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it appears that it’s that time of the year again… days off, lots of food and drink, and year end lists. so once again i deliver to you my little list of things i loved this year. as usual, i’ve stuck to things that are a little less talked about, cuz well, i think that’s what y’all like about what we do here… so with out any further adue….

alvarius b – baroque primitiva – poon village/abduction – lp/cd
– if i were to rank this list, this one would be at the top. hands down. the first solo record from alan bishop of the sun city girls in 6 years, consisting largely of ennio morricone tracks, this is easily alan’s finest solo outting to date. sold out on vinyl in the blink of an eye, but still around on that smaller silver disc. just plain awesome.

anworth kirk – avonwaith – pre-cert – lp
applehead – applehead – pre-cert – lp
– two new albums from the marvelous pre-cert label. while similar both are fairly different. the second anworth release is another great slab of vhs sound collage. applehead delivers a slab of dark library style grooves. both awesome, and both, pretty much sold out.

barn owl – shadowland – thrill jockey – 12″
– before their new album this year, they released this ep, which really out shines the album for me. maybe it’s because the tracks are longer, maybe it’s because the tracks are drone-ier,  maybe it’s because the vinyl is clear with smokey whisps, maybe it’s maybelline.
evan caminiti – when california sinks into the sea – handmade birds – lp
– this solo album from pne half of barn owl isn’t all that different from the newest barn owl album, but to these ears, it’s way better. masterful dark, brooding, expansive guitar explorations.

master musicians of bukkake – totem 3 – important – lp/cd
– the final instalment of the totem trilogy by this seattle based ethno/soundtrack/doom ensemble. this one finds the group really coming into their own and thus producing their most focused release to date.

jakob olausson – morning & sunrise – de stijl – lp/cd
– as always, there’s a late last-minute addition to these lists, and this one having only come out a few weeks ago has hit hard. real nice 70’s private press mellow folk vibes, with great layers of guitars, and olausson’s haunting voice, making this a late night winter favorite.

bill orcutt – how the thing sings – editions mego – lp/cd
– second full-length from this former member of harry pussy. easily the most original man working in the solo guitar field, with his modified four string guitar, aggressive style, and gutteral vocal stylings. the second side on this stunning.

oneohtrix point never – replica – software – lp/cd
– i was a big fan of his last album, returnal, and while the heavy use of a sampler makes this one a big departure from his more synth based sound, this one still has real cool nostalgic vibes going on.

part wild horses mane on both sides – low fired clay escape – carnival – lp
– this euro improv duo create a really lush and psychedelic soundscape with not a whole lot. percussion, voices, electronics and flute. parts remind me of the hinterland who’s who commercials. all parts are awesome.

matana roberts – coin coin – constellation – 2×10″/cd
– the other great constellation album from this year, this is a fantastic free-jazz, spiritual saga. this album mixes all sorts of jazz elements which each on their own could alienate some listeners, but the way they are mixed throughout this album makes them all utterly enjoyable.


mark hollis – s/t – ba da bing – lp
index – black/red/yesterday – lion – 2cd
erkin koray – mechul – sublime frequencies – lp/cd
les rallizes denudes – great white wonder – phoenix – 5lp/4cd
talk talk – laughing stock – ba da bing – lp
ghedalia tazartes – box – vinyl on demand – 4lps+10″
throbbing gristle – 20 jazz funk greats – industrial – lp/cd
trad gras och stenar – gardet 12.6.1970 – subliminal sounds – 2lp
twinsistermoon – when stars glide through solid – blackest rainbow – 2lp/cd


bollywood bloodbath – finders keepers – lp/cd
shin juung hyun – beautiful rivers & mountains – light in the attic – lp/cd
ongaku 70: vintage psychedelia in japan – hiruko records – lp
princess nicotine – sublime frequencies – lp
thai? dai! – finders keepers – lp/cd

hopefully these little lists bring something to your attention that you haven’t heard of, or forgot about, or something to that effect. there was a lot of great stuff out this year, both new, and as reissues. it’s hard to keep up sometimes.

and that wraps up another year here… it’s been a wild one, lots of new friends, good times with old friends, and of course lots and lots of records. thank you all for your patronage over the last 12 months, with out you and your business, we wouldn’t exist, and wouldn’t that be a shame. so again, thanks, and have a happy and safe new year…..


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