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You know, it’s almost harder to make these news letters when you don’t receive much than it is when you receive a lot. And this week, we haven’t received much at all! That said, next week we’ll probably be flooded with new stuff again. Go figure…. So anyway, if you’ve been in lately, we’ve been getting some killer used goods, so I’m going to rehash some of the highlights here for your viewing pleasure…

…..pick of the week…..


13th Floor Elevators: Easter Everywhere
(International Artists) LP
Pretty damned fine copy of this psych classic, original stereo pressing of this 1967 album. Not cheap but there’s always the reissue available as well… “The 13th Floor Elevators’ second album for International Artists, Easter Everywhere is essentially an extension of the sound of their groundbreaking debut. Another bona fide psychedelic classic, its standout tracks include the eight-minute epic, “Slip Inside This House” and an inspired cover of Bob Dylan’s “(It’s All Over Now) Baby Blue.” This gatefold 2LP edition of the 13th Floor Elevators’ 1967 album Easter Everywhere has been mastered from the original tape source. Album one is the mono edition while album two is a remastered version of the original stereo mix. This is the first official mono reissue of the album since 1967.

File Under: Psych, Classic

Listen Here

…..used goodies…..

Add Mediaarab strap

Arab Strap: Philophobia
(Chemikal Underground) 2LP
The second album from this Scottish band. Released in 1998 this album also features Stuart Murdoch from Belle & Sebastian.

File Under: Indie Rock, Scottish Indie Rock

Listen Here


*Asteroids (Kids Stuff) LP

Look at this record! LOOK AT IT. 10 year old you needs 35 year old you to buy this record. Seriously.

File Under: Atari, 80s, Kids Stuff


The Beatles: Most all of em! (Apple/Capitol) LPs
Ok, I’m not going tell you how to collect records, well, ok I might… but no one should have to tell you that vintage pressings of records have at least one major difference from new reissues, and that is that one of them has been processed through a computer, and one hasn’t.
File Under: Beatles, Vintage, Sgt. Pepper


Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers: The Witch Doctor (Blue Note) LP
Original pressing of this 1961 recording from Art Blakey along with Wayne Shorter, Lee Morgan, Bobby Timmons, & Jymie Merritt. Dig.
File Under: Jazz, Voodoo


The Clash: Assorted Bootlegs LP
A true fan, not only has every album, including the shitty ones, but at least a couple of live bootlegs as well.

File Under: Punk, Bootlegs, Live


Bob Dylan: Loads of em (Columbia) LP
The biggest problem with Bob Dylan records is trying to decide which one(s) to buy.

File Under: Bob, Folk


Aretha Franklin: LPs
Lady Soul.

File Under: Soul, Aretha


Fraser & DeBolt: with Ian Guenther (Columbia) LP
This little known gem turns up reasonably often up here, north of the boarder, but it can fetch some good coin from our cousins to the south, maybe you should check it out too… “One of the many sad secrets of the popular music business is the way this little gem languished in obscurity. It should have been heard by millions, but disappeared at the height of psychedelia. Two years later, The Band found an audience with haunting tales of bygone rustic North American life with their seminal, self-titled second album. Widespread acclaim eluded the earlier outing by this unheralded Canadian trio. The songs, most written independently by Daisy DeBolt or Allan Fraser, are poetic.”

File Under: CanCon, Folk, Psych


Iron Maiden: Most of em LP
The best part about these copies of these Maiden records is that they aren’t stupid picture discs. Black they way they should be…. oh and they are crispy mint too.
File Under: Metal, Eddie


Mogwai: A few… (Matador) LPs
Matador is a weird label, a lot of their records go out of print rather quickly… like these ones.

File Under: Post Rock, Chrome Covers


Perth County Conspiracy: Does Not Exist (Columbia) LP
Another classic Canadian gem. A Canadian folk music group based in Stratford, Ontario. It was formed in 1969 and was active until at least 1977. The founding members were guitarist-singers Richard Keelan (formerly of the American band The Spike Drivers) and Cedric Smith, who were joined by Terry Jones (guitar, vocals), Michael Butler (bass) and George Taros (piano, vocals) and other friends and family members. The 1970 self-titled album features Shakespearian dialogue and audio collage elements mixed with folk and folk rock music that might place it in the genre of psych folk.

File Under: CanCon, Psych Folk


Ravi Shankar: Various LPs
You know, Norah Jones’ dad.

File Under: Ethnic, India, Raga


Sebadoh: LPs
Lou Barlow got kicked out of Dinosaur Jr, then he made all these Sebadoh LPs.

File Under: Dinosaur Jr, Lo-Fi

yo la tengo

Yo La Tengo: Genius + Love = (Matador) LP
Remember what I said about Matador records going out of print….

File Under: Indie Rock

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