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howdy all….

well, we are still recovering from record store day here, which you can see from the list below. tons of restocks coming in this week and next, as well as still receiving some late rsd releases. anyway, there’s still piles of records on the desk, so i won’t waste both of our time…..

…..pick of the week…..

atom eart
*atom earth mother – ancient faith – alt vinyl – 2lp wood box

– not only a beautiful object, but an amazing slab of music as well. “atom earth mother: a solo project from one half of :zoviet*france: dedicated to the white goddess and inspired by the prehistoric antiquities in northumberland, primarily the enigmatic and beautiful ‘rock art’ that are known as ‘cup and ring’ marks, a form of symbolic language 4500+ years old, whose meaning has been lost in the mists of time. utilizing digital and analogue equipment and production technique, location recordings, found sound and employing experimentation as the creative tool, atom earth mother embarks on a sonic journey to the origins of our civilization and indeed our very being. ‘ancient faith’ is an album about love and faith, and although it started out as homage to the earth mother, it soon became a deeply personal story documenting the end of a love affair and the emotional aftermath. stunningly packaged in a wooden box with a hand branded conjoined ‘cup and ring’ marked design burnt into the front panel, and containing a photographic insert with two superb images of the antiquities that were the major inspiration, taken by the artist himself, this double vinyl has three sides of audio and a fourth side that contains an etching of a ‘cup and ring’ mark.” limited to 250 copies, sure to be gone fast.

…..new arrivals…..

black dog – tranklements – dust science – 3lp
– limited to 300 copies. the black dog have been gathering their thoughts, passions, and anger, reflecting it into their music, sometimes as part of a larger picture or concept, sometimes just focusing on one subject. tranklements is a body of work created as 16 unique and individual tracks. each one is its own little object, something created to externalize, explain and express the world the band find themselves in. it encompasses many thoughts, emotions and desires and there is an individual story and internal message behind each. they’ve all been discussed and fought for. however, the black dog don’t really want to explain them — they don’t expect those personal rationales to translate to others. they would rather you gaze upon the objects yourself and come to your own conclusions. nobody likes to be told what to think. in many ways, their work with the electronic supper club project has helped them to reconnect with many things and each other. the creative talent and desires of the younger generation have never gone away. the real underground is still as vibrant as ever, not lost to false values, over-sized egos and ladder-climbing brands. the black dog have always respected that energy and individuality that exists beyond the bland compliant mainstream. the truth is, they have always felt like the awkward outsiders.
cindy talk – a life is everywhere – editions mego – lp
– a life is everywhere is an ecstatic mix of rhythm, noise, drone, texture, and melody. simultaneously heartfelt and not for the faint-hearted. within their self-contained world, cindytalk continue the unique trajectory that has purveyed their career starting in 1982. this installment further explores the fearsome terrain that was initiated with previous editions mego releases such as the crackle of my soul and hold everything dear. throughout the six tracks on offer, the standard fair of music is run through serious level processes leaving, taking rhythm and sound to extreme limits while always retaining trace elements of their core. ringing bells are interrupted by artifacts from shredded sound-matter, euphoric chords are swamped by chopped rhythms which succumb to an endless storm of electronic bliss. utopia has never been so bold. the unique positioning of cindytalk’s output over a 30+ year period is a testament to the will to explore, unfettered by trend, taste and desire. this is unadulterated expression, a future music for those willing to confront the future as a viable option.
*loren connors – the departing of a dream – family vineyard – lp
–  “vinyl reissue of master guitarist loren connors’ modern classic — the first of what would become a three volume series based loosely as tribute to miles davis’ “he loved him madly.” this album finds connors exploring slowly churned darkened hues — each collapsing onto themselves like echoes of miles’ muted trumpet and connors’ signature ghost melodies. since the late 1970s, connors’ use of haunted delta blues, minimalism and compositional underpinnings have become an avant-garde style synonymous to him. when the departing of a dream was released as a cd in 2002 it signaled a dramatic growth in connors’ sound by combining electric, acoustic and bass guitar with the unsettling ménage of subtle percussion and ambient hiss.”
crystal castles – iii – last gang – lp
– the third album from the canadian electronic/experimental/dance duo, the first of their albums to be produced entirely by band member ethan kath. ‘we wanted the album to sound like a completely different and new experience” says ethan. ‘we’d limit ourselves to one take on each song because we believe the first take is the rawest expression of an idea,” by ditching their old synthesizers and keyboards used on I and II, ethan enforced a ‘strictly no computers’ rule in the studio and began recording everything directly to tape. together the canadian duo has conjured up a collection of songs that are as raw as they are well rounded. as `(Ill)’ unfolds, each track will take you to greater heights and equal lows, as you enter the sometimes plagued and often polarized world that is crystal castles. recorded mostly in warsaw and berlin, the album also boasts the haunting and euphoric 5-minute mind-bender ‘plague’ that quickly caused a cyber-storm amongst fans and media when the band unveiled it via their soundcloud page this summer.
*rhodri davies – wound response – alt vinyl – lp
– back in stock!!! ltd edition of 350 copies on opaque vinyl housed in heavy 4 way silkscreened card sleeve. artwork by jean-luc guionnet. this album is the focus of a glowing feature whole page review in october 2012 issue of the wire and a track is on that issue’s wiretapper cd. “a frantic blowout..signals a quantum leapfrom the quiet corners of lower case improv”. clive bell, the wire
*demdike stare – testpressing #002 – modern love – 12″
– demdike stare presents #2 in their testpressing series. “grows without bound” is a noisy analog session resurrected from the burning embers of industrial and noise, harnessed into an unstable growl that makes room for a barely-there percussive stumble — think somewhere between vainio and nate young. “primitive equations” takes inspiration from the bare-boned, hyper-tense production of photek’s “ni – ten – ichi – ryu,” slugging out feral, steely noise and ‘ardcore torque forged by calloused hands and burning minds to cruel, propulsive effect.
merrell fankhauser & hms bounty – things – guerssen – lp
       – one of the all-time ’60s classics, coming out from the california desert of antelope valley where hms leader merrell fankhauser lived for a couple of years. this was released on uni in late 1968, and gosh it’s a killer! flower power psychedelia, great all original songs, this is one of those albums you shouldn’t miss under any circumstance. remastered sound, original artwork and an insert with liners by merrell and a great photo from his own archive.
flaming lips – the terror – warner – lp/cd
       – finally in tomorrow on vinyl!! the flaming lips have been in the news lately, but often it’s been for obnoxiously attention-grabby reasons. so it’s good to hear that they’re now returning to the business of releasing intense, freaked-out albums. in a press release, wayne coyne calls the album a ‘bleak, disturbing record’, and writes, “we were hopeless, we were disturbed and, i think, accepting that some things are hopeless’ or letting hope in one area die so that hope can start to live in another?? maybe this is the beginning of the answer.” – stereogum
heliocentrics – 13 degrees – now again – lp/cd
       – “the heliocentrics’ debut album, out there was a confounding piece of work. drawing equally from the funk universe of james brown, the disorienting asymmetry of sun ra, the cinematic scope of ennio morricone, the sublime fusion of david axelrod, pierre henry’s turned-on musique concrète, and can’s beat-heavy krautrock, out there pointed the way towards a brand new kind of psychedelia, one that could only come from a band of accomplished musicians who were also obsessive music fans. drummer malcolm catto and bassist jake ferguson are the heliocentrics’ masterminds and producers, and guitarist ade owusu, percussionist jack yglesisas, and keyboardist ollie parfitt hold constant presence within this ever-evolving ensemble. they have been playing together for over a decade and their collective drive is to find an individual voice. the heliocentrics search for it in an alternate galaxy where the orbits of funk, jazz, psychedelic, electronic, avant-garde, and ‘ethnic’ music all revolve around ‘the one.’ back at now-again with 13 degrees of reality, the heliocentrics have returned to develop this epic vision of psychedelic funk, while exploring the possibilities created by their myriad influences — latin, african, and more. thus, the electro-latin fusion of ‘descarga electronica’ sits next to weeping strings piled atop ‘collateral damage’s’ chunky rhythms, which passes undulating swing of ‘wrecking ball,’ a dirge as irresistibly funky as it is devastating. no surprise, then, that the heliocentrics have earned lifetime fans in the likes of questing spirits like madlib (with whom catto has collaborated on numerous yesterdays new quintet projects), dj shadow (both as a touring ensemble and in the studio), quantic, and ethiopian jazz giant mulatu astatke, with whom the heliocentrics recorded and released inspiration information 3, the fourth classic mulatu album — released nearly forty years after his other three. out there may have been one hell of an opening volley, but having spent some years in the wild running among mavericks like astatke and oriental jazz pioneer lloyd miller, the heliocentrics have realized that their strongest statements are made somewhere between the persistent fuzz of owusu’s distorted guitar, catto’s impossible syncopation and ferguson’s looping bass lines. 13 degrees of reality is one of the most distinctive musical statements you’ll hear all year.”
joy division – ymca – 2-8-79 – acme – lp
       – “first time official issue of this previously unissued classic and historical london live performance from 1979. recorded live in august 1979 as part of a series of four legendary post punk gigs that included throbbing gristle, echo & the bunnymen, red crayola, and cabaret voltaire. limited edition 180 gram vinyl comes complete with textured sleeve and a poster insert.”
my blood valentine – loveless – fan club – lp
       – grey area reissue of this classic album, which is much better than that new one… get it while you can!
svarte greiner – black tie – miasmah – lp
       – after two bone-chilling full-lengths for the type recordings imprint, erik k. skodvin has embarked on his first journey for his own miasmah label with black tie. while originally conceived as a soundtrack to an installation by norwegian artist marit følstad, skodvin uses this as a starting point to craft his most unnerving long-form pieces to date. split into two distinct movements, “black tie” and “white noise,” we are exposed to the yin and yang of skodvin’s patented acoustic doom, and all the gravitas that it might contain. “black tie” was the piece which ended up being used in the installation itself, and is the closest to skodvin’s established sound as it stops time around its creaking cello, plucked strings and whispering ambience. subtle and slow, the track blooms into a skeletal cloud of radio static and distortion before sinking back down to earth on those familiar moaning strings. with “white noise” however, skodvin takes us on a different journey, allowing panoramic synthesizer drones to take control while middle eastern strings chime in the distance. transcendent and disarming, skodvin manages to connect the dots between biosphere, thomas köner and of course deaf center and still emerge with something fresh and unexpected. more than simply an accompanying work to an installation, black tie is a crucial new chapter in the svarte greiner evolution, and one that should give a few clues as to what might come next.
t2 – 1971 – 72 – acme – lp
       – “unreleased studio recordings from 1971 and 1972 which were originally planned as an album release. if this had been released at the time, t2 would have certainly gone on to the big leagues of rock, joining free, deep purple, atomic rooster, etc. sadly, this was never released and so we are happy to present this previously unheard underground masterpiece. comes on 180 gram vinyl.”
uncle acid & the deadbeats – mind control – rise above – coloured 2lp
       – highly anticipated brand new studio album from one of the most talked about rock bands on the planet. recorded at the legendary chapel studios over an autumnal full moon using the finest western electrical technology, engineer jim spencer (bert jansch, robert wyatt) has perfectly captured the bands live sound of saturated fuzz, mind-bending riffs and 60’s vocal harmonies. it is a fact that uncle acid & the deadbeats have, in recent times, become one of the most talked about rock bands currently in existence. the fact that no one even knew what they looked like until very recently is testimony to the enigma that surrounds this terrifying, yet extremely melodically minded cult. it is another fact that they have become one of the most collectable bands on the planet, with first press vinyl editions of “blood lust” fetching up to and over 700 pounds (yes, british pounds!) on the collectors market. pretty remarkable for a record that is barely two years old. within it’s blood soaked grooves you will hear shocking tales of bizarre desert ceremonies, religious brainwashing and drug inspired mass slaughter! imagine the original alice cooper band jamming in a cell with early black sabbath and the stooges, whilst sitting on murder charges and you may get a glimpse into their fuzzed up world of exploding tube amps and cymbal smashing mayhem. however, this enticing act of musical manipulation is merely the icing upon a very sick cake.
*:zoviet*france: – 7.10.12 – alt vinyl – 7″+10″+12″
       – a minimalist repress of this classic release from 2012 which sold out globally in one day! “six months after the release of the limited edition ‘7.10.12’ vinyl boxed set, alt.vinyl and :zoviet*france: are making the music from the album more widely available in a more conventional form. retaining the original 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch vinyl formats, the three discs are pressed in standard black vinyl and packaged together in plain black sleeves.”
*various – imaginational anthem vols 1-5 – tompkins square – 6cd
       – “since 2005, tompkins square label’s imaginational anthem compilations have featured some of the greatest acoustic guitarists in the world, with recordings spanning five decades. more than mere samplers, these albums have served as state-of-the-art dispatches from the front lines of the art form. imaginational anthem vols. 1-5 is a specially priced 6cd box set, limited to 999 copies, featuring the first five volumes in their originals packaging, plus an exclusive live bonus disc from william tyler (lambchop), entitled ‘elvis was a capricorn,’ not available in any other format.”

…..late record store day arrivals…..

*beak> – 0898/welcome to the machine – invada – 10″
david bowie – drive in saturday – emi – 7″ picture disc
burzum – burzum/aske – back on black – coloured lp
burzum – hvis lyset tar oss – coloured back on black – lp
burzum – det som engang var – coloured back on black – lp
burzum – filosofem – coloured back on black – lp
cannibal corpse – butchered at birth – back on black – lp picture disc
*nick drake – s/t – emi – lp
*the fall – sir william wray – cherry red – 7″
*barry gray – the cas carnaby five – silva screen – 7″ flexi & poster
*gza – liquid swords – get on down – 4lp boxset + chess set
francoise hardy – porquoi vous – emi – 7″
*hawkwind – urban guerilla – emi – 7″
*hawkwind – kings of speed – atomhenge – 7″
lee ‘scratch’ perry & the upsetters – chapter 1 – clocktower – 3×10″ box
*charlie poole with the highlanders – complete paramount & brunswick recordings – tompkins square – lp
*pussy galore – groovy hate fuck – shove – lp
rush – abc 1974 – rock classics – coloured 2lp
scientist – scientific dub – clocktower – 3×10″ box
slayer – hell awaits – back on black – coloured lp
slayer – show no mercy – back on black – coloured lp
vitamin string quartet – vsq plays sigur ros – cmh – lp


*alvarius b – baroque primitiva – abduction – cd
*ambarchi/haino/o’rourke – now… – black truffle – lp
bang – death of a country – rise above relics – lp
syd barrett – barrett – harvest – lp
syd barrett – the madcap cries – fan club – lp
black sabbath – paranoid – rhino – lp
black sabbath – s/t – rhino – lp
bon iver – for emma, forever ago – jagjaguwar – lp
bon iver – s/t – jagjaguwar – lp
bonobo – north borders – ninja tune – lp
boris – amplifier worship – southern lord – lp
*budos band – s/t – daptone – lp
nick cave & the bad seeds – the boatman’s call – mute – lp
civil wars – barton hollow – sensibility – lp
leonard cohen – my radio sweetheart – fan club – lp
leonard cohen – don’t touch that dial – fan club – lp
john coltrane – blue trane – blue note – lp
danger mouse – grey album – fan club – lp
dead weather – sea of cowards – thirdman – lp
j dilla – rebirth of detroit instrumentals – ruff draft – lp
julie doiron – so many days – aporia – lp
*bill fay – life is people – dead oceans – lp
*bill fay – time of the last persecution – 4 men with beards – lp
fleet foxes – s/t – sub pop – lp
bridgette fontaine – 13 chansons decadentes – emi – lp
*ben frost/daniel bjarnason – solaris – bedroom community – lp/cd
godspeed you black emperor – yanqui uxo – constellation – lp
grizzly bear – shields – warp – lp
grouper – dragging a dead deer up a hill – kranky – lp
hawkwind – warrior on the edge of time – united artists – lp
japandroids – celebration rock – polyvinyl – lp
japandroids – no singles – polyvinyl – lp
japandroids – post-nothing – polyvinyl – lp
*medusa – first step beyond – numero – lp
metz – s/t – sub pop – lp
thelonious monk – straight no chaser – music on vinyl – lp
thelonious monk & sonny rollins – s/t – original jazz classics – lp
my bloody valentine – things left behind – fan club – lp
nirvana – bleach – sub pop – lp
*daphne oram – oramics – young americans – 4lp
*ost – django unchained – mercury – 2lp
oval – 94diskont – thrill jockey – lp
pissed jeans – honeys – sub pop – lp
queens of the stone age – songs for the deaf – ipecac – 2lp
*rainforest spiritual enslavement – black magic cannot cross water – blackest ever black – lp
ramones – leave home – rhino – lp
ramones – rocket to russia – rhino – lp
ramones – road to ruin – rhino – lp
ramones – s/t – rhino – lp
smiths – hatful of hollow – rhino – lp
smiths – meat is murder – rhino – lp
smiths – louder than bombs – rhino – lp
smiths – strangeways… – rhino – lp
*stooges – s/t- rhino – lp
*andy stott – passed me by – modern love – 2×12″
*andy stott – we stay together – modern love – 2×12″
tool – anima – bmg – 2lp
*velvet underground – complete mono collection – sundazed – 5lp box
velvet underground – la cave – keyhole – lp
tom waits – night hawks at the diner – rhino – lp
tom waits – bone machine – island – lp
*wanda group – piss fell – opal tapes – lp
*bukka white – mississippi blues – 4 men with beards – lp
whitehorse – s/t – sixshooter – lp
wilco – sky blue sky – nonesuch – lp
wilco – being there – nonesuch – lp
wire – change becomes us – pink flag – cd
neil young – zuma – reprise – lp
neil young – harvest live – swinging dog – lp
neil young – live at massey hall – reprise – lp
neil young – live at fillmore east – reprise – lp
*various – forge your own chains – now again – lp
*various – nuggets – rhino – lp

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