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…..news letter #773 – see ya 2016…..

One final transmission for the year that just won’t stop. This week, just a quick list of our favourite records we heard this year and shared with you. As well a big thank you to each and everyone of you that reads these lists and comes in to the store, or any store and buys physical music still. You are the reason we are able to open the doors every day and send out lists full of weird and wonderful things every week. We’ve had a wonderful year being your record dealers and look forward to all the killer wax that comes through the shop next year. Have a safe and awesome New Year’s tomorrow and we’ll see you soon.

This weekend our hours will be….

Saturday Dec 31 11 – 4
Sunday Jan 1 closed
Monday Jan 2 back to normal

…..listen’s best of 2016…..

Kris’s Top New Releases…

||| |||: Feireenesse (Entr’acte)
Biosphere: Departed Glories (Smalltown Supersound)
Calhau!: U (Kraak)
Anthony Child: Electronic Music from Maui Jungle 2 (Editions Mego)
Demdike Stare: Wonderland (Modern Love)
Elg: Mauve Zone (Nashazphone)
Goat: Requiem (Sub Pop)
Steve Gunn: Eyes on the Line (Matador)
Ignatz: The Drain (Feeding Tube)
Willie Lane: A Pine Tree Shilling’s Worth (Cord-Art)
Rob Noyes: The Feudal Spirit (Poon Village)
Olympians: s/t (Daptone)
Orior: Strange Beauty (DDS)
Pye Corner Audio: Stasis (Ghost Box)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Ears (Western Vinyl)
Supersilent: 13 (Smalltown Supersound)

Kris’s Top Reissues/Archival Releases…

AMM: AMMMusic (Black Truffle)
Loren Connors: Lullaby (Recital)
Tony Conrad/Faust: Outside the Dream Syndicate (Superior Viaduct)
Deux Filles: Silence & Wisdom/Double Happiness (Dark Entries)
Ariel Kalma: Interfrequence (Black Sweat)
Korean Undok Group: s/t (Penultimat Press)
Abul Mogard: Works (Ecstatic)
Ricardo Musci: Tower of Silence (Music From Memory)
Not Waving: Redacted (Ecstatic)
The Peace: Black Power (Now Again)
Sonic Youth: Sister (Goofin)
Tapes: Selected Works (Ecstatic)
This Heat/Camberwell Now/Lifetones: All! (Light In The Attic/Modern Classics)
Trad, Gras och Stener: Box (Anthology)
Piero Umiliani: Genti e Paesi del Mondo (Black Sweat)
Various: Wake Up You 1 & 2 (Now Again)

James’s Top New Releases…

A Tribe Called Quest: We Got it From Here… (Epic)
Dinosaur Jr.: Give a Glimpse of What You’re Not (Jagjaguwar)
Steve Gunn: Eyes on the Line (Matador)
Neurosis: Fires Within Fires (Neurot)
Not Waving: Animals (Diagonal)
Pye Corner Audio: Stasis (Ghost Box)
Sheer Mag: III (Wilsuns)

James’s Top Reissues/Archival Releases…

Blonde Redhead: Masculine Feminine (Numero)
Camberwell Now: The Ghost Trade (Modern Classics)
Kleenex/Lilliput: First Songs (Kill Rock Stars)
Mare: s/t (Hydrahead)
Tapes: Selected Works (Ecstatic)

Bailey’s Top New Releases…

Tim Hecker – Love Streams (Paper Bag)
Andy Shauf – The Party (Arts & Crafts)
Car Seat Headrest – Teens Of Denials (Matador)
Andy Stott – Too Many Voices (Modern Love)
Yoni & Geti – Testarossa (Joyful Noise)
Charles Bradley – Changes (Daptone)
Bitter Fictions – Jettison (Shaking Box)
Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam – I Had A Dream That You Were Mine (Glassnote)
Lab Coast – Remember The Moon (Wyatt)
Colin Stetson – Sorrow (52Hz)
Nick Cave – Skeleton Tree (Bad Seed)

Stefan’s Top 16 of 2016…

A Tribe Called Red: We Are The Halluci Nation (Radicalized)
BADBADNOTGOOD: IV (Innovative Leisure)
Black Mountain: IV (Jagjaguwar)
Charles Bradley: Changes (Daptone)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein: Stranger Things OST Vol. 1 (Lakeshore)
Various: Doing It In Lagos- Boogie, Pop & Disco in 1980’s Nigeria (Soundway)
Duchess Says: Sciences Nouvelles (Bonosound)
Various: Haiti Direct- Big Band, Mini Jazz, Twoubadou Sounds 1960-1978 (Strut)
The Highest Order: Still Holding (Idee Fixe)
Lucifer(Mort Garson): Black Mass  (Black Mass Rising)
Angel Olsen: My Woman (Jagjaguwar)
Rhythm of Cruelty: New Ethos (Pseudo Laboratories)
Various: Senegal 70- Sonic Gems & Previously Unreleased Recordings from the 70’s (Analog Africa)
Kaitlyn Auerelia Smith/ Suzanne Ciani: Sunergy (RVNG Int.)
Various: Togo Soul  70- Selected Rare Togolese Recordings from 1971 to 1981 (Hot Casa)
Warpaint: Heads Up (Rough Trade)

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…..news letter #722 – Eve…..

Well, if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping by now, I’d say you are pretty much screwed. But given the last couple of weeks around the shop, I think everyone is going to have a rather merry morning tomorrow. This is our last list of the year so I’ll keep it short. Obviously no new arrivals, instead we’re going to share our favourite releases of the year. I also want to thank everyone who reads these lists and comes to the shop and still BUYS music in a brick and mortar store. It still blows my mind that I’m able to unlock the door and sit behind that counter every day selling records to such great customers and call that my job. Happy Holidays to all of you and your family!

Our hours over the holidays will be….

Thursday Dec 24 11 – 4
Friday Dec 25 closed
Saturday Dec 26 11 – 5
Thursday Dec 31 11 – 4
Friday Jan 1 closed

…..picks of the year…..

…..Kris’ Tops of 2015…..

…..New Releases…..

Berrocal/Fenech/Epplay: Antigravity (Blackest Ever Black)
Coil: Backwards (Cold Spring)
Alessandro Cortini: Forse 3/Risveglio (Important/Hospital)
Steve Hauschildt: Where all is Fled (Kranky)
Kenney/Kang/Park: At Temple Gate (Weyrd Son)
Ksiezyc: Rabbit Eclipse (Penultimate Press)
Luxury Apartments: s/t (Dead Cert)
Dean McPhee: Fatima’s Hand (Hood Faire)
Abul Mogard: Circular Forms (Ecstatic)
Mutamassik: Symbols Follow (Discrepant)
Not Waving: Voices (Not Waving)
Jim O’Rourke: Simple Songs (Drag City) LP
Kurt Stenzel; Jodorowsky’s Dune OST (Cinewax)
Matt Valentine: Midden Mound (Golden Lab)
White Birch: Weight of Spring (Glitterhouse)


Alessandro Alessandroni: Industrial (Dead Cert)
Algarnas Tradgard: Framtiden at ett Svavande Skepp… (Subliminal Sounds)
Loren Connors: Airs (Recital)
Dettinger: Intershop (Kompakt)
Ariel Kalma: Le Temps Des Moissons (Wah Wah)
Ksiezyc: s/t (Penultimate Press)
Mariah: Utakata No Hibi (Palto Flats)
Keith Mlevhu: The Bad Will Die (Strawberry Rain)
OST: The Holy Mountain (Finders Keepers)
Popol Vuh: Nosferatu (Wah Wah)
Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians (Nonesuch)
Masahiko Sato: Belladonna (Finders Keepers)
Six Organs of Admittance: Dust & Chimes (Holy Mountain)
Sun City Girls: Torch of the Mystics (Abduction)
Michael Yonkers: Grimwood (Nero’s Neptune)

…..James’ Tops of 2015…..

…..New Releases…..

Royal Headache: High (What’s Your Rupture)
Radioactivity: Silent Kill (Dirtnap)
Alessandro Cortini: Forse 3/Risveglio (Important/Hospital)
Not Waving: Voices (Not Waving)
Fist City: Everything is a Mess (Transgressive)
Jom Comyn: Black Pits (Bart)
Viet Cong: s/t (Flemish Eye)
Jim O’Rourke: Simple Songs (Drag City)
MV & EE: Alpine Frequency (Feeding Tube)
Natural Snow Buildings: Terror’s Horns (Ba Da Bing)


Neurosis: Times of Grace (Relapse)
Unwound: Empire (Numero)
Maki Asakawa: s/t (Honest Jon’s)
Lee Hazlewood: Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood (Light in the Attic)
Buzzcocks: Another Music in a Different Kitchen (Parlaphone)
Besombes/Rizet: Pole (Gonzai)
Amanaz: Africa (Now Again)
Paki-Visnadi: Imaginary Choreography (Antinote)
Stringtronics: Mind Bender (Fifth Dimension)
Big Black: Atomizer (Touch & Go)

…..Nora’s Tops of 2015…..

Yannis Kyriakides/Andy Moor: A Life A Billion Heartbeats (Discrepant)
Loren Connors: Blues- The ‘Dark Paintings’ of Mark Rothko (Family Vineyard)
Not Waving: Voices (Not Waving)
Dean McPhee: Fatima’s Hand (Hood Faire)
Kawabata Makoto: Astro Love & Infinite Kisses (VHF)
The Love Machine: Electronic Music to Blow Your Mind By (Wah Wah)
Keith Mlevhu: The Bad Will Die (Strawberry Rain)
Jean-Claude Vannier: L’enfant Assassin Des Mouches(Finders Keepers)
Bill Orcutt & Jacob Felix Heule: Colonial Donuts (Palilalia)
Sunburned Hand of the Man: Mind of a Brother (Feeding Tube)
The Electronic Hole: S/T (Radich)
Tatsuya Nakatani: Confirmation (Taiga)
White Eyes: S/T (Numero)
Besombes/Rizet: Pole (Gonzai)
Ellen Fullman: The Long String Instrument (Superior Viaduct)

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