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Oof…. well, I guess it’s here. We had a good run though, so I guess we can’t complain. Anyway, I’m really swimming in it today… just bought another nice batch of used off a customer moving across the country. They shall be missed, but this is a nice parting ‘gift’. So that’ll help keep the daily used posts rolling, not that we were running low on great used slabs…. None today, but tomorrow we should have some tasty treats for your clicking pleasure. In the meantime, there’s some killer new stuff in, so take a look!

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….pick of the week…..

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio: I Told You So (Colemine) LP
Limited pink vinyl or classic black! Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio—or as it is sometimes referred to, DLO3—specialize in the lost art of “feel good music.” The ingredients of this intoxicating cocktail include a big helping of the 1960s organ jazz stylings of Jimmy Smith and Baby Face Willette; a pinch of the snappy soul strut of Booker T. & The M.G.’s and The Meters; and sprinkles Motown, Stax Records, blues, and cosmic Jimi Hendrix-style guitar. It’s a soul-jazz concoction that goes straight to your heart and head makes your body break out in a sweat. The band features organist Delvon Lamarr, a self-taught virtuosic musician, with perfect pitch who taught himself jazz and has effortlessly been able to play a multitude of instruments. On guitar is the dynamo Jimmy James who eases through Steve Cropper-style chanking guitar, volcanic acid-rock freak-out lead playing, and slinky Grant Green style jazz. From Reno, Nevada is drummer Dan Weiss (also of the powerhouse soul and funk collective The Sextones). Dan’s smoldering pocket-groove drumming locks in the trio’s explosive chemistry. Founded by Larmarr’s wife and manager Amy Novo, the trio started from humble beginnings in 2015, but since then has released two Billboard charting albums and toured the world to sold out venues. The trio returns now with their second studio album, I Told You So, with even heavier grooves and more confidence. It may have been several years since their most recent studio effort, but they haven’t missed a beat.

File Under: Funk, Soul
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…..new arrivals…..

Animal Collective: Bridge to Quiet (Domino) LP
During April and May of 2020, Animal Collective took a look at some of their improvisations from 2019 and early 2020. They remixed them, collaged them, and built them into songs, finding their way to Bridge to Quiet. 

File Under: Indie Rock
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Besnard Lakes: Are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings (Flemish Eye) LP
The Besnard Lakes have passed through death and they’re here to tell the tale. Nearly five years after their last lightning-tinted volley, the magisterial Montreal psych-rock band has sworn off compromise, split with their long-standing label, and completed a searing, 72-minute suite about the darkness of death and the light on the other side. Ignited by their love for each other, for playing music together, the sextet found themselves unspooling the most uncompromising recording of their career. Despite all its grandeur, Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings honors the very essence of punk rock: the notion that a band needs only be relevant to itself. At last, the Besnard Lakes have crafted a continuous long-form suite: nine tracks that could be listened together as one, like Spiritualized’s Lazer Guided Melodies or even Dark Side of the Moon, overflowing with melody and harmony, drone and dazzle, the group’s own unique weather. Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings is a double LP. “Near Death” is the title of the first side. “Death,” “After Death,” and “Life” follows next. It’s literally a journey into (and back from) the brink: the story of the Besnard Lakes’ own odyssey but also a remembrance of others, especially the death of Lasek’s father in 2019. Being on your deathbed is perhaps the most psychedelic trip you can go on: in Lasek’s father’s case, he surfaced from a morphine dream to talk about “a window” on his blanket, with “a carpenter inside, making intricate objects.” That experience pervades the album, catching fire on the song “Christmas Can Wait”; elsewhere the band pays tribute to the late Mark Hollis and, on “The Father of Time Wakes Up,” they mourn the death of Prince.

File Under: Indie Rock
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Tina Brooks: The Waiting Game (Tone Poet) (Blue Note) LP
The Waiting Game was the unsung tenor saxophonist Tina Brooks’ final album, recorded in 1961 but not released until 1999. Brooks is one of the most under-appreciated tenor players and composers of the hard bop era, with only one of his four Blue Note sessions (the classic True Blue) released during his lifetime. Brooks is joined here by Johnny Coles on trumpet, Kenny Drew on piano, Wilbur Ware on bass, and Philly Joe Jones on drums. Brooks penned five of the six tracks, showcasing his unique compositional talent in addition to his pleading and soulful tenor sound. Highlights include the Side 1 opener “Talkin’ About” and the modal masterpieces “Dhyana” and “David the King.” Blue Note Records has announced the continuation of the acclaimed Tone Poet Audiophile Vinyl Reissue Series in 2020. Launched in 2019 in honor of the label’s 80th Anniversary, the Tone Poet series is produced by Joe Harley (from Music Matters) and features all-analog, 180g audiophile vinyl reissues that are mastered from the original master tapes by Kevin Gray of Cohearent Audio. Tone Poet vinyl is manufactured at RTI in Camarillo, CA, and packaged in deluxe Stoughton Printing “Old Style” gatefold Tip-On jackets. The titles were once again handpicked by Harley and cover the crème de la crème of the Blue Note catalog along with underrated classics, modern era standouts, and albums from other labels under the Blue Note umbrella including Pacific Jazz and United Artists Records. Every aspect of these Blue Note/Tone Poet releases is done to the highest-possible standard. It means that you will never find a superior version. “The LPs are mastered directly from the original analog master tapes by Kevin at his incredible facility called Cohearent Mastering. We go about it in the exact same way that we did for so many years for the Music Matters Blue Note reissues. We do not roll off the low end, boost the top or do any limiting of any kind. We allow the full glory of the original Blue Note masters to come though unimpeded! Short of having an actual time machine, this is as close as you can get to going back and being a fly on the wall for an original Blue Note recording session.” – Joe Harley

File Under: Jazz
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Loren Connors & Oren Ambarchi: Leone (Family Vineyard) LP
Leone is the first meeting of electric guitarists Loren Connors and Oren Ambarchi. It’s somewhat surprising it’s taken this long as these two are connected by ongoing collaborators, like Jim O’Rourke and Keiji Haino. Connors, for more than 40 years, has continued to develop an iconic sound tethered to radical permutations of the blues. Ambarchi’s own multi-decade transfiguration of the guitar inhabits a rarefied realm of abstracted tones and dissonance pitched between improvisation and composition. This album, like its title, is a sum of parts: solo performances by Connors and Ambarchi bookend a duo. On “Lorn,” Connors unravels an aggressive ternary form, with an opening section wrapped in distortion and extreme phasing that contrasts against ghostly, distant single notes. This side-long piece is a dramatic six-string reimagination of Connors’ beloved vocal arias. Ambarchi’s “Nor,” supplants a guitar performance with melodic, shifting organ-like tones that are swallowed into a fluttering, glitchy squall. The harmonics and pace is similar in complexity to Ambarchi’s most recent album, Simian Angel (Editions Mego). On “Ronnel,” the duo, each audio landscape created by the two slowly rotates and overlaps the other. Connors’ lightly traced blue and black notes are boldly punctuated by Ambarch’s bright bass-like pulses and ebullient synthy colors. It’s as if each is drawing the others’ portrait on opposite sides of a translucent sheet. Leone was recorded November 15, 2017 by Bob Bellerue at the Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY. Mixed and mastered by Joe Talia and cut by Carl Saff. Cover illustration by Marissa Huber.

File Under: Ambient, Guitar
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Goat Girl: On All Fours (Rough Trade) LP
Pink vinyl! Goat Girl’s new album On All Fours was produced by Dan Carey (Kae Tempest, Black Midi, Franz Ferdinand) in South London in early 2020. This new record sees the band veer away from the confrontational lyricism of their debut and indicates Goat Girl’s maturing perspectives in discussing the world’s injustices and social prejudices, using the music to explore global, humanitarian, environmental and mindful wellbeing. Throughout, On All Fours, Goat Girl’s frequent use of sci-fi synthesizers, off-beat chord progressions, analogue drum machines, diverse vocal styles and distinct, gritty guitars fuse a musical language that expresses both former characteristics and newer developments of the band’s sound and vision.

File Under: Indie Rock
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Kiwi Jr.: Cooler Returns (Self Release) LP
Buildings burning in every direction; macabre unknowns in your friendly neighbor’s basement; undecided voters sharpening their pencils: under pressure we could call Kiwi Jr’s Cooler Returns “timely.” But what year is it, again? On their sophomoric smash-up released world-wide by Sub Pop Records, Kiwi Jr cycle through the recent zigs and looming zags of the new decade, squinting anew at New Year’s parties forgotten and under-investigated small town diner fires, piecing together low-stakes conspiracy theories on what’s coming down the pike in 2021. Put together like a thousand-piece puzzle, assembled in flow state through the first dull stretch of quarantine, sanitized singer shuffling to sanitized studio by streetcar, masked like it’s the kind of work where getting recognized means getting killed, Cooler Returns materializes as a sprawling survey from the first few bites of the terrible twenties, an investigative exposé of recent history buried under the headlines and ancient kings buried under parking lots.

File Under: Indie Rock
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Lon Moshe & Southern Freedom Arkestra: Love Is Where The Spirit Lies (Strut) LP
Strut present the first ever international reissue of one of the most sought-after albums from the Black Fire catalogue, Lon Moshe & Southern Freedom Arkestra’s life-affirming “Love Is Where The Spirit Lies” from 1977.

File Under: Jazz
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Nurse With Wound: To the Quiet Men from a Tiny Girl (Dirter) LP
Yellow vinyl! Long awaited vinyl reissue of Nurse With Wound’s classic second album, To The Quiet Men From A Tiny Girl, originally released in 1980. Packaged in an outer sleeve that replicates the original United Dairies issue and also has a replica of the Steven Stapleton designed insert.

File Under: Industrial
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Nurse With Wound: Merzbild Schwet (Dirter) LP
Blue vinyl! Long awaited vinyl reissue of Nurse With Wound’s classic third album, Merzbild Schwet, originally released in 1980. Packaged in an outer sleeve that replicates the original United Dairies issue and has a brand-new Steven Stapleton designed full color insert.

File Under: Industrial
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Pantera: Reinventing the Steel (Rhino) LP
REINVENTING THE STEEL: 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION, includes a newly remastered version of the original album and a selection of rarities. A major highlight is the new mix by Terry Date, the legendary producer who was behind the console for the band’s previous four landmark albums: Cowboys from Hell (1990), Vulgar Display of Power (1992), Far Beyond Driven (1994) and The Great Southern Trendkill (1996).

File Under: Metal
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Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross: Soul OST (Disney) LP
The new Pixar film Soul imagines that every person on earth comes pre-installed with a soul formed and perfected in a cosmic realm. Jamie Foxx plays a middle-school music teacher on earth who dreams of playing at legendary New York jazz club, The Blue Note. After the wrong step into an open sewer grate, Joe slips back into his soul form back in the other realm – with some existential work to do before he might land his big gig. Soul comes from visionary filmmaker Pete Docter, the Academy Award-winning director behind Inside Out and Up, and co-director/writer Kemp Powers, playwright and screenwriter of One Night in Miami. It stars the voice talents of Foxx, Tina Fey, Phylicia Rashad, Ahmir Questlove Thompson, Angela Bassett and Daveed Diggs and features original jazz music by globally renowned musician Jon Batiste and a score composed by Oscar-winners Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (The Social Network). Reznor and Ross composed an original score which drifts between the real and soul worlds. The film journeys from the streets of New York City to cosmic realms and “The You Seminar,” a fantastical place where we discover our unique personalities.

File Under: OST, Nine Inch Nails
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Jeff Tweedy: Love is the King (dBPM) LP
Clear vinyl! Out on dBpm Records, Love Is The King, a “beautifully honest ode to love and hope,” serves as the follow-up to 2018’s Warm and 2019’s Warmer and features 11 new Jeff Tweedy-penned and performed songs. Produced by Jeff and Tom Schick at Wilco’s Chicago studio, The Loft, Tweedy’s sons Spencer and Sammy lend additional drums and vocals. “At the beginning of the lockdown I started writing country songs to console myself,” says Jeff. “Folk and country type forms being the shapes that come most easily to me in a comfort food sort of way. ‘Guess Again’ is a good example of the success I was having at pushing the world away, counting my blessings – taking stock in my good fortune to have love in my life. A few weeks later things began to sound like ‘Love Is The King’ – a little more frayed around the edges with a lot more fear creeping in. Still hopeful but definitely discovering the limits of my own ability to self soothe.” Includes the three advance singles “Guess Again,” Love Is The King” and “Gwendolyn.”

File Under: Alt. Country, Wilco
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Sarah Vaughan & Clifford Brown: Sarah Vaughan (Acoustic Sounds Series)
(Verve) LP

This studio recording from 1954, a self-titled album recorded for EmArcy, was later reissued as Sarah Vaughan With Clifford Brown to denote the involvement of one of the top trumpeters of the day. Vaughan ‘played’ her voice with a musical creativity, as if it were a ‘real’ instrument, and on this album, she is matched with musicians of equally high quality. The band includes Brown on trumpet, Herbie Mann on flute, and Paul Quinichette on tenor, each of whom have plenty of space for solos (most of the songs are close to the five-minute mark). Vocally, the singer is arguably at the zenith of her career here, pausing and lingering over notes on the standards “April In Paris,” “Jim” and “Lullaby Of Birdland.” This all-analog 180g vinyl LP reissue was mastered from the original analog tapes by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound, pressed at QRP, and comes housed in a Stoughton tip-on gatefold jacket.

File Under: Jazz
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79.5: Predicitions (Big Crown) LP
Beastie Boys: Check Your Head (EMI) LP
Beastie Boys: Hello Nasty (EMI) LP
Black Market Brass: Undying Thirst (Colemine) LP
Black Pumas: s/t (ATO) 2LP+7″
Brainstory: Buck (Big Crown) LP
Gene Clark: No Other (4AD) LP
Drab Majesty: Modern Mirror (Dais) LP
El Michels Affair: Enter the 37th Chamber (Big Crown) LP
Eric’s Trip: Peter (Blue Fog) LP
Aaron Frazer: Introducing (Dead Oceans) LP
Fugazi: Repeater (Dischord) LP
Mort Garson: Music from Patch Cord Productions (Sacred Bones) LP
Harlem Gospel Travelers: He’s On Time (Colemine) LP
Andrew Hill: Black Fire (Tone Poet) (Blue Note) LP
Andrew Hill: Smokestack (Blue Note) LP
Holy Hive: Float Back to You (Big Crown) LP
Indian Summer: Giving Birth to Summer (Numero) LP
Iron Maiden: Somewhere in Time (Parlophone) LP
Iron Maiden: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Parlophone) LP
Khruangbin: Hasta El Dielo (Dead Oceans) LP+7″
King Crimson: In the Court of the Crimson King (K-Scope) LP
Kendrick Lamar: Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City (Aftermath) LP
Metz: Atlas Vending (Royal Mountain) LP
Charles Mingus: Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus (Impulse) LP
Molchat Doma: Monument (Sacred Bones) LP
Molchat Doma: S Krysh Nafhikh Domov (Sacred Bones) LP
Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins: s/t (Verve) LP
Thelonious Monk: Palo Alto (Impulse) LP
Kevin Morby: Oh My God (Dead Oceans) LP
Kevin Morby: Sundowner (Dead Oceans) LP
Paul & The Tall Trees: So Long (Big Crown) LP
Orville Peck: Pony (Royal Mountain) LP
Horace Silver: Doin’ the Thing (Blue Note) LP
Sonic Youth: Goo (Geffen) LP
Sonic Youth: Murray Street (Geffen) LP
Wire: Pink Flag (Ping Flag) LP
Various: Crown Jewels Vol 1 (Big Crown) LP
Various: Soul Slabs Vol 1 (Colemine) LP

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