…..news letter #572 – vinyl esplosion!…..

howdy all,

well, in an attempt to get this out sooner than later, i started before today’s delivery showed up! so now i’m behind on receiving, but this is at least out of the way. as you can see, there is a lot of new stuff in this week. and i have a feeling this is going to be the way it’s going to be for a while. also loads of restocks as the warehouses get refilled post-xmas. so, i hope you’ve been saving your pennies, cuz this week’s list is a doozy….

…..pick of the week…..

arve henriksen – solidification – rune grammofon – 7lp box

– in tomorrow… “rune grammofon welcomes back arve henriksen to the label with this 7lp vinyl box. henriksen is probably norway’s most versatile musician of his generation, always on the move, always searching and exploring possible and seemingly impossible paths. from the rune grammofon catalog, he is known through eleven releases as a founding member of groundbreaking improv group supersilent — four with food (two of them on rg) and three solo albums. he was a member of the christian wallumrød ensemble and has played and recorded with a large number of norwegian and international musicians, most notably david sylvian and dhafer youssef. in 2008, he released the album cartography on ecm. solidification includes his rune grammofon albums sakuteiki, chiaroscuro, and strjon, all with added bonus tracks as well as the brand-new album chron — his first since cartography and only available as part of this set. his debut sakuteiki is very much a solo effort — a pure, naked and highly personal set of lyrical beauty as far removed from supersilent as possible. produced at a point when time was running fast with too many projects as well as personal distractions, he needed to evaluate the past and find his way forward. chiaroscuro was largely the result of a 2003 tour with live sampler and electronics manipulator jan bang and drummer audun kleive. it’s more of a group effort and a more multilayered recording, also introducing henriksen as the amazing singer he is. strjon is a tribute to his roots and the beautiful surroundings of his small hometown stryn in the northwest part of norway. similar to sakuteiki, it’s a quest for identity, both on a personal and musical level. collaborators are fellow supersilent colleagues helge sten and ståle storløkken. while cartography can be seen as a follow-up to chiaroscuro, chron can be seen as a natural successor to strjon. it reveals arve henriksen the explorer and discoverer; singing, playing trumpet, keyboards and drums as well as largely being recorded in various unlikely locations. the beautiful 24-page booklet includes extensive liner notes from fiona talkington and john kelman. the package includes two data DVDs with all tracks as 16/44 files, hi-res flac files and original master quality 24/44 or 24/96 wav files.” any fan of jon hassell must take note!

…..new arrivals…..

1991 – high tech high life – boomkat editions – 12″

– in tomorrow… 1991’s breathtaking, elegiac debut album. the chimeric, enigmatic output of one talented young’un from gothenburg, sweden, it isolates and teases out that sort of melancholic, nostalgic new age wow-and-flutter that makes records by boards of canada, oneohtrix point never, and jd emmanuel such evergreens on our bedroom shelves. filtering spine-tingling synth arpeggios through gauzy, low-vis ferric murk, it rarely fails to register that ineffable, piloerect effect, regularly turning up the sort of lump-in-the-throat hooks and moments that leave you blinking and gratified with a life-affirming sensitivity. in a sense, the density of tape noise almost borders on the extreme at times, perhaps simulating the effect of a well-worn and much-loved private pressing recently thawed from deep-freeze storage, or maybe best compared to grouper casting her magic on offcuts of s.a.w. II. but there’s also a sort of economy of melodic resolution that’s somehow inseparable from his icy north european locale, sharing that elusive, yearning, hauntological quality with, say, burial or pye corner audio, a coming to terms with rose-tinted futures past.
1991 (mcmxmi) – skogen, flickan och flaskan – opal tapes – lp
– in tomorrow… following on from his stunning high tech high life and self-titled albums, 1991 returns under the mcmxci mode for a raspin’ raw techno blast on skogen, flickan och flaskan (“wine, women, and food”), the first vinyl release on the promising opal tapes imprint. sharing more in common with jamal moss at his maddest, regis in full swing circa ’97 or unit moebius as we’d imagine them every day, the young swede bucks all expectations with five tracks of blistered machine drum jack, overdriven to fuck and liable to take your eyebrows off.
aluk todolo – occult rock – ajna offensive – lp
– eight hypnotic tracks, an ultimate entheogenic ceremony that reveals the power trio’s live energy and osmosis, and the individuality and roughness of each instrument, with an emphasis on the inter-penetration of all the components of an organic and tetanizing trance ritual. this opus recounts the alchemical transformation of the primordial vibration into matter, through all its elemental phases, leading to the sonic manifestation of the forces of the universe into the octagonal prism of occult rock.
kenneth anger & brian butler – technicolor skull – ajna offensive – lp
– this multi-media sound and video project features kenneth anger on theremin and brian butler on guitar, effects, and related gadgets, released to coincide with anger’s icons opening at the museum of contemporary art in los angeles. twenty-one minutes. pressed on 180-gram red vinyl in an edition of 666.
art zoyd – muique pour l’odyssee – sub rosa – lp
– in tomorrow…  “originally released in 1979, it is now re-released with new artwork and additional tracks. released almost three years after art zoyd’s first lp, musique pour l’odyssée presented a slightly different version of the band. this line-up recorded an album much more cinematic than the first. the band found a new dimension in their sound, one that would remain present on subsequent releases. art zoyd’s early and great works have been unavailable for such a long time that it’s too easy to forget what a strikingly original and amazing band they were in their prime.”
a$ap rocky – long live a$ap – rca – lp
– “prominent rising hip-hop star a$ap rocky presents his highly anticipated debut album. featuring hip-hop elites drake, 2 chainz and kendrick lamar, as well as schoolboy q, santigold, joey bada$$, yelawolf, danny brown, action bronson and big k.r.i.t.  a$ap rocky takes the reins as producer and co-producer on several tracks along with danger mouse, jim jonsin, rico love, clams casino, skrillex, hit-boy and more.”
bad religion – true north – epitaph – lp+cd
– “in a world still brimming with rampant anti-intellectualism, inequality and oppression, the band’s signature brand of sonically charged humanist dissent seems as relevant as ever. on their newest record, the storied band deliberately revisits and refines the powerful and melodic southern california sound they helped to define.”
bare wires – idle dreams – southpaw – lp
– “after spending the last three years being the uncontested kings of the road, bare wires are dead. the oakland staple crumbled during sxsw this year. from the ruins of this tour comes the last bare wires record. the album unintentionally takes us through the bare wires timeline. melton’s influences unfold from his early worship of stooges/gories to the later imprints of glam/power pop-heavy records recalling t-rex and gary glitter.”
bell gardens – full sundown assembly – southern – lp/cd
– “the debut album from brian mcbride (stars of the lid) and kenneth gibson (apendics, furry things) and friends. they embark upon an exploration of the sounds that they both cherished—an all-but-lost, cinematic pop sound that often belies their respective backgrounds in the fields of experimental electronic, techno & minimalist music. they felt a need to stay faithful to a time period in which songs that they had mutually revered had been recorded, and to capture what they believed to be a classic type of sound. for their first long-player, the duo expand on their strange yet beautiful soundscapes, replacing the sparse compositions of some of their earliest efforts and filling space with immaculate arrangements of layered instrumentation, favoring piano melodies, horns, pedal steel & lush vocal harmonies.”

california x – s/t – don giovanni – lp
– “one of the tightest new garage punk bands in the northeast, teetering between various pockets of the punk spectrum—drawing influence from the worlds of noisy ‘80s western mass rock, fuzzy ‘90s garage pop, and classic post-hardcore sst sounds. from start to finish, the record’s eight hook-heavy tracks of melodic guitar punk could all be singles. appropriately, the band recorded the album in ma with justin pizzoferrato, previously a collaborator with sonic youth and dinosaur jr.—and though california x sound like they could have been contemporaries with those bands, they’re also carving out their own space in a lineage of their hometown’s punk history.”
cheater slicks – reality is a grape – columbus discount – lp
– “the new studio record by the mighty cheater slicks— the first studio record by the slicks since 2007’s walk into the sea. the cheater slicks spent the better part of four years meticulously writing and re-writing the material, and over a year was spent on the recording process.
al cisneros – dismas/version – sinai – 7″
– “bassist/vocalist for heavy music’s most methodical and verbose purveyors of polysyllabic lyrics, om, al cisneros has just released a solo 7” on his own sinai label. if you’ve immersed yourself in om’s latest mystical, mantric, metal-free works, god is good and the afro-arabic-leaning advaitic songs, ‘dismas’ won’t come as too much of a surprise.”
coloured balls – ball power – sing sing – lp
– “coloured balls were one of the best pure rock n roll groups to emerge from the early 70s australian scene. sure, the saints and radio birdman stayed together longer and released a slew of fine albums during the punk era but it was the coloured balls who pioneered the proto punk sound earlier in the decade. their wildcard was lobby loyde, australia’s premier guitar hero whose pivotal roles in beat/psych/blues rock groups the purple hearts, the wild cherries and billy thorpe’s aztecs made him a major home-grown star down under. ball power is full of raw, hard guitar rock and proto-punk. it’s not only the coloured balls’ greatest album but also the finest music of lobby loyde’s long, fabled career.”
kenny cox – clap clap! the joyful noise – 180 proof records – lp
– in tomorrow…  “cox’s unreleased clap clap! the joyful noise, is at the same time radical and sublime. it’s a visionary work, inspired by both the innocence and zeal of his 3-year-old son, philip, and also the culture of latin america and caribbean lands cox admits in the album’s original liner notes that, ‘oddly enough… i’ve never seen.’ this is unreleased jazz from the legendary detroit jazz label strata records, inc. remastered from the original master reel to reel tapes with never seen before photos and extensive liner notes by respected music writer ronnie reese, author of the first official j dilla biography. this release restores the original album artwork… available in 180 gram very limited double at 45 rpm (1000 copies only).”
crystal ark – s/t – dfa – lp
– “the crystal ark is the collaborative, body-centric new york pop project of gavin russom and viva ruiz. the group began when russom asked ruiz to write and sing spanish lyrics over a pair of instrumentals he had created, blending his signature hypnotic synthesizer sound with live afro-latin percussion. ruiz’s fevered vocalizations, which blended song, spell and rallying cry, took these pieces to new heights and the result was two singles released on dfa.
chris darrow – artist proof – drag city – lp+cd
– “the history of rock and roll in the 1960s is filled with side trips and familiar names mixed together with more trips involving even more names, sometimes less known. one of those names still owed a piece of your mind is california picker, songwriter and multiinstrumentalist chris darrow. already a veteran of several bands and scenes on the l.a. landscape, chris was a founding member of the west coast kaleidoscope. he went his own way after the recording of their second album, a beacon from mars, to pursue music on his own terms. chris had guested with his kaleidoscope band mates on several sessions for leonard cohen’s debut album, joined the nitty gritty dirt band, toured with linda ronstadt, john stewart and hoyt axton, played on sessions with gene vincent and james taylor and was produced by the monkees’ mike nesmith as part of a group called the corvettes. chris’s solo debut is a rich and powerful dose of california country rock, written almost entirely by chris and played with grit and precision.
alameyahu eshete – s/t – mississippi – lp
– “known by some as the ethiopian elvis, alameyahu eshete was the ultimate modernist. his music combined r&b, ethiopian groove, soul, rock n’ roll & traditional ethiopian music to create something truly unique. this lp features a collection of his 45’s recorded between 1967 & 1974. back to back true classics.”
john fahey – trancendental waterfall  – 4 men with beards – 6lp box
– “the transcendental waterfall: guitar excursions 1963-1967 is a 6-lp box set drawing from john fahey’s best, and most influential, period. included in the set are blind joe death, death chants, breakdowns, and military waltzes, the dance of death and other plantation favorites, the great san bernardino birthday party, the transfiguration of blind joe death, and days have gone by, all reissued on 180-gram vinyl with deluxe tip-on jackets. also included are a t-shirt, a poster, and a postcard, all of which are housed in a deluxe box. an amazing package featuring some of the most important guitar solo recordings of the 20th century. limited to 2,000 numbered copies.”
fire! orchestra – exit! – rune grammofon – lp+cd
– in tomorrow…  “fire! is a swedish trio comprising mats gustafsson (the thing), johan berthling (tape) and drummer andreas werliin (wildbirds & peacedrums). fire! is where they go to stretch their instrumental skills and to play outside their comfort zones, or collaborate with prestigious guests. fire! orchestra takes the project to the next level: a sonic behemoth comprising 31 members that should be unmanageable, but turns out to possess the elegance and lucidity of the righteous free-jazz big bands of the past. charlie haden’s liberation orchestra. carla bley’s escalator over the hill. centipede. sun ra’s space is the place. chris mcgregor’s brotherhood of breath. freddie hubbard & ilhan mimaroglu’s sing me a song of songmy. all these classic landmarks come to mind as you listen to their monumental exit!. but before you go thinking this is an impenetrable free-jazz meltdown, listen again. exit! follows in these mighty footprints, but it’s also an odyssey that takes its own route, with post-rock/krautrock diversions along the way. there is a way in to exit!, and the way out is clearly sign-posted. fire! is all about burning up tradition and blazing new paths and fresh approaches in improvised music — approaches informed equally by garage punk, electroacoustics and the noise of heavy industry.
lowell fulson – s/t – doxy – 2lp
– in tomorrow… “amazing double LP collection of lowell fulson’s years with chess records (1954-1961), featuring liner notes and a complete annotated track listing. fulson, born in oklahoma in 1921, was catapulted into stardom when his ‘three o’clock blues’ (now a blues standard) was first released in 1948. by the early fifties fulson, now living in los angeles, had developed a more urban blues sound and was heading up a big band that included ray charles and tenor saxophonist stanley turrentine. by the time lowell made his first recordings for chess in 1954, he had developed his own blend of the texas styles of lightnin’ hopkins and blind lemon jefferson with the west coast jump sound of charles brown and ivory joe hunter.”
games – s/t – hozac – lp
– “this is one of those records you won’t know how you’ve lived without, and you probably have no idea how bad you need it. a pristine, timeless pop album with all the subtleties and effervescence of those misty classics of the pre-punk powerpop era, constructed and rebuilt into an airtight, flawless specimen of the original form. not that you’d expect any less from the purveyor behind sing sing records, but jeremy thompson has been honing this sound for years now, previously in the frantically jagged busy signals and the early incarnation of the carbonas. taking the same cues as the raspberries, big star, rockin’ horse, shoes, and milk ‘n cookies did well before the codification of new wave, games is a crystal-clear shot in the arm to the current state of rock’n roll, a genuine reflection, an instant hit, and something for new yorkers to be proud of.
jeremy greenspan/laurie spiegel – drums&drums&drums – jiaolong – 12″
– in tomorrow…  “drums&drums&drums is a re-interpretation of ‘drums’ by laurie spiegel and, as she informs us, is the first such re-interpretation of her work to be released.
*isaac hayes – black moses – 4 men with beards – lp
– “originally released in 1971, the follow-up to the massive success of shaft, the double lp black moses was a personal favorite of the artist. black moses was heavily sampled in the hip-hop community and features some of hayes’ best cover versions (jackson 5, carpenters, dionne warwick), as usual he makes those hits all his own. it’s reissued here on 180 gram vinyl and, for the first time, with an exact reproduction of the original custom fold out cover. a classic.”
kanding ray – the pentaki slopes –  raster-noton – 12″
– in tomorrow… “the tale of the mythic pentaki mountain has been engraved on a two-sided 12” by kangding ray. the north face of the peak is steep, abrasive, and has been the subject of many legends. it is said that whoever would manage to climb it would find a plateau, leading to a place called “the single source of truth.” the source diffuses endless loops of haunted voices, apparently sampled from a discarded call center, running low on power, encouraging listeners to shorten cycles, deliver requests and improve user experience.”
kesarbia kerkar – s/t – mississippi – lp
– “one of the greatest indian classical vocalists of all time. kearbia kerkar rose up from the bottom of the caste system in india to become one of the countries most respected vocalists. these recordings from 1947 – 1953 are beautiful ragas not to be missed. first lp issue of her material to be available in the us. a real treasure for fans of our abdul karim khan & pandit prannath releases.”
*thomas koner – novaya zemlya – denovali – lp
– finally available on vinyl! “novaya Zemlya (lit. “new land”), is an archipelago in the arctic ocean in the north of russia and the extreme northeast of europe, the easternmost point of europe, lying at cape flissingsky on the northern island. of course we find the unique köneresque glowing drones that we know from his previous works. but we will also be touched by an unrevealed, barely perceptible sense of melody and harmony that köner has gradually developed since kaamos and nuuk.”
lost domain – an unnatural act – negative guest list – lp
– brisbane’s improviser extraordinaires, have been launching sonic missives into the stratosphere for over 20 years now. “an unnatural act. what you do…. you take what you have….a resonator guitar, a mandolin, 3 fuzz boxes, a 5 watt valve amplifier, a 44 gallon drum, some old records….and you acquire a 3-in-1 home stereo with dual tape decks with record and overdub functions….and you tap into what you’ve been listening to, what you’ve been living your whole life, a stream running free through pre-war blues, songsters and saints….and you feel it when you’re sober even, and you do it when you’re fall down drunk….and somehow, over a couple of tumbledown, turnaround months in 1990 you commit an unnatural act.”
mcelroy bros – can’t you see me smilin’  – sing sing – lp
– the mcelroy bros’ ‘can’t you see me smilin’ lp is a private-press pop masterpiece recorded in 1977 in rural vermont by identical twin brothers, brian and bruce. using familiar ‘60s british-invasion song structures, the album is somehow instantly familiar while the recording and instrumentation are both totally unique—perhaps, it’s the unrivaled keyboard playing… or the harmonizing vocals that only twins could deliver. whatever it is, this album is extremely sought after by pop and powerpop fans alike and has managed to eluded many others for too long now!”
marshall mcluhan – the medion is the massage – five day weekend – lp
– in tomorrow… “when marshall mcluhan proposed his idea to create an audio companion piece to his landmark 1967 book the medium is the massage, no one quite knew what to expect. the book itself brilliantly captured mcluhan’s theories on media and technology, arguing that the medium by which information is transferred to people was more important than the actual content being relayed. mcLuhan hoped that an audio recording would help give greater depth to his theories, and in the late 1960s he and producer john simon went to work on a record of the same name. using audio clips of mcluhan speaking, often interrupted by discordant sounds and other voices interjecting, they created a thought-provoking, sometimes whimsical patchwork of sounds and ideas that illustrated the complex relationship between people, media, and technology.”
neurosis – honor found in decay – relapse – lp
– neurosis’ critically acclaimed, tenth studio album, is finally available on vinyl! this deluxe 2lp edition comes packaged in a gorgeous stoughton tip-on gatefold jacket and is accompanied with a stunning 16 page lp sized booklet. the audio was cut directly from the original studio master tapes and is pressed on 180g vinyl. it is said that great art has the power to take us outside of ourselves and bring us closer to our selves simultaneously. few bands have accomplished this rare feat on a more profound and consistent basis than neurosis. for nearly three decades, their music has touched the hearts and minds of fans seeking contact with something beyond the physical world, something intangible, something that expresses the inner tumult of the human condition in a way that transcends time and space. something that not only provokes questions but maybe even hints at answers.”
people’s temple – more for the masses – hozac – lp
– “a bold advance in the songwriting structure, with intricate arrangements, incredibly diverse new directions not far off from the pioneering material spurned forth from the iconic ‘60s band love. we’re talking flashes of primitive baroque pop and british ‘fading yellow’-style songs, albeit not absent of their illustrious fuzz guitar flourishes we’ve all come to love and expect, laid on thick. a direct shot to the dome of perfect rock’n roll snarl, classic pop, head-expanding fuzz, those two-part vocal harmonies, and an ever-compelling riff that takes you over the edge and back within minutes.”
*red rippers – over there… and over here – paradise of bachelors – lp/cd
– “the first-ever reissue of the previously obscure 1983 lp. written and recorded by navy pilot edwin bankston, the album’s nine battle-scarred country-boogie dispatches chronicle the experiences of bankston and his fellow vets in vietnam and back home. scarce and seemingly inscrutable, the sole recording credited to the red rippers has long captivated and mystified record collectors. a genre-dredging synthesis of waylonesque honky-stomp with early ’80s new wave production values and eerie, out-of-time psychedelic guitar leads, weirdly reminiscent of the blue oyster cult and the meat puppets at their most desert-drunk.”
*django reinhardt – three fingered lightning – doxy – lp
– in tomorrow… “gypsy guitar virtuoso django reinhardt, was in many ways the founding father of european jazz and his band, the quintette du hot club de france, was the most innovative of its day. the tracks found here are taken from six sessions, spanning 1936-1949, and while most of the tracks — like ‘djangology’ or ‘nuages’ — have become jazz standards in their own right, the songs recorded in 1940 and 1941 (in nazi occupied paris) are perhaps the most historically significant. despite jazz music being officially banned by the nazi party (and most gypsies being sent to concentration camps), many nazi officers secretly loved jazz and protected their favorite musicians. songs like ‘sweet sue’ and ‘swing 41’ take on new meaning when one considers that django, the most popular jazz musician in paris during this period, was only able to keep his life in exchange for entertaining the very people responsible for sending his friends and family to their deaths.”
*django reinhardt – the legendary django – doxy – lp
– in tomorrow… “after a handful of sides were released for the tiny ultraphone label in paris in 1934, django and his band, the quintette du hot club de france became an overnight sensation. playing and recording all around europe, the next few years put django and his new form of ‘gypsy jazz’ on the map. 1939 found django and his band touring england when the war broke out, and while django was able to return france, his right-hand man, virtuoso violinist stephane grappelly, was left behind. this collection of sides (1937-1940) spans that tumultuous time, and one can hear the quintette both, on songs like ‘daphne’ and ‘you took advantage of me’, with grappelly still at the helm, and then later, on the ominously titled ‘vendredì 13’ and ‘rythme futur’ (actually recorded outside the jazz idiom in an attempt to appease the nazi censors), after grappelly had been left behind in england. comes on 180 gram vinyl with liner notes by alexis korner.”
sculpture – slime code – digitalis – lp
-in tomorrow… originally issued on cassette tape in 2012, this music was performed live to eight-track tape from which a digital edit was compiled and from that came this exclusive vinyl version. visually and sonically, disorientation and imperfection play a major role. from the bewildering and complex cover art straight down to the insanity of its scope, slime code’s impact starts from the second you get the record in your hands and doesn’t end until the broken tribal blasts and cybernetic electronics close down the show. submerged blips act like aural drips falling into a rapidly-flowing river of tropical bounce until dissolving into squalls of synthetic noise. the music operates as a highly visual level across two extended pieces consuming disfigured bleeps and herky jerky post-techno rhythms sounding like sun ra meets ekoplekz in a conical flask of liquid mescaline, all spun through a centrifuge at daphne oram’s home lab.”
sleaze – s/t – sing sing – lp
– the 1975 pre-adverts lp from punk legend tv smith. originally released in an edition of only 50 copies.
sleepers – painless nights – superior viaduct – lp
– “the sleepers broke up at least once before their first show on christmas day 1977. while intensely unpredictable singer ricky williams played in other bands such as crime and toiling midgets, the sleepers were on their own rock ’n’ roll planet—somewhere between punk, post-punk and psychedelic. as joe carducci wrote in rock and the pop narcotic, “the sleepers were an awesome powerhouse live. they were an appropriate refinement of the stooges, and what joy division might have developed into had they the balls.”
colin stetson & mats gustafsson – stones – rune grammofon – lp
– in tomorrow… “here are two of the planet’s most uncompromising and inventive young hornithologists and saxophonists, colin stetson and mats gustafsson. the four tracks on stones were recorded live on stage at the 2011 vancouver jazz festival. miraculously, this explosive encounter was also their first meeting. from the long throaty drones that open “stones that rest heavily” to the slithering and flutter-tonguing interplay of “stones that need not,” it’s clear that this duo is intent on alchemizing their brass tubes into liquid gold. but they mainly use low-end instruments like the bass and baritone sax, which emit deep, warm vibrations.”
ugandan methods – a cold retreat – boomkat editions – 12″
– in tomorrow…  “the first release on boomkat editions presents a trio of noise techno neologisms by producers regis and ancient methods aka ugandan methods. it’s a marked stride forward from their previous eps on downwards and ancient methods, respectively, exploding their sound-sphere to jaw-dropping degrees while oiling their rhythms with a genuinely uncanny, body-synched viscosity that will make you wriggle like fucking eels.”
voices from the lake – s/t – prologue – 3lp
– in tomorrow… “one of the most wanted albums in 2012 now finally on vinyl. pitchfork said: “it’s a triumph,” resident advisor rated it their highest review score of 5.0/5.0, little white earbuds says it is “one of the albums of 2012,” playground mag says it is one of the “most magnetic electronic music albums of 2012” and it is still on discogs on their list of best albums ever. prologue is happy and more than proud to present the vinyl version from voices from the lake, which includes two fresh tracks with “in giova alternative mix” and “01.12. n..”
*various – criminale vol. 1 – paura – penny records – lp+cd
– in tomorrow…  “thirty-six amazing tracks from the vault of flipper music, spread over two volumes. there was something strange and disturbing going on in italy in the ’70s. it was a tumultuous and visionary period of (post) psychedelic excess. one that was defined, on the one hand, by random acts of terrorism and a heavy military police presence throughout the italian territory, but also by strobe lights, shattered taboos, and extreme gestures. a singular atmosphere that reverberated throughout every aspect of life — from fashion, to design, to television, to film, literature, the visual arts, and, of course, music. perhaps the area in which this feeling was most pervasive was that of the television soundtrack, made to accompany the tv programs of a country that, although in turmoil, was still vital and creative. the tracks found here are a perfect example of this feeling, and come from the large catalog of what is perhaps the most important italian label in the industry, flipper music, which by the end of the ’60s had published, through its many labels (rtv, canopo, octopus, deneb, flower, flirt), hundreds of now very rare and long out-of-print albums. this music has the unique ability to remind us of that feeling of euphoric tension that permeated an entire country. musical fears and obsessions straight from the most absurd decade of the most absurd country in the western world.” volume one includes music by giorgio e franco bracardi, peymont, gerardo iacoucci, allesandro alessandroni, fabio frizzi, lamartine, daniela casa, and more.
*various – criminale vol. 2 – ossessione – penny records – lp+cd
       – in tomorrow…  volume two includes music by remigio ducros, roberto conrado, sandro brugnolini, paolo ferrara, enzo scoppa, daniela casa, gerardo iacoucci, ugo busoni, massino di cicco, umberto santucci, and more.
*various – i want the beatles to play at my art center! – prisma – 2lp
        – in tomorrow… “this 2lp presents seminal works of music from the nearly 50-year history of henie onstad kunstsenter (hok). When hok founder sonja henie exclaimed that she wanted the beatles to play at her art center, in essence she expressed its founding ambition to produce and stage a lively cross-artistic program that captured the contemporary spirit of the day in live form. this release is filled with previously-unreleased material recorded at hok by artists such as jim o’rourke, deathprod, arne nordheim, soft machine, john cage and jenny hval.
*various – rocket infinity – mississippi – 10″
       – “rock n’ roll’s rise around the world from 78’s, 1942-1962. a rousing eight-song 10-inch featuring “pre-rock n’ roll” sounds from around the globe. music that was influenced by early american rockin’ music and in turn influenced the western world. you’ll hear early bollywood swinging rock from india, lively jazz from zimbabwe, cumbia from columbia, traditional music mutated into pop from japan and egypt and even a polka. a real wild ride.”
various – velvet underground & nico by castle face & friends – castle face – lp
       – with tracks from kelley stoltz, warm soda, ty segall, blasted canyons (feat. jeremy cox of royal baths), white fence, fresh & onlys, burnt ones, the mallard, k. dylan edrich and the black angels deathsongsmen, here come the here comes, and thee oh sees. packaged with artwork by david shirigley.


a tribe called quest – low end theory – jive – lp
angels of light – we are him – young god – lp
*kevin ayers – whatevershebringswesing – vinylissimo – lp
beak> – s/t – invada – lp
beastie boys – pauls boutique – capitol – lp
beastie boys – ill communication – capitol – lp
beck – sea change – mobile fidelity – lp
beirut – flying club cup – ba da bing – lp
beirut – rip tide – pompeii – lp
big star – radio city – ardent – lp
*black angels – phosphene dream – blue horizon – lp
david bowie – rise & fall of ziggy stardust – emi – lp
*charles bradley – no time for dreaming – daptone – lp
broken social scene – forgiveness rock record – arts & crafts – lp
broken social scene – you forgot it in people – arts & crafts – lp
burial – one/two (truant/rough sleeper) – hyperdub – 12″
chromatics – night drive – italians do it better – lp
civil wars – barton hollow – sensibility – lp
the clash – london calling – epic – lp
*the clean – oddities – 540 – lp
daphni – jiaolong – merge – lp
miles davis – agharta – 4 men with beards – lp
miles davis – bitches brew – legacy – lp
miles davis – dark magus – 4 men with beards – lp
miles davis – in a silent way – legacy – lp
miles davis – miles ahead – legacy – lp
miles davis – porgy & bess – legacy – lp
miles davis – relaxin’ – original jazz classics – lp
miles davis – ’round about midnight – speakers corner – lp
*dinosaur jr – where you been – rhino – lp
*brian eno – lux – warp – lp/cd
florence & the machine – ceremonials – universal – lp
florence & the machine – lungs – universal – lp
serge gainsbourg – l’homme a tete de chou – 4 men with beards – lp
serge gainsbourg – aux armes et caetera – 4 men with beards – lp
lightnin’ hopkins – first meetin’ – doxy – lp
howlin’ wolf – album – get on down – lp
*ilaiyaraaja – fire star – bombay connection – lp
junior kimbrough – most things haven’t worked out – fat possum – lp
junior kimbrough – sad days, lonely nights – fat possum – lp
madvillian – madvilliany – stones throw – lp
*menahan street band – the crossing – daptone – lp
mr. bungle – s/t – plain – lp
mr. bungle – california – plain – lp
mumford & sons – sigh no more – glassnote – lp
oh sees – carrion crawler – in the red – lp
oh sees – help – in the red – lp
oh sees – warm slime – in the red – lp
*om – advaitic songs – drag city – lp
*om – variations on a theme – holy mountain – lp
panda bear – tomboy – pawtracks – 4lp
pearl jam – backspacer – epic – lp
pearl jam – ten – epic -lp
lee perry – blackboard jungle dub – get on down – 3×10″
*popol vuh – affenstunde – klimt – lp
raconteurs – consolers of the lonely – thirdman – lp
ty segall – goodbye bread – drag city – lp
ty segall – lemons – goner – lp
ty segall – melted – goner – lp
ty segall band – slaughter house – in the red – 2×10″
ty segall – twins – drag city – lp
edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes – here – vagrant – lp
*six organs of admittance – ascent – drag city – lp
elliott smith – from a basement on the hill – kill rock stars – lp
elliott smith – roman candle – kill rock stars – lp
the smiths – hatful of hollow – rhino – lp
the smiths – the queen is dead – rhino – lp
sonic youth – dirty – goofin – 4lp
sonic youth – murray street – goofin – lp
*soundtrack – escape from new york – death waltz – lp
soundtrack – the master (jonny greenwood) – nonesuch – lp+cd
spacemen 3 – perfect perscription – fire – lp
squirrel bait – s/t ep – drag city – 12″
squrrel bait – skag heaven – drag city – lp
*swans – my father will guide me – young god – lp
tame impala – lonerism – modular – lp
them crooked vultures – s/t – interscope – lp
traditional fools – s/t – in the red – lp
kurt vile – hunchback – richie – lp
*yoshi wada – singing in unison – em – 3lp
white lung – sorry – deranged – lp/cd
wilco – sky blue sky – nonesuch – lp
wilco – yankee hotel foxtrot – nonesuch – lp
*yo la tengo – fade – matador – dlx lp
neil young – greatest hits – reprise – 2lp
neil young – psychedelic pill – reprise – 3lp
neil young – live at massey hall – reprise – lp

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