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…..picks of the week…..


 *Èlg: La Chimie (SDZ) LP
– Half of duo Opéra Mort and third of trio Reines d’Angleterre, alongside the famous Ghedalia Thazartès, Èlg is a brilliant and multi-talented musician living in Brussels. His discography is a bit of a red herring: from somptuous acid folk wanderings (“Tout Ploie” on Kraak/S.S.) to schizophrenic and incredibly creative tour-de-force (“Capitaine Présent 5” on Nashazphone) to the tangential electronic experimentations of the excellent “Mil Pluton” LP released in 2012 on Alter/Hundebiss. On “La Chimie”, Èlg concocts a stunning blend of tracks that appeared initially on small-run and now out-of-print releases (“Der Prediger” CD-R on Young Girl Records and “In Coro” cassette tape on NO=FI) plus an unreleased one. This creates, like for any of his previous releases, a strange euphoria sensation. It feels like falling in a remote place of cosmos, a place of his own, where synthetic buzzings, declamations in non-identified languages, sparkles of musique concrète, electronic flare-ups and proto-industrial beats mix together in a fascinating mess, something like bodies in distress floating in the great big galactic void. Yes, “La Chimie” is as hypnotic as a weird pattern on a filipino hijab. It’s now your turn to taste “La Chimie” and tickle your mind’s eye. Sample it here!  And here! 

…..new arrivals…..

arica*Arica: Music In The Nine Rings (Poodle) LP
Arica was the music branch of the Arica Institute, whose founder famously collaborated with Alejandro Jodorowsky and convinced him to indoctrinate his entire crew in the Institutes cultish new age teachings before filming The Holy Mountain. Piano, synth, hypnotic percussion and plenty of tape delay – Music in the Nine Rings is an immersive psychedelic new age masterpiece – think Agitation Free, Limbus 4, Deuter-D. This recording almost certainly includes some of the same uncredited musicians that played on Woo Soo/Audition in 1972 and Heaven in 1973, so its no surprise theres a jazz sensibility in the overall structure and the playing. This record is eminently listenable but its unhurried improvisation has more to do with a subtle manipulation of musical tension than the relaxation promises of 80s new age. As the history of new age music is slowly created by people that werent there, Music in the Nine Rings will be a celebrated example of when the genre coalesced and a way of thinking musically showed its potential.

basinskiWilliam Basinski: Nocturnes (Temporary Residence) CD
Like his best and most iconic works, the magic of William Basinski?s new album, Nocturnes, is in the glacial, inevitable decay of something beautiful. Tape loops of prepared piano – composed and recorded more than 30 years ago – reflecting, refracting, and disintegrating into a haunting sentimental haze, like losing a vivid memory to the natural deterioration of time. Nocturnes is two sprawling new works, begun in 1979 and completed in 2012. It is Basinski?s first new studio release in nearly four years. Sample it here! 

belbury*Belbury Poly: Farmer’s Angle CD
*Belbury Poly: From An Ancient Star CD
*Belbury Poly: The Owl’s Map CD
(Ghost Box)
Never in before, these three older releases from the most excellent, Belbury Poly! “The music of Belbury Poly is, by turns joyous and naive and at other times shot through with terror or supernatural wonder. Parallel world TV soundtracks and nostalgia for an imaginary past.” Sample it here!  And here!  And here!



Peter Brotzmann/Hamid Drake: Sold & Spirit (Nero’s Neptune) LP
Recorded on April 18, 2010 at Clemente Velez Center, New York City. German free jazz saxophonist and clarinetist Peter Brötzmann: alto and tenor sax, B-flat clarinet, tarogato. American jazz drummer/percussionist, Hamid Drake: drums and percussion.

byrdDonald Byrd: Chant (Blue Note/Heavenly Sweetness) LP
A Donald Byrd treasure – and an album that was almost left in the vaults by Blue Note, until they briefly released it at the end of the 70s! The cover and title are a bit unfamiliar, but the music is right up there with Byrd’s classic sessions with baritonist Pepper Adams – a great player here, with a deftness on his horn that’s incredible – matching all the sharp changes and soulful undercurrents of Byrd’s sparkling trumpet! There’s a nice hard sound to the whole thing – almost the raw power of the pair’s albums for the Warwick label – and as with those, Herbie Hancock is on piano – giving the whole thing an excellent soul jazz groove that really kicks the main soloists into action! Sample it here! 

Septober_Energy_lpCentipede: Septober Energy (Klimt) LP
“An ambitious, four-movement suite, led by Keith Tippett and produced by Robert Fripp in 1971. This 50-piece orchestra brought together the best British musicians of the day, including members of Soft Machine, King Crimson, and Nucleus, as well as jazz musicians Gary Windo, Mark Charig, Elton Dean, Karl Jenkins, Nick Evans, and Ian Carr. Despite having been released over 30 years ago,Septober Energy remains a force to be reckoned with, and while the 85-minutes of music often resembles that of KC or SM, it also brings in elements of free jazz and contemporary classical music. Finally reissued on double gatefold vinyl and featuring the original artwork.” Sample it here!

daftpunk-1367945965Daft Punk: Random Access Memories (Columbia) LP/CD
Now in stock! The highly anticipated fourth album from the critically acclaimed techno outfit DAFT PUNK is almost here!! The album features collaborations with artists including Nile Rodgers, Paul Williams, Giorgio Moroder, Pharrell Williams, Todd Edwards, DJ Falcon, Chilly Gonzales, Panda Bear and Julian Casablancas. Sample it here! 

dvvllxnsDvvllxn: Lxtvny (Shelter Path) LP
Shelter press is pleased to introduce the first EP by DVVLLXNS, aka Jon Porras (one of the two kings of the californian Barn Owl kingdom). With his new electronical project DVVLLXNS, Jon Porras opens the thresholds of burning galaxies, celestials thoughts and dark planets. Like a twisted elegy to Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet, the folded beat of an empty motel room with a distant Tv whisper, like crispy snow falling in july, a car race in the magnolia night, Litany predicts some cosmogonic catalcysm that a muted Cassandra could mime. Feel the hurricane, the speed, the devotional speed of geometries, the language of signs. Sample it here! 

emmanueldd*J.D. Emmanuel: Trance Formations II: Into Separate Realities (Deep Distance) LP
A legendary figure whose seminal works from 1981 / 1982, (especially the Riley / Glass / Reich inspired “Wizards”) on his own private press imprint “North Star Productions”, were given fresh relevance upon re-release in 2007 by Lieven Martens’ (Dolphins Into the Future). The set here, in the artist’s own words “was composed during the 1990’s on the road while travelling cross country for my job; using a Yamaha QY-10 synth module/sequencer or Korg X5DR synth module and a Novation MM10 keyboard into my Windows laptop using Cakewalk computer sequencing/recording software. Finishing them on my PC with Cakewalk with either/and 2 Ensoniq ESQ-M’s synthesizer modules and a Korg X5DR synthesizer module.” Six beautifully personal, zoned pieces and an essential companion to Emmanuel’s esteemed body of work. Sample it here! 

gbx018lp*The Focus Group: Elektrik Karousel (Ghost Box) LP/CD
The Elektrik Karousel is the new album from The Focus Group, the alias of graphic designer and co-manager of Ghost Box records Julian House, and it”s the most sonically rich, enjoyable and psychedelic so far. It”s an evolution of the Cut-Up experiments of the earlier albums where House developed a musical style that mirrored his collaged design work. House’s graphics are familiar to millions through his work for Broadcast, Oasis, Primal Scream and Stereolab, amongst many others. On Elektrik Karousel House, with help in the studio from Broadcast, weaves his samples into a rich tapestry of electronics, fuzzed guitar and processed exotic instrumentation together with fractured skipping rhythms and submerged melodies. There’s a weird alchemy at work that manages to distil essences of jazz, psychedelia and soundtracks into something utterly unique. For a clue to its moods, think Czech animation, Italian Giallo, early Radiophonics, HP Lovecraft stories, 1960s underground cinema, Lewis Caroll and baroque psych. Sample it here!  And here! 

snowcrashXander Harris: Snow Crash (Desire) LP
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Neil Stephenson’s cyberpunk classic Snow Crash, we present to you a new Xander Harris’ album inspired by the book. Think of this album as a soundtrack to be played while you read Stephenson’s story of swordplay, virtual reality, hacking, and cybernetic nuclear powered attack dogs. Snow Crash the album makes musical allusions to the work of artists like Vangelis, Cevin Key, and the early 90s Third Mind Records. Harris’ album is mood music, that moves between being contemplative and chilled out and driving. Tracks like “Cosa Nostra Pizza Delivery” will have you feel like you’re running through the back alleys of a futuristic metropolis, while “Eridu” evokes the feeling of injecting your consciousness into the the Metaverse—a feeling I’m sure we all can relate to. Harris’ Snow Crash creates a mindspace, a mental state, that’s very powerful and helpful for meditating on the idea that we will all exist eternally in the internet. Sample it here!

hill_andrew_dancewith_103bAndrew Hill: Dance With Death (Blue Note/Heavenly Sweetness) LP
A wonderful session by Andrew Hill – recorded in 1968, but issued only briefly in 1981 – and out of print for years! The session is a key one in understanding Hill’s work – as it’s a bridge between the arch modernism of his early Blue Note sides, and the more soul-oriented playing of the Grass Roots album. The group features Joe Farrell and Charles Tolliver on horns – both of whom open up the sound at the same time they’re giving it a nice bottom – and the rest of the combo includes Victor Sproles on bass and Billy Higgins on drums. The album’s an enchanting one – lighter than earlier years, but still with a compelling vision that’s all Hill’s own. Titles include “Dance With Death”, “Love Nocturne”, “Black Sabbath”, “Partitions”, and “Fish N Rice” Sample it here! 

hill_andrew_blackfire_101bAndrew Hill: Black Fire (Blue Note/Heavenly Sweetness) LP
Insanely wonderful music from Andrew Hill – a lean, stripped-down session that has Hill working at his firey best – in a space that’s somewhere between the “new thing” recordings of Jackie McLean, and the brooding brilliance of Andrew’s later Smokestack session! The group here has some key figures fleshing out the sound – a young Joe Henderson, blowing tenor with a very edgey quality – the very versatile Richard Davis on bass – and the great Roy Haynes on drums, very much at his most fluid interpretation of rhythm! The whole set’s pretty darn great – one of the more mindblowing Blue Notes you’ll ever hope to buy – and tracks include “Pumpkin”, “Subterfuge”, “Cantarnos”, and “McNeil Island”. Sample it here! 

hutche_bobb_obliqueor_101bBobby Hutcherson: Oblique (Blue Note/Heavenly Sweetness) LP
One of Bobby Hutcherson’s greatest records ever – and a session that never got released at the time! The album’s an excellent quartet session, one that’s very much in the best spirit of Bobby’s great Happenings album on Blue Note – and it features a similar group that includes Hutcherson on vibes, Herbie Hancock on piano, Albert Stinson on bass, and Joe Chambers, one of Hutcherson’s best accompanists from the 60s, on drums. The format’s a bit more modal than Happenings – and the set features 6 wonderful little tracks that mix together the “new thing” sound of earlier Hutcherson Blue Notes, with some of the nascent soulfulness that started creeping into his work at the end of the 60s. The album was recorded in 1967, but only first issued in Japan in at the end of the 70s – and then later in the US, and even then only briefly – but we’d still rank the set as one of Bobby’s best for Blue Note! Sample it here! 

koernerJohn Koerner: Spider John (Nero’s Neptune) LP
This vinyl-only album fills a crucial gap in the evolution of legendary folk artist Spider John Koerner. Recorded in between 1965’s Spider Bluesand 1969’s Running, Jumping, Standing Still (withWillie Murphy, both released on Elektra), Koerner is captured here live and unaccompanied at The Ash Grove in Los Angeles, bringing to light an exciting and previously-undocumented period in the career of Spider John. The excellent recording captures Koerner at the absolute peak of his guitar-playing powers. Rounding out this crucial slab of wax are two songs recorded in 1966 in New York City, previously only available on an elusive British single. Accompanied by Al Kooper on guitar, Felix Pappalardi on bass, and Roy Blumenfeld on drums, “Won’t You Give Me Some Love” and “Don’t Stop” (the latter with Tony Glover on harp) represent Koerner’s first, brief excursion into rock and roll terrain. The results sound not entirely dissimilar to Dylan’s Highway 61 period material — not surprising, given Kooper’s presence. This release is not only a fascinating addition to the canon of one of this country’s national treasures, but is also one of his strongest overall efforts.

Mark-Lanegan-Duke-Garwood-Black-PuddingMark Lanegan & Duke Garwood: Black Pudding (Ipecac) LP
“Mark Lanegan has teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Duke Garwood to release Black Pudding. Lanegan, never one to shy away from unique collaborations, has previously worked with Belle & Sebastian’s Isobel Campbell, The Afghan Whigs’ Greg Dulli and as a member of The Screaming Trees, Soulsavers and Queens of the Stone Age. Lanegan and Garwood met a few years ago while playing on the same bill and Garwood was again a frequent opener on Lanegan’s recent European tour. Garwood has often been described in the UK press as Lanegan’s “spiritual cousin across the Atlantic waters.” Sample it here!

loscilLoscil: Intervalo (Frond) LP
Scott Morgan has provided drums and rhythmic anchors for indie-rock outfits such as Destroyer, but around these parts he’s always been known best as Loscil, a unique electronic artist that’s been pioneering an ambient style longer than most. On the self released “Intervalo” he focuses on reworking versions of past Loscil pieces with a different approach, thanks largely to the contributions of Seattle-based pianist Kelly Wyse. Her plaintive keys soak into Morgan’s vast atmospheres and rainy-day drones, providing an acoustic signpost that bobs like a buoy on a great open sea. They take the description literally on “City Hospital” that folds bleak layers of static and field recordings of waves beneath estranged piano notes. The track is a towering moment and “Intervalo” wisely uses 16 minutes of its runtime to let it fully develop and resolve into a despondent coda of keys, surely a highlight in the vast Loscil discography. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia Sample it here!

saicosLos Saicos: Demolicion! (Munster) LP
“With only six singles released between 1965 and 1966, and from an apparently remote place such as Lima, Peru, Los Saicos created a raw, wild and visceral sound, the Southern Hemisphere equivalent of the garage rock that was coming out of the U.S. Northwest at the same time. Theirs is the same DNA shared byThe Sonics, The Cramps and Black Lips. This release compiles all their recordings and tells their amazing story. This snarling maelstrom of nihilism was cut in Lima when the rest of the world was wetting itself over The Beatles, direct links to both The Stooges and The Cramps here and several more equally-enthralling combos. ” Sample it here! 

loudLoud & Sad: Unknown Species (Greenup Industries) LP
A collaboration between Joe Houpert and Nathan McLaughlin and they hit on many leftfield styles of music while obscuring and delineating them at the same time. “Unknown Species” holds tape-mangled folk tropes and lab-based computer music next to banjo reveries, almost like if a series of Jim O’Rourke’s releases were abstracted and slowed to a crawl. Loud and Sad may be a new name to some, but their affinity for spiraling rustic melodies and resplendent electronic textures is timeless. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia Sample it here! 



*Baris Manco: Sakla Samani Gelir Zamani (Guerssen) LP
In 1976, Barış Manço released his third album, which was actually also a compilation of songs previously released on 45s, as happened with his debut. For this LP release, and basically because of contractual reasons, Guerssen are presenting this compilation to you with a few changes: two of the original songs are not there, and instead they have added four new ones. So, what we get here is a scorchin’ collection of funky psychedelics done the Turkish way that will knock you out. Big Barış beats them all, the King of Anadolu Pop. Remastered sound. Includes an insert with liner notes and photos. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Sample it here! 

brokenheart*Tucker Martine: Broken Hearted Dragonflies (Sublime Frequencies) LP
There is a legend in Burma stating that swarms of male dragonflies gather to join in choruses of high-pitched tones to court their mates. The ones that don’t succeed in mating eventually scream so loud that their chests explode and they drop dead to the ground. These recordings are a tribute to this legend. Droning cicadas, dragonflies, and other insects display their charm as masters of the high frequency airwaves, recorded live and unprocessed by Tucker Martine in the lush settings of Laos, Thailand, and Burma. Enter the supernatural world where entomology and electronica converge in a tropical hallucination of alien sound. Anyone who has ever wondered if these strange symphonies could be recorded or preserved as precisely as they sound in the field need look no further. Martine has done it and you will be transported to the exact experience one would encounter in these mysterious lowlands. Limited edition LP pressing of the long out-of-print CD from 2004, comes with a beautiful tip-on jacket, including an insert with photos and liner notes by Hakim Bey and Alan Bishop.

jackie_mclean-hipnosis-frontJackie McLean: Hipnosis (Blue Note/Heavenly Sweetness) LP
A pivotal record for Jackie McLean – a set that still has some of the spirit and lineup of his “new thing” years, but which also takes on a more spiritual vibe as well – clearly pointing the direction towards McLean’s music in the 70s! The album’s one of those unusual Blue Notes that was recorded in the 60s, but wasn’t issued until many years later – but given the date and the sound, we’d put this one right alongside Jackie’s Demon Dance album. The group features excellent trombone from Grachan Moncur, plus Lamont Johnson on piano, Scotty Holt on bass, and Billy Higgins on drums. Sample it here!

melnykLubomyr Melnyk: Corollaries (Erased Tapes) LP
Now in on vinyl! Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk — the pioneer of Continuous Piano Music — presents his first release on UK label Erased Tapes. Melnyk is a true innovator, exploring new directions in contemporary music. Classically-trained and greatly affected by the minimalist movement in the early 1970s, the Ukrainian pianist developed his own unique language for the piano, named after the principle of maintaining a continuous, unbroken stream of sound. Melnyk has shown a remarkable devotion to the instrument, always striving to discover new ways of composing music in the continuous mode. His focus is on the actual sound of the piano as much as the harmonies and melodies of the music. Playing rapid and complex note patterns made Lubomyr one of the world’s fastest concert pianists. His virtuoso piano technique forms overtones that blend, collide or even create new melodies in rare moments, and thereby shape the composition beyond its original form. Sample it here!

love084ep_CUMiles: Unsecured (Modern Love) LP
Miles’ returns with a half-hour EP of new material more squarely aimed at the floor with four darkened, robust variants. “Blatant Statement” slowly emerges from a rough alignment of metallic percussion and abrasive stabs you’d most likely associate with Vatican Shadow, before super-warm bass stabs shifts the perspective. “Technocracy” delivers an oozing house deconstruction, while “Infinite Jest” revolves around an industrial cacophony somewhere between technofied Pete Swanson and a sweaty Kassem Mosse. “Plutocracy” is a bleached-out warehouse chug surrounded by a submerged choral arrangement. Sample it here! 

nationalThe National: Trouble Will Find Me (4AD) LP/CD
LP now in stock and selling like hot cakes! This is the sixth studio offering for the Brooklyn band, and follows 2010’s critical and commercial success “High Violet”. The new album is the most self-assured collection of songs produced by The National in it’s 14-year career. In an interview with UK’s UNCUT Magazine, front man Matt Berninger described the songs as more “immediate and visceral” than their previous work. “Trouble Will Find Me” possesses a directness, a coherency and an approachability that suggests The National are at their most confident. Sample it here! 


*OST: The Source Family (Drag City) LP
A cult with a cult following? Well . . . when the original cult was a proto new-age/wellness organization led by a dude with a great big hippie-god grey beard whose interests included fresh organic food, yoga, tantra, chakra, gita and all the rest of that good ol’ spiritual stuff rolled into one new kind of belief often expounded upon in performances of home-made rock music, it’s no wonder that a new group of enthusiasts would turn up in the years following the diaspora of the original believers. Such is the case with Father Yod and The Source Family. For the soundtrack to The Source Family documentary, a selection of material was chosen to include the widest variety of Source Family members, showcasing the talents of many not previously showcased. And so, in addition to Ya Ho Wa 13 members Djin, Sunflower and Octavius, we also hear the contributions of Cinderella, Ahom, Aquariana, Anastasia, Rhythm, Horn, Electron, Zoroaster, Vibration, Pythias, Damian and Zinaru – as well as the omnipotent Yahowa himself, Father Yod. Their music ranges from soulful to spiritual to shamanistic, with Father fronting the band on journeys through inner and outer psychosis and bliss. These recordings were intended to further the teachings of Yahowa, and while they certainly do so, what the listener is left with some forty years on, aside from a deeply compelling curiosity, is . . . . IT’S ABOUT VIBRATION.. Sample it here!

pyecorner*Pye Corner Audio: Superstitious Century (Boomkat Editions) LP
The Head Technician cruises up with his first 12″ maxi single, presented on Boomkat Editions. Since Type’s reissue of his Black Mill Tapes last year, PCA has had praise coming from all angles: whether it’s for his slick-but-sleazy, Carl Craigian lustre, the BoC-like melodic hooks, or his beautifully full bodied analogue production; he’s really hit a collective soft spot dead on. We were keen to hear him attempt something slightly more club-wise, and, et voila, we now have Superstitious Century. Opener “Vorticism” is a real peach, steeped in nostalgia for early ’90s UK house with the rosy-cheeked, wide-eyed essence of Smokebelch and classic AFX (it almost sounds like something off the first Analogue Bubblebath EP) distilled to a spine-tingling brew, and neatly contrasting with the subtle, slo-mo balearic build of “Zero Centre” to complete the A-side. Turn her over for the extended and seductively oily, oriental chug of “Wasted Evolution”, which has become a bit of an anthem at our monthly Haxan gatherings, and there’s the blissed out arpeggios of “End of all Eras” to bring us safely in to port, like some lost outtake off Boards of Canada’s Music Has the Right to Children. Sample it here! 

riversSam Rivers: Fuchsia Swing Song (Blue Note/Heavenly Sweetness) LP
One of the greatest modern moments on Blue Note – ever! From the cover, to the compositions, to the playing on the set – the whole album crackles with an unbelievable fire that was hardly ever matched again. A young Sam Rivers leads a quartet that includes Jaki Byard on piano, Ron Carter on bass, and Anthony Williams on drums – coming together in a sound that’s got lots of sharp edges, yet which also beats with an undeniably swinging heart. Rivers blows incredibly on the session – held in check by the rhythm section, and never getting too free (or sloppy, as on some later sides) – and instead hitting these hard tones that really push the envelope of 60s jazz without rewriting the rules entirely. Brilliant all the way through. Sample it here!

RudimentaryRudimentary Peni: Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatic (Outer Hymalayan) LP
“First of all six Rudimentary Peni releases to be reissued, remastered from the original analog tapes. Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric is a concept album by the band Rudimentary Peni, originally released in 1995. It has been rumored that the album was written while lead singer/guitarist Nick Blinko was being detained in a psychiatric hospital. The subject matter of the album is purported to be based on the delusions Blinko was experiencing at the time, particularly the idea that he was to assume the Papcy, and become Pope Adrian 37th, the second English pope in history.” Sample it here!

Sean Nicolas Savage: Other Life (Arbutus) LP

Sean Nicholas Savage is a gifted narrator, driven by his own melodic and emotional odysseys. A fixture of the Montreal music scene, Savage expresses both the strength and fragility of the human experience. In his writing, Sean has the keen ability to articulate the intricate emotions of everyday life and romance with a measure of specificity and maturity uncommon to most singer-songwriters. A prolific and dynamic artist, Savage has released several albums since 2009, ranging from the classic confessional folk of Movin’ Up In Society (2010) to the trippy AM romance of Trippple Midnight Karma (2011) to the caribbean future punk of Won Ton Jaz (2011). This rapid rate of output mirrors that of the great songsmiths (Lee Hazlewood, Joni Mitchell, Scott Walker, David Bowie) that he follows in the footprints of. Savage chiefly works in service of what each song requires, never constrained by the barriers of a specific genre. This is a collection of deep and personal songs, which showcases a focused, darker side not seen on his previous titles. Welcome to Savage’s Other Life. “Montreal’s best kept secret (…) sparkles like Elliot Smith hopped on Arthur Russell’s happy pills.” – NME // “It simply is truest, passionate pop music, a graceful tribute to the Sexual Healing-era Marvin Gaye, drenched in lush melodies.” -No Fear Of Pop Sample it here! 

alpsSic Alps: She’s On Top (Drag City) 12”
“Orange Sunshine! Blue Diamonds! Black Potatoes! ‘She’s On Top’ is a 12′ single, a B-12-booster shot extract straight from the heart of Sic Alps to the inner lining of your own poor broke-crippled ripcage ribself. This is how the other half lives, laughs and loves! It’s fun and exciting, a picture from the airplane! Sic Alps are like you. They’re your friends — the better, smarter, faster, stronger ones!” Sample it here! 


vuVelvet Underground: At The End of Cole Ave. Night Two (Keyhole) 2LP
The Velvet Underground were arguably at their live peak in late 1969. Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker, and Doug Yule (who’d replaced John Cale a full year previously) had developed into a sensationally tight and adventurous quartet, and this show — the second of two recorded on consecutive nights before a tiny audience in Dallas, Texas — is considered by many of their fans to be the finest surviving document of them in performance. Remastered sound. Background notes included. Sample it here!
whit1*Keith Fullerton Whitman: Antithesis (Kranky) LP
2013 repress, originally released in 2004. “An LP-only release of material from Keith Fullerton Whitman’s archives that doesn’t fit aesthetically with his upcoming Multiples studio album. The theme for the album is ‘ensemble works’, that is a combination of instruments played by Whitman himself with no computer interaction. Each piece was recorded in one of the different apartments Whitman has rented since he lived in Boston.” Sample it here! 

*Keith Fullerton Whitman: Schöner Flußengel (Kranky) LP

whit22013 repress, originally released in 2004. “Consisting of material with a decidedly dark mood overall, the new album embodies Whitman’s considerable musical scope. With tracks recorded using vocals, computer, clarinet, synthesizer, record player, microphone, bell and guitar the album traverses grittier and more complex territory than its predecessors. The six tracks veer from multi-fi drone to computer-guitar-piano trio.”


*alessandro alessandroni: i canto (penny) LP
alabama shakes: boys & girls (ato) LP
arcade fire: funeral (merge) LP
the band: s/t (capitol) LP
*syd barrett: the madcap laughs (vinylisssimo) LP
*burning star core: challenger (plastic) LP
*captain beefheart: clear spot (reprise) LP
*bob change: it’s broken (trunk) LP
sam cooke: night beat (music on vinyl) LP
miles davis: in person, friday night (doxy) LP
miles davis: forever miles (legacy) LP
death grips: the money store (legacy) LP
j dilla: 48 hours instrumentals (delicious) LP
dj sprinkles: where dance floors stand still (mule musiq) LP
bob dylan: blonde on blonde (music on vinyl) LP
electric wizard: black masses (rise above) LP
*j.d. emmanuel: time traveller (aguirre) LP
*bill fay: time of the last persecution (4 men with beards) LP
flaming lips: oh my gawd! (plain) LP
flaming lips: telepathic surgery (plain) LP
marvin gaye: let’s get it on (tamla) LP
*grim tower: anarchic breezes (outer battery) LP
billie holiday: velvet mood (doxy) LP
*jaylib: champion sound (stones throw) LP
loose fur: s/t (drag city) LP
*mainliner: revelation space (riot season) LP/CD
charles mingus: tonight at noon (atlantic) LP
charles mingus: oh yeah (atlantic) LP
moss: moss’ horrible night (rise above) LP
ost: dazed and confused (warner) LP
portishead: pnyc (island) LP
*pye corner audio: sleep games (ghost box) LP/CD
radiohead: in rainbows (tbd) LP
rage against the machine: s/t (legacy) LP
lou reed: transformer (legacy) LP
*django reinhardt: three fingered lightning (doxy) LP
*django reinhardt: the legendary django (doxy) LP
stars of the lid: avec laudenum (kranky) LP
*suum cuique: ascetic ideals (modern love) LP
talk talk: spirit of eden (emi) LP
uncle acid & the deadbeats: mind control (rise above) LP
uncle acid & the deadbeats: blood lust (rise above) LP
bukka white: big daddy (sutro park) LP
jack white: blunderbuss (thirdman) LP
*wipers: youth of america (jackpot) LP
wu-tang clan: enter the wu-tang (36 chambers) (rca) LP


!!!: thiiiler (warp) LP/CD
james blake: overgrown (repulse) LP
boards of canada: tomorrow’s harvest (warp) LP/CD
boris: praparat (daymare)
camera obscura: desire lines (4ad) LP/CD
*circle: six day run OST (svart) LP
*circle: panic (svart) LP
city & colour: the hurry & the harm (dine alone) LP
*derdiyoklar ikilisi: coban mamos (pharaway sounds) LP/CD
digable planets: blowout comb (modern classics) LP
karel goeyvaerts: s/t (cacophonic)
gold panda: half of where you live (ghostly) LP
arve henriksen: cartography (ecm) LP
king tuff: was dead (burger) LP
michel magne: musique tachiste (cacophonic)
laura marling: i once was an eagle (ribbon) LP
*oblivion OST (mondo) LP
stephen o’malley & atsuo: uroburos (inoxia) LP
mount kimbie: cold spring fault less youth (warp) LP/CD
harry partch: the bewitched (cacophonic) LP
*public image ltd: first edition (light in the attic) LP/CD
queens of the stone age: …like clockwork (matador) LP/DLX LP/CD
walter rizzati: the house by the cemetery (death waltz)
harry robinson: twins of evil (death waltz)
sigur ros: hvarf/heim (xl) 2LP
sigur ros: kveikur (xl) LP/DLX LP/CD
*joakim skogsberg: jola rota (subliminal sounds) LP
*irma thomas: in between tears (alive) LP
wild nothing: empty estate (captured tracks) LP
v/a: arts & crafts x (arts & crafts) LP
*v/a: ecstasy of gold: 23 killer bullets from the spaghetti west 1 (semi-automatic) LP
*v/a: ecstasy of gold: 22 killer bullets from the spaghetti west 2 (semi-automatic) LP
*v/a: molam: thai country groove from isan vol. 2 (sublime frequencies) LP

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