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howdy all,

weird, despite the snow, it’s been a busy day around here. not a lot of new stuff in, but lots of restocks and still some really great stuff in left in the cbc crates, although that stuff has thinned out pretty quick. being that this weekend is easter, we will have some holiday hours that you should probably take note of…..

friday (april 6) – 12 – 5
saturday (april 7) – 11 – 6
sunday (april 8) – closed
monday (april 9) – 11 – 6

…..pick of the week…..

*wil malone – s/t – morgan town – lp

– yes!!! this amazing and unbelievably rare album worth well over $1000 is now available as a nice affordable reissue. “not surprisingly, the debut solo album by the major creative force behind the group orange bicycle is similar in nature to the latter group’s music. almost self-consciously pretty in a manner closer to art-rock (or theater music) than psychedelia (despite its richly hued multi-colored cover), the overall feel of the album, between wilson malone’s introspective vocals and the reed- and horn- dominated accompaniments with low-volume guitar, is somewhere midway between baroque pop and singer/songwriter-style reflection. it’s all rather dark and brooding but also very beautiful in its execution, and filled with haunting melodies and rich timbres, all of this despite the narrow range and limited expressiveness of malone’s voice, which — even with all of the help he seems to get from the studio in this setting — seems to reach only about half-an-octave. you might find yourself thinking of wil malone as a british equivalent to david ackles’ american gothic, which it predated by two years, but that’s not a bad benchmark to have hit, even if it didn’t bring malone much success in 1970. ~ bruce eder, rovi”

…..new arrivals…..

burial – kindred – hyperdub – 12″

– anyone with access to the internet probably already knows that a new ep by burial appeared as a download release on the hyperdub website a couple of weeks ago and that pitchfork has already drooled all over this (8.7). featuring three new tracks pressed on high grade 180 gram vinyl for optimum sound reproduction, and running beyond 30 minutes, the ‘kindred ep’ is an ambitious work that pushes further into the unique musical territory burial occupies.
gala drop/ben chasny – broda – gala drop – 12″
– “joined by ben chasny (six organs of admittance, comets on fire, etc!), broda careers through in three passages of positively organized jamming. The fruits of a week’s very intense work on freedom and democracy in the collective artistic gesture revealed in only the slightest of documentarian restraints, so as to excuse us into peeking into this cosmology of friendship and externalization of the luminous.”
*nurse with wound/blind cave salamander – cabbalism – united dirter – lp
– nww were playing two nights, with blind cave salamander as support act. listening to them perform, steven stapleton felt that some of what they played reminded him of the classic nurse work, soliloquy for lilith (1988). he suggested that the two bands should explore playing live together, to explore recording an album. forward to sept 2009 when, after rehearsals, nww and bcs perform their live version of soliloquy for the first time at the mutamento festival in turin. the audience responded with great enthusiasm. the cabbalistic proceedings of that evening are contained on this recording.
orchestre super borgou de parakou – the bariba sound – analog africa – cd
– analog africa presents a collection of ’70s afro sounds from benin’s defining and seminal orchestre super borgou de parakou. combines bariba and dendi linguistic folklore with soul, pachanga, breakbeats, afro-beat and rumba. remastered to recreate the energy of the band’s live sound and includes analog africa’s signature full-color booklet.
plastic penny – two sides of a penny – sommer – lp

– first-ever vinyl reissue of the debut album by this uk psych-pop group, combining soft-pop with heavier mod-psych-pop tracks. originally released in 1968 on page one, now available again in a limited vinyl pressing, with a high-quality carton cover. pressed on 180 gram vinyl. includes an insert with extensive liner-notes by british pop connoisseur andy morten.
plastic penny – currency – sommer – lp
– never reissued on vinyl before, the 1969 album by plastic penny was their last effort and included some previously 45-released tracks plus some new ones. from psych-pop to hard-rock, this is their most powerful work. this limited reissue includes the bonus track “she does,” which is arguably the best track they ever recorded. housed in a high-quality carton cover and pressed on 180 gram vinyl. insert includes extensive liner-notes by british pop connoisseur andy morten.
trembling bells & bonnie ‘prince’ billy – the marble downs – honest jon’s – lp/cd
– now in on cd! just four years after their debut album carbeth, trembling bells are amassing a formidable body of work at a startling velocity. the glasgow quartet return to share the billing with a similarly restless creative spirit. when the young leeds-raised neilson found himself playing drums on alasdair roberts’ no earthly man, with oldham producing. in time, a friendship between mentor and student became one between two kindred musicians.
m. ward – a wasteland companion – merge – cd
– inspired by his increasingly itinerant lifestyle, ward set forth to create something of a musical travelogue on the highly anticipated sixth solo album. ward’s honey-soaked vocals, deft finger-picking, innate sense of melody and beguiling lyrics have already cemented his reputation as one of america’s true musical treasures and ‘a wasteland companion’ features some of the finest songwriting and most striking delivery of his career. vinyl is en route and will arrive next week.
various – java java volume 2 – nosmoke – lp
– “here’s the second batch of crazy fuzz, screaming and rock’n’roll from the land of the big dragon. this second volume brings a more raw, crazy garage and killer tracks than the first volume. the rollies, trio visca, peels, white waves or djah iskandar are some of the names for this volume. loved the first one? so this is even better, even wilder. the tracks in this compilation are remastered from the original vinyl records supplied by hard collectors.”
various – mary-jane ost – reel time – lp
– released in january 1968, this cult exploito movie concerns the efforts of an art teacher to discover who has framed him for pot possession, with plenty of warnings about the dangers of drug abuse along the way. Its soundtrack is a quintessential ’60s period piece, with fuzz guitar, bongos, flute, vibes, and more.
*various – saigon rock & soul – sublime frequencies – cd
– the first retro vietnamese rock and soul record reissue in the west. stunning heavy rock, funk, soul, and pop classics from the vietnam war-era. cd release of the long out-of-print 2lp vinyl release.


*david axelrod – songs of experience – columbia – lp
*david axelrod – songs of innocence – columbia – lp
*charles bradley – no time for dreaming – daptone – lp
leonard cohen – various positions – 4 men with beards – lp
daft punk – discovery – emi – lp
miles davis – bitches brew – legacy – lp
dead kennedys – fresh fruit for rotten vegetables – manifesto – lp
decemberists – we all raise our voices… – emi – 3lp
electric wizard – s/t – rise above – lp
electric wizard – black masses – rise above – lp
*brian eno – ambient 4: on land – emi – cd
florence & the machine – lungs – island – lp
*ben frost/daniel bjarnason – solaris – bedroom community – lp
*hafler trio – kill the king – korm plastics – cd
hafler trio w/jonsi birgisson – exactly as i am – important – 2cd
haunted – s/t – hungry for vinyl – lp
jimi hendrix – are you experienced – reprise – lp
jimi hendrix – axis: bold as love – reprise – lp
jimi hendrix – electric ladyland – reprise – lp
husker du – land speed record – sst – lp
joy division – preston 28 february – get back – lp
*les rallizes denudes – blind baby has it’s mothers eyes – phoenix – lp
kinks – kinda kinks – 4 men with beards – lp
madvillain – madvillainy – stones throw – lp
mighty sparrow – sparromania! – strut – lp
charles mingus – mingus ah um – legacy – lp
modest mouse – good news for people… – epic – lp
pavement – slanted & enchanted – matador – lp
pearl jam – ten – sony – lp
pearl jam – vs – sony – lp
plants & animals – the end of that – secret city – lp
iggy pop – lust for life – 4 men with beards – lp
radiohead – amnesiac – emi – 2×10″
radiohead – kid a – emi – 2×10″
radiohead – the bends – emi – lp
radiohead – ok computer – emi – lp
radiohead – pablo honey – emi – lp
*rapeman – 2 nuns & a pack mule – touch and go – lp
rolling stones – exile on main street – universal – lp
rural alberta advantage – hometowns – saddle creek – lp
rural alberta advantage – departing – saddle creek – lp
smashing pumpkins – siamese dream – virgin – lp
smashing pumpkins – gish – virgin – lp
stooges – fun house – rhino – lp
stooges – s/t – rhino – lp
*tangerine dream – electronic meditation – esoteric – cd
tool – lateralus – volcano – lp
tool – undertow – volcano – lp
vampire weekend – s/t – xl – lp
*velvet underground – & nico – 4 men with beards – lp
*velvet underground – white light/white heat – 4 men with beards – lp
*velvet underground – s/t – 4 men with beards – lp
wilco – a.m. – nonesuch – lp
wilco – being there – nonesuch – lp
wilco – kicking television – nonesuch – lp
wilco – summer teeth – nonesuch – lp
wilco – wilco (the album) – nonesuch – lp
wu-tang – enter the wu-tang (36 chambers) – rca – lp
*various – nuggets: 1965-68 – rhino – 4cd/lp

thanks for listening…..

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