…..news letter #518 – in the cold january rain…..

howdy all,

hope you all survived new years… i know it’s early in the year, but fortunately, a bit of stuff has started to trickle in. it’ll still be a few weeks before a lot of out of stock stuff will all be back in, but in the meantime, here’s some cool new stuff for you to enjoy….

…..pick of the week…..

*ash ra tempel – s/t – mg.art – cd
*ash ra tempel – schwingungen – mg.art – cd
*ash ra tempel – join inn – mg.art – cd
*ash ra tempel – starring rosi – mg.art – cd
*timothy leary & ash ra tempel – seven up – mg.art – cd
*manuel gottsching – inventions for electric guitar – mg.art – cd
*manuel gottsching – e2-e4 – mg.art – cd
– what a way to start the year! it’s not very often i hype cds, but this stuff is sooooooo essential that it has to be done. some of the absolutely best kraut-rock/kosmiche music to ever be released is finally available again and has been completely remastered by manuel gottsching himself, as well as released on his own label. these albums date from 1971 – 1981, and bands today still can’t pull off what gottsching and crew (and what a crew… klaus schulze, hartmut enke, conny plank, etc) were able to pull off on these records 30-40 years after the fact. the first ash ra tempel is a blistering guitar freak out of the highest order… completely mind-melting. inventions for electric guitar is a staggering feat that sounds like it was made in a room full of synthesizers, yet there is only guitar used to create these early dance sounding tracks. then of course you have the seminal e2-e4, which is considered to be one of the most influential electronic pieces ever recorded. needless to say, these are must haves for any collection, and considering the price of original lps of this stuff, these cds reissues are your most economic way to acquire these albums. highest possible recommendation!!!!

…..new arrivals…..

art zoyd – symph pour le  – sub rosa – lp
       – “in 1976, a self-released lp by art zoyd appeared in belgian record stores. all the ingredients of art zoyd’s sound for its first decade are here: unusual acoustic instrumentation for a rock band (violin, cello, piano and trumpet, plus guitar, bass, and percussion), dark and mysterious atmospheres recalling france’s magma and foretelling univers zero, and complex pieces owing as much to contemporary classical as to progressive rock.
roberto cacciapaglia – ann steel – half machine – lp
– “an italian electronic composer made this album with an american model who moved to italy to make it big in fashion, roberto took her languid, laurie anderson-esque voice and created a detached futurist popstar. the odd sound of these european futurist pop songs make it sound like the machines are breathing, creating a weird organic/electronic rhythm section.”
deathprod – treetop drive – rune arkiv – cd
deathprod – imaginary songs from tristan da cunha – rune arkiv – cd
– reissues of two long out of print albums from helge sten aka deathprod, founding member of supersilent. killer norwegian ambient tunes.
chris forsyth & koen holtkamp – early astral – blackest rainbow – lp
– forsyth and holtkamp team up, playing guitar and synthesizer andmodular electronics respectively. the record consists to two tracks, each witha great kraut guitar groove, but frequently rocking into a blissed out epicpsychedelic smog of wailing riffs and bubbling electronics.
*isengrind – night of raining fire – blackest rainbow – lp
– solange gularte(natural snow buildings) returns for her second solo lp. adreamy psychedelic haze of shimmering drones, minimal string plucking withbarely-there vocals, gularte’s sound is somewhat more far out in comparison tosay twinsistermoon or natural snow buildings. limited to 400 copies.
morphine – cure for pain – modern classics – lp
– “‘low-rock’ and ‘fuck-rock’ are two descriptors enigmatic morphine front man mark sandman used to describe his band’s beat-inspired blues-jazz-rock holy racket. along with sandman’s baritone vocal delivery and oddball two-string bass styling, co-founder dana colley played a saxophone as his lead instrument of choice instead of the expected guitar, creating a quirky and burning sensibility.”
seiji nagai – electronic noise improvisation – klimt – lp
– “after spending the first half of the 1970s globetrotting with asia’s premiere avant-garde band–taj mahal travellers (where nagai played trumpet and keyboards)–nagai continued to study and play music, particularly indian music (drones) and electronic/computer generated music. In 1999 he finally released electronic noise improvisation, here, as in the days of tmt, nagai concentrates on creating dense drones, but this time his instruments are computers and a host of electronic gadgets, as well as electronic mandolin and piano.”
ben nash – oh lordy me! (my heart is wandering again) – blackest rainbow – lp
–  best left for ben to explain this one for you… “i recorded this new full-lengthrecord during downtime from playing with chora and after a long break fromrecording any solo music. having become somewhat disillusioned with the processof overdubbing conventional “physical” instruments repeatedly in my solo work ihave spent a lot of time experimenting with different ways of inputting,manipulating and arranging sound electronically, both in a variety of computerbased environments and also using an apple ipad. ” – ben nash
claudio rocchi – suoni di frontiera – die schachtel – cd
– 2009 reissue of this italian psychoacoustic obscurity, originally released in 1975 on ariston. “consisting of 16 ‘sketches’ made at home, described by so-called authorities to be naïve and unsophisticated, to these ears suoni is a highly personal and extremely charming collection of psychedelically damaged constructs.”
*taj mahal travellers – live at the moderna museet in stockholm, 1st & 9th july 1971 – klimt – 2lp
– “recorded on july 1 and 9, 1971 in the geodesic dome at the utopia & visions 1871-1981 exhibition at the moderna museet in stockholm, takehisa kosugi’s taj mahal travellers were the premiere japanese experimental rock band of the 1970s. the band, heavily influenced by fluxus, used electronic effects and a host of unusual instruments to create a series of improvised drones.”
various – la onda vampi – vampisoul – 2lp
– limited double lp. starting in 2002, vampisoul is now established as one of the hippest and most respected reissue labels on the planet. la onda vampi is the latest in a series of popular vampisoul samplers. the label keeps travelling to familiar and new international destinations and their usual richness of sounds is broadened here by iranian grooves, ’60s czech mod r&b, flamenco rumba, psych library music from Italy, colombian cumbia — the present and recent past of the label is represented on this fantastic selection.
various – menagerie #3 – tor press/blackest rainbow – lp+zine
– jake blanchard’s third volume of menagerie finally shows upjust over a year after #2… not only do the artists create imagery based on the musicians music, but this timethe musicians also create a track based on an image created by the artist. twoexclusive new tracks from each of these artists: ben nash, isengrind, c joynes and twinsistermoon. limited to 500 copies.
various – psych-out ost – reel time – lp
– starring jack nicholson and released in early 1968, psych-out has been described as “a groovy movie par excellence, the citizen kane of the late ’60s haight-ashbury scene.” its superb soundtrack originally appeared in april 1968, combining classics by acid-rock heroes the strawberry alarm clock and the seeds with exclusive material from the storybook and boenzee cryque. packed with flute, organ, sitar, fuzz and more. this is the first vinyl reissue.


ame son – catalyse – wah wah – lp
ursula bogner – sonne=blackbox – faitiche – lp
*roberto cacciapaglia – sonanze – wah wah – lp
*can – ege bamyasi – united artists – lp
*can – monster movie – united artists – lp
*can – soundtracks – united artists – lp
chubby wolf – turkey decoy – digitalis – lp
*deathprod – morals & dogma – rune grammofon – cd
*brian eno – here comes the warm jets – polydor – lp
*brian eno – taking tiger mountain (by strategy) – polydor – lp
*brian eno – another green world – polydor – lp
*simon finn – pass the distance – mayfair – lp
*shin jung hyun – beautiful rivers & mountains – light in the attic – lp
*ichiyanagi/ranta/kosugi – improvisation – phoenix – cd
blind willie johnson – dark… – mississippi – 2lp
*takehisa kosugi – catch wave – phoenix – cd
lard free – s/t – wah wah – lp
*les rallizes denudes – heavier than a death in the family – phoenix – lp
louvin brothers – satan is real – light in the attic – lp
modern lovers – s/t – 4 men with beards – lp
*oneohtrix point never – replica – software – lp
*oneohtrix point never – returnal – editions mego – lp
*daphne oram – oram tapes volume 1 – young americans – 4lp
*charlie parr/black twig pickers – glory in the meeting house – klang – lp
*silver apples – s/t – kapp – lp
*silver apples – contact – kapp – lp
*taj mahal travellers – august 1974 – phoenix – 2lp
*various – african scream contest – analog africa – cd
various – eccentric soul: nickel & penny labels – numero – lp/cd
*various – those shocking shaking days – now again – 3lp

thanks for reading, as always….

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