…..news letter #979 – /2020…..

Well, we’ve made it. The end of probably the most fucked up year of most of our lives. And like all small, local businesses, we couldn’t have made it this far without your support. I know we thank you every year, but this year we mean it more than ever. THANK YOU!

And as a thank you, we will be having our annual Boxing Day Sale this year, but like Black Friday, it will be through our website. BOXING20 will be your discount code. I’m going to be in the shop for a few brief hrs for phone calls to redeem gift certificates  from 11-2. If you have one, call the shop during that window and i’ll sort you out. We’ll be around next week 11-5 Monday-Wednesday for pick ups.


As always, big thanks to everyone who’s been hitting up our webstore and placing orders! It’s getting competitive around 5pm when we post up fresh used stock. If you haven’t hit up the WEBSTORE, MAYBE YOU SHOULD! If you can’t figure out the site, or don’t like to use computers, you can always call the store and we can do an order over the phone. 

Oh ya… if you don’t follow us on Instagram, WHY NOT?! And now you know.


……Ian’s 10 Albums/Reissues…..

Lily The Fields – Tortured Earth (Chicago Research)
German Army – Hearing Lola Kiepja (plus a slew of other tapes)
Crazy Doberman – Hypnagogic Relapse…(Digital Regress) (plus Illusory Expansion)
Straw Man Army – Age Of Exile (D4MT Labs) 
CP/BW – LP2 (Self-Release)
Orphx – Fragmentation (Hospital)
Severed Heads – Clean (Dark Entries) 
Vox Populi! – Mysticismes (Platrform 23)
Group A – Initiation (BFE)
Muslimgauze – Return Of Black September (Staalplaat)

……Bailey’s Top Albums…..

Uniform – Shame (Sacred Bones) LP
Bill Fay – Countless Branches (Dead Oceans) LP
Lea Bertucci – Acoustic Shadows (SA Recordings) LP
Satoshi & Makoto – CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences Vol. II  (Safe Trip) LP
Open Mike Eagle – Anime, Trauma and Divorce (Auto Reverse) LP
Ian William Craig – Red Sun Through Smoke (130701) LP
Cindy Lee – What’s Tonight to Eternity (w.25st) LP
Rival Consoles – Articulation (Erased Tapes) LP
Idles – Ultra Mono (Partisan) LP
Silvia Tarozzi – Mi Specchio e rifletto (Unseen Worlds) LP
Sightless Pit – Grave of a Dog (Thrill Jockey) LP
Sarah Davachi – Cantus, Descant (Late Music) LP
Suso Saiz – Between No Things (Music From Memory) LP
k.burwash – lotl qs (Saw-Whet) LP
Museum of No Art – s/t (Séance Centre) LP

……Kris’s Top Albums…..

N. Chambers: Facets (Love All Day) LP
Cindy Lee: What’s Tonight to Eternity (w.25st) LP
Ian William Craig: Red Sun Through Smoke (130701) LP
Sarah Davachi: Cantus, Descant (Late Music) LP /
Figures in Open Air (Late Music) 2CD
El Michel’s Affair: Adult Themes (Big Crown) LP
Fuji||||||||||TTa: Iki (Hallow Ground) LP
Yair Elazar Glotman/Mats Erlandsson: Emanate (130701) LP
Heliocentrics: Telemetric Sounds (Madlib Invazion) LP
Drew McDowall: Agalma (Dais) LP
Jake Muir: The Hum of Your Veiled Voice (Sferic) LP
Museum of No Art: s/t (Séance Centre) LP
Romeo Poirier: Hotel Nota (Sferic) LP
Roly Porter: Kistvaen (Subtext) LP
Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin: Elephant (Posh Isolation) LP
Razen: Robot Brujo (Hands in the Dark) LP
Silvia Tarozzi: Mi Specchio e Rifletto (Unseen Worlds) LP
Ulla: Tumbling Towards a Wall (Experiences Ltd) LP
Sven Wunder: Wabi Sabi (Piano Piano) LP


Don Cherry: Om Shanti Om (Black Sweat) LP
Coil: Musick to Play in the Dark (Dais) (COMING SOON!!) / 
Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage (Infinite Fog) LP
Lol Coxhill/Morgan Fisher: Slow Music (Aguirre) LP
Eric’s Trip/Elevator Reissues
Flaming Tunes: s/t (Superior Viaduct) LP
Jon Hassell: Flash of the Spirit (Glitterbeat)/ Vernal Equinox (Ndeya)
Nurse With Wound: Rock ‘n Roll Station (Abstrakce) LP
O Yuki Conjugate: Peyote (B.F.E.) LP
Rapoon: Vernal Crossing (Abstrakce) LP
Vox Populi!: Mystcismes (Platform 23)
White Heaven: Out (Black Editions) LP
Hiroshi Yoshimura: Green (Light in the Attic) LP
Zoviet France: Chasse 2 (Vinyl on Demand) BOX (Individual LPs COMING SOON!!!)


Brick Road: Songs of Peace & Happiness (Brick Road)
Jon Collins & Demdike Stare: Fragments of Nothing (DDS)
Alison Cotton: Only Darkness Now (Bloxham)
Sarah Davachi: Gathers (Boomkat Editions)
Endurance: Sleep Until It’s Over (Endurance)
Fuji|||||||ta: Komori (Boomkat Editions)
German Army: The year’s output (Various labels)
OAS: Irradiated Carbons (Pseudo Laboratories)
Arthur Russell: Sketches for World of Echo (Audika)
Luke Sanger: World of Inherent Noise (Miracle Pond)
Tutti Harp: Unfinished Patches Vol 1 (Shimmering Moods)
Ulla: Inside Means Inside Me (Boomkat Editions)
Various: Muzan Editions – The year’s output
Various: Preliminaries of Silence (Chicago Research)
Various: Zero is More than Nothing (Ecstatic)

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