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Hooooboy! We’ve spent all week receiving stacks of records for this weekend for the first IN PERSON RECORD STORE DAY we’ve had in over 2 years! Weeks of ordering and receiving and plotting and in about 36 hours, all hell is gonna break loose around here. Tomorrow night we’re gonna close up early and completely strip the walls and replace everything will all them glorious RSD exclusives.

AND just in case you don’t get what you wanted, or maybe you don’t want any of the exclusives, all the other records in the shop will be 20% off as well as gear and other accessories.

We are opening up at 9am, to help get the line through a bit faster as we will be limiting capacity all day. While masks are not required, it’d be really great if you’d be so kind as to wear one on Saturday.

…..rsd picks…..

Coil: Musick to Play in the Dark 2 (Dais) LP

Ok… it’s not an RSD release technically, but this is the most exciting thing in this week. Second half of Coil’s MASSIVE double header…. After leaving London in 1999 for the sleepy seaside retiree town of Weston-super-Mare, Coil co-founders John Balance and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson set up shop in a palatial eight-bedroom estate to pursue the outer reaches of the group’s heightening cabalistic chemistry. Among the staggering string of late-era masterpieces they produced is lunar opus Musick To Play In The Dark, widely hailed as an artistic zenith upon its release. The sessions that birthed it were in fact so fruitful that a second LP took shape during the creation of the first one.

Aided by the recent addition of Welsh multi-instrumentalist engineer Thighpaulsandra, Coil mined further into the recesses of surrealist eldritch electronica Balance termed “moon music” – post-industrial spellcasting at the axis of narcotic and nocturnal energies. Musick To Play In The Dark² spans a full witching hour of bad acid sound design, synthesizer voyaging, opiated balladry, Luciferian glitch, and subliminal hymnals, alternately ominous, oracular, and absurd. Scottish gothic icon Rose McDowall guests on vocals for two tracks but otherwise the album is a hermetic affair, tapping into the group’s limitless insular synergy.

Opener “Something” is stark and incantational, a spoken word experiment for windswept voids. “Tiny Golden Books” unspools an aerial whirlpool of cosmic synth, both whispery and widescreen. “Ether” is an exercise in funeral procession piano and intoxicated wordplay (“It’s either ether or the other”), while “Where Are You?” and “Batwings – A Liminal Hymn” lurk like liturgical murmurings heard on one’s death bed, framed in granular FX and flickering candlelight.

As a whole the collection skews more muted and remote than its predecessor, as if having grown accustomed to the nether regions of these darkening seances. But music box hallucination “Paranoid Inlay” captures the group’s oblique comedic side, always glimmering beneath: over a warped, wobbly beat Balance intones an opaque narrative of serenity, Saint Peter, and suicidal vegetables, accompanied by spiraling harpsichord and stuttering squelches of electronics. “It seems concussion suits you,” he repeats twice, like a macabre pickup line, before dictating a dear diary entry about risks and failures, finally concluding with as close to a self-portrait as Coil ever came: “On a clear day I can see forever / that the underworld is my oyster.”

File Under: Electronic, Ambient, Industrial

Speed, Glue & Shinki: Eve (Warner) LP

Speed, Glue & Shinki was a Japanese psychedelic rock power trio formed in 1970 by guitarist Shinki Chen and record producer Ikuzo Orita. Orita had previously produced an album featuring Chen; who was considered the Japanese equivalent of Jimi Hendrix. On December 25, 2019 both the group’s albums were officially released on vinyl by Atlantic in Japan in nearly 50 years. The first Japanese pressing is worth thousands of dollars and ROG is releasing this Japanese psychedelic-rock cult classic in the U.S. for the first time on vinyl! Pressed on solid red, solid yellow and solid orange mixed vinyl, it is limited to only 3500 copies!

File Under: Psych, Japan, Blues Rock

Karen Dalton: Shuckin’ Sugar (Delmore) LP

In 1962, Karen summoned Richard Tucker to join her in Colorado, extolling the healthier lifestyle, and plentiful gigs at Boulder folk club The Attic. Upon his arrival, the pair solidified their personal and professional relationship, riding horses in the mountains, and performing as a duo at parties and venues throughout Denver and Boulder. Stories of the spell they conjured – and rumours of tapes! – have circulated among friends and musicians who witnessed them, but until now, no recorded evidence had turned up. Shuckin’ Sugar is the glorious result of three reel to reel tapes that miraculously found their way to us in November 2018, which featured two complete shows from The Attic in January ’63, and a benefit concert for The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) recorded the following February. Their gigs would often include brief solo sets from Karen and Richard, in addition to the duets, and all seven solo songs of Karen’s found on the three reels are included here, as well as five duets, sequenced as close to how it all went down as humanly possible. To describe the record would take a poet, but all I can say is that unveiling a missing chapter in the Karen Dalton story – with six songs we’ve never heard her sing before – is cause for celebration in Delmore’s world. “From her opening, jaw-dropping lift-off with early blues standard “Trouble In Mind,” the unique otherworld Karen conjured springs into vivid life. Playing to audiences inevitably bound to the era’s formalities and traditions, Karen instinctively pushed the envelope, straying into uncharted territory beyond the established borders. She must have bewildered many who came to see her in those winsome Peter, Paul and Mary times.” –From the liner notes by Kris Needs

File Under: Country, Folk

Wipers: Over the Edge (Jackpot) LP

Wipers: Over The Edge – Anniversary Edition.   Double Colored Vinyl LP Set (Clear Red w/ Magenta Hi-Melt & Magenta Opaque with Etching) With Deluxe Foil Jacket.   Features Bonus Side of Rare Mixes, Outtakes, and more from the 1982 sessions   Includes unseen photos plus Wipers Etching on Vinyl.   Audiophile Pressing at RTI.   Cut by Kevin Gray.   Limited to 3000 copies. Over The Edge, Doom Town, So Young, Messenger, Romeo, Now Is The Time, What Is, No One Wants An Alien, The Lonely One, No Generation Gap, This time,  Mistaken ID (Live), No Solution (Outtake), Doom Town (Alternate Mix), The Lonely One (Alternate Mix), Now Is The Time (Alternate Mix), Romeo (Alternate Mix), Our Past Life (Demo)

File Under: Punk

Various: Salutations (RVNG Intl.) LP

Adult Swim and RVNG Intl.’s Salutations inaugurates a series of meetings, greetings, group assemblies and exercises along the invisible plane created through correspondence.

The question of how similar we are arises in the simple form of contact, and how we choose to embrace the potential of that moment and one another. Through correspondence, we connect, communicate, and form community. At first, correspondents with one another, and through the processes of collaboration and transmission, we correspond to parallel and intersecting collective cores.

This eternal network, undoubtedly informed (consciously or subconsciously) by some celestial or spiritual force, becomes a portal to practice social responsibility and an access point to a wider, inclusive universe of information. In turn, the network becomes a human phenomenon, as well as a potent demonstration of art and collectivism. As the world heals, and evolves through future changes, having this network in place provides a vessel to and grow/glow beyond our corporeal state.

Salutations features twelve pieces of new music from artists near and dear to RVNG’s sphere, including Isik Kural, Satomimagae, vhvl, Visible Cloaks, Sign Libra, Dialect, Batu, Anna Homler, Diatom Deli, Emily A. Sprague, Rachika Nayar and Nina Keith, and Wayne Phoenix. The compilation was first shared by Adult Swim on Wednesday, September 15, with a wider release the following day. This RSD 2022 release marks its first pressing on vinyl.

File Under: Electronic, Ambient, etc

…..rsd exclusives……

Not everything has shipped yet, as usual. There’s a lot of titles that arrived at our supplier too late to be here in time for Saturday. If we are able to confirm quantities before we open on Saturday, we will be taking pre-payment on our allotted copies for pick up when they arrive. Watch our RSD page on our site in case they are added at the last minute. Otherwise, we have everything else below in stock now and it will be on the shelf when we open on Saturday. As always, first come, first served, one per customer, no holds, blah blah blah. Come down and have some fun!

Pepper Adams & Tommy Banks Trio: Live at the Room At the Top LP
Alice in Chains: We Die Young 12″
All That Jazz: Ghibli Jazz 2 LP
All That Jazz: Ghibli Jazz LP
Allman Bros: Cream of the Crop LP
And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead: Madonna LP
Arawak: Background Music N .4 (Orange) LP
Asexuals: Be What You Want (ltd color) LP           
Ayers, Roy: Virgo Vibes (red vinyl + blue flexi) LP
Bardo Pond: Bufo Alverius (white) LP
Baronian, Souren: The Middle Eastern Soul of Carlee Records (TRANSLUCENT GOLD) LP
Bennett, Brian: Voyage (A Journey into Discoid Funk) (BLUE WITH BLACK SWIRL) LP
Jay Bennett: Where Are You, Jay Bennett? LP
Black Label Society: Alchohol Fueled Brewtality Live (coloured) LP
Blur: Bustin’ + Dronin’ LP              
Bowie, David: Brilliant Adventure EP LP
Bowie, David: Toy EP LP
Brugnolini, Sandro: L’uomo da gli occhiali a specchio (Clear) LP
Buena Vista Social Club: Ahora Me Da Pena LP
Camera Obscura: Making Money (4AD B-sides & Rarities/green) LP
Carlton Melton: Out To Sea (Dark At Night) LP   
Catatonics: Hunted Down LP
Cave, Nick: Live Seeds LP
Ceyleib People: Tanyet (clear blue) LP
Chicago: At Carnegie Hall, April 10, 1971 LP         
Cliff, Jimmy: Follow My Mind (oxblood-purple-maroon-ish colored) LP
Coolio: It Takes A Thief (coloured) LP
Cooper, Alice: Brutal Planet (brown) LP
Coryell, Larry: Fairyland (colour)
Cranberries: Remembering Dolores LP
Cure: Pornography LP
Cypress Hill: 420 Remixes 10″
Czarface: Czarmageddon (incl. trading cards) LP
Dalton, Karen: Shuckin’ Sugar (Clear) LP
Damned, The: Strawberries LP
Def Leppard: High ‘N’ Dry (picture disc) LP
Devo: Oh No! It’s Devo (40th Annivesary) LP
Doors: L.A. Woman Sessions LP
Dope, Kenny: Brazil 45 Boxset Vol. 3 (5×7-inch) LP
Edison International: It Happened At The Hop: Edison International Doo Woppers & Sock Hoppers (WHITE) LP
Electronic: Remix Mini Album LP
Erasure: NE:EP (PURPLE) LP
Evans, Bill: Inner Spirit 1979 At Teatro General San Martin LP
Evans, Bill: Morning Glory at Teatro Gran Rex, Buenos Aires LP
Everly Brothers: Hey Doll Baby (Baby Blue) LP     
Five Americans, The: Western Union (GOLD) LP
Folsom, Robert Lester: Music And Dreams (BLUE SEA-GLASS) LP
Foo Fighters: Makin’ a Fire 7″
Frankie & The Witch Fingers: s/t LP
Frightened Rabbit: A Frightened Rabbit EP (coloured) LP
Frightened Rabbit: Stat Hospital LP
Froese, Edgar: Epsilon In Malaysian Pale (colour) LP   
Future: DS2 LP      
Gallagher, Noel: Magic Secret 7″
Garrett, Kenny: Sketches Of MD (colored/numbered) Live At The Iridium LP
Goblin: Wampyr (Red) LP
Golden Smog: On Golden Smog LP
Gong: Gong In The 70s (colour) LP
Grateful Dead: Wembley Empire Pool, London, England BOX       
Groundhogs: Hogwash (deluxe edition) LP
Hammett, Kirk: Portals (ltd blue) 12″
Handsome Boy Modeling School: So…How’s Your Girl? (coloured) LP
Harris, Betty: Lost Queen of New Orleans LP
Jetstar Records: The Rock Sides (CLEAR) LP
Joan Jett & The Black Hearts: Acoustics LP
Jones, Durand & The Indications: Power To The People (DEMO) 7″            
Judas Priest: Hero Hero (red & blue) LP
Judybats, The: Native Son (OLIVE GREEN VINYL) LP
L.A. Guns: Waking The Dead (red/white/blue splatter) LP             
Lamarr, Delvon Organ Trio: Live In Loveland! (2LP-45rpm/pink) LP
Lord, The: Forest Nocturne LP
Love, Darlene: Darlene Love: The Many Sides of Love – The Complete Reprise Recordings Plus! (TEAL VINYL) LP   
Lumineers: Brightside: Bonus Tracks EP (coloured) LP
Madonna: Who’s That Girl/Causing A Commotion LP    
Mariah: #1 LP   
Marr, Johnny: Spirit, Power & Soul LP     
McBride, Christian: Conversations with Christian LP
Mingus, Charles: The Lost Album From Ronnie Scott’s (3LP) LP
Morricone, Ennio: Una pistola per Ringo / Il ritorno di Ringo OST (RED) LP
Mother Mother: O My Heart (picture disc/die cut sleeve) LP
Motorhead: The Lost Tapes Vol. 2 LP
Muffs: New Improved Kim Shattuck Demos LP
Nelson, Willie: Live at the Texas Opry House, 1974 LP      
Nicks, Stevie: Belladonna LP
Nico & The Faction: Camera Obscura (blue) LP
Opeth: My Arms, Your Hearse (purple, white & black swirl) LP
OST: The Midnight Society Soundtrack (Swirl) LP
Proclaimers: Sunshine On Leith LP
Prodigy: Return Of The Mac (opaque red) LP       
Puro, Genco & Co: Area di Servizio (Red) LP
Rain Parade, The: Explosions in the Glass Palace (MAGENTA VINYL) LP    
Rava, Enrico & Mario Rusca: D.N.A. (Red) LP 
Reed, Lou: I’m So Free LP      
Reed, Lou & Kris Kristofferson: The Bottom Line LP
Reigning Sound: Memphis in June (orange) LP
Replacements: Unsuitable for Airplay: The Lost KFAI Concert LP
Richman, Jonathan & The Modern Lovers: Modern Lovers 88 35th anniversary edition (sky blue) LP
Roach, Max: We Insist! Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite (180g-clear) LP
Rob: ROB (red) LP
Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of Marvin Gaye LP
Sepultura: Revolusongs LP
Simonetti, Enrico: Gamma (White) LP
Smith, Patti: Curated By RSD LP
Speed, Glue & Shinki: Eve (solid red, yellow & orange mixed) LP
Stiff Little Fingers: BBC Live in Concert (Pale Blue) LP       
Stone, Joss: LP1 LP          
Superchunk: Incidental Music ’91-’95 (green/orange) LP
Tegan and Sara: So Jealous (red) LP
Tosh, Peter: Completely Captured Live LP
Vega, Alan: Jukebox Babe/Speedway (first mix) (pink) 7″
Walkmen: Lisbon LP
Weyes Blood: A Certain Kind b/w Everybody’s Talkin’ (BLOOD STARBURST VINYL) 7″
Weyes Blood: The Innocents (NUCLEAR POND BLUE VINYL) LP
Williams, John: Lost In Space: Title Themes from the Hit TV Series (Purple) LP      
Wipers: Over The Edge – Anniversary Edition (red) LP
Wire: Not About To Die LP
Wye Oak: If Children (red/white spatter) LP
Various: Atenção!: Novos Sons do Brasil (coloured) LP
Various: Soul Power ’68 (purple) LP
Various: Hillbillies In Hell: 13 LP
Various: Punk 45 – I’m A Mess! LP             
Various: Soul Power ’68 LP
Various: Breakin’ O.S.T. (clear) LP             
Various: Chicago Soul ’66 LP       
Various: Memphis Soul ’68 LP
Various: Salutations (coke bottle clear) LP
Various: Soho Scene ’58 (Jazz Goes Mod) LP        
Various: West Coast Soul ’66 LP

…..rsd used drop…..

If you follow us on social media, you have probably gotten sick of us this week. We’ve been teasing all week some of the 100+ rare original, collectable, out of print titles we’re going to be putting out along with all of the RSD exclusives. If you haven’t, looked, you really should. There’s some seriously killer stuff going out. Not for the faint of heart. Also, in store only, first come first served, no holds.

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