…..news letter #623 – boards in canada…..

Looky looky what finally decided to show up! The long awaited Boards of Canada reissues. It’s only been what, 3 months? Geez. Oh well, it’s not like they are named after the damned country and our film board, or anything. No reason you should bother shipping their reissues to us. But anyway, those are finally here, as well as plenty of other awesome things for you to stick in your ear…. come get some.

Also, it is a sad weekend here… our good friend Matt is moving on to… well, other things… out in Ontario. So! He’s here on Saturday, and then again on Tuesday. If you wanna say syonara, and have one last look at his handsome face, then get on down here and let him know he will be missed. 

We are also pleased to be involved in the Wyrd Distro launch event, taking place on Feb 15th. Wyrd Distro is the mail order/distribution arm of Weird Canada. We will be hosting a launch party/Q&A/live show on the 15th. More info to follow.

…..pick of the week…..


Pye Corner Audio: Black Mill Tapes 3 & 4 (Type) 2LP
In tomorrow! Pye Corner Audio corner has finally completed his follow-up to the crushing Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1 & 2, and unsurprisingly it’s just as faded as its predecessor. While Volume 3 has been available via the mysterious producer’s Bandcamp page, this is the first time Volume 4 has ever been heard, and marks the completion of the series that has catapulted him into acclaim. These two diverse full-lengths have been re-mastered and slotted together on one record, and mark a transitional period in the Head Technician’s production history. Eschewing the whimsical ambience of the previous chapters, there’s a notable shift into beat-laced darkness on Volumes 3 & 4. “Electronic Rhythm Number Five” is maybe the producer’s most obvious nod to classic house yet with its punchy square-wave bass line and dusty disco snare. Elsewhere, we’re treated to a slice of sizzling darkwave with “Inside the Wave,” and gloomy John Carpenter-influenced rumblings with the sparse “Dystopian Vector Part One.” Black Mill Tapes Volumes 3 & 4 is yet another expertly-crafted collection of electronic vignettes, handled by a producer whose veteran’s touch can be heard in each note. This is the soundtrack to the flickering neon light outside your bedroom window, and should be approached with caution. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy.

File Under: Electronic, Ghost Box, BBC, BoC
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zaZacht Automaat: ZA (Calico Corp) LP
This totally rad LP from this Toronto group keeps not getting listed in our weekly mailings simply because we can’t keep it in stock! But this week we have a few on the shelf, and the last of the pressing that we could get our hands on is en route. The German music scene in the 1970s was a hot bed of brilliant musicians and ideas. It often seems that while hugely influential, albums like those made by legends such as Faust, Can, Ash Ra Tempel, etc. could only be spawned out of that environment. But every now and then, someone taps into what was going on then and creates something that sounds like it must be taken from long forgotten tapes, lost in some commune farmhouse closet, unearthed and finally released today by some clever archivist. ZA have either tapped into this brilliance, or unearthed some killer lost tapes, but they apparently play live in Toronto from time to time, so they must get it, and so should you. “This features songs from all of our released albums (including the ‘deleted’ first album Electrische Duo) mastered at Polyphasic Studios in Toronto and smushed into vinyl.  It is a long running double album and is a friendly yet menacing introduction to our band.  The goal was to pillage our history for representative gems and then to assemble those gems into a gaudy bauble.  Cut and sequenced in the Automaat tradition of free-flowing-storytelling-bad-dream-found-a-quarter-on-the-sidewalk style, this compilation is a sympathetic introduction to our works and a solid stand-alone thing in and of itself.  GOOD WORK, US!” Anyway, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these last copies, or forever cry. 

File Under: Kraut, Psych, Kosmische, CanCon  

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…..new arrivals…..
actressActress: Ghettoville (Ninja Tune) 5 LP+2CD Box/CD
DLX box includes Ghettoville 3LP PLUS Hazyville on 2LP for the first time, as well as a CD versions of both albums. Ghettoville follows 2012’s R.I.P., but is really the sequel to Actress’ 2008 debut, Hazyville, “sharing a similar rugged style.” Ghettoville is the bleached out and black tinted conclusion of the Actress image. Where the demands of writing caught the artist slumped and reclined, devoid of any soul, acutely aware of the simulated prism that required breakout. Four albums in and the notes and compositions no longer contain decipherable language. The scripts now carry tears, the world has returned to a flattened state, and out through that window, the birds look back into the cage they once inhabited. Spitting flames behind a white wall of silence. The machines have turned to stone, data reads like an obituary to its user. A fix is no longer a release, it’s a brittle curse. Zero satisfaction, no teeth, pseudo artists running rampant, but the path continues.

File Under: Electronic, Techno, Dub Step
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AnastenariaAnastenaria: Music of the Fire Walkers (Kemal) 2LP
In tomorrow! Spellbinding doublepack documenting the Orthodox Christian firewalking rituals of rural Northern Greece circa 1979. Reissued by ΚΕΜΑΛ, the promising new sub-label of badass techno imprint Berceuse Heroique, with additional Vatican Shadow and Pete Swanson interpretations, it captures the scene in remarkable clarity, from the crisp loud thud of percussion to hypnotic strings punctuated by the sharp inhalations and gasps of eponymous devotees performing the Anastenaria ritual. Sequenced along with recordings of the burning coals, background sounds and solo string performance, it makes for a genuinely immersive survey of devotion and the occult drawing clear parallels between sensory heightening modern day club rituals and ancient religious sacrament. To make that connection more tangible, the reinterpretations transcend time and space with canny, faithful appropriations of the original samples (marked in reverse order on the jacket!), with Vatican Shadow at his Muslimgauze-like best melding the texture of the originals with rugged, rolling rhythm harking back to his amazing ‘Ornamented Walls’ LP, and Pete Swanson seemingly trampling on nuclear waste. Factor in suitably eye-catching artwork by Will Bankhead and you’ve got yourself a winner.

File Under: Field Recordings, Firewalkers, Vatican Shadow, Pete Swanson
boc4Boards of Canada: Music Has the Right to Children (Warp) LP
Out of Print for years.. And still in high-demand the ‘Boards of Canada’ back-catalog is finally reissued!!! “Like dust motes dancing in hazy afternoon sunlight, the compositions of Scottish duo Boards of Canada seduce listeners by illuminating almost imperceptible elements flitting through the cluttered cosmos. Though their saturated hip-hop beats and deployment of timbres as tactile textures recalls Autechre, Boards of Canada are distinguished by sweet melodies and a fondness for using vaguely familiar sounds outside of Western harmonic tradition–snippets of party conversations, bouncing Ping-Pong balls–to function as emotional triggers. Despite its sonic watercolor washes and childlike exclamations of “I love you” (“The Color of the Fire”), Music Has the Right to Children is not some yellowing document scribbled by glassy-eyed, loved-up rave casualties. This exemplary, evocative recording almost hovers above any fixed point on the time line of pop-music history.” –Kurt B. Reighley

File Under: Electronic, Ambient, Downtempo, Classics
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boc5Boards of Canada: Geogaddi (Warp) LP
Out of Print for years…  Geogaddi follows on from Boards Of Canada debut album, 1998’s Music Has The Right To Children, a real slow-burner that gently infused its way into the consciousness like a rolling fog of sepia-tinged psychedelia and child-like lullaby melodies. Ironically, though, the greater the plaudits afforded to this enigmatic Scottish duo, the further they retreated into their shell, shunning interviews and resolving themselves to a reclusive existence in their Hexagon Sun studio in the hills of North Scotland. If anything, this has only focused their resolve. BOC’s long-awaited second album Geogaddi opens with no fanfare, the bare hum of “Ready Lets Go” blossoming into the soporific, hypnotic chimes of “Music Is Math”. But for the next 65 minutes, it’s clear that while Boards of Canada move slow, they do so with the power of shifting glaciers. All their old influences remain: the noise-as-melody drone of My Bloody Valentine, the brave futuristic synths of Neu, and the drifting soundtracks of old education television documentaries. But more than anything, Geogaddi is about the feelings that linger when the music fades out–a surprisingly vivid sense of warm melancholy that puts an intriguing spin on the currently fashionable chill-out sound. It’s another slow-burner, but Geogaddi is as utterly essential as its predecessor.” – Louis Pattison

File Under: Electronic, Ambient, Downtempo, Classics
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boc6Boards of Canada: Campfire Headphase (Warp) LP
Out of Print for years.. And still in high-demand the ‘Boards of Canada’ back-catalog is finally reissued!!! “This Scottish duo’s third album is their most shoegazer-y and gorgeous. For the first time, acoustic and electric instruments intrude on their landscape, which brings them closer to the work of artists like Four Tet and M83. But there’s an intricacy to their beats and a strange, underwater quality to their samples that’s strictly BoC. It’s weird woozy music that’s lovely and alien. “Dayvan Cowboy,”for instance, is a slow-paced bit of moody psychedelia; the drums don’t even kick in until two thirds of the way through. The hypnotic, analog synth-driven “Farewell Fire”sounds like some lost tune by space-kraut pioneers Cluster. This is music you listen to when drugs don’t work anymore; it’s more reliable and a whole lot cheaper besides. “Oscar See Through Red Eye,”one of the more percussive songs, is perfect for languid late night dancing, but most of the album is sublimely made for the bean bag chairs.” – Mike McGonigal

File Under: Electronic, Ambient, Downtempo, Classics
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broderickPeter Broderick: Float 2013 (Erased Tapes) LP
In tomorrow! LP version with 4-page insert. Erased Tapes presents the reissue of 26-year old American composer Peter Broderick’s 2008 debut albumFloat. Returning to his home in Oregon, where his musical journey began, Peter completes the circle with the release of Float 2013. Remastered by the gifted hands of Nils Frahm, Float 2013 also includes two additional bonus tracks with each album download and is reissued on CD and vinyl. Brought up in a musical household in Oregon, Peter quickly became a popular session musician for the likes of M. Ward in the Portland area. Later discovered by the Danish bandEfterklang, he joined their live band and spent the next six years based in Europe where he collaborated with many like-minded contemporaries. Through relentless touring, multiple album recordings and film scores, Peter has established himself as a solo artist, known for his innate gift as a musical medium to picking up any instrument, turning his musings into poignant songs. “A dialogue was started with Robert, about the idea of one day giving Float a second chance. And a bit later I found myself in the studio of my dear friend Nils, remastering these songs which on one hand felt so far away, but on the other felt right at the core of my musical heart, the foundation of my aspirations as a musician. And what Nils did to the sound, how he worked his magic as he always does, filled me with the conviction that this project had not previously reached its potential. In so many ways I’ve found myself coming around the circle, back to the place I started, only perhaps the circle itself has moved. But the dream is the same. And my little baby has a new pair of shoes: Float 2013.” –Peter Broderick

File Under: Ambient, Classical
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dead moonDead Moon: Trash & Burn (Mississippi) LP

In tomorrow! “One of their harder to find and more perfect records. An absolute monster of a rocker. Killer high energy songs. Once again Dead Moon deliver a record of all hits with no misses. Pure as can be. Lovingly remastered by Timothy Stollenwerk.”
File Under: Punk, Pierced Arrows
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dumdumDum Dum Girls: Too True (Sub Pop) LP+7”

*’Loser’ Edition pressed on coloured vinyl* “In the summer of 2012, between tours supporting End Of Daze, I locked out the world and sat down in my apartment to write a new record – clear view of the New York City sky through iron bars like a promise. Like all compulsive minds, I was waiting to let the muse loose. And so I spent the next week in a sparkling haze, and when I emerged from the frenzy to go back on tour, indeed ten new songs came with. They were bound together, not just by an overall sonic palette and new guitar pedal, but by time, intention, and fervor. Do you hear Suede? Siouxsie? Patti? Madonna? The Cure? Velvet and Paisley Undergrounds? Stone Roses? Cuz I did. “Still later, in November 2012, I returned to Hollywood to record among the lingering ‘Pet Sounds’ at East West Studios, in pursuit of a bigger, darker, more urgent sound. Sitting in the room with my favorite team of regulars (Richard Gottehrer and Sune Rose Wagner producing, Alonzo Vargas engineering), it was easy to add some flesh to my song skeletons. But, unfortunately, the previous year of touring had reduced my voice to a pale spectre of its former self. I left California with the heavy burden of an unfinished album. “Truly one of those disguised blessings though – the extra time was a gift. These songs weren’t done at all! So I recorded vocals alone in my bedroom studio, fueled by Rainer Maria Rilke, Anais Nin, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, Charles Baudelaire, Sylvia Plath; the punk poet singers Patti Smith and Lou Reed; and finally, an unhealthy obsession with the Surrealists’ manifesto of desire. “I write this now, many months later, on the up. So much of my life has been defined, aided, and even saved by music. ‘Too True’ is my best attempt at joining the rock’n’roll ranks, of chasing pop into the dark, and I am as ever, humbled that you listen.” – Dee Dee Penny, Dum Dum Girls
File Under: Indie Rock
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family1Family Fodder: Monkey Banana Kitchen (Staubgold) LP

Staubgold proudly presents the legendary first album from 1980 by UK underground heroes Family Fodder, for the first time reissued on vinyl. Guest musicians include This Heat’s Charles Bullenon drums, guitar, vocals, percussion and viola. Wire magazine listed Monkey Banana Kitchen among their “100 Records That Set the World on Fire (While No One Was Listening)” and wrote: “A loose collection of friends and, more often than not, wanderers, Family Fodder reached their apex (or at least one of them) with Monkey Banana Kitchen. The music took the ferocity of contemporaneous British punk and scaled it way back. They also eschewed the giant pop hook, replacing it with the hoop jumping of songs in three languages, instruments played for only four seconds, harmonic call-and-response motifs and opaque but symbolic political lyrics. Multiple reprises of phrases and fragments result in a much more subtle and effective memory-tickle. I can’t count how many instruments finally made it onto the album, though piano (providing much of the rhythm), melodica, sax, synth and cowbell dominate. Their integrated eclecticism is actually layer after thin layer of dub, jazz and New Wave — peering down into this music, you detect traces of structural complexity, and the pop that’s there blurs. Lesson #537 from Fodder members: participate only when absolutely necessary — knowing when to pare down makes it easier to transcend.”
File Under: New Wave, Psych, This Heat, Pop Group
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family2Family Fodder: Schizophrenia Party (Staubgold) LP

Reissued on vinyl for the first time, in a strictly limited-edition of 500 copies. Comes with four exclusive bonus tracks. Schizophrenia Party (Director’s Cut) represents the second chapter in the career of UK underground heroes Family Fodder after their legendary debut Monkey Banana Kitchen. This full-length album features the complete 12″ EP Schizophrenia Party (including the nine-minute monster tune “Dinosaur Sex”) from 1981 and the 7″ singles Film Music (1981) and The Big Dig (1982), all originally released on Fresh Records. “Family Fodder exude an exhilarating sense that everything was possible, that there weren’t any limits to imagination and humor. The scope of their musical range remains as dizzying and exciting as it once was.” –Time Out New York

File Under: New Wave, Psych, London, This Heat
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macchiaLimpe Fuchs/Christoph Heeman/Timo Van Luijk: Macchia Forest (Streamline) LP

“The trio of Limpe Fuchs, Christoph Heemann, and Timo van Luijk are taking a musical expedition into unexplored territiories; Limpe Fuchs (of Anima krautrock fame) combines her original, self-built sound sculpture instruments with her unique singing and piano playing while Timo (Af Ursin, Onde, Elodie) and Christoph use analogue electronics and electro-acoustic sounds to weave a surrounding organic audio forest to accompany her. As the three explore, they discover how landscape changes, the forest thickens. New creatures, shapes, and colours appear. Recorded at the Loft studio in Cologne and expertly mixed by Zoro Babel in Munich in 2012.”

File Under: Experimental, Electronic, Ambient

geerkenHartmut Geerkin’s Rock & Free Jazz Group Kabul: Live in Kabul 1976 (Holiday) 2LP
“An incredible live recording of a concert hosted by the Goethe Institut of Kabul on September 22, 1976. More than sixty minutes of convulsive jams – and hypnotic obscure interludes to loop your head to – captured on reel-to-reel tape, edited and mastered for the best vinyl listening experience that will definitely prove you how free Afghanistan once was. The public too has never been this reactive, shouting and clapping to the music of the quartet directed by our beloved Hartmut Geerken, who also plays piano using both the keys and the chords. Cardboard album edition.” 

File Under: Free Jazz, Improvisation
henriksenArve Henriksen: Places of Worship (Rune Grammofon) LP
In tomorrow! Worship can come in many forms, and can happen in many different kinds of place. Music can make its church anywhere. With Places Of Worship, Arve Henriksen moves into the front rank of world class musicians. The Norwegian trumpet player has made his mark over many years, not only as the horn player with the consistently challenging and long lived group Supersilent, but also as the purveyor of exquisite and distinctive solo work that stretches to four solo albums since 2001, which Rune Grammofon repackaged as a career-spanning box set, Solidification. Deeply rooted in the sublime geology of his Norwegian homeland, Henriksen’s music has developed into something beautifully at one with natural habitats and reflecting the hybrid, cosmopolitan environments of the twenty-first century. On Places Of Worship, he inhabits the space between these two worlds, in a series of tone poems and mood pieces located around religious buildings and ruins. These still, silent quarters and abandoned houses of the holy can be where we experience our deepest moments of reflection, silence and occasionally fear. Making the aura of these places audible, Henriksen’s haunted horn and idiosyncratic treble vocals carry an air of treading on forbidden territory, stirring up the dust of forgotten spirits. As well as suggesting the creaking timbers and salty tang of North African ports (“Alhambra”) and the whiff of Gallic scirocco (“Le Cimitière Marin”), it stirs fond memories of fellow musical souls, both alive and dead: the Miles Davisof Sketches Of Spain and Aura; the Fourth World exotica of Jon Hassell. Henriksen’s music has reached a new intensity on Places Of Worship. It will leave you becalmed, bewildered, bewitched…And full of praise.

File Under: Ambient, Electronic, ECM, Jazz, Jon Hassell
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jonesSharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: Give The People What They Want
(Daptone) LP/CD
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings Are Back.. with a new record, a new video, and a monumental show! For over a decade, the band has traveled the world, blowing minds with their explosive live performances and their raw, hand-crafted studio recordings. While other artists have ridden the crests and troughs of passing fads, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings have bypassed the hype-and-hit superhighway and taken a detour straight to the hearts and bodies of their listeners, transcending fleeting trends and demographics and delivering a visceral rhythm and soul sound to an ever-expanding base of deeply loyal fans. Give the People What They Want is poised to become not only an iconic album from a prolific band, but a fixture in the canon of Soul Music. The album lifts off with ‘Retreat!’, an up-tempo stomper with ominous, thundering arrangements, and marches directly into the pulsing Detroit-flavored soul of “Stranger To My Happiness” before easing back down into the mellow feel-good anthem ‘We Get Along’. Track after track, Give the People What They Want delivers every bit of the unbridled soul and studio acumen that defines this bands’ universally loved sound.

File Under: Soul, R&B, Funk
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lambchopLambchop: Nixon (Merge) LP/CD

First time on LP in North America. LP includes full album download. Download code includes 5 remastered bonus tracks! Nixon was released in early 2000. It was Lambchop’s fifth LP, and the first record of any kind that the band had released in over a year, after a half-decade in which scarcely three months went by without some kind of new Lambchop music. Starting with the swell of horns in the middle of album opener ‘The Old Gold Shoe’, Nixon glides easily from one unexpected grace note to the next, peppering in funk, R&B, gospel, country, vintage folk – and integrating them all, not presenting them discretely. Lambchop has always taken its Nashville origins seriously, making use of the wide variety of talented musicians who live and work in Music City. Nixon drew Lambchop’s usual raft of mixed reviews and modest sales stateside – though the positive reviews were more positive than ever, as many critics put the album on their year-end best-of lists, and fans who’d long loved the band felt more comfortable evangelizing to newcomers about such an accessible, tuneful record. Over the years, as Lambchop has continued to experiment, making more albums that are just as conceptual and well executed, Nixon has grown in stature as a sort of origin point. Yet as much as it was the kickoff to a new chapter in Lambchop’s story, Nixon was also an ending of sorts, at least as far as Wagner is concerned. On the records that have followed, he’s tended to work with fewer personnel on any given track, moving away from Nixon’s bigger sound. “Nixon might’ve been the peak of the 14-person Lambchop,” he says. It was also the last Lambchop album to be recorded almost entirely with the old analog methods, which is something that Wagner marvels at now, given how complex these songs were to assemble.

File Under: Rock, Blues Rock, Country Rock
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denudesLes Rallizes Denudes: Naked Diza Star (Bamboo) 3CD
Various live tracks assembled circa 1973-1987. As news of the new rock music made it to Japan from the UK and the USA, mostly via rock magazines and music papers, with most LPs tough to find even on import, something was lost in translation that allowed it to mutate well beyond its original remit. Les Rallizes Dénudés took rock music at its word while visioning it as both unnecessarily complicated and too stupid by far. In doing so they formulated an inspirational blueprint that would go on to have a marked effect on everything that came after them in Japanese underground music. It’s a music that’s as loose as it is uptight, as sophisticated as it is punk-primitive, as radical as it is simplistic. As the old ESP-Disk banner used to promise, truly, you never heard such sounds. Digitally remastered. Includes an 8-page booklet in English and Japanese.

File Under: JapRock, Psych, Essential
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Furry Lewis: In His Prime (Yazoo) LP

180 gram vinyl reissue, originally released on Yazoo in 1975. “Furry Lewis was an exceptional bluesman from Memphis who combined raggy and bottleneck guitar arrangements with wry lyrics. His first recordings, presented here, captured him at the height of his inventive power. His renditions of ‘I Will Turn Your Money Green’ and ‘Kassie Jones’ have become standards on the blues repertoire.”

File Under: Blues
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Mark Alexander McIntyre: Grapes (One Kind Favor) LP
“The second LP by the mysterious Mark Alexander McIntyre. Don’t let the floral artwork fool you, M.A.M.’s Grapes is one of the bleakest records I’ve ever heard and I’m incredibly pleased to be hoisting this slab of depression upon you all. This is a very down-and-out album of original songs written from the point of view of man who seems to be close to the void, or perhaps already within its deathly grips, reaching out to us with his weary, wraith-like voice. The songs seem to be interconnected, with the same characters and themes appearing on multiple cuts. Some of the lyrics deal with pain and loss obliquely, while others confront the harshness of reality head on: stomach problems, factory work, cancer treatment. Most of the material is recorded onto a wavering and echo-rich tape machine with just acoustic guitar, but as the album progresses, electric instruments and a full band cut through the fog. It’s truly a harrowing work.”

File Under: Lo-Fi Folk, Psych Folk, Loner
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Patchworks Galactic Project: Space (Favorite) LP

In tomorrow! Bruno “Patchworks” Hovart is definitely a name to remember if you’re interested in today’s groove music scene. After playing as a bassist and guitarist for various bands, he started producing in the mid-’90s and has kept on mixing today’s technologies with the raw spirits of disco, funk, soul, and jazz. Following the trail of success left by his projects, such as Mr. President, Uptown Funk Empire, The Dynamics and Metropolitan Jazz Affair, Patchworks has proven his musical ubiquity album after album. Teaming up again with label Favorite Recordings for this new solo effort, he transforms himself into Patchworks Galactic Project, inviting us on a fantastic musical trip called Space: a special project influenced by the 20th century’s myths about travelling, exploring, living, and even loving in space. This release is also his first album under the name Patchworks. From David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” to Jean Pierre Massiera’s works at Studio Antibes, through Air’s discography, Patrick Adams’ “Cloud One,” andLa Planète Sauvage by Alain Goraguer, this album follows a long tradition of cosmic cinematic music. From the first note to the last,Space remains loyal to all these influences, while also featuring electro, house, disco, pop and fusion influences that have established the Patchworks’ touch — a classic sound with a contemporary approach to music.

File Under: Space Disco, Nu Disco, Funk, Electro
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peltwildPelt Part Wild Gate: Hung on Sunday (Mie) LP

In tomorrow! Pelt, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, and Gate came together at Tusk Festival in Newcastle in 2012 to record this mesmerizing gamelan record. “The gamelan has long haunted Western music. Both Debussy and Satie were reportedly enraptured by the Javanese ensemble they heard playing at the Paris Exposition in 1889, and its strange textures and rhythms quietly worked their way into both composers’ subsequent works. Cage’s dreamily clattering prepared piano  pieces were indebted to the gamelan. The American minimalism that followed in Cage’s wake is virtually unthinkable without it. In January 1942, two explorer- brothers Sheridan and Bruce Fahnestock, presented the musical fruits of their expedition to the South Seas to an audience at Town Hall in New York City: over 100 sides of gamelan music recorded on acetate discs in eastern Java, Bali, and other islands of the South Pacific. But war had been declared just weeks earlier, and Americans looked to the South Seas with darker intentions. The recordings were forgotten and did not resurface until 1986, when Sheridan’s widow gave them to the Library of Congress. In October 2012, at the Tusk Festival at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, a summit of sorts took place. Noise emissaries from three continents came together on a Sunday to make music for an hour or so. From the United States came Mike Gangloff, Nathan Bowles, and Patrick Best of the mighty Virginia drone collective Pelt. Representing the United Kingdom were sonic pilgrims Pascal Nichols and Kelly Jayne Jones of Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides. And from Oceania came the transcendent New Zealand guitarist Michael Morley of Gate and, of course, the legendary Dead C. This summit proceeded without words. Their chosen means of deliberation was the gamelan: an array of gangsa and saron metallaphones and singing bowls sprawled out on the patchwork oriental rugs; a rig of gongs; the flurry of hammers and mallets; a few dozen onlookers seated cross-legged or just laying prostrate on the floor. And everyone and everything was transported. Hung On Sunday documents this extraordinary performance, when an intercontinental ensemble folded up into a mid-size room in a little corner of England tapped into the music that has long transfixed the world. The results are sublime. The first tentative taps and chimes coalesce over three quarters of an hour into something with the sonic integrity of a holy rite; the artists passing from noisenik offhandedness to breathtaking solemnity. It is a dangerous thing to conjure with alien magicks and musics. But the members of Pelt, Part Wild Horses, and Gate did so with care and reverence. And the music moves us as much as it did when the world was still young.” –Brent S. Sirota; Includes a download code. Released in a run of 300 copies.

File Under: Drone, Improv, Experimental, Gamelan
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perezLuis Perez: Ipan In Xiktli Metztli (Sacred Summits) LP

“This tantalizing prospect of a label splashes down with an amazing LP first released by Luis Perez in 1981, originally within his native country of Mexico only. A kind of cosmic ethnography combining pre-Columbian percussion and wind instruments together with guitar, tape delay units, and analog synthesizers: a mystical weft of giddily deep grooves and experimentation. A limited edition beautifully presented in numbered, silk-screened sleeves, with notes.”

File Under: Mexico, Kosmiche, Synth, Prog, Pre-Columbian
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super apeLee ’Scratch’ Perry & The Upsetters: Super Ape (Get On Down) LP

“Few artists enjoy a legacy that involves a re-engineering of the very genre in which they work. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry is such an artist. As a pioneer of dub reggae Perry viewed the mixing console as musical instrument in its own right. The influence of his revolutionary approach has been felt world-wide and into genres far beyond reggae. His 1976 effort,Super Ape, is considered a masterpiece of this or any genre. Working with The Upsetters at his Black Ark studio Perry created a sound with such a lasting appeal that The Rough Guide includes Super Ape as one of their 100 Essential Reggae releases. Comes with a 22″ x 22″ Super Ape poster.” 

File Under: Reggae
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eradEliane Radigue: Feedback Works 1969-1970 (Alga Marghen) LP

Alga Marghen very proudly presents a remastered version of the complete documentation of Eliane Radigue sound installations from 1969-1970, including the broad tectonic vibrations of “Omnht,” the celestial voices of “Usral,” the massive chant of “Stress Osaka,” and more — the works of this artist’s feedback period finally revealed. It is amazing that Radigue could build such formidably organic sonic edifices in her home studio with the primitive machines given to her by Pierre Henry: three tape recorders, a mixing board, an amplifier, two loudspeakers and a microphone. Eliane previously worked for Henry at the Studio d’Essai of the R.T.F. from 1955 to 1957, after having met Pierre Schaeffer almost by chance, who invited her to learn the techniques of musique concrète. Created 10 years after her Studio d’Essai experience, the feedback works of Eliane Radigue immediately take a new direction from the explorations of musique concrète. Her adventure intuitively goes towards flux, towards contemplative stasis — a music of continuous sounds, of apparently simple structures, which permits the revelations and expansion of rich acoustic phenomena. It is as if her musical work was in some way a martial art — as if she meditated for 10 years before striking the first blow, with impressive precision. This is the context in which Eliane composed “Omnht” in 1970 for the architectonic spaces of the visual artist Tania Mouraud titled “One More Night,” presented at the Gallery of the Rive Gauche in Paris; “Usral” (the title comes from a phonetic compression of ultrasounds slowed-down, in French “ultra-sons ralentis”) is one of the first works by Eliane Radigue to be given in public as a sound environment for a sculpture by Marc Halpernin the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs at the Grand Palais of Paris in 1969; “Stress-Osaka” was conceived when the artist was invited to create a sonic environment for the International Fair in Osaka in 1970. There is no doubt that Eliane Radigue’s vocabulary is based on observing and entering into dialog with the fundamental behavior of sounds: pulsing, beating, sustained, very light — a subtle and delicate evolution. When she moved from feedback sounds to the ARP synthesizer, she naturally continued the same music, a continuity where the original use of feedback sounds stands out for its cruder and more savage inner character. One could say that somehow it’s the very texture of the sounds, which leads the form of her compositions. Edition of 300 copies. Includes a 16-page LP-size booklet with original photos, scores and liner notes.

File Under: Drone, Experimental, Avant Garde
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radigEliane Radigue: Vice-Versa, Etc… (Alga Marghen) LP

Alga Marghen very proudly presents a remastered version of Vice-Versa, Etc…, an LP originally included in the first 400 copies of Eliane Radigue’s Feedback Works 2LP. Vice-Versa, Etc… was originally a small handmade box, signed and numbered and released on the occasion of a show at Lara Vincy’s gallery in 1970. The box contained a reel of magnetic tape and the instructions for use. It indicates that all playback speeds are possible, forward or backward, as well as any combination of two channels, on several recorders, ad libitum. This LP presents two versions done by Emmanuel Hoelterbach following the indications of Eliane Radigue to the letter, respecting her composition methods. There is no doubt that Eliane Radigue’s vocabulary is based on observing and entering into dialog with the fundamental behavior of sounds: pulsing, beating, sustained, very light, a subtle and delicate evolution. When she moved from feedback sounds to the ARP synthesizer, she naturally continued the same music — a continuity where the original use of feedback sounds stands out for its cruder and more savage inner character. One could say that somehow it’s the very texture of the sounds, which leads the form of her compositions. At the same time, this approach favors an intense sensuality in the listening. This edition limited to 300 copies includes an insert with liner notes.

File Under: Drone, Avant Garde, Experimental
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radigueEliane Radigue: Opus 17 (Alga Marghen) LP

In tomorrow! Alga Marghen very proudly presents Opus 17, a major turning-point in the sonic oeuvre of Eliane Radigue. Finished in 1970, it was the last work composed with feedback materials. From that experimental period, Opus 17 preserves a plastic character: a music made of rough sonic phenomena, at once harsh and granular, possessing a quality of materiality and tactility. Its vibrations structure the air surrounding the listener with densities, thicknesses, indeed with palpable movement. Her compositions are frames which let us hear these phenomena, open frameworks from the sonic installations of her Endless Musics and here reinserted in the five scenes making up Opus 17. In 1970, in her studio of very rudimentary means, she developed a completely unique body of work centered on sounds produced by feedback. Opus 17 has the quality of showing off the sum of the achieved techniques and methods. Eliane Radigue’s music has never been rooted in ideas but in practice, the intimate experience of things in the wild which she has known how to tame. This dialog both intense and poetic which she keeps up with the solid matter of sound finds a remarkable concretization in Opus 17. It is to be underlined that with Opus 17 Eliane Radigue inaugurates a technique of composition which will be her footprint, her trademark: imperceptible transformations. For that she has developed a technique of meticulous mixings, based on the slow passage from one section to the next. Imperceptible all during the piece, we pass, ceaselessly and without noticing the changes, from one frequency flux to another. Time is suspended, smoothed out, stretched. It is this technique which Eliane Radigue will be essentially using for all the electronic works to come and which she will never cease to refine and render always more subtle. Opus 17 is the great panoramic voyage through material sound, its electronic phenomena detailed as if in a microscope. 

File Under: Drone, Avant Garde, Experimental
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rangdaRangda: Live in Krefeld (Unrock) 10”

Rangda is an underground supergroup consisting of Chris Corsano (Björk), Ben Chasny (Six Organs Of Admittance) and Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls). Complex, exotic, instrumental rock with an exotic taste. Rangda came to Krefeld in the Lower Rhine area twice (2010 & 2012) and the golden nuggets of each performance are now available on a limited edition 10″. The eight-minute epic “Silver Nile,” the centerpiece from their album Formerly Extinct, is accompanied by a bone-dry version of “Night Porter.” “Serrated Edges,” an exploding wall of noise, comes close to heavy free-jazz at times. Limited edition of 400 copies. Richard Bishop: guitars, Ben Chasny: guitars, Chris Corsano: drums.

File Under: Improv, Free Raga, SCG, 6OOA
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reed cale nicoLou Reed/John Cale/Nico: Bataclan 1972 (Keyhole) LP

Double LP version. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve. To the surprise and delight of their growing fan base, in early 1972 rumors began to circulate that Lou Reed, John Cale, and Nico would be performing together again. In fact they only played one show, at the small Bataclan club in Paris on January 29th. Thankfully, a soundboard recording was made, preserving the superb concert for posterity. On it the trio performs a cross-section  of Velvet Underground and solo material in acoustic settings, offering a unique opportunity to hear familiar songs by three of rock’s most enduring cult artists in a fresh style. It makes its long-awaited return to vinyl here, together with background notes and two rare tracks culled from a rehearsal held in London shortly before the gig.

File Under: VU, Live, Acoustic
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nite flightsWalker Brothers: Nite Flights (Tizona) LP

When Scott Walker set to work on the third post-comeback Walker Brothers album in 1978, he had been all but silent as a songwriter since the 1960’s, when his peculiarly twisted post-pop visions sent solo album after solo album hurtling into a commercial void. Nite Flights sees him reaching back into that abyss, emerging with four songs – “Niteflights,” “The Electrician,” “Shut Out,” and “Fat Mama Kick” – which not only realigned his entire future career, but also twisted the on-going landscape of rock music itself. Electro-pumping soundscapes of grandiose synth, all four tracks were clearly inspired by Bowie’s recent work with Iggy and Eno. But they took that role model so much further that within the year, they themselves were delineating much of what Bowie himself would accomplish on his own next two albums (Lodger and Scary Monsters). Midge Ure later confessed that “The Electrician” inspired him to write Ultravox’s “Vienna,” and, from there, one can project the entire new romantic/synth-pop movement from Walker’s presumably unwitting role models. A formative and essential piece not just for Scott Walker fans, but anyone interested in the continuum of musical visionaries and boundary-pushers.

File Under: Scott Walker, Crooner, Post-Pop
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garywilsonGary Wilson: You Think You Really Know Me (Feeding Tube) LP

Finally a new vinyl issue of Gary Wilson’s monumental 1977 LP, with extra pics galore, and the original cover art (c/o Owen Maercks’ well-loved copy). Owen also wrote liner notes describing what it was like for the first Gary Wilson fan on the planet. You Think You Really Know Me (also the title of Michael Wolk’s 2005 documentary about Gary) was Wilson’s second LP, but the first he recorded as a vocalist, hewing to his own bizarre vision — a syncretic collision of romance, new-wave cocktail-jazz, heartbreak, disco-porn soundtrack music, and experimental tape manipulation. Home recorded in Endicott, NY, the album found a few fans when released, but subsequently became the exclusive purview of record collectors and the women who tolerate them. Beck name-checked Gary in ’96, which made a few new people scratch their heads. And the album was reissued in ’02. Rediscovery followed, and records, the documentary, and some odd live shows followed. Most of Gary’s moves are stamped with his unique aesthetic, and we particularly commend Gary’s other two Feeding Tube LPs — Lisa Wants to Talk to You and Forgotten Lovers. But as bodacious as these two albums are, the real root of Gary’s muse is most obvious on You Think You Really Know Me. It is the sound of a 23 year-old oddball from upstate New York, wrestling with his demons and actually winning. There’s nothing quite like it. And it offers a story of hope to every weirdo who hears it. Hallelujah!

File Under: Soul, Funk, Outsider
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100 moonsVarious: 100 Moons (Mississippi) 10”

“Absolutely great compilation of early Indian vocal 78s. Features artists such as Faiyaz Khan, Hirabai Barodekar, Dattreya Vishnu Paluskar, and Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. Mediative and exciting vocals from the masters. Great liner notes and mastering by Ian Nagoski, complete with photos. A co-release with Canary Records. “

File Under: Ethnic 78s, Mississippi
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meekVarious: Joe Meek: Portrait of a Genius (Mr. Suit) LP 

“Though he’s been dead for nearly 50 years, Joe Meek remains one of the most fascinating and influential figures in British pop music. A brilliant and prolific producer and songwriter – despite his inability to either play an instrument or read music – Meek also happened to be an occultist, paranoiac, suicidal depressive and, to top it all off, a murderer. Though only 37 at the time of his death Meek left a large body of work rivaled only by his equally inspired/insane competitor across the pond, Phil Spector. This brand new collection on Mr. Suit bring 18 of Meek’s finest early ’60s pop productions back to life on vinyl, the format they were made for. Dig in.”

File Under: Beat, Pop Rock
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popam2014Various: Pop Ambient 2014 (Kompakt) LP+CD

Kompakt presents the 2014 edition of their beloved Pop Ambient series. First things first: the god of pads has returned. After a six year hiatus, Ulf Lohmann reports back to Pop Ambient. As one of the first to break the mould, Lohmann has shaped Kompakt’s early ambient sound in a decisive manner. Fortunately, his two tear-jerking masterpieces “PCC” and “Sicht” sound like he was never gone. Kompakt is also celebrating some sort of reunion with The Bionaut. It’s the alter ego Jörg Burger used back in the early ’90s, creating unforgettable hits such as “Everybody’s Kissing Everyone” and the album Lush Life Electronica, released via EMI’s infamous sub-label, Harvest. Complex and surprisingly varied, the 14th installment in the long-running Pop Ambient series continues with Thomas Fehlmann, Simon Scott and Mikkel Metal, Marsen Jules, Cologne Tape, and Wolfgang Voigt. The caring fusion of music from diverse artists and styles into an atmospherically-dense Gesamtkunstwerk makes the Pop Ambient compilation an unparalleled — and timeless — listening experience.

File Under: Ambient, Electronic, Techno
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salam alayVarious: Salam Alay: The Sound of Armenian Diaspora, 1969-1979  (Worldwide Productions) LP

“Straddling Europe and Asia, Armenia actually lies at the crossroads of Western and Eastern cultures, a geographical position that is reflected in the music. You can hear in it instruments from the Middle-East, like the darbuka, the oud and the kanoun; others from Western music like the clarinet, the bass and electric guitars; as well as Armenian instruments like the duduk, a double-reed wind instrument. This unique selection of pieces will allow you to get the feel of the captivating atmosphere that pervades Armenian music through its hypnotic solos, its frantic rhythms and its incredibly intense vocals. With the exception of the outstanding ‘Flying Hye,’ this Salam Alay set presents works being reissued for the first time. Music by: The House of the Seven Uncles, Jack Baghsarian & Ensemble, John Vartan, Kef Time Fresno, Onnik Dinkjian, John Berberian and the Middle Eastern Ensemble, and Melkon/Sevan.”

File Under: Ethnic, Armenian

soul fireVarious: Soul Fire (Truth & Soul) 2CD

“Truth & Soul is proud to present the CD version of The Soul Fire Box Set. We released a 7″ vinyl box set for Black Friday Record Store Day that contained some of the rarest sides from the catalog. This two CD issue of the same set includes all of those tracks, plus another 19 from the coveted Soul Fire catalog. Soul Fire Records, started in 1999 by Phillip Lehman, produced some of the funkiest recordings to ever make it to 45. Many of those 45s from the Soul Fire catalog are nearly impossible to find today, and if and when they do come up for sale, they fetch top dollar. Soul Fire closed its doors in 2003 when Phillip stepped away from the music business to pursue other ventures. He left the studio to Jeff Silverman and Leon Michaels, who then started what today is known as Truth & Soul Records. This two CD set contains some of the rarest sides from the Soul Fire catalog, and liner notes from Phillip himself.”

File Under: Funk, Soul
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Arcade Fire: Funeral (Merge) LP
Arcade Fire: Reflektor (Sonovox) LP
Bjork: Debut (One Little Indian) LP
Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago (Jagjaguwar) LP
City & Colour: Little Hell (Dine Alone) LP
Miles Davis: On The Corner (Music On Vinyl) LP
Demdike Stare: Symbiosis (Modern Love) CD
Nick Drake: Five Leaves Left (Island) LP
Dungen: La Det Lugnt (Subliminal Sounds) 3LP
Bob Dylan: Side Tracks (Columbia) LP
Electric Wizard: Come My Fanatics (Rise Above) LP
Expo 70: Virtually From The Unknown (Sonic Meditations) LP
Nils Frahm: Spaces (Erased Tapes) CD
Grails: Black Tar Prophecies Vol 4, 5 & 6 (Temporary Residence) LP
Hawkwind: Sonic Attack (Rock Classics) LP
Hawkwind: Spacehawks (Rock Classics) LP
Tim Hecker: Dropped Pianos (Kranky) LP
Tim Hecker: Virgins (Kranky) LP
Jaylib: Champion Sound (Stones Throw) LP
King Khan & The Shrines: Idle No More (Merge) LP
The Knife: Shaking the Habitual (Mute) 3LP
Moonface: Julia w/ Blue Jeans (Paperbag) LP
Ron Morelli: Spit (Hospital) LP
Nazoranai: s/t (Idealogic Organ) LP
Nine Inch Nails: Hesitation Marks (Columbia) LP
Oneohtrix Point Never: Rifts (Software) 5LP
Onra: 1.0.8. (Favorite) LP
Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon (EMI) LP
Pink Floyd: The Wall (EMI) LP
Portishead: Dummy (Polydor) LP
Portishead: s/t (Polydor) LP
Portishead: Third (Mercury) LP
Arthur Russell: Another Thought (Arc Light) LP
Shovels & Rope: s/t (Dual Tone) LP
Sunn o))): Black One (Southern Lord) LP
Tool: Lateralus (Zoo) LP
Kayne West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Def Jam) LP
White Stripes: Elephant (Third Man) LP
Various: African Scream Contest (Analog Africa) LP
Various: Ecstasy of Gold Vol 3 (Semi Automatic) LP

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