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Well, Christmas is just around the corner and if you didn’t do all your shopping during our Anniversary sale, you are in luck, cuz there’s loads of great new stuff in this week. We’ve also got loads of great gift ideas that AREN’T records too… brushes, magazines, shirts, mats, frames and so on!

Don’t forget about the Rega Turntable sale that is going on right now as well….

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This sale is on while supplies last! So if you are thinking about picking something up, or hoping someone will pick something up for you, best not to wait too long!

Annnnnnd if you didn’t have a chance to come down, we still have our 50% off crates out for the time being, so come have a dig and save save save!

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…..picks of the week…..


Black Merlin: Kosua (Island of the Gods) LP
Back in 2015, George Thompson aka Black Merlin started a deep love affair with the remote island of Papua New Guinea. After his first album, Hipnotik Tradisi (2016) was released on Island Of The Gods, George was intrigued to find a place drenched in culture and untouched by the western world. In 2016, George planned his first solo expedition, venturing out to meet the Kosua tribe. Over the course of the next two years, George would record the sounds of the Kosua people, from their daily lives to ancient dance customs and wildlife. During one of these trips he spent 14 days alone in the jungle, getting in and out of the Mount Bosavi crater and a further three days inside recording and filming his experience. These recordings and experiences formed the basis of his second album, Kosua.

File Under: Ambient, Field Recordings, Electronic
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large_550_tmp_2F1536860130360-zdqzt5a1qea-ab20d828020de92470f2cf2f79e66ca8_2FLSINV203_PackshotJóhann Jóhannssonn: Mandy (Invada) LP
In tomorrow…. Back in stock, bet you didn’t realize we had this for a blink of an eye already, but this time, we’ve got plenty to go around… in theory. Jóhann Jóhannssonn is recognised as one of the best modern film composers. His score to ‘The Theory Of Everything’ won a Golden Globe for Best Original Score and was nominated for the same Academy Award, whilst his stunning work on ‘Sicario’ also earned him the Academy Award nomination for best score. His other notable works include ‘Arrival’, ‘Prisoners’ and ‘The Mercy’. The Mandy score was co-produced by Jóhann and Randall Dunn. It features Sunn O)))’s Stephen O’Malley on guitar. The album was later assembled with the help of co-producers Pepijn Caudron and Yair Glotman.

File Under: Ambient, Electronic, OST
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…..new arrivals…..

large_550_tmp_2F1542827397735-ll8wdkz27w-579a76ef801f7822da51ecf40fb3a48d_2Fa2557917909_10Beverly Copeland: s/t (Majik Bus) LP
In tomorrow…. Beverly Glenn-Copeland was born in Philadelphia USA but this jazz folk album was recorded in Canada for the CBC in-house label and only released to CBC radio stations. Stand out tracks include the amazing ‘Don’t Despair’ and ‘Good Morning Blues’, both written by Copeland, and a psych jazz reprise of the first track ‘Don’t Despair’. Incredibly rare, originals of this LP have been known to sell for up to USD$1500 in the market place. Having transitioned to a man, Glenn Copeland is still recording and playing his incredible music today.

File Under: Jazz, Folk
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Damily: Valimbilo (Bongo Joe) LP
In tomorrow….  June 2017, France. It’s 40° both inside and outside. At Studio Black Box, in the Haut Anjou, it is as if you were there, in Madagascar. And when the tape recorders start rotating, the musicians’ imagination feeds off the guts of their music : Malagasy bush, tropical heat, red dirt, sand, drought, corn, cassava, cockcrow, mooing zebus, lambahoany (fabric), leaf hut, fotaky house (mud), dust, portable generator, music, rhum, bodies frantically dancing wether in the dark or under the blazing sun…Tsapiky. The album shall be named Valimbilo. Bilo is a disease which strikes one’s mental health, depression is what western societies call it. When one is diagnosed with « voany bilo », a precise medical treatment is engaged and performed without doctors, nor medicine. To vanquish bilo, one has to use music. The sorcerer solely decides upon the “good” day (the day which gathers the most positive aspects of the astrological conjuncture) to operate: the extended family hosts a ceremony ruled by many taboos, which can last up to a few days, and in which only one remedy is applied in high dosage : some Tsapiky. They are “doctor” musicians whom talent is source of the cure. They play for the patient, who has to be facing the orchestra : all of their attention is focused on the bilo, dancing in the sick person’s body : It has to be awaken, seduced, surprised and attacked from every angle before it is pressured, pressured until KO, until it can’t take the it anymore, stuffed with music. Then the patient is relieved, discharged, and the ceremony is over. During the entirety of the ceremony, the patient picks a person who helps him/her get the bilo out of his/her system, this is what we call “valimbilo”, literally “husband/wife of the bilo”

File Under: World, Folk
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Franco Lee Ezute: Onye Kata Obia (Bongo Joe) LP
In tomorrow…. The 1970s and 80s saw the rise of the Ukwuani style in Nigerian highlife. A funky fusion of the laidback, mellifluous guitar lines characteristic of Igbo highlife with the rugged, animated rhythm section of Edo dance music, the sound was a sensation that made stars of musicians like Rogana Ottah, Steady Arobby, King Love A.U., Bob Fred and Chief John Okpor. One of the most consistent players in this field, though, was General Franco Lee Ezute, leader of the Harmony Kings International Band. Bongo Joe is proud to present this deluxe reissue of Onye Kata Obia, one of the Harmony Kings’ most underrated albums. Full of electrifying guitar work and intoxicating rhythms, it is sure to keep the crowd dancing!

File Under: African, Highlife
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Altin Gun: On (Bongo Joe) LP
In tomorrow…. On their debut album ‘On’ (Bongo Joe Records), the band show what happens when you open doors between Turkish folk songs which were passed on from generation to generation on the one hand and a dirty blend of funk rhythms, wah-wah guitars and analogue organs on the other. The Amsterdammers who come from various backgrounds (Turkish but also Indonesian and Dutch) comfortably create their work in the adventurous no-man’s land that exists between these two worlds. Older generations of Turkish musicians have also experimented with opening doors between previously unconnected sonic worlds. During the seventies, artists such as Baris Manço, Selda Bağcan and Erkin Koray practiced a way of songwriting and composing similar to Altin Gün’s. They took the music played during the festive occasions and serious formalities of their childhood, folk songs backed by a traditional Turkish string instrument called the saz. To this, they added the techniques and vibes of their times and the result then went on to become a distinct Turkish sound during 1972-1977 which even today still sounds rich, danceable and (alright then!) heavily mind bending. The Altin Gün band members first encountered this music in various ways: through their upbringing, via friends or after finding life changing compilations in record shops. Their own personal discoveries eventually led them to collectively open doors to crowds everywhere across Europe, from the Into the Great Wide Open festival in Netherlands to Istanbul, from Ghent to Geneva and from Ravenna back to Amsterdam; people all across Europe fell in love with Altin Gün’s unusual combination of familiar sounds. Manço, Bağcan and Koray have all influenced Altin Gün, but their foremost inspiration is Neşet Ertaş, a Turkish folk musician whose musical legacy is invaluable. Comparisons are almost impossible to make but imagine someone with the same impact and status as Bob Dylan or George Gerschwin and you’re getting close. Many of the songs he wrote have become standards in Turkey, national treasures which are cherished up until the present day. Altin Gün retain the lyrical and thematic structure of Ertaş’s songs, though they often alter their time signatures and add fuzzy bass sounds, sweltering organ sounds and raw saz riffs. Ertaş wrote the majority of the songs on the album even if these are hardly recognisable after all the work Altin Gün have done on them. The songs have universal themes such as love, death, desire and destiny. It is touching music that makes you want to move and massages your soul all at once. Music that sounds familiar but different. Music that’s deeply emotional even for someone who doesn’t speak a word of Turkish. Let Altin Gün open that door for you and get ready to indulge in their fresh and beautiful sound.

File Under: Turkish, Psych, Funk
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Ric Kaestner: Music for Massage II (Sifted Sand) LP
In tomorrow…. 5 Years after the New Age cult-classic album Music For Massage hit the shelves, it’s sequel was silently released. Never intended for consumer sale, Music For Massage II was only known to a select few masseuses and tape collectors. The very definition of esoteric. Musically, it’s both an homage to how far the genre had come in those 5 years and served as a predictor of what was to come. Comprising elements of Folk, Drone, Ambient, Ethereal, Minimal, Modern Classical, the recording is quintessential of all things New Age. These are sounds meant to induce healing, therapy, and relaxation. Hand crafted by Ric Kaestner and inspired in part by an encounter with one of the fathers of modern music, John Cage, for actual massage or for casual listening, it holds its own almost four decades later.

File Under: Ambient, New Age
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MY1803 Danger Diabolik - Jacket rPDN - outlined

Morricone Youth: Danger: Diabolik (Country Club) LP
In tomorrow…. Release of Morricone Youth’s live re-score of Mario Bava’s 1968 Italian comic series “Danger: Diabolik” on 150g blue vinyl. The fifth release in the NYC film soundtrack band’s live re-score series.

File Under: OST, Morricone
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Mumford & Sons: Delta (Glassnote) LP
Since the release of Wilder Mind in May 2015, and the collaborative Johannesburg mini-album in the Summer of 2016, Mumford & Sons have found a rich, prolific vein of form in the writing for the Paul Epworth-produced Delta. Where Wilder Mind harnessed a widescreen electric sound that seemed custom built to be belted back to them from the festival main stages, Delta loses none of that sense of scale, but couples it with an intimacy that has so successfully combined to make Mumford & Sons one of the biggest bands of recent years. Delta is a record of differing shades, colors and textures. It’s also a record that marks ten years since Mumford & Sons formed and draws on that shared experience of being on and off the road. It’s a moving collection of songs perhaps more intimate and expansive, both lyrically and musically, than ever before. Introspective and reflective but married with those ecstatic stadium-sized dynamics.

File Under: Indie Folk
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Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft: Passive Aggressive (Melody As Truth) LP
Dream collaboration between Jonny Nash and like minded ambient soul, Suzanne Kraft. Produced in 2016 and “in close proximity to the M56 Motorway”, which, weirdly enough, lulls me to sleep every night. We’d imagine that Passive Aggressive is intended to do the same thing, operating at such lowlit and hushed levels that it’s almost hard not to be seduced to slumber by its sandman tones. It really is best consumed whole, but if you’ve got a shorter attention span or need some highlights, check for the deliciously off key tone of Small Town and the ambient jazz nocturne, Hanging Glass Structure and you’ll instantly know the vibe.

File Under: Ambient, Electronic
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OST: A Quiet Place (Death Waltz) LP
In tomorrow…. An incredibly tense monster movie as original as it is scary, 2018 blockbuster A Quiet Place is the second directorial feature from John Krasinski. The score by Marco Beltrami is an absolute tour-de-force – it’s basically another character in the film. It can be forceful and bludgeoning one minute, and quiet and reflective the next. His players twist their instruments to generate tones and textures not usually associated with them; the layers of sound and percussion on display are incredible. Opening track “It Hears You” is reminiscent of a classic Planet Of The Apes cue; it’s disquieting and slightly wonky but has an incredible hook that immediately lets you know you are in horror territory. Contrastingly, “A Quiet Family” is a beautiful piano track that reminds you of the life the family lived before a world of monsters took over. The pianos are detuned and electronics are layered over traditional instruments to create something truly unsettling. 180g vinyl pressing with artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin adorning a 425gsm gatefold spot varnish jacket.

File Under: OST
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12IN_GATEFOLD_JKT_2PKTOST: Castlevania: Rondo of Blood/Dracula X (Mondo) LP
In tomorrow…. Mondo is thrilled to premiere the next in our on-going CASTLEVANIA soundtrack series with the PC-Engine title CASTLEVANIA: RONDO OF BLOOD, and the game’s Super Nintendo port CASTLEVANIA: DRACULA X. Originally released only in Japan on the PC-Engine (a system known in the US as the TurboGrafx-16), RONDO OF BLOOD is one of the most widely missed chapters of the CASTLEVANIA saga. Better known now as the “prequel” to the hugely popular and influential title CASTLEVANIA: SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT (the first level of which is a re-creation of the final battle of RONDO OF BLOOD). The story follows Richter Belmont, descendent of Simon and Trevor, on his journey to save his girlfriend and her little sister Maria from the clutches of Dracula. The game was eventually ported to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System a few years later but due to the limitations of the hardware, the port of RONDO OF BLOOD was re-made and re-named CASTLEVANIA: DRACULA X – a streamlined and more linear version of the game, featuring a soundtrack better suited to the system’s capabilities.

File Under: OST, Video Games
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large_550_tmp_2F1541704941188-611vjrz0vlj-5ed33c16b105d978427f004c1a785960_2FSOTN_FC_1024x1024OST: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Mondo) LP
In tomorrow…. Mondo, in partnership with Konami, is proud to present the soundtrack to one of the most iconic and important video games of all time Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night. Featuring 7 Bonus tracks from the Sega Saturn version of the game. Remastered, and featuring original artwork by Jasmin Darnell.

File Under: OST, Video Games
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large_550_tmp_2F1538594078984-h0si5yg18ib-b64cfbdd580520f33782bb8d6f49d6b6_2Fexcerpt_918d77e1-df12-4074-9a8f-8e66fb3306ac_grandeOST: Halloween (Death Waltz) LP
In tomorrow…. Death Waltz Recording Co., is proud to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of John Carpenter’s seminal slasher film, Halloween. This 40th anniversary release of the original Halloween music composed and performed by John Carpenter in 1978 presents the original Halloween film score as it was mixed within the film. The audio is taken from the “music stem” derived from the 35mm mono tracks that comprised the dialogue, sound effects and music of the original film which when combined, comprise the complete soundtrack of the classic film. The first LP album of Halloween, released in 1982, was a remix of the original 16 master by Alan Howarth, with instructions from John Carpenter to re-mix the tracks to represent the best sound of the music, and not necessarily be committed to match the music as mixed for the film. in this release, Alan Howarth carefully transferred the film music stem, assembled the music in chronological order as presented in the movie so the listener can visualize the film in their minds eye while taking a musical journey of the most famous horror score ever!

File Under: OST, Horror
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OST: Halloween 4 (Death Waltz) LP
In tomorrow…. To celebrate 40 years of the Halloween franchise Death Waltz Recording Company are thrilled to bring you a newly remastered version of the score to Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers on vinyl for the first time in 30 years. Mastered in 2018 by Alan Howarth. This score marked the first time Howarth was working solo within the Halloween franchise and he takes the blueprint Carpenter and himself created but weaves new themes for both Jamie and Michael within the familiar framework of the 5/4 theme timing.

File Under: OST, Horror
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large_550_tmp_2F1533231080198-bewmajcq16-3ef764ebd6c81ff79ca3d8f8ba1f94ef_2FH5BackCoverR1_1024x1024OST: Halloween 5 (Death Waltz) LP
In tomorrow…. Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers has again been freshly remastered by composer Alan Howarth for this first vinyl reissue in 30 years. He once again take the familiar Halloween blueprint but expands it greatly utilising layers of synths to create a fresh take on something that is familiar to all fans of the franchise.

File Under: OST, Horror
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large_550_tmp_2F1540586137009-rhw9dm7rcwo-eadc218e0ae6caafca17790c83f33b81_2FKD_FC_1024x1024OST: Katamari Damacy (Mondo) LP
In tomorrow…. Mondo is proud to present the premiere vinyl release of the award-winning soundtrack to Bandai-Namco’s 2004 KATAMARI DAMACY. This is not your typical video game soundtrack. The J-Pop masterpiece is home to some of the most uniquely memorable music in video game history. As bright and bouncy as it is catchy, the soundtrack to KATAMARI DAMACY hosts an eclectic mix of Synth, Pop, Jazz and Swing, as performed by an assortment of incredible Japanese vocalists and composers.

File Under: OST, Video Games
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large_550_tmp_2F1542838797504-c6d005evrt-b6940fb070aa920ba2b9f635d677f941_2FWYBMN_FC_1024x1024OST: Won’t You Be My Neighbor (Mondo) LP
In tomorrow…. Mondo, in conjunction with Back Lot Music, are proud to present the original soundtrack to Morgan Neville’s superb documentary about the life and work of Fred Rogers: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Composed by Jonathan Kirkscey (Best of Enemies) and featuring 3 songs performed by Fred Rogers himself, the score is a sublime mix of heartfelt original compositions that range in moods – from whimsy and optimistic vibrance to an occasionally light melancholy, perfectly capturing the sentiment of the joys and struggles Fred Rogers faced in bringing his revolutionary children’s television programming to life.

File Under: OST
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LDP39462_Primus: Brown Album (Interscope) LP
In tomorrow…. Though 1990’s Frizzle Fry, the following year’s, Sailing The Seas Of Cheese and 1993’s Pork Soda are arguably the group’s most defining albums, it was 1997’s Brown Album that saw Primus take major steps forward in terms of songwriting. It also saw Primus experience their first major line-up change since the mid-80s, when long-time drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander abruptly quit (to be replaced by Brian “Brain” Mantia), and ex-Possessed guitarist Larry LaLonde was drafted in to bolster the line-up. Considering Primus’ evolution from their wildly unpredictable funk-metal fusion to country-tinged, alternative psych-jazz, the band ensured that their consistently eccentric approach kept listeners locked in an almost hypnotic state of consciousness across their nine albums. Though Brown Album is sometimes difficult to sum up, it ultimately remains a display of extraordinary musicianship and hyper-cross-pollinated musical innovation. There is a lot of magic between its grooves, along with a tremendous amount of passion and courageous soul that assisted Claypool and Co. in becoming one of the most highly regarded bands in the alt-metal/rock history books.

File Under: Rock
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LDP14400_Primus: Pork Soda (Interscope) LP
In tomorrow…. Led by musical genius and renowned world-class bassist Les Claypool, Primus offered up a fantastic, colorful journey through demented novelty compositions and preposterous instrumental rollercoasters that take The Residents’ and Frank Zappa’s blueprints to the most bizarre heights. The results are a unique form of psycho jazz, bass-oriented metal and alt-rock psychedelia. Along with 1990’s Frizzle Fry and the following year’s, Sailing The Seas Of Cheese, 1993’s Pork Soda is among the group’s most defining records. One of the most unique albums to ever debut in the Top Ten, the platinum-certified effort is home to the all-time classic “My Name is Mud,” with Claypool’s slap bass at its finest. “Pork Soda was the first straight-up Ler, Herb, and Les record,” Claypool told Consequence Of Sound. “Even Sailing the Seas of Cheese had some songs that Todd and Jay Lane had helped with. It’s a little darker, heavier. That was the beginning of our really DIY recording. We recorded that in our rehearsal space, and we had our sound man do it. That album went platinum, but it took four years. We were always the slow-burn guys; we were the guys called “the catalog band.” We didn’t come out and Pearl Jam-it and sell a gazillion records right out the gate.”

File Under: Rock
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12in Gatefold 11298 [Converted]

Robert Rich & B. Lustmord: Stalker (Hearts of Space) LP
In tomorrow…. In 1995, Robert Rich joined underground sound design legend B. Lustmord (aka Lustmord / Brian Williams) for an extended journey inspired by the title and the hypnotic minimalism of Andrei Tarkovsky’s mesmerizing future-fiction film Stalker. The album reveals the ambiguity lurking at the fringes of perception. A provocative contribution to the early ‘dark ambient’ scene. The album slowly reveals a psychoactive soundscape of shape-shifting shadows, dense subharmonic massings, subtle drone textures and ambiguous sound events lurking at the fringes of perception. The seemingly unlikely pairing of Robert Rich, he of slow, gradually evolving electronic music, and B. Lustmord, creator of doomy, ambient industrial experiments – known for his work with Tool, SPK, Puscifer and The Melvins, has yielded a sublime musical entity known as “Stalker”. Having found a middle ground, it integrates Rich’s intelligent ambient style and Lustmord’s more threatening, even horrific industrial sound. Though their fundamental aesthetics might seem at odds, the joining of forces has yielded a synergistic whole which transcends their individual genius.

File Under: OST, Ambient
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Giuliano Sorgini: Africa Oscura (Four Flies) LP
In tomorrow…. Recorded by composer and multi-instrumentalist Giuliano Sorgini between 1974 and 1976 in his studio in Prati district in Rome, a stone’s throw from Italian television offices, Africa Oscura is a set of tracks inspired by the wildest and most obscure secrets of those lands, intended to be the background of some TV documentaries. Some tracks were recorded during the same session of “Zoo Folle”, the album widely recognised as his masterpiece, celebrated today by the most influential connoisseurs from all over the world. Some others came right after, for a mysterious documentary whose title was supposed to be “I corsari della savana” (as stated by the credits written on the reels that we have found). All these tracks remained unbelievably unreleased until now, forgotten on some old and dusty 1⁄4-inch reels, amazingly survived up today, then transferred and restored to compile this much-needed release. A sort of concept-album about darkest Africa, with a kind of eerie mood, nearly esoteric, to which Sorgini was very close in these years, working on horror and b-movies soundtracks or experimental libraries. All tracks are entirely played by composer himself, with drums, percussions and all sorts of analog synths overlaps, to create an afro-ambient soundscape, something halfway between electronic and minimalism, with a vibrant prog flavour. Among John Carpenter’s reminds, occultism, large prairies and Saharan landscapes, this amazing score truly reveals the creepy dark-side of “Zoo Folle”

File Under: Library
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large_550_tmp_2F1537909683322-x3g90bb5ne-cf4ee9b2da9b1261798665a3684f9966_2Fweb_SDIM0617Kim Sung-Bae: Ritual (Beat Ball) LP
In tomorrow…. Highly recommended… Kim Sung-bae is a jazz bassist and the leader of ILIL SOUND, a collective of jazz experimentalists. In addition to his activities with the free jazz ensemble, the Avant Trio, and as a member of saxophonist Kim Oki’s group, he has also pursued his solo work. , recorded in 2016, is Kim Sung-bae’s second solo effort. After encountering a gut ritual performed by the manshin Kim Geum-hwa, he stayed with her in Incheon for six months preparing for this album. Recorded with a six-person team including himself, was completed in a single day’s impromptu session on December 12th, 2015. (The session also featured a dancer – the video is available on the Beatball Youtube channel). As he explored traditional Korean shamanism, Kim sought to give musical form to inspirations from the gut performance by the manshin Kim Geum-hwa and her daughter. may be considered both a shamanistic expression of music and a work of experimentalism that includes jazz musicians – Kim Sung-bae foremost among them – traditional Korean musicians, and electronic music artists. The music is played within a state of deep concentration – much like a carefully-performed ritual – and has been meticulously recorded, imbuing the record with a unique energy and atmosphere that is uncommon on the usual jazz recording. Listeners in search of the most progressive and experimental Korean jazz will do well by enjoying this album.

File Under: Jazz
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large_550_tmp_2F1502227773602-ea8m23hyr5o-d9fd13beffa06caf972f6bfe5bf8d93b_2FNinePostcardsCoverFixedHiroshi Yoshimura: Music from Nine Postcards (Empire of Signs) LP
In tomorrow…. Back in stock! If you missed this one before, don’t sleep again! Highest Recommendation…. Despite his status as a key figure in the history of Japanese ambient music, Hiroshi Yoshimura remains tragically under-known outside of his home country. Empire of Signs – a new imprint co-helmed by Maxwell August Croy, Spencer Doran and distributed by Light In The Attic – is proud to reissue Yoshimura’s debut Music for Nine Post Cards for the first time outside Japan in collaboration with Hiroshi’s widow Yoko Yoshimura, with more reissues of Hiroshi’s works to follow in the future. Working initially as a conceptual artist, the musical side of Yoshimura’s artistic practice came to prominence in the post-Fluxus scene of late 1970s Tokyo alongside Akio Suzuki and Takehisa Kosugi, taking many subsequent turns within Japan’s bubble economy afterward. His sound works took on many forms – commissioned fashion runway scores, soundtracking perfume, soundscapes for pre-fab houses, train station sound design – all existing not as side work but as logical extensions of his philosophy of sound. His work strived for serenity as an ideal, and this approach can be felt strongly on Music for Nine Post Cards. Home recorded on a minimal setup of keyboard and Fender Rhodes, Music for Nine Post Cards was Yoshimura’s first concrete collection of music, initially a demo recording given to the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art to be played within the building’s architecture. This was not background music in the prior Japanese “BGM” sense of the word, but “environmental music”, the literal translation of the Japanese term kankyō ongaku [環境音楽] given to Brian Eno’s “ambient” music when it arrived in late 70’s Japan. Yoshimura, along with his musical co-traveler Satoshi Ashikawa, searched for a new dialog between sound and space: music not as an external absolute, but as something that interlocks with a physical environment and shifts the listener’s experience within it. Erik Satie’s furniture music, R. Murray Schafer’s concept of the soundscape and Eno’s ambience all greatly informed their work, but the specific form of tranquil stasis presented on releases like Nine Post Cards is still difficult to place within a specific tradition, remaining elusive and idiosyncratic despite the economy of its construction. This record offers the perfect introduction to Hiroshi’s unique and beautiful worldview: it’s one that can be listened to – and lived in – endlessly.

File Under: Ambient, Electonic
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large_550_tmp_2F1542393465579-h0swyhj7hmp-edd826ab930940f492de78fd12588620_2FmiddayVarious: Midday Moon (Bedroom Suck) LP
In tomorrow…. A collection of ambient and experimental recordings from Australia and New Zealand, 1980-1995. Midday Moon is a survey of ambient and experimental music that emerged from Australia and New Zealand between 1980 and 1995. These recordings are sourced from a rich variety of micro-labels, private pressings, theatre soundtracks and artists’ personal archives. Curated by Melbourne based DJ and archivalist, Sanpo Disco (a.k.a Rowan Mason), the collection delves deep into the world of outsider music that emerged in Australia and New Zealand in the latter half of the twentieth century, as synthesisers and early workstations began to enter the consumer marketplace. The record is an odyssey in itself, a journey that takes listeners into the unsung world of Australian new age composers. There are stories abound within this volume, from the mysterious disappearance of Helen-Ripley Marshall after the release of her 1988 album ‘Green Chaos’, to the journey of American-born, Perth based blues/rock guitarist John Heussenstamm, who unexpectedly turned his finger to ‘ambient’ music in the late 80’s; and again from Melbourne based Ros Bandt, who made a series of recordings exploring the resonance of a hollow concrete cylinder 5 stories beneath busy Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD, an excerpt of which is included here.

File Under: Ambient, Experimental, New Zealand
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Aphex Twin: Selected Ambient Works 85 – 92 (R&S) LP
Charles Bradley: Changes (Daptone) LP
Charles Bradley: Black Velvet (Daptone) LP
Karen Dalton: In My Own Time (Light in the Attic) LP
Death Cab For Cutie: Photo Album (Barsuk) LP
Death Cab For Cutie: Transatlanticism (Barsuk) LP
Brian Eno: Ambient 1 – Music for Airports (Astralwerks) LP
Brian Eno: Another Green World (Astralwerks) LP
Brian Eno: Discreet Music (Astralwerks) LP
Nils Frahm: All Melody (Erased Tapes) LP
Nils Frahm: The Bells (Erased Tapes) LP
Nils Frahm: Felt (Erased Tapes) LP
Herbie Hancock: Empyrean Isles (Blue Note) LP
Haruomi Hosono: Cochin Moon (Light in the Attic) LP
Il Balletto Di Bronzo: Sirio 222 (Lion) LP
Sharon Jones: I Learned The Hard Way (Daptone) LP
Sharon Jones: It’s A Holiday Soul Party (Daptone) LP
Kikagaku Moyo: Masana Temples (Guruguru Brain) LP
Kikagaku Moyo: House in the Tall Grass (Guruguru Brain) LP
Lifetones: For a Reason (Light in the Attic) LP
Madvillain: Madvillainy (Stones Throw) LP
Dan Mangan: More or Less (Arts & Crafts) LP
Neu!: 75 (Gronland) LP
Pink Floyd: The Wall (Pink Floyd) LP
Hiroshi Yoshimura: Pier & Loft (17853) LP

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