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howdy all,

you know how i can tell it’s thursday afternoon? i’m waiting on a box via ups that is apparently gonna come a day late, again. this is becoming all too common… so i guess really, all of this stuff below is in tomorrow then. super. anyway, it’s officially december, which hurts my head to even fathom, but what will hurt my head even more will be all the xmas music that one will have to endure over the upcoming month. super duper. down to business… not a lot in this week, after all, it is december and the new releases really slow down, however the black keys did decide to put out a new record next week so that will be here on tuesday apparently, thankfully it’s not being shipped via ups.

…..pick of the week…..

*taj mahal travellers – july 15, 1972 – klimt – lp
– “now available on klimt on 140 gram black vinyl with original japanese printed sleeve. after returning from a year-long tour of europe and asia, the group returned home to tokyo for this concert. originally released on cbs japan in 1972, the concert remained out of print for decades and has never before been reissued on vinyl! the line up features takehisa kosugi on electronic violin, vocals and radio oscillators, ryo koike on electronic contrabass, suntool, sheet iron, and harmonica, yukio tsuchiya on vibraphone, michihiro kimura on electronic guitar & percussion, seiji nagai on electronic trumpet, harmonica, castanets, and tokio hasegawa on vocals.” i know this was a pick a few months ago, however this version is released with the original cover art, and after all this album is truly a masterpiece. highest possible recommendation!!!

…..new arrivals…..

*brian eno – small craft on a milk sea – warp – 2lp
– now available as a regular 2lp, rather than the super fancy, but expensive box. eno’s first album for warp from last year.
*fennesz/sakamoto – flumina – touch – 2cd
– the third collaboration between legendary composers ryuichi sakamoto and christian fennesz. 24 pieces based on piano compositions/improvisations which sakamoto had recorded whilst touring in japan. sakamoto sent the tracks over to fennesz, who worked on them using electronics, guitars and synths, then they mixed the album together. quiet, restful ambient piano and effected guitar drone. minimal and masterful.
*rick jones – fingerbobs: original television music – trunk – lp/cd
– at last, the classic music from the popular british television series is now available on the trunk label. much of the show’s popularity was due in part to its unforgettable sing-a-long tunes, which have never been released until now. complete with all the catchy themes, the instrumentals and a scattering of stories too. a touch folky, a little whimsical, classically nostalgic, humble, hip, witty and occasionally camp.
lfo – frequencies – warp – lp/cd
– “one of the most influential dance acts to come out of the uk. originally released in 1991, an album that not only plays a crucial part in warp’s history – but also represents a pivotal moment for the british rave movement.”
louvin brothers – handpicked songs – light in the attic – lp
– “a star studded curatorial compilation, handpicked songs 1955-1962 is a shot of louvin brothers magic. featuring tracks performed by the louvin brothers during their golden era, each personally selected by the likes of beck, emmylou harris, will oldham, kris kristofferson, jim james, and dolly parton. morning, noon or night, let the louvin brothers take you to a simpler time, when good old country music ruled the airwaves.”
*mars – live at artists space – feeding tube – lp
– both sets by mars — the most mysterious, and bizarrely-styled ny band of their day — from a five-night festival in may of 1978. one set takes up each side, and while they are similar in song selection, it’s wild to hear how different they are in terms of attack, sonics and approach. the quartet was never captured at its mutational best in the studio, but this live slab is revelatory. tunings, structures and rhythms from a place capt. beefheart once called “the other side of the fence,” this is mars at their most glorious.
dave monolith – welcome – rephlex – cd
– a stellar, forward-thinking debut album. notable influences for this album include: aphex twin, aleksi perälä, bruce haack, david vorhaus, delia derbyshire, dopplereffekt, drexciya, enya, jean michel jarre, luke vibert, the other people place, the tuss and warp 9.
sepalcure – s/t – hot flush – lp
the debut full-length by sepalcure, utilizing the broader canvas of the album format to develop their collaborative process and incorporate the diverse influences present in each artist’s solo work into their sonic mixture.
pete swanson – man with potential – type – lp+cd
– comes with a bonus 50-minute album on cd called man with garbage. best known for being a member of now-defunct noise duo yellow swans, but he’s made plenty of solo music since then. this is birmingham techno filtered through the mists of the pacific northwest, coming across like post-apocalyptic house music as heard from a club bathroom.
vladislav delay – vantaa – raster noton – cd
– the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration which will extend and deepen the spectrum of the label, whereas it falls in line with releases of, for example, william basinski, robert lippok, or mitchell akiyama. even though complex electronic manipulations are used, vantaa wants to sound like a piece of nature, resulting in a mixture of techno/dub and organic textures. the tracks oscillate between a decadent, grey-ish, post-industrial sound cloud and the intimate atmosphere of a vast and desolate finnish landscape.
muddy waters – after the rain – get on down – lp
– “the second of two electric-blues albums released on chess records and cadet concept imprint in the late ’60s, after the rain has achieved cult-like status amongst blues fans in the years since his death in 1983. after taking a backlash from critics with first attempt at adopting psychedelic influences on electric mud, muddy made adjustments for the follow-up. he toned down the psychedelic elements and put them in balance with his classic chicago blues sound, and the results yield some vintage tracks that glow with fuzzy guitars and bass.”
various – rangarang – vampi – 3lp/2cd
– it may seem hard to believe now, with the islamic republic of iran swathed in controversial breaches of human rights and nonsensical nuclear issues, but a little over 30 years ago it was all glitz and glamour, rock and roll. the range of the tracks included on rangarang is astonishing, from funky workouts and soulful pop to jazzy grooves and yearning ballads, all wonderfully and imaginatively produced and arranged, giving shape to truly popular music.
*various – travelling through the jungle – sutro park – lp
– subtitled: negro fife and drum band music from the deep south.”this ultra-rare testament release is one of the first and finest presentations of the hill country fife and drum sound — one of the oldest musical practices of the union. on this record, legendary musicologist david evans presents the greatest musicians of north mississippi, recorded in the 40s, 50s and 60s, by the likes of alan lomax. artists include: otha turner, napoleon strickland, r l boyce, and sid hemphill among others.”


apple – an apple a day… – guerrsen – lp
big star – third – 4 men with beards – lp
*evan caminiti – when california sinks into the sea – handmade birds – lp
*cluster & eno – s/t – 4 men with beards – lp
*cosmic jokers – s/t – klimt – lp
*drones – a thousand mistakes – bang! – 2lp
*shin jung hyun – beautiful rivers & mountains – light in the attic – 2lp
kaleidoscope – tangerine dream – sunbeam – lp
kaleidoscope – faintly blowing – sunbeam – lp
*thomas koner – nunatak/teimo/permafrost – type – 3cd
*les rallizes denudes – heavier than a death in the family – phoenix – 2lp
octopus – restless night – guerssen – lp
ol’ dirty bastard – return to 36 chambers – get on down – 2cd
*oneohtrix point never – returnal – emego – lp
*oneohtrix point never – replica – software – lp
*sunn o))) meets nurse with wound – iron soul of nothing – idealogical organ – 2lp
*this heat – deceit – this is – cd
various – bombshell baby – bombay connection – cd

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