – vengeance, man – richie – lp
– in tomorrow. second offering from hing blood & it’s a motherfucker. throbbing, claustrophobic, triumphant, room shaking, and chiming electric guitar worship. the type of record that’ll lodge into your head & reduce your mind to a luminous toxic jelly. enters the static void alongside earth, skullflower, & les rallizes denudes.
fela kuti – live in detroit 1986 – strut – 2cd
– the first new fela kuti material to be issued since his final studio album, ‘underground system’, in 1992. recorded live at the fox theater in detroit in november 1986, the concert marked a triumphant return to the usa for nigeria’s afrobeat master, fela anikulapo kuti. “it was like seeing bob marley, frank sinatra, michael jackson, marvin gaye, and james brown all rolled into one. fela captured the revolution of marley, the love of marvin gaye, he sung with a rare and exquisite charcoal voice like sinatra but he would scream himself out and go hoarse by the end of the three hour marathon show. all the while he danced like michael jackson or a ballerina, and captivated the crowd with the showmanship of james brown.” 3lp version soon.
led zeppelin – mothership – rhino – 4lp
– in tomorrow. for the first time ever, led zeppelin’s greatest songs are available in one place. handpicked and sequenced by the band. fortunately, the sound on this superior box does indeed do the iconic band justice. half-speed mastered and pressed at rti, with the painstaking remastering supervised by the band, these LPs sound fantastic, revealing every last bit of detail, dynamics, and soundstage dimensions. every aspect of mothership is held to the highest possible standard!
moss icon – complete discography – temporary residence – 3lp
– in tomorrow. “in the mid-late 1980s, moss icon pioneered a progressive, highly emotive sound that stood in stark contrast to just about everything even remotely considered punk-rock at the time. in retrospect, they more resembled an inspired marriage of the bleak post-punk leanings of joy division with the raucous riffage of the wipers, albeit considerably less accessible thanks to moss icon’s more sinister tone, exploratory arrangements, and frontman jonathan vance’s almost stream-of-conscious sociopolitical rampages. this collection — compiling the group’s entire official catalog — serves to permanently document the very important contributions of one very important group from a very formative era of underground music.”
nice face – horizon fires – hozac – lp
– in tomorrow. from the shreds of sickening pop abrasion as evidenced in their first singles, to their mind-blowing immer etwas debut lp on sacred bones, nice face is a force not easily contained, as you’ll soon find yourself revisiting each track’s endlessly hypnagogic grooves..
*padang food tigers – ready country nimbus – bathic – lp
– in tomorrow. comparable to feathers floating in the breeze, this london-based duo make their gentle passage via sublime vignettes to set up residence in pastures new. theirs is the sound of dirt and cobwebs being swept from the corners of childhood memories. the world weeps tears of knowledge, comfort, concentration, enlightenment, while handing flowers to a parade of beautiful women. ready country nimbus is an emotional sepia-tinged blend of tones, gospel, and spirit. for fans of: scott tuma, the hired hand soundtrack, derek bailey, loren connors, tetuzi akiyama.
*charlemagne palestine & janek schaefer – day of the demons – desire path – lp
– in tomorrow. “through the unending fog and beyond the impassable door, a voice emerges. charlemagne palestine, writhing in uncontrollable terror, moves to ward off the demons for the sake of the listener by howling through the void. janek schaefer bellies a haven, a cocoon for the listener to hide in, to grasp some semblance of life that remains and hold on to it dearly. bells chime ominously to help dispel the haunting and are yet another stark reminder of the impending doom. what hath wrought them? what can be done against them? on this day, charlemagne palestine and janek schaefer have faced the darkness surrounding us, traversed through the fog, waded into the murky waters, and encountered demons that have surfaced from the dark recesses of the earth. herein lies the hope that was gained through facing the horror that was left unchained. each lp comes with a demon mask that is full color and custom die cut on 12 point card stock with elastic straps.”
annette peacock – i’m the one – future days – cd
– in tomorrow. “i’m the one, you don’t have to look any further. i’m the one. i’m here, right here for you,” oozes jazz, rock, and electronic music pioneer annette peacock on the leadoff title track of her solo debut lp. the album’s wide range of vocal emotions and diverse sonic palette (featuring robert moog’s early modular synthesizers, which the singer actually transmitted her voice through to wild effect) places it firmly at the forefront of the pop avant-garde. originally released by rca victor in 1972 to widespread critical acclaim — the disc grooves easily from free jazz freak-outs and rough and rugged blues-funk to gently pulsing synthesized bliss.
rayon beach – this looks serious – hozac – lp
– in tomorrow. the swirling cloud of deranged noise emanating from the highly radioactive inner core of rayon beach has once again reared its head up, bucking wildly and shattering the iridescent thunder of the heavens into shards of wonderfully damaged sound. dragging the trembling scraps of electronic punk slime through a kaleidoscopic garbage can and out into the light, where they can cook properly in the blinding texas sun.
school of seven bells – ghostory – vagrant – lp
– in tomorrow. ghostory exemplifies a fervent progression of sviib’s growth as artists, preserving the common themes found on their last two releases but exposing them in different fashions. the familiar ethereal and enigmatic tones are omnipresent, surrounded by layers of influences from `80s pop, shoegaze and ambient electronic sounds. however, ghostory comes with a story in mind; the tale of a young girl named lafaye and the ghosts that surround her life.
*sleep – dopesmoker – southern lord – cd
– ‘dopesmoker’ stands as one of the towering achievements in recent metal history – a mesmerizing, intoxicating, and incredibly complex song that is still unrivaled in the annals of (stoner) metal. features brand new artwork by long time sleep artist arik roper, who created something specifically special for the album’s rebirth. the biggest difference between this new version and the old releases is the phenomenal remastering job, which enhances the original recording without changing it drastically. the epic opus sounds invigorated, more powerful with renewed clarity and all-around unbelievably mammoth.
spiritualized – sweet heart sweet light – fat possum – lp
– “when you make a record, it has to be the single most important thing in your world. this time around, i wanted to do something that encompassed all i love in rock ‘n’ roll music. it’s got everything from brotzmann and berry right through to dennis and brian wilson. i’m obsessed with music and the way you put it together and i don’t believe there are any rules.” so says j. spaceman.
*suum cuique – ascetic ideals – modern love – lp
– in tomorrow. “the second album from suum cuique, the analog noise/experimental project from miles whittaker, one-half of demdike stare. what differentiates this project from all the others whittaker is involved with is that the material recorded under suum cuique was made using analog hardware only, often recorded straight from the mixing desk with no overdubs or edits. although there are obvious sonic threads running between suum cuique and demdike stare, the material on ascetic ideals is much more stark, at turns recalling the work of mika vainio, eleh, maurizio bianchi and even john carpenter, whose nightmare visions lurk somewhere deep in the mix.”
*swans – we rose from your bed – young god – 2cd
– in tomorrow. note from michael gira: “thanks to all of you who attended the swans shows during our recent tours. the experience, for us, was life-giving and nourishing. represented in these discs are the best recordings we could provide of the (ever-evolving) shows.if you choose to acquire this two-disc set, in my view it would behoove you to listen to the music at a generous volume level.” strictly limited to 2,000 copies for stores only.
trapist – the golden years – staubgold – lp
– in tomorrow. trapist is the vienna-based trio comprised of joe williamson on bass, martin siewart on guitars and electronics and martin brandlmayr on drums. “restraint” is a key word in the trapist musical vocabulary, which is no wonder, as the group’s name relates to the trappist fraternity whose devotion is demonstrated by their silence. whereas on previous albums the group often relied on drastic editing and melodic ornamentation in order to escape restraint, the golden years displays a newly-gained maturity which is breathtaking: trapist bring the attack and release game to a climax never heard before. sharp shocks of black and white with some golden silence in between.
inigo ugarteburu – back & forth – foehn – lp
– in tomorrow. “gorgeous, downbeat, giddy with reverie, longing and loss. led by inigo’s guitar, banjo, ukelele or harmonium; with classic brass-band charts. recorded by james blackshaw’s engineer; mastered by rashad.”
*ugly things #33 – mag
– in tomorrow. “with love as our major cover story, this issue is sure to fly off the shelves. in an extensive, soul-baring interview, guitarist johnny echols (arthur lee’s right-hand man throughout love’s classic period) tears down the mystery and the myth to reveal the true story of this seminal band. we also have a pile of other amazing stories: dutch psychedelic freaks group 1850, destructive ohio proto-punks the electric eels, english freakbeat giants wimple winch and the craig, plus the leopards, the syndicate, the reekers, the hangmen, barrence whitfield, wildwood, illes and more. also, the san francisco beat, a brand new column by cyril jordan of the flamin’ groovies, and of course our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock’n’roll books and dvds.” 176 pages, perfect bound/full-color glossy cover.
*mv & ee – space homestead – woodsist – lp
– in tomorrow. “mv & ee” is slang for zero gravity, and even though they’ve been doing it consistently better since forever, they still want to give you more of their best. the diy wall of sound of space homestead was recorded over the course of a year in nine different studios, presenting as clearly as circumstances permit a living idea right here and now of what it is all about. these are sonics in motion, the satiate plural perfect supply of the hunger unusual, the picturesque in sound. grab a shuttle for your spectra-sound furniture any time in any aeon and dig the volume of their trip.
west coast natural gas – two’s a pair – rd – lp
– in tomorrow. “an album full of vintage 1966-1968 music by the band that brought you the incredible ‘hashish’ on the legendary san francisco sampler fifth pipe dream. first ever release of this killer west coast psychedelic monster that took many years to complete!!! west coast natural gas started in 1965 in seattle. in early 1967 they went to san francisco to work for a local music manager named matthew katz. katz was the original manager for jefferson airplane, moby grape and later also it’s a beautiful day. he talked wcng into signing a contract with him but being young and stupid, they didn’t realize at the time that they had basically signed everything over to him. a pinnacle of the west coast psychedelic acid scene.”
white fence – family perfume vol 2 – woodsist – lp
– in tomorrow. wake up. write. write. record. tweak. write. record. swallow. tweak out. tweak. bounce. write. wake up. record. sex? no. sleep. wake up. record.  “I hardly have anything but this anymore…. i had 80 songs, then chopped it to 60 and now to 30. it’s a collection, and an album. i have some important things to say to myself. i’m a rock ‘n’ roll soldier forever. i melt music. when people talk to me, i’m thinking about some song to do. i think I’ve been cursed. i have no say in the matter. a rainbow vex. it’s ok though; it’s for the greater good.”
various – eccentric soul – a rbg production – numero – lp/cd
– “the ultimate fantasy low-rider soul collection. nineteen tracks cruise through soaring falsettos, luminous harmonies, and sweeping strings, all cultivated from pristine original master tapes. red, black & green productions compiles the best of producer r. hosea williams’ most personal work. featuring skip mahoaney & the casuals, the summits, promise, dyson’s faces, east coast connection, and the exceptions featuring mark greene. teardrop tattoo not included.”
various – long live boogaloo – secret stash – lp
– in tomorrow. “in the mid 1960s latin teenagers in new york’s spanish harlem neighborhood created a new style of music called latin boogaloo. the sound was a mix of the cuban music they grew up with and american r&b like james brown and hank ballard. it quickly caught on and before long; the young purveyors of this new sound were taking business from the likes of tito puente, tito rodriguez, and edie palmieri. each track has been selected with the help of veteran boogaloo producer bobby marin.
various – wedding songs – domino – lp
– in tomorrow. “originally released on philips ethiopia in 1973, this seemingly impossible to find lp is available once again to the lucky humans of the world. with a mix of modern and traditional instruments these fourteen songs go through the progression of an ethiopian amhara wedding sung in amharic. with the trio of singers, lemma g. hiwot, zenebech tesfaye, and selamawit g. selassie, alternating turns at the microphone, and sharing call and response duties, a relentless frenzy of hand clapping incites dancing and smiles. the consumption of tedj (honeywine) and the swirling love of a wedding was captured in the studio with euphoric energy to take away to play over and over again when the festivities are over.”


*13th floor elevators – music of the spheres – international artists – 8lp box
a tribe called quest – low end theory – jive – lp
alabama shakes – boys & girls – ato – lp
*aphex twin – selected ambient works ii – 1972 – 3lp
arcade fire – neon bible – merge – lp
dan auerbach – keep it hid – nonesuch – lp
beach house – s/t – heart break beat – lp
beck – odelay dlx edition – geffen – 4lp
black keys – brothers – nonesuch – lp
black keys – el camino – nonesuch – lp
james blackshaw – love is the plan – important – lp
james brown – live at the apollo – polydor – lp
james brown – sex machine – polydor – lp
*daft punk – tron legacy ost – emi – lp
miles davis – bitches brew – legacy – lp
eric dolphy – out to lunch – blue note – lp
*faust – s/t – virgin – lp
foo fighters – s/t – legacy – lp
foo fighters – the colour and the shape – legacy – lp
ghostface killah – ironman – get on down – lp
great lake swimmers – new wild everywhere – nettwerk – lp
grizzly bear – veckatimest – warp – lp
*gun club – fire of love – munster – lp
pj harvey – white chalk – island – lp
*lee hazlewood – lhi years – light in the attic – cd
tim hecker – harmony in ultraviolet – kranky – lp
*tim hecker – ravedeath 1972 – kranky – lp
junior kimbrough – god knows i tried – fat possum – lp
junior kimbrough – all night long – fat possum – lp
*takehasi kosugi – catch wave – phoenix – lp
kuedo – severant – planet mu – lp
*loose fur – born again in the usa – drag city – lp
m83 – hurry up we’re dreaming – mute – 2cd
metallica – s/t – rhino – lp
charles mingus – oh yeah – atlantic – lp
modest mouse – we were dead before the ship… – epic – lp
the national – boxer – beggars – lp
the national – alligator – beggars – lp
ol’ dirty bastard – return to 36 chambers – get on down – 2cd
*om – god is good – drag city – lp
pearl jam – vitalogy – epic – lp
pearl jam – vs – epic – lp
wilson pickett – wicked pickett – atlantic – lp
wilson pickett – exciting wilson pickett – atlantic – lp
*pye corner audio – black mill tapes 1 & 2 – type – lp
*rocket juice & the moon – s/t – honest jons – lp
ty segall – lemons – goner – lp
small faces – first step – 4 men with beards – lp
smashing pumpkins – siamese dream – virgin – lp
smiths – meat is murder – rhino – lp
smiths – s/t – rhino – lp
smiths – the queen is dead – rhino – lp
smiths – strangeways, here we come – rhino – lp
sonic youth – dirty – goofin – 4lp
sonic youth – goodbye 20th century – syr – lp
swans – my father will guide me – young god – lp/cd
*talk talk – spirit of eden – universal – lp+dvd audio
van morrison – astral weeks – rhino – lp
*kurt vile – god is saying this to you – mexican summer – lp
white stripes – de stijl – third man – lp
white stripes – icky thump – third man – lp
white stripes – s/t – third man – lp
white stripes – under great white northern lights – third man – lp
white stripes – white blood cells – third man – lp
wilco – being there – nonesuch – lp
*gary wilson – forgotten lovers – feeding tube – lp
*wipers – box set – zeno – 3cd
yardbirds – roger the engineer – music on vinyl – lp
thom yorke – the eraser – xl – lp
neil young – chrome dreams II – reprise – lp
neil young – dreamin’ man live ’92 – reprise – lp
neil young – everybody knows this is no where – reprise – lp
neil young – greatest hits – reprise – lp+7″
neil young – zuma – reprise – lp
*various – those shocking shaking days – now again – 3lp
various – time to go – flying nun – lp

thanks for listening….

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