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Welcome to the future! The industry always takes awhile to get rolling after the holiday season, so there isn’t much new out yet but there are a few stragglers that came in between Xmas and now that didn’t get listed in a previous update, so here they are! The good news is without shipments to deal with, we should get a bunch of fresh used stuff out in the bins. I know I put out two crates worth yesterday.

I know I’ve been saying this for a while, but now that the holidays are past we will be trying to sort out this HIRING someone real soon! If you dream of hanging out and talking about records all day, then bring us a resume along with your top ten albums of 2019 and of all time!

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…..pick of the week…..


Nebular Wave: Chicxulub (Saw-whet) LP
Edmonton-based prog-psych power trio Nebular Wave are back with a triumphant follow-up to their self-titled debut. CHICXULUB features the group kicking things up several notches with 43 minutes of entrancing space-rock and experimentation; A juggernaut of composition and off-the-floor improvisation. The title track “Chicxulub” takes up the entirety of Side A with a kosmische-style repetition journey through the cosmos. Side B veers off into territories of prog and space-age ambience with the tracks “Raw Shock” and “Sickness X-1” (featuring legendary Edmonton trumpeter Bob Tildesley). The music even takes an unexpected turn to the avant-garde with “Loonar Oscillations” which, according to the band, was recorded on a canoe on Long Lake, Alberta just before alien appeared with their tape delay machine. CHICXULUB was recorded and mixed by Nebular Wave throughout 2019 and is officially released through Saw-whet Records on purple and pink swirled vinyl. Rejoice! Chicxulub is here!

File Under: Prog, Psych, Kosmische
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…..new arrivals…..


Annie Anxiety: Soul Possession (Dais) LP
Many influential characters graced the stage of Max’s Kansas City within the creative zeitgeist of New York City during the late 1970’s, but one local native named Annie Bandez thrust herself into the downtown scene with her punk ensemble Annie and the Asexuals, establishing her nom de plume Annie Anxiety (later known as “Little Annie”) and colliding head-on with the social norms of contemporary punk culture entangling the city at that time. After a couple years of disintegrated pursuits in New York, Annie relocated to England, finding herself at the doorstep of the famed anarchro-commune Dial House headed by activist Penny Rimbaud. It was here that Annie Anxiety established herself as a singular artist and voice with her debut 1981 single “Barbed Wire Halo” on seminal Crass Records and forging a creative alliance with Crass members Penny Rimbaud and Eve Libertine. As the landscape of punk in the United Kingdom was shifting towards a more diverse, multicultural focal point, artists such as Annie Anxiety found themselves exploring musical signatures in styles such as dub reggae and rocksteady. In the summer of 1983, Annie began work at Southern Studios on what would be her first full length endeavor which encompassed all of her creative assets at that time. Employing the expertise of legendary dub producer Adrian Sherwood to realize this vision, Annie pulled together members of Crass, Flux of Pink Indians, Family Fodder, African Head Charge, London Underground and Art Interface to record her groundbreaking dub industrial masterpiece. Upon its initial release by the unofficial Crass off-shoot label Corpus Christi in 1984, Soul Possession started the avalanche of activity that would include dozens of releases and collaborations with Nurse With Wound, Coil, Current 93, Baby Dee, Swans and Marc Almond.

File Under: Electronic, Industrial
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Idles: A Beautiful Thing: Live at Le Bataclan (Partisan) LP
“A Beautiful Thing: IDLES Live at Le Bataclan” is the brand new live album from IDLES, recorded at Le Bataclan in Paris on 3rd December 2018, at the close of a 90 date world tour. The album celebrates the band’s success over the last two years, featuring songs from Brutalism and Joy as an Act of Resistance, and highlights their overall message of unity, and of healing through community. “Our show at Bataclan was the end of a very long journey for us. On that tour we learnt so much about ourselves, each other and the audiences we have grown with over the past 10 years. That show was nothing short of catharsis and nothing more than love. We love what we do and the people who have carried us here, there was no hiding that at Bataclan and we are so very grateful that the moment was captured in all its glory, love and fatigue. Long live the open minded and long live the moment.” – Joe Talbot

File Under: Rock
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Daniel Lopatin: Uncut Gems OST (Warp) LP
Daniel Lopatin returns with his latest score for A24/The Safdie Brothers’ Uncut Gems out on Warp Records. Rapturously received by critics and executive produced by Martin Scorsese, Uncut Gems features token pulp action, starring Adam Sandler (in an outstanding career performance) as well as NBA star Kevin Garnett, Lakeith Stanfield, The Weeknd and more. The hypnotic crime thriller follows Sandler’s Howard Ratner in a twisted odyssey through the New York jewelry market, a charismatic man on the brink always on the lookout for the next big score. This is the second collaboration between Lopatin and the Safdie brothers following the highly acclaimed work for Good Time, winner of the Best Soundtrack Award at Cannes and the Best Original Score for a Feature Film at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. At Cannes the composer was in competition with the likes of Jonny Greenwood, Jed Kurzel and Ibrahim Maalouf and took home the celebrated prize. His other film scores include Ariel Kleiman’s Partisan (2015), and Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring (2013). Uncut Gems is his first work recorded at Gaia Studios, the artist’s new base in Brooklyn, NY.

File Under: Electronic, OST
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Queens of the Stone Age: Lullabies to Paralyze (Universal) LP
Over nearly two decades, Queens of the Stone Age have built a powerful and distinctive body of work that marks QOTSA as one of rock’s most consistently audacious outfits. The band’s reputation was built on its early hot streak of four smash releases: Rated R, Songs For The Deaf, Lullabies to Paralyze and Era Vulgaris. Interscope Records/UMe adds an exciting new chapter to QOTSA’s catalogue with high-quality 180g vinyl editions of Rated R and Songs For The Deaf in November 2019, and Lullabies to Paralyze and Era Vulgaris to follow in December. Queens of the Stone Age’s 2005 release Lullabies to Paralyze debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard album charts. Along with the hits “Little Sister” and “Burn the Witch,” Lullabies to Paralyze features guest appearances by Jack Black, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Shirley Manson of Garbage and Jesse Hughes of the Eagles of Death Metal. The new vinyl release of Lullabies to Paralyze features a gatefold jacket with the album’s original album art in the U.S. for the first time, and includes the original three vinyl bonus tracks: “Infinity,” “Like A Drug” and “Precious And Grace.”

File Under: Rock
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Lonnie Smith: Live at Club Mozambique (Blue Note) LP
In honor of Blue Note Records’ 80th Anniversary, the legendary jazz label is launching the Blue Note 80 Vinyl Reissue Series. Distinct from the Tone Poet Audiophile Vinyl Reissue Series, this second series curated by Don Was and Cem Kurosman features 180g vinyl LP releases in standard packaging with albums spanning the many eras of the label’s history presented by themes: Blue Note Debuts, Blue Grooves, Great Reid Miles Covers, Blue Note Live, and Blue Note Drummer Leaders. The series resumes in December 2019 with Part 2 of the Blue Note Live theme  – Jimmy Smith – Groovin’ At Smalls’ Paradise (1958), Lonnie Smith – Live at Club Mozambique (1995) and Lee Konitz – Alone Together (1997) – and will continue with three albums released each month for the coming year. Recorded in May 1970, this smoldering set of funky soul-jazz by the great organist Lonnie Smith went unreleased until 1995. Captured live at Club Mozambique in Detroit just five months after Smith recorded his excellent Blue Note album Drives, this live date featured a similar line-up with tenor saxophonist Dave Hubbard, baritone saxophonist Ronnie Cuber, and drummer Joe Dukes, with the notable difference being the presence of guitarist George Benson here. On this double album the band stretches out on six Smith originals including “I Can’t Stand It” and “Play It Back” along with covers of the Sly Stone song “I Want To Thank You” and Miles Davis’ “Seven Steps to Heaven.”

File Under: Jazz
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Squarepusher: Vortrack (Warp) 12″
Warp stalwart Squarepusher returns to territory lifelong listeners will recognize on Vortrack. Precisely unrelenting breakbeats shred, colliding headlong into a baleful panorama of acid basslines on opener “Vortrack (Fracture Remix).” Eventually easing into the title track – a similarly strange journey, Vortrack takes hold of an unreal junglist abyss, fit to score the depths of alien spacecrafts and earth’s deepest waters alike.

File Under: Electronic
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Tengger: Spiritual 2 (Beyond Beyond is Beyond) LP
TENGGER is a traveling musical family, made up of Pan-Asian couple, itta and Marqido, who create their brand of psychedelic New-Age drone magic through the use of harmonium, voice, and toy instruments (played by itta) and analogue synths (played by Marqido). TENGGER means ‘unlimited expanse of sky’ in Mongolian and also means ‘huge sea’ in Hungarian. You’ll hear all of that in their music. Travel, as spiritual experience in real environments, and the sound between the space and the audience have been central themes of their works. Fans of Cluster, Laraaji, Emerald, and Neu! will find lots to love in the music of TENGGER. The cover art is from Mt. Ishizuchi in Shikoku, Japan. Ishizuchi is a symbolic, holy mountain. There is an old shrine near the top and there’s a small mirror at the shrine which reveals the peak of the Ishizuchi. Beyond Beyond is Beyond is honored to be the mirror for you to reflect the beauty, strength, and power of TENGGER’s brand-new masterwork, “Spiritual 2”.

File Under: Psych, Kosmische
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White Zombie: It Came From NYC (Numero) 5LP Box
White vinyl edition! Years before Beavis and Butt-head headbanged “Thunder Kiss ’65” and “More Human than Human” into the eternal rock video canon, there was primordial White Zombie – a quintessential, diabolically loud byproduct of Manhattan’s underground rock scene, born of artschool rendezvous and squalid apartment circumstance. “It Came from N.Y.C.” is the most exhaustive attempt so far to document the band’s wondrously ugly birth. Get reintroduced to White Zombie as New York noise-rock, a grotesque creation that clawed and threatened its way to crossover metal glory. The accompanying 108-page book painstakingly documents White Zombie’s punishing progression through scores of unpublished photos, period discography, a T-shirtography, and tales from the terrifying early years that stitch together the sordid story of a band whose true power eclipsed its mainstream heyday.

File Under: Metal
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Les Baxter: Ritual of the Savage (Waxtime) LP
Big Black: Atomizer (Touch & Go) LP
Big Black: Songs About Fucking (Touch & Go) LP
Boards of Canada: Peel Sessions (Warp) LP
Boards of Canada: In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country (Warp) LP
Boards of Canada: Campfire Headphase (Warp) LP
Nick Cave: Ghosteen (Bad Seeds) LP
Miles Davis: Complete Birth of Cool (Columbia) LP
Lana Del Rey: Norman Fucking Rockwell (Universal) LP
Ikebe Shakedown: Kings Left Behind (Colemine) LP
Kraftwerk: Radio-Activity (EMI) LP
Kraftwerk: Trans Europe Express (EMI) LP
Fela Kuti: Coffin for Head of State (Knitting Factory) LP
Kendrick Lamar: Damn (Aftermath) LP
Colin Newman: A-Z (Pink Flag) LP
Nirvana: Nevermind (Geffen) LP
Ben Pirani: How Do I Talk To My Brother? (Colemine) LP
Pretty Things: S.F. Sorrow (Mad Fish) LP
Queens of the Stone Age: Songs for the Deaf (Universal) LP
Steve Roach: Structures from Silence (Telephone Explosion) LP
Strand of Oaks: Pope Killdragon (Western Vinyl) LP
Tame Impala: Innerspeaker (Modular) LP
Tame Impala: Lonerism (Modular) LP
Scott Walker: Scott 3 (Universal) LP

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