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well, looks like ol’ st. nick time is just around the corner. loads of restocks and what not still coming in, but if you need something specific that isn’t already on the way, then you may be s.o.l…. but you can still check, we can’t work miracles, but you never know. anyway, since things are busy, i’m not gonna bother editing these write ups down, so, sorry if you don’t like all this info…

…..pick of the week…..
can – the lost tapes – mute – 5lp

– so this isn’t really fair since i’m pretty much sold out of this at the moment on pre-orders… long story short, pre-order! hopefully more on the way though. anway, this is rad. “unreleased studio, soundtrack and live material. the lost tapes was curated by irmin schmidt and daniel miller, compiled by irmin schmidt and jono podmore, and edited by jono podmore. when the legendary can studio in weilerswist was sold to the german rock n pop museum, they bought everything, including the army mattresses that covered the walls for sound protection, and relocated it to gronau. whilst dismantling the studio, master tapes were found and stored in the spoon archive. with barely legible labeling, no one was sure what was on these until irmin schmidt and long time collaborator jono podmore started to go through over 30 hours of music. what they found was years of archived material, not outtakes, but rather tracks which had been shelved for a variety of reasons. this set includes material never released anywhere.”

…..new arrivals…..

*ash ra tempel – reunion, a double promo album – b13 – 2lp
– “rare recording of ash ra tempel, live at the weisshaus theatre in cologne in 1973. features the original line-up with klaus schulze (who had left the band in 1971) once again on drums and electric lap guitar! this three-sided double lp features the rare 43 min ‘dédié à harmut’ and the 28 min ‘ooze away.'” double 140 gram 3-sided double lp on splatter vinyl with multicolored labels in a pvc sleeve. limited edition of 500 copies.
bark psychosis – hex – vinilisssimo – lp
– formed in 1986 by east london school friends graham sutton and john ling, bark psychosis started as a teenage band into 1980s hardcore noise practitioners such as sonic youth, napalm death, big black, and swans. however, after the permanent addition to the line-up of mark simnett and daniel gish, the band released a succession of eps and singles between 1988 and 1992 over which they found their own sound veering towards a more restrained and experimental style, similar to the path taken by latter day talk talk and ar kane, which included elements of free-jazz, ambient, sampling, and programming. it was a fascinating evolution that peaked during the arduous recording of their first lp, which took most of 1993. released the following year, hex features eight tracks with perfect dynamics individually and as a whole. the music manages to sound loose and tight at the same time, and although the instrumentation is varied (vibraphone, trumpet, flute, and djembe players plus a string quartet joined the band), the approach is succinct and every element reaches a powerful effect. the mood is tense, solemn and emotionally-charged, but the album feels comforting and engaging. the concise vocals, while not following any kind of verse and chorus structure, fit hauntingly within these brilliantly structured tracks and the captivating development of the lp culminates in the outstanding ambient ten minutes of “pendulum man.” hex prompted journalist simon reynolds to mention the term “post-rock” in its review of the album, thus creating a label that would be used in the following years to describe the music of other contemporary bands such as tortoise, disco inferno, labradford, laika, and others. however, bark psychosis didn’t get to enjoy the relative media attention this new scene received. gish had left the band during the recording of the album and ling parted after it was finished. released in the early spring of 1994 and almost 20 years after its conception, hex remains one of the lost great records of the ’90s. the experience of listening to it is as extremely rewarding as ever. on 180 gram vinyl.
can – a double promo album – b13 – 2lp
– “vocalist damo suzuki’s departure from can in 1973 had forced the band to re-evaluate their sound. now with michael karoli and irmin schmidt sharing vocal duties, the band had also begun drawing on influences from disco and glam. while still remaining staunchly outside the mainstream, they undoubtedly became more accessible to a wider audience, and soon had a huge fan base in the uk. in fact, just a few months after playing the live show found on this double lp (recorded in lyon in january of 1976), can was even on top of the pops!”
*nick drake – pink moon – island – lp box
– “deluxe/heavyweight box set with an authentic reproduction of the 1972 first pressing, includes digital download voucher redeemable from the label, with various formats including 24 bit** on february the 25th 1972 island records released nick drake’s third, and what was to be his final, album pink moon to a largely disinterested press and public. 40 years on since its birth, universal re-presents the album in an exactly replicated vinyl pressing, re-mastered by the original co-producer and engineer; john wood at abbey road and pressed on audiophile virgin vinyl with the original gatefold sleeve, inner sleeve, paper labels, the promotional shop-poster and a facsimile of nick’s handwritten lyrics to four of the songs, all gathered together in a box showing the original master tape box from which the vinyl was mastered.”
*el topo ost – real gone – lp
– championed by everybody from john lennon to peter gabriel to marilyn manson, and decried by “establishment” critics ranging from vincent canby to gene siskel, el topo remains one of the most controversial movies ever made. director alejandro jodorowsky’s bizarre, blood-soaked blend of spaghetti western, druggy surrealism, christian allegory, zen buddhist themes and avant-garde sensibilities gave rise to the entire “midnight movie” counterculture phenomenon of the early ‘70s and forever changed the way adventurous audiences viewed film. or, for that matter, heard film; for no soundtrack, before or since, has embraced so many styles in its pursuit of spiritual and artistic goals. atonal, tibetan buddhist thighbone trumpets clash with beautiful, even sentimental, chamber orchestra pieces alongside pan flute rhapsodies, brass bands and parlor jazz; that jodorowsky himself composed the score after, no doubt, intently studying the work of morricone, is almost as impressive an artistic achievement as the film itself. now, real gone music, in partnership with abkco music & records, is issuing this one-of-a-kind soundtrack album on lp for the first time since the original release produced by allan steckler for apple records back in 1971. what’s more, the four-page booklet boasting some of the film’s hallucinogenic imagery that came with the original release will be included in the gatefold lp reissue, which will also include new liner notes.
eternal tapestry – a world out of time – thrill jockey – lp
– “a world out of time, portland quintet eternal tapestry’s second full-length of 2012, is a new kind of album for the band. as opposed to previous efforts, which were culled from many hours of recordings, it was recorded as a whole. the resulting record, while not restricted to the four minute song, has the focus and the flow that only music conceived as a narrative can. taking inspiration from groups like faust and algarnas tradgard, the album unfolds as a collage, the most salient elements of their sound sewn into a seamless patchwork. in the process, the group has constructed an incredibly dynamic album, juxtaposing expansive improvised sections with their most deliberate material yet.”
george gurdjieff – improvisations – mississippi – lp
– “stunningly beautiful harmonium improvisations recorded in 1949 by spiritualist g.i gurdjieff. many who heard these performances live found themselves crying uncontrollably. after this cathartic listening experience they reached a place where they felt happy and whole. we hope this record will bring a similar experience to the modern day listener. it doesn’t get much purer than this. cover is silkscreened with gold ink. a co-release with psychic sounds research.”
*fela kuti – vinyl boxset 2: curated by ginger baker – knitting factory – 6lp box
– knitting factory records is proud to release the long-awaited second volume in the label’s vinyl reissue campaign of the legendary fela kuti catalog. the second in a series of curated vinyl box sets features six albums chosen by frequent fela collaborator ginger baker. the artwork for each album has been painstakingly recreated from the original album artwork along with vintage vinyl label artwork. collected here are the fela kuti albums: live with ginger baker (1971), roforofo fight (1972), confusion (1974), alagbon close (1974), he miss road (1975) and na poi (1976). the 6lp-set also includes a 12 page full color booklet with an essay by ginger baker, album descriptions by the veteran british music journalist chris may and a poster designed by h. cuadrado.
kendrick lamar – good kid, m.a.a.d. city – aftermath – lp
– good kid, m.a.a.d. city is the highly anticipated major label debut from rising rapper kendrick lamar, crowned the “new king of the west coast” by dr. dre and snoop dogg. the top dawg entertainment/aftermath entertainment/interscope records release features the t-minus produced single “swimming pools (drank),” plus “money tree” (feat. jay rock), “poetic justice” (feat. drake), “m.a.a.d city” (feat. mc eiht), “real” (feat. anna wise) and “compton” (feat. dr. dre). lamar’s indie-issued section.80 ranked as one of the top digital hip-hop albums of 2011. despite not having a physical release, section.80 cracked billboard’s r&b/hip-hop top 25, rap top 15 and top 200 albums charts. the compton, ca native has since been racking up the praise. lamar drew the attention of dr. dre with his 2010 mixtape o(verly) d(edicated) and then performed alongside dre and snoop as they co-headlined the 2012 coachella music & arts festival.
love – forever changes – rhino – lp
– love forever changes: 45th anniversary edition on 180g lp. cut from the original analog album master by chris bellman at bernie grundman mastering! the third and final album by the original love lineup, forever changes has consistently drawn epic praise both upon its 1968 release on elektra records and to this very day. rolling stone described forever changes as “elegant armageddon” when listing it as #40 in the 500 greatest albums of all time while another rave review considered it, “one of the most distinctive masterpieces in that era of masterpieces.” a landmark work that is without question the l.a.-based psychedelic folk-rock pioneers’ most fully realized studio effort, forever changes was produced by band co-founder/frontman arthur lee and the doors’ engineer/producer bruce botnick. lee’s metaphysically super-logical lyrics, warbled sweetly over the band’s full-bloom psychedelia, a swirling current of guitars, strings, and horns layered into a mind-expanding wall of beauty. the album’s song titles read like signs along the long and winding road to nirvana: “andmoreagain,” “maybe the people would be the times or between clark and hilldale,” “the good humor man he sees everything like this,” “you set the scene.” forever changes exploded the personal into the universal and uncovered the eternal tucked away inside the familiar. “in the summer of 1967 a billboard appeared on los angeles’ legendary sunset strip telling all who looked skyward to ‘watch for the third coming of love.’ emblazoned with an image of the group painted in oozing pink, purple, blue, and green meant to resemble an organic heart, love were barely recognizable in their collective obscurity. though they had followed hot on the heels of the byrds to rule the l.a. club scene a year earlier, the band (at the time perhaps the most progressive and uncompromising in pop) never made the leap to mainstream acceptance or the billboard top 10. ironically, that same summer their elektra labelmates and former opening act, the doors hit #1 with ‘light my fire.’ meanwhile, the five members of love (arthur lee, johnny echols, bryan maclean, ken forssi, and michael stuart) struggled to complete an album that would barely chart on initial release. in most stories love would be the group that promised more than they delivered. that would be had ‘the third coming’ not been forever changes, a long-player widely rated above any other waxing of that idyllic era.” – andrew sandoval/liner notes for the 2008 reissue
messages – message bag – de stijl – 2lp
– “we come burdened with the glorious purpose of having readied the latest recordings by messages, a double lp set called message bag. it’s a set of pieces that imparts a vibe rife with history, and yet clearly focused on the future. you buy these 2 lps, poster, and insert in a bag, but in all of its formats and strategies message bag operates as a return to an unresolved system, as an alternative to the rest of yr choices, and bestows something that can’t be bought. we call it wisdom.”
*monoton – monoproduct – desire – lp
–  “… is so alive with the pulses that triggered many electronicas to come, from techno through trance to mego’s creeping static, you could make a case for becker’s guruhood. yet, for all its prescient washed out tones, threadbare textures and minimalist rigour, it has the edge on much that followed. adopting an imperious art stance towards mainstreams and margins alike, becker cast a cold analytic eye over electronica’s urfathers, picking up on suicide’s jittertronic urgency, if not their melodrama, and daf’s throbbing sequencers, but with the sex threat removed, which he patched into his own crackling circuits, hissing vistas and tumbling beatstreams.”
quicksand – slip – src – lp
– remastered 180 gram solid red colored vinyl, gatefold. legendary nyc post-hardcore act quicksand will be re-releasing a very special edition of their debut album, slip via shop radio cast. first official vinyl reissue of quicksands major label debut ”slip” since its original pressing in 1993. remastered and pressed on limited edition 180 gram vinyl. housed in a gatefold jacket and includes a euro inner sleeve, never-before-seen photos, and a cover of the smith’s ‘how soon is now.’ founded in 1990 by frontman walter schreifels, quicksand rose to notoriety in the ’90s, with many dubbing the band a key pioneer in new york city’s post-hardcore scene. along with a sophomore release, slip launched the band on a series of north american and european tours in the ’90s alongside the likes of rage against the machine, anthrax, and more. the band would eventually disband in 1999, but recently reunited for a one-night-only gig in june, 2012.
the slaves – ocean on ocean – helen scarsdale agency – lp
– “the mystical drone-folklorist jon porras introduced us to the luminous sound of the slaves, so we thought it fitting that he should expound upon their radiant shoegazing heaviness. here speaks mr. porras: ‘a shadow moves beneath the water. ocean on ocean: two abysmal surfaces echoing into one another. mutually reflecting an endless geologic score to a post-apocalyptic litany. planes of ambivalence obliterated by light, voices eclipsed by devotional low end, synthesized stereography spiraling from an eternal core. hovering above the weighted disposition of doom and below the consolation of shoegaze, the duo transmits a burdened grace that unfolds like a radiant mammal writhing in black water. we discover an object heavy and obtuse until placed into the sea. lines of light swell and dissipate behind hushed lyrics. feedback and white noise ebb and flow, the mammal’s breath hollowed, tumbling below the surface. the hum offset and displaced by water that surrounds. holographic accord materialized by invalidated hopefulness. we are unsure and skeptical of what this optimism holds. what lies waiting at the depths carved between these two reflective surfaces? ocean on ocean implies a tangible province exists between these mirrored planes. a staircase built from reflective feedback, extending horizontally into bliss. a bliss that is fleeting and simultaneously petrified in the present. a paradox realized by the duo’s distillations of urgent ambiance and luminescent melancholy. conjuring environments that billow out from instrumental restraint, ocean on ocean is an exercise in disciplined abstraction.’ the slaves are barbara kinzle and birch cooper, who hail from portland, oregon and who have released other works on digitalis and paradigms to considerable acclaim, drawing favorable comparisons to the likes of grouper, slowdive, earth, and barn owl.”
smashing pumpkins – mellon collie & the infinite sadness – emi – 4lp box
– reissued and remastered for the first time! 4lp 180 gram vinyl housed in 12×12 rigid slipcase with 2 books containing personal notes, new collage artwork, lyrics and more.
television – marquee moon – rhino – lp
– television were part of the late-’70s punk nucleus that put new york’s cbgb club on the map. although it may share a similar permeating attitude, television’s revolutionary 1977 debut marquee moon distinguished itself immediately from that of their new york punk contemporaries otherwise with the unconventional guitar interplay of tom verlaine and richard lloyd, verlaine’s poetic songwriting and their labyrinthine extended song structures. spare yet structurally complex, artistic yet unpretentious, marquee moon stands as one of rock’s most innovative releases, altering the face of punk and influencing everything from new wave to jam-rock in the process. with multiple masterpieces like “see no evil,” “friction” and “marquee moon,” debuts don’t get much more accomplished than this!
*x-tg – desertshore/the final report – industrial records – lp
– industrial records presents the much-anticipated two album release desertshore/the final report, a unique collaboration by chris carter, peter “sleazy” christopherson, and cosey fanni tutti. this is a two album release celebrating both the progress inherent in change and the fulfillment of two exceptional, yet separate projects. the desertshore project is a “re-imagined” cover version of nico’s seminal 1970 album, first conceived by the late peter “sleazy” christopherson in berlin in 2006. in 2010 at his home in bangkok, he refocused his approach, readying to record guest vocalists while chris and cosey prepared material in their uk studio for his return there in december. sadly, sleazy unexpectedly died in his sleep on the 25th of november in bangkok. chris and cosey made a commitment to sleazy to complete the desertshore project picking up from where they left off just prior to his untimely passing. with enthusiastic support and contributions from so many who were close to sleazy, especially the guest artists whose work he admired: antony, marc almond, blixa bargeld, sasha grey, and gaspar noé. throughout their 36 year friendship, carter, christopherson, and cosey fanni tutti produced many pioneering and acclaimed collaborative works together. these trio sessions were without exception always very productive; ideas that produced many hours of recordings, sound experiments, research in new performance possibilities, visuals, the ongoing design and building of new and innovative instruments; a constant restless exploration of new paths together. the final report album was completed from their final 2009/2010 sessions together at chris and cosey’s studio in norfolk. this album stands as the final report: a celebration, a loving remembrance of their unique partnership. industrial records ltd. is proud to release these two extraordinary recordings together.
various – diablos del ritmo – the colombian melting pot 1960-1985 – analog africa – 2cd
– a colorfully-diverse selection of 32 tracks split between afrobeat, afrofunk and psychedelia-inspired rhythms on part 1 and an array of danceable tropical rhythms on part 2. Includes a 60-page booklet including 40 vintage photographs, 24 interviews and documented first-hand knowledge.
various – naughty girl: to what strange place vol 1 – mississippi – lp
– “the music of the ottoman-american diaspora. a compilation of 78’s recorded between 1916 and 1930. on this lp we find recent immigrant music from masters of greek, armenian, turkish, egyptian & syrian music. classic, austere performances by deep musicians: markos sifnios, kosroff malool, naim karakand, achilleas poulos, and many others. liner notes by ian nagoski. one time limited pressing. a co-release with canary records.”
various – i wish i never came: to what strange place vol 2 – mississippi – lp
– “a compilation of 78’s recorded between 1916 and 1930. on this lp we find recent immigrant music from masters of greek. armenian, turkish, egyptian and syrian music. beautiful performances by luminaries achilleas poulos, nishan kelijikan, kosroff malool, maria symyrnea, marika papagika and many others. liner notes by ian nagoski. one time limited pressing. a co-release with canary records.”
various – notes from home: to what strange place vol 3 – mississippi – lp
– “the music of the ottoman-american diaspora. a compilation of 78’s recorded between 1905 and 1930. on this lp we find a small, but stylistically broad, cross-section of nostalgic recordings from greece, turkey, syria and egypt.; the beautiful music that recent immigrants listened to to remind them of their homeland. distant voices from as long ago as 1905. liner notes by ian nagoski. one time limited pressing. a co-release with canary records.”

…..used goodies……

allman brothers band – at fillmore east – capricorn – lp
beach boys – beach boys today – capitol – lp
beatles – abbey road – capitol – lp
beatles – revolver – capitol – lp
beatles – rubber soul – capitol – lp
beatles – sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club band – capitol – colored vinyl lp
beatles – white album – capitol – lp
doors – waiting for the sun – elektra – lp
doors – the soft parade – elektra – lp
bob dylan – greatest hits ii – columbia – lp
guess who – american woman – rca – lp
george harrison – all things must pass – apple – 3lp
jimi hendrix – in the west – reprise – lp
jimi hendrix – war heroes – polydor uk – lp
freddie king – 1934 – 1976 – rso – lp
led zeppelin – coda – atlantic – lp
led zeppelin – physical graffiti – atlantic – 2lp
pink floyd – dark side of the moon – harvest – lp
otis redding/jimi hendrix – monterey international pop festival – reprise – lp
rolling stones – let it breed – london – lp
muddy waters – hard again – blue sky – lp
neil young – tonight’s the night – reprise – lp
neil young – rust never sleeps – reprise – lp
neil young – re.ac.tor – reprise – lp
neil young – harvest – reprise – lp
neil young – decade – reprise – 3lp
and more…


a tribe called quest – midnight marauders – jive – lp
black keys – el camino – nonesuch – lp
black keys – attack and release – nonesuch – lp
black keys – magic potion – nonesuch – lp
*robert cacciapagilla – ann steel record – half machine records – lp
*circle – forest – full contact – lp
clash – give ’em enough rope – drastic plastic – lp
leonard cohen – live at the isle of wight – columbia – lp
leonard cohen – songs from the road – columbia – lp
leonard cohen – songs of leonard cohen – sundazed – lp
leonard cohen – songs of love & hate – sundazed – lp
leonard cohen – songs from a room – sundazed – lp
daft punk – discovery – virgin – lp
daft punk – homework – virgin – lp
daft punk – daft club – virgin – lp
miles davis – bitches brew – legacy – lp
miles davis – in a silent way – legacy – lp
miles davis – kind of blue – columbia – lp
*tod dockstader – electronic vol 1 – mordant – lp
*drive ost – invada – lp
bob dylan – another side of – sundazed – lp
*bill fay – s/t – 4 men with beards – lp
florence & the machine – lungs – universal – lp
*flower travellin’ band – satori – phoenix – lp
flying lotus – until the quiet comes – warp – lp
foo fighters – the colour & the shape – legacy – lp
*ben frost/daniel bjornasson – solaris – bedroom community – lp
funkadelic – maggot brain – 4 men with beards – lp
genius/gza – liquid swords – get on down – lp
godspeed you black emperor – lift your skinny fists – constellation – lp
*harmonia & eno – tracks & traces – gronland – lp
*tim hecker/daniel lopatin – instrumental tourist – software – lp
*hot snakes – suicide invoice – swami – lp
*ilaiyaraaja – fire star – bombay connection – cd
jawbreaker – bivouac – blackball – lp
lcd soundsystem – 45:33 – dfa – lp
lcd soundsystem – sound of silver – dfa – lp
led zeppelin – mothership – rhino – 4lp box
metallica – master of puppets – warner – lp
*moondog – more moondog – 4 men with beards – lp
*moondog – s/t – 4 men beards – lp
*moondog – story of moondog – 4 men with beards – lp
moonrise kingdom ost – abkco – 10″
mr. bungle – s/t – plain – lp
mr. bungle – disco volante – plain – lp
mr. bungle – california – plain – lp
mumford & sons – babel – glassnote – lp
joanna newsom – have one on me – drag city – 3lp
nirvana – bleach – sub pop – 2lp
national – boxer – beggars – lp
oh sees – help – in the red – lp
oh sees – master’s bedroom is… – in the red – lp
oh sees – singles collection 1 & 2 – castleface – lp
oh sees – warm slim – in the red – lp
*om – god is good – drag city – lp
pearl jam – ten – legacy – lp
pearl jam – backspacer – monkeywrench – lp
pig destroyer – book burner – relapse – lp
*pye corner audio – sleep games – ghost box – lp
radiohead – kid a – emi – 2×10″
ramones – road to ruin – sire – lp
rolling stones – let it bleed – abkco – lp
rolling stones – their satanic majesties request – abkco – lp
rural alberta advantage – hometowns – paper bag – lp
ty segall – goodbye bread – drag city – lp
ty segall – melted – goner – lp
sonic youth – a thousand leaves – goofin – lp
*sonic youth – dirty – goofin – 4lp
*sonic youth – murray street – goofin – lp
sonic youth – rather ripped – goofin – lp
*sonic youth – s/t – goofin – lp
*sonic youth – sonic nurse – goofin – lp
sublime – s/t – universal – lp
*sunn o))) – 00void – southern lord – lp
swans – my father will guide me – young god – lp
*talk talk – laughing stock – ba da bing – lp
tame impala – innerspeaker – modular – lp
t. rex – electric warrior – rhino – lp
*volcano the bear – golden rhythm – rune grammofon – lp

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