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howdy all….

isn’t it swell that fall came back?! now we can wear shorts and make snowmen at the same time! wonderful. anywho… hope you’ve been saving your pennies, cuz there’s a ton of cool stuff in this week, and some of them are boxsets, which are never cheap, but always awesome! come on down and say hi.

…..pick of the week…..

*dariush dolat-shahi – electronic music, tar and sehtar – dead-cert – lp
– “this release will undoubtedly be met by the same deep breaths that have been shared by the small group of collectors who, over the past few years, have held original copies of this rare folkways release in such high regard. in simple terms this lp is the kind of record you wished existed while nothing really came close to the mark. respectfully and subtly combining traditional persian instrumentation, modular synth exercises, field recordings and tape manipulation — this debut release from 1985 by dariush dolat-shahi bridges multiple cultural and stylistic voids and vindicates the vinyl-buying market’s disparate interests in bygone eastern experimental rock music, radio-phonic experiments, musique-concrete, sound design, neo-tantric meditational records and other early accidental acidic electro murmurs. for those who enjoyed the re-contextualized music of ilaiyaraaja and charanjit singh while holding tight to the legacy of pierre schaeffer, daphne oram, ilhan mimaroglu, and harbor penchants for all things drone, teutonic, electronic, demonic, and euphoric, this record has just changed all your plans for the weekend. a perfect primer for the aforementioned labels and a proud indication of what to expect from this eternally studious camp in 2013. this facsimile/reproduction of the original album is housed in a deluxe hand-made smithsonian-style oversized outer with wrap-around print.” essential!

*william basinski – the disintegration loops – temporary residence – 9lp+5cd+dvd+book boxset
– finally after 10 years, this massive collection is available in one super deluxe boxset… “for a collection of music built around the poignant inevitability of decay, there has been a great many hopeful and inspired words devoted to william basinski’s the disintegration loops: stunning, ethereal, majestic, transfixing, life-affirming… and for good reason. from its 20-year gestation period to its infamously fateful completion, the disintegration loops is one of the most powerful manifestations of the inevitable cycle of life ever committed to tape, even as it documents the inevitable decay of all that is committed to tape. the very passage of time is its most effective instrument. to mark the 10-year anniversary of its original release — and its forthcoming induction into the 9/11 memorial museum this year — temporary residence ltd. is honored to collaborate with william basinski in presenting the disintegration loops in a fashion truly befitting a library of music with such a lasting legacy. this massive limited-edition box set contains all four historic volumes, plus a pair of stunning live orchestral performances from the metropolitan museum of art, and the 54th venice biennale, both previously unreleased. remastered from the original recordings and pressed onto 100% virgin vinyl for the first and only time, this exquisite box set also includes all of the remastered recordings on 5 cds, the extremely rare 63-minute the disintegration loops film on dvd, and a 144-page full-color coffee table book featuring rare photos taken during the making of the disintegration loops, and liner notes by basinski, antony, david tibet of current 93, ronen givony of the wordless music series, and michael shulan, creative director of the national september 11 memorial museum.”

…..new arrivals…..

acid mothers temple – iao chant from the melting paraiso underground freak out – riot season – lp
– amt return with an expanded melting paraiso u.f.o. line-up, featuring the added guitar skills of japan underground legend and new full-time member tabata mitsuru (boredoms, zeni gava, leningrad blues machine, etc.). iao chant finds the band revisiting the past and once again taking gong’s infamous “om riff/master builder” to soaring new heights. on red/blue-swirl colored vinyl.
steve atkinson – small boats – shadoks – lp
– “there are not many underground/folk albums we are keen on putting out. steve atkinson’s small boats is one we loved straight away. if you think the early mick stevens albums are cool, tony caro & john is a killer album, and you love the tradition of british underground folk music, you will really like this album. very well composed electric and acoustic songs with beautiful vocals, guitar, violin, recorder, cello, bass, chimes and clarinet, this albums is a little masterpiece recorded between 1980 and 1981.”
beatles – entire discography – emi – 16lp boxset/14 lps
– that’s right, they’ve finally reissued all of the beatles albums, as well as collected them into one massive boxset. makes a perfect gift to yourself, because you deserve it. also makes a good weapon for bludgeoning….
*bee mask – when we were eating unripe pears – spectrum spools – lp
– astounding side of euphoric, crushing and visceral electronics imagined and created by chris madak, the mastermind behind bee mask,  a preeminent composer of modern concrète electronics, meticulously developing a wildly fantastical and often breathtaking sonic language and logic that defies description in the most blessed, celestial sense. his music captures a feeling of awe and majesty that’s either all too rare or abused by so many nowadays, revealing a bewildering world of alien sounds and dynamics which entrances, immerses and explodes our tiny minds, especially on this lp.
peter broderick – these walls of mine – erased tapes – lp
– held together by a dialogue of voices, this album reveals peter’s innermost thoughts in an intimate and playful way. an exploration from gospel and soul to spoken word, beatboxing, and rap — this is peter at his most natural.
*suzanne ciani – seven waves – bird – lp
– with a portfolio that boasts music from the xenon pinball machine, the sounds for the meco star wars theme, the atari tv commercials and the electronic sound effects in the original stepford wives film (amongst many others) the mutant electronic-music cv of suzanne ciani is proof that in a 1970s commercial world of boys toys, monopolised by male dominated advertising industry, a woman’s touch was the essential secret ingredient to sucessful sonic seduction. enjoying a new ressurgence amongst fans of all streams of electronic, experimental and neo-tantrik music suzanne ciani is proud to present a new generation with the record, seldom celebrated this side of the atlantic, that truly turned her career from behind the scenes library composer to a leading light in modern american electronica spearheading the musical new-age movement and drawing indelible parallels with krautrock, early techno and electronic soundtracks.
mac demarco – 2 – captured tracks – lp
– mac is back with his first proper full length, 2. as opposed to rnrnc, 2 is a concerted effort to produce a cohesive work that showcases mac’s natural ability as a songwriter, singer and producer. with a new arsenal of recording gear, the fidelity has substantially improved without compromising the immediacy and organic quality of his prior releases under any monicker. it’s obvious mac is presenting himself musically in the most sincere way possible, no matter what happens in his wild videos or live shows.
dream – get dreamy – shadoks – lp
– “dream’s get dreamy is perhaps the most fantastic and unique underground album from scandinavia. recorded in 1967 it was the first lp by legendary guitarist terje rypdal. a year later terje recorded his first solo album also for polydor. the album get dreamy has great original songs full of wild fuzz guitar, swirling hammond organ, sound effects and strong vocals. the musicals influences could be cream and jimi hendrix with the lyrical touch of procol harum.”
*eccentronic research council – 1612 underture – bird – lp
– the erc opt for a vast array of mechanical music machines and synthesised effects to create this conceptual non-populist pop using analogue and acoustic equipment alongside tape manipulation, vocalisations and spoken word, remaining faithful to a pre-digital and unpredictable era taking cues from mort garson, suzanne ciani, sorel hayes, joe meek, daphne oram, jp massiera and delia derbyshire amongst others. conceived with the same ambitions and goals of an electronic smithsonian folkways record, the 1612 underture is a concept album that aims to reevaluate and positively recontextualise an important historical and cultural feminine incident, but also hopes to encourage listeners to rethink how they process modern folk and popular music 400 years after the events in the eye of this project’s unique subject matter.
*emeralds – just to feel anything – editions mego – lp
– the new album by emeralds, surpasses all expectations, just as its predecessor did in 2010. this expertly recorded new album sees the band deliver plenty of their distinctive aesthetic for old fans to enjoy while offering a new range of fresh, exciting ideas for newcomers. emeralds shine a laser-sharp light into the future, while preserving their uniquely intelligent historical perspective.
forgetters – s/t – too small to fail – lp/cd
– forgetters: as we are, so shall we be. in the spirit of national historical amnesia, the scrappy, enormous brooklyn band continues its mission to master its immediate moment through the occlusion / collapse of events prior and subsequent. originally touted as a ‘9/11 denier hoax,’ the group went on to surprise even itself by losing its mind on its tragic-glorious 2011 european tour. surviving members kevin mahon (against me!) and blake schwarzenbach (jawbreaker, jets to brazil) went to baltimore, maryland, in late 2011 / early 2012 to record this eponymous full-length with j. robbins. the result is pure caesar; a quasi-fascist republic with power streaming from every administrative angle.
fraktus – millennium edition – staatsakt – lp+cd
– staatsakt presents the best songs from electronic pioneers fraktus, united on one record. ultimately, you get the chance to listen to the whole story. with their revolutionary tone, their adventurous sound experiments and their groundbreaking technique, fraktus are the originators of techno. from westbam to steve blame, from blixa bargeld to scooter and dieter meier, it’s common knowledge in the electro-scene: fraktus invented techno, in sound, aesthetics and technique.
*andrzej korzynski – possesion – finders keepers – lp
– the previously unreleased electro/orchestral/experimental score for andrzej zulawski’s surrealist 80s horror classic, possession. these 25 cues were written and recorded exclusively for the 1981 award-winning film starring isabelle adjani and sam neil, but due to the progressive, stark and modernist nature of the finished film less than half of them made it on to the actual director’s cut – leaving many of the tracks on this spackage totally unheard outside of korzynski’s studio.
*willie lane – recliner ragas – humito – lp
– “vinyl edition of lane’s first recordings, originally released in 2006 on child of microtones. an unbelievably potent and unique brew, this record is one of the finest specimens of modern day guitar soli. recliner ragas is, as the liner notes so aptly put it, the fruits of a winter spent ‘exploring the possibilities of nature/total sound as religion, independent study, low wage exploitative manual labor and general isolation while cultivating giant modal blues ragas in his one room studio flophouse.’ indeed, this one can easily be filed alongside any classic higher-minded string sounds, from fahey or bull to popol vuh or heldon, without any sense of retread or nostalgia.”
lightning bolt – oblivion hunter – load – lp
– “since forming in 1994, lightning bolt has taken a zig-zag path to recording, playing and touring. following in this pattern is oblivion hunter, a collection of the band’s epic recording sessions over the last few years. from the get-go the sound is amped-up and free: bass sounds jump out of the speaker cones that conjure up ears in alien propulsion systems, nights in faraway wind tunnels, and brutal beatings at gitmo. drums and assorted fx pop in and out with the resolve of a finger quivering over the a-bomb button, drunk on power. this lp is one of the few necessary things in your grim stretch of existence, played by a band with 20 years of total conviction to the destruction of your ear drums.”
*robert aiki aubrey lowe – timon irnok manta – type – lp
– from playing with influential chicago rockers 90 day men and forging haunting vocal drones as lichens all the way to becoming a member of transcendent rockers om and collaborating with lucky dragons and doug aitken, timon irnok manta marks the beginning of a brand new stage in his process. based on fabled british science fiction series the tomorrow people, the record establishes lowe’s format perfectly, with a single mantra-like piece followed by a “version” in classic dub fashion.
*mad music inc. – mad music – drag city – lp
– “like something out of pulp science fiction, the record known as mad music, inc appeared in the boston area in the late 70s without track titles, credits or contact information. beautifully packaged, the record exuded a mystery so mysterious as to be entirely unclear if the creator(s) even realized how odd the whole thing was. play the record, and everything becomes more unclear still. . . . what is this music, and who is it for? is it some mutant strain of new age, jazz, a soundtrack? would it explain anything to know that the jam at the end of side one is called ‘gospel disco’? does it help if we disclose that this lushly arranged album features professionals and amateurs working together? is it a put-on? or was there some greater purpose involved? the world may never know. for the fine folks who actually buy records, randomly selected copies come with one of a kind inserts — authentic 35-year-old documents from the mad music archives — an underwater loudspeaker catalog, a photo from the recording studio, an academic clipping entitled cerebral dominance in musicians and nonmusicians. but even if you buy the entire run and put it all together, this is one mystery you may never solve. we can promise you this — you’ve never experienced anything like Mad Music, Inc.”
mamiffer/pyramids – s/t – hydra head – lp
– “independently of one another, mamiffer and pyramids have continued their legacies of experimenting with the conventions of songcraft, the manipulation of traditional instrumentation, and the boundary between light and dark. together, they have forged a singular statement of pathos and redemption, beauty, and menace.”
moon duo – circles – sacred bones – lp
– finally in! moon duo’s new material was birthed from a long period of winter isolation in the rocky mountains. inspiration for many of the songs’ themes, as well as the album title, came from ralph waldo emerson’s 1841 essay “circles” on the symbol and nature of “the flying perfect.” from the opening lines: “the eye is the first circle; the horizon which it forms is the second; and throughout nature this primary figure is repeated without end.” and so it goes. rust never sleeps.
oneida – a list of the burning mountains – jagjaguwar – lp
– a list of the burning mountains is the latest studio album by brooklyn psych/noise/kraut godfathers oneida. brutal and gorgeous, churning and soothing, burning mountains is less a traditional album than a tiny sip from an endlessly roiling sea. oneida is known for long-form improvised performances and collaborations; this release, with its drunken-master drumming, howling guitar and scouring drones, serves as a concentrated blast from a wholly unique band known for 12-hour live, improvised performances and multi-day recording sessions.
pinback – information retrieved – temporary residence – lp/cd
– on one hand, their fifth album, is the logical and accessible realization of a sound pinback have been developing and refining for over a decade. however, that consistency that we’ve taken for granted is what makes information retrieved such a euphoric surprise; their finest and most fully realized album, a dozen years deep into a career that includes bonafide modern classics like “good to sea” and summer in abaddon. simply put, this is better than we ever could have expected.
*conrad schnitzler – con 3 – bureau b – lp
– originally released in 1981, con 3 was schnitzler’s sixth regular and most “commercial” album and furthermore his first one with vocals.
*conrad schnitzler – consequenz – bureau b – lp
– schnitzler’s fourth regular album and his first album collaboration with wolfgang seidel (wolf sequenza). conrad schnitzler (1937-2011), composer and concept artist, is one of the most important representatives of germany’s electronic music avant-garde. he was a member of Tangerine Dream (together with klaus schulze and edgar froese) and kluster (with dieter moebius and hans-joachim roedelius) and also released countless solo albums.
nina simone – black is the colour of my true love’s hair – doxy – lp+cd
– “early recordings (1959-1961) of some of nina simone’s most classic material from her years with the colpix label. when simone moved over to colpix in 1959 she demanded (and got) full creative control over her music, making these recordings the first where she was able to express herself fully as an artist. her unique talent and personal strength as a black woman cast a long shadow over the last half of the 20th century, providing inspiration for the many artists who have followed her guiding light.”
soft moon – zeroes – captured tracks – lp
– the soft moon was never intended for the public’s ears, but you found it, were drawn in by its danger, and insisted that others hear. oakland’s luis vasquez began the project in order to better know his own self. he’d holed up in his apartment and let the tape roll, allowing gut and memory guide him. those twin sherpas, however, led him to a place of darkness, claustrophobia and dread: a musical wasteland moving to a motorik tic, its edges made jagged in the image of early post-punk, swathed in the moody atmosphereof vintage darkwave.
sufjan stevens – silver & gold – asthmatic kitty – 5cd box
– expanding on the tradition of the first box-set (songs for christmas, vols. 1-5 from 2006), silver & gold is a generous document of five more years of holly-jolly jubilee undertaken by sufjan and his various musical cohorts. originally intended as gifts for family and friends, these musical snapshots have been re-mixed and re-assembled in an exquisitely-designed gift box containing all the yuletide pleasures money can buy: christmas stickers, temporary tattoos, lyric sheets and chord charts, a paper ornament, an apocalyptic pull-out poster, photos, illustrations, and extensive liner notes—a veritable christmas feast for the eyes and ears.
tsee mud – lsd barco – shadoks – lp
– “it may be possible that, until this release, that these three names do not sound familiar to lovers of ‘south american underground music,’ but for any fan of good venezuelan hard psych rock of the 60s and 70´s, bacro, tsee mud, and lsd are really special bands and well known. beside the other great album from venezuela, ladies wc, this release is as good and as important. those bands from josé romero on guitar changed names from lsd to tsee mud and to bacro. all those tracks presented on this album here are extra strong and heavy psychedelic with amazing fuzz guitar and vocals and lots of acid moves. a really wild album all the way.”
vatican shadow – ornamented walls – modern love – lp
the most intense, brutal and, in many senses, most substantial work from dominick fernow’s vatican shadow project yet. released to coincide with his first tour of europe, the album incorporates the live mix rehearsals of “operation neptune spear” with tracks made in their aftermath, recorded straight to tape. fernow uses tape machines like turntables in a mix, weaving a hazy and intuitive narrative of sounds that never quite head in the direction you expect, all imbued with an almost feral attitude that’s exhilarating to witness, their limitations (ever noticed how vs tracks end so abruptly? the tape ran out), and their mechanical machine qualities used to devastating effect.
*velvet underground – la cave 1968 – keyhole – 2lp

– when this legendary show was recorded, the velvet underground were in a state of flux. founding member john cale had just departed, and his replacement doug yule had only been in the band for two days. nonetheless, the quartet turned in a superb performance, including several then-unreleased songs (with alternative lyrics) and plenty notable guitar soloing, making it essential for vu devotees. includes background notes and pictures.


arcade fire – the suburbs – merge – lp
beak> – s/t – invada – lp
black flag – damaged – sst – lp
calexico – algiers – anti – lp
city & colour – bring me your love – dine alone – lp
converge – axe to fall – deathwish – lp
converge – no heroes – deathwish – lp
converge – unloved & weeded out – deathwish – lp
fleet foxes – s/t – sub pop – lp
flying lotus – los angeles – warp – lp
*ben frost – theory of machines – bedroom community – lp
*ben frost/daniel bjarnason – solaris – bedroom community – lp
godspeed you black emperor – allelujah! don’t bend, ascend! – constellation – lp
godspeed you black emperor – lift your skinny little fists – constellation – lp
grizzly bear – shields – warp – lp
*steve hauschildt – sequitur – kranky – lp
julia holter – ekstasis – rvng international – lp
holy other – held – tri angle – lp
*ilaiyaraaja – fire star – bombay connection – lp
*magical power mako – super record – phoenix – lp
old man gloom – christmas – hydrahead – lp
*om – advaitic songs – drag city – lp
rodriguez – searching for sugar man ost – light in the attic – 2lp
*sensation’s fix – time to decide – mirumir – lp+cd
jack white – blunderbuss – thirdman – lp
wild nothing – nocturne – captured tracks – lp
*various – personal space – chocolate industries – lp

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