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howdy all,

well, here it is, thursday again. and it’s nice and summery out. a fine day to buy some wax and then sit out on the back deck with some tunes blastin’ and a cold beer or three…

…..pick of the week…..

*sir richard bishop – intermezzo – ideologic organ – lp
– so it shouldn’t really be a shock that a new solo record from richard bishop (sun city girls, duh) would be my pick of the week… “i met richard in 2004 on a crazy tour in australia (oren ambarchi’s last ‘what is music?’). he was a founding member of the sun city girls but he came out to play solo. instantly we were entranced by his playing, so many beautiful elements of why i love guitar come through in his music and presence, without floating around in genre space at all. here on the road with kevin drumm, dead c, residents, gang gang dance, black dice, etc., amongst this insane line-up, richard ended up supporting pan sonic and really held it down, as a soloist. a few years later, peter rehberg and i (as ktl) were invited to join a tour richard was doing with earth. his incredible communication of atmosphere and texture was even more fluid than i remembered — a real pleasure. if the reason to start a record label is to release the music you are truly enamored by, this is a true example of that philosophy.” –stephen o’malley, paris 2012; all songs composed & recorded by sir richard bishop.

…..new arrivals…..

alpha centauri – s/t – acid nightmare – lp

– “formed in greeley, colorado in 1971. the band performed its hard driving rock opening for artists such as styx and uriah heep. they band moved to canada where they began to write original material. the result was 1977’s long awaited eponymous debut on salt records. nowadays a rare sought after gem in the collector’s market, acid nightmare thought it would be the right time to reissue this hard prog pomp masterpiece on glorious vinyl. the record comes with insert and is limited to 400 copies.”
david bowie – the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars – emi – lp+dvd
– “fortieth anniversary of david bowie’s legendary the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars. newly remastered. audio dvd features four previously unreleased 5.1. bonus tracks: ‘moonage daydream,’ ‘supermen,’ ‘velvet goldmine’ and ‘sweet head.'” 40th anniversary heavyweight vinyl pressing, housed in a full-color gatefold sleeve.
*group 1850 – mother no-head: their 45s – pseudonym – 2lp
– “though they were a product of the beat group age, group 1850 were the netherlands’ first progressive band – in every sense of that word. constantly changing, constantly evolving, group 1850 were musical extremists on a do-or-die mission to explode all expectations. although the group made two deservedly revered albums, some of their best work can be found on their singles, where their borderline insane hyper-creativity was focused into highly-concentrated, radically potent three-minute songs. ”
heavy blanket – s/t – outer battery – lp
– now in on vinyl… “ever wondered what would happen if blue cheer and the most blistering of dinosaur jr leads were wedded together in an instrumental heavy psych band? j mascis answers that question with heavy blanket.” on white vinyl.
eric lanham – the sincere interruption – spectrum spools – lp
– after performing for years under various solo guises such carl calm and palmetto moon electronic group and as one-half of the caboladies equation, lanham has crafted a very special set of improvised electronic compositions which rise above many of the contemporaries of his ilk. elements of late ’90s-early ’00s mille plateaux/warp-styled disjointed rhythms are bent into surgically precise and meticulously pieced concrète/electronic form, crammed with information-overload situations and infinite variables to one’s listening perception. it’s a challenge to hear the album the same way twice with the sheer amount of action and peculiarity happening over the duration.
liars – wixiw – mute – lp/cd
– “liars have returned with their sixth studio album. the band worked more collaboratively than on previous recordings and began when frontman angus andrew and bassist aaron hemphill moved into an isolated cabin in the mountains to begin writing. the album is simultaneously the most accessible and the most challenging release from this iconoclastic band – it is both a summation of liars’ work up to now, and a complete break from anything they have done previously.”
mats lindstrom – mig – ideologic organ – lp
МИГ (mig) produced by pro arte foundation for jsc “klimov” aviation engines museum, st. petersburg, russia, september 2011. mats lindström works as a composer and a musician, often with strains of live electronics. he often works with intermedia, scenic elements and visual arts as a complement to the music, and has worked both with music for concerts, theater and dance as well as radio art and sound installations. formerly an engineer in the electronics industry, lindström has designed and constructed a number of unique electronic musical instruments and apparatuses.
mum – early birds – morr music – 2lp
– múm presents a compilation of 15 tracks, all of them recorded between 1998-2000 and long-lost or extremely rare, taken from demo tapes or limited edition vinyl releases. features nostalgic artwork by ingibjörg birgisdóttir, who experienced the early days of múm first-hand. also includes a 16-page full-size booklet that explains how each of the 15 (mostly instrumental) tracks came about.
oh no – ohnomite – five day weekend – lp
– “this time, oh no (younger brother of madlib and son of singer otis jackson) was granted unprecedented access to the rudy ray moore / dolemite audio archives and given free rein to slice, dice, chop and sample his way through the classic-yet-absolutely-filthy catalog. he was able to use legendary material from the human tornado, petey wheatstraw, the dolemite soundtrack and more, plus a multitude of previously unreleased and alternate acapellas and instrumentals. the end result is ohnomite, a 19 track head-banging extravaganza of sloppy funk, dirty soul, and brainy lyricism, all aimed at one thing- making your head nod and your ass shake.
*jean piche – heliograms – digitalis – lp
– in 1982, a small canadian record label specializing mostly in classical music released heliograms. this was the first record by canadian composer and video artist jean piché, and it was also one of the first albums to feature music produced almost entirely with digital synthesizers. but, due to an unfortunate turn of events, the label went bankrupt as soon as heliograms was released, therefore relegating this essential piece of electronic music to obscurity. often dense, harmonically-rich pieces that slowly evolve through time. there is a strong use of tonality throughout which characterizes piché’s work during this period. it echoes a fascination with the music of terry riley, steve reich, and lou harrison, placing it firmly in a minimalist approach to electronic music.
plvs vltra – parthenon – spectrum spools – lp
– the debut album by veteran musician toko yasuda’s plvs vltra project. toko has been working for years already in established pop acts such as enon, blonde redhead and now touring with st. vincent handling synthesizer duties for live events. parthenon is a sugar-sweet album of catchy pop songs, crafted with expert precision and outstanding composition logic. everything is locked in in a way that seems at once like clockwork, and also somehow very free. as if alice coltrane’s universal consciousness was sent into the future to be reimagined as an electronic pop record. here is your summer jam!
*guy reibel – granulations-sillages/franges du signe – recollection grm – lp
franges du signe, the third part of an electroacoustic triptych completed in 1973-1974, is the first major “purely acousmatic” work composed by guy reibel. franges du signe explores the mathematical idea of the limit by translating it musically, searching for unstable states of equilibrium. thus, several conflicting tendencies or logics act upon the sounds. they overlap and fight, each one seeking to assert its trace on the phenomenon in progress, generating de facto an ambiguity that is unique to all phenomena that obey the “logic of the living.”
benny soebardja – gimme a piece of gut rock – strawberry rain – lp
– “”the self-proclaimed founder of the private press scene, benny soebardja is one of the most important figures from the indonesian music industry. having been a member of bands such as the peels, shark move and the infamous giant step, benny left his mark across many memorable albums throughout the years, including his contributions to the recent those shocking, shaking days compilation on now again. recorded in 1977, gut rock is an incredible piece of music and a staple within indonesian collectors’ circle. limited to 500 copies world-wide.
benny soebardja – night train – strawberry rain – lp
– “recorded in 1978, night train would be the last solo project benny recorded with sm recordings, and is potentially the rarest benny soebardja offering with cassette versions selling in the three figure range within the indonesian market. here, for the first time ever we present all 11 songs on lp in a beautiful gatefold sleeve. once again it’s full of wonderful harmonies and song writing, english vocals, and the progressive sound benny made famous throughout his career. another essential indonesian rock collectible.” housed in a full-color gatefold sleeve. limited to 500 copies world-wide.
uprising – ursprung – dial – lp
– pantha du prince, one of the most successful artists in contemporary techno music, presents his new studio project together with workshop’s stephan abry. after several studio sessions in the cold winter of the swiss alps, abry and weber were driven deeper and deeper into some microcosm of sound. influenced by krautrock, the ambient music of harold budd and early brian eno, avant-garde, and the minimalistic guitar sound of durutti column, the ursrpung project makes the guitar a main source, coming together with highly futuristic sounds we already know from the world of pantha du prince.
walkmen – heaven – fat possum – lp/cd
– “produced by phil ek, best known for twiddling the knobs for fleet foxes, band of horses, built to spill and others. ten years into their career, the walkman are more focused and determined than ever, which makes heaven one of their finest albums to date.” what a shit show… shipped the wrong thing for vinyl of this, but should get the right vinyl anyday now….
*keith fullerton whitman – occlusions; real-time music for hybrid digital-analogue modular synthesizer – editions mego – lp
– “‘occlusion’ is a loose framework for a multi-channel, freely-improvised piece of live electronic music, performed without the aid or consent of pre-recorded or even pre-arranged materials of any kind. a companion piece to generators in that they share the same tool-set; however, it is the free jazz yang to generator‘s minimalist yin. it is not recommended to those seeking meter, melody, cleanliness, or a clearly-outlined organizational sense.”
the young – dub egg – matador – lp/cd
– the follow up to their limited lp last year on mexican summer. a shimmering, incandescent approach to classic forms that nobody could have imagined from these guys a couple years ago. the album carries echos of crazy horse, television, quicksilver messenger service, the dream syndicate as well as sic alps, kurt vile, pierced arrows, endless boogie and other masters of modern rock guitar, their meticulous interplay has become both uncanny and unstoppable.


actress – r.i.p. – honest jon’s – 2lp
adele – 19 – xl – lp
adele – 21 – xl – lp
beach house – devotion – carpark – lp
black keys – big come up – alive – lp
comus – out of the coma – rise above – lp
flying lotus – cosmogramma – warp – lp
nils frahm – the bells – erased tapes – lp
grimes – halfaxa – arbutus – cd
grimes – visions – arbutus – lp/cd
fela kuti – live in detroit – strut – 2cd
m83 – hurry up, we’re dreaming – mute – 2lp
*fred mcdowell – amazing grace – sutro park – lp
*the monks – black monk time – light in the attic – 2lp
mum – yesterday was dramatic, today is ok – morr – lp
national – high violet – 4ad – lp
*residents – third reich n roll – mvd – lp
susanna – wild dog – susanna sonata – lp
*taj mahal travellers – august 1974 – phoenix – 2lp
*this heat – deceit – this is – cd
torche – harmonicraft – volcom – lp
vampire weekend – contra – xl – lp

thanks for reading…..

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